tagGay MaleWashed Ashore

Washed Ashore


Kenny stunk. He didn't have to be told, he could smell his own stench. How many days had passed now without a bath were unknown, he just knew it had been over a week and he was smelling ripe.

It wasn't that there was no water. He was on an island, after all, there was water everywhere. However, there were things in the water... things that might bite. Possibly leeches, although he had no idea if leeches actually lived in the ocean. Still, if not leeches, then there were definitely jellyfish or some other little creature that would do him harm. And besides the creatures, there was seaweed!

There was, of course, the small inland lake with the waterfall just a short walk from where he had constructed a shelter from bits of the broken boat. That water was for drinking and cooking... there was no way he was going to bathe in the same water he swallowed! Better to stink.

For the first time that he could remember, he was glad he didn't have a mirror. His hair had to be dreadful. The humidity would have frizzed it out if it wasn't so dirty that it just hung. This was terrible!

He knew he shouldn't have taken the boat out by himself. He knew something terrible would happen. And look.. He was right! There had been a storm, he ran out of fuel and drifted here, where the boat had broken on some rocks.

Damn Laura anyhow! This was all her fault! Taunting him, telling him he was gay because she walked in while he was watching a porn flick that just happened to be showing two men together. So what if he was getting off on it... that didn't mean anything. Did he accuse of her of being a lesbian because she got off watching two women together??? No. Of course not.

She couldn't let it go, though. No, not Laura! She had to tell him that a real man would know how to drive the boat her father had left him in his will, instead of letting it sit for two years. Well, he doubted it had been unused those two years... she probably took it out with her friends while he was at work or away on business. She had grown up with boats, it was only natural she know how to operate one. He, however, had never been on one smaller than a cruise ship.

He was going to show her! The plan had been to take the boat a few miles up the coast, dock it in some marina, plop a 'for sale' sign on it and rent a car to drive home. How was he supposed to have known there would be a storm that would turn a simple trip into this harrowing nightmare?

As he walked along the rocky beach looking for something to eat, he thought of Laura, probably sitting on the big couch in front of the big screen TV watching those stupid shopping channels she loved, snacking on chips and cookies and diet soda. She was sleeping in the big bed on the comfort zone mattress every night. She probably not only didn't miss him but was glad he was gone. Bitch!

Sitting in front of the fire, he ate from the bowl of berries, wondering how long he'd be stuck here. Visions of Tom Hanks in "Castaway" haunted him. He knew he would never survive here for years; he doubted he'd last much more than another week. If starvation didn't kill him, his own stench would.

Lost in a horrific flight of fancy, seeing himself withering away, his hair long and unkempt, his teeth covered in plaque and falling out, he screamed when he heard a rustling in the woods behind his shelter. This was proof.... There were wild boars in there!

"Hello?" he heard a voice say from beyond the shrub.

"I'm here!" he called, immediately regretting it. What if this was an unfriendly native??

"Hello!" the intruder greeted him. "Thought I saw smoke coming from over here. Camping?"

The man looked normal. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and a golf shirt, sandals and a baseball hat. He was very good looking, actually.

"Camping?" Kenny repeated. "No. I ... my boat... What day is it?"

The man laughed.

"It's Tuesday. What happened? This is your boat?"

"What's left of it. This is Tuesday? Oh my."

It had been over a week then. He'd had the fight with that bitch Laura Sunday evening. It was a wonder he was still alive.

"How'd you wind up here? This isn't exactly a harbor."

"Bad storm. No fuel... hit the rocks."

"Storm? What -? The rain Sunday night?"

This man was obviously crazy. There had been no rain since his arrival on this island. If there had been, he'd be clean.

"Why didn't you just walk up to the house and call for help?" the man asked. "It's just over the hill."

"This isn't an island?"

"No. It's a little peninsula. My house is just a few yards away. What? You thought you washed up on some deserted island? You're not real familiar with the coast, are you Gilligan?"

"Hmm," Kenny said, wondering how he could be so stupid. Laura wasn't right about him being gay, but maybe she was right about him being 'an inept toad'.

"I'm Gary," the man said, extending his hand.

"Kenny," he replied, shaking it.

"Well, let's get you up to the house. You can clean up and call whoever it is you need to call."

Kenny gladly followed the man. To his dismay, the house really was just over the hill that was just beyond the small inland pond with the waterfall. Had he been a brave man with a sense of adventure, he would have found it that first night.

Gary's house was fabulous. Not real big, but spacious. The kitchen and dining room took up the front of the house, the living room was at the back. Between the two rooms was an open stairway leading to the loft above, which was where Gary led Kenny. There was an office on one side, then the bedroom, and a bathroom beyond the bedroom.

Kenny couldn't help noticing the erotic artwork on the walls. He stopped to admire it, gaining Gary's attention. One piece was a framed drawing of a reclining nude man. Another was of two men in an embrace. That he could feel his cock getting hard looking at the pictures only meant that he appreciated good art.

"You like them?" Gary asked.

"They're very good," he replied.

"I could sketch you if you'd like."

"You did these?"

Gary smiled and nodded.

"Oh, I don't know if I'd make a good model."

"Well, why don't you go hop in the shower, get freshened up, and we can discuss it when you get out? There's a robe on the door you can put on, I'll throw your clothes in the washer." Gary held out his hand, waiting for Kenny to give him the dirty clothes. Not wanting Gary to see his partially engorged cock, he opted to strip in the privacy of the bathroom and toss the clothes out. He heard Gary chuckle as he closed the door.

Mmmm. A shower! Soap. Shampoo. He couldn't remember when a shower had felt so good! Letting the warm water fall over his body, he began to think about Gary's offer to draw him.

The idea of him being a nude model for someone with Gary's talent made him feel important. It was an honor just being asked. His cock grew hard, thinking about lying on a bench, nude, while his form was being drawn. Knowing that he was being stared at... or maybe Gary would have to move his arm...or his leg...he groaned as his fist slid up and down his shaft.

Objectively speaking, Gary was a good looking man. Not that he would normally notice things like that, but this time being shipwrecked had been a harrowing experience and he couldn't be expected to be thinking straight. Under certain stressful situations things might happen that wouldn't otherwise. It didn't necessarily mean anything.

"Oh, shit!" he said as his cock spewed, covering his hand and the shower stall wall in his cum. "Damn!"

He used the shower spray to clean the wall, disappointed with himself that he had had an orgasm before he finished the fantasy. Not that he was gay, he reminded himself... it was just the circumstances.

After toweling off, he wrapped himself in the thick terrycloth robe hanging on the back of the door. From the half wall he could look down at the living room and saw Gary there, relaxing in a chair. Oh, he looked nice! His shirt was open and Kenny could see his chiseled abs, tight and tanned. Then he felt that familiar stirring again and quickly looked away.

Downstairs, Gary invited him to lounge back on the chaise in the living room. An easel was set up nearby.

"I thought you might be hungry. I have chops in the oven, they'll be ready in a few minutes. Would you like a drink or anything while we wait? You look like you might enjoy a margarita."

Kenny's eyes lit up. How could he possibly know that was his favorite drink? Would he know, too, that he preferred them over ice and not frozen? Without salt?

Gary went to the kitchen and came back a minute later with a large glass, no salt. Just the way Kenny liked them. He took a drink, intending it to be just a sip, but wound up downing nearly a third of the contents. Gary just smiled at him. "So, Gilligan, have you thought about being my model?"

"Yes. I think I'd enjoy it."

"I'm sure you will."

Was that a wink? Did that Greek God just wink at him?

Gary asked him to stand up, while he retrieved a white fur rug from a chest and laid it across the chaise. Then, standing in front of Kenny, he untied the belt of the robe letting his hand slide down and over Kenny's semi hard cock. At Kenny's intake of breath, Gary smiled and pushed his robe down over his shoulders.

"Well," Gary said. "Seems you're a little man with big surprises. Why don't you lay down there?"

Feeling himself blush a little, Kenny sat down on the chaise. The fur felt fabulous against his bare skin. Between the feel of Gary's hand against his cock, the fur against his backside, and the fact he was laying here naked while being studied... his cock was definitely not behaving the way he wanted. Gary was going to believe he was gay! He raised his leg, trying to hide his rigid staff.

Gary, who had gone to stand in front of his easel, laughed.

"Oh no you don't!" he said. "Put that leg down. Arms over your head. Bend the other leg. I want to see it all."

Somewhat embarrassed, Kenny did as he was told. He felt a bit of a rush hearing those words: I want to see it all.

Lying there, he watched as Gary began to sketch. His arm was swishing in fluent strokes, studying his body and putting his form on paper. After a couple minutes, he took his shirt off and Kenny could get an even better look at that chest... those shoulders... those arms! Kenny let his eyes wander lower... Gary's shorts rode low on his hips and Kenny became curious to know if the line of chest fur rising from the waistband led to a thicker patch at his man mound... if....

He needed to think about something else! His cock was starting to throb. Laura! Think about that bitch! Oh, wouldn't she just love to see him right now? He was sure she'd have some smart remark to make. Something to make him feel small and stupid.

"Hey!" Gary said, breaking in to his thoughts.

Kenny opened his eyes again. Gary was standing beside him.

"You're thinking about something and it's ruining my sketch."

Then Gary sat down on the edge of the chaise beside him. A moment later he felt Gary's hand on his cock, fingers wrapped around his shaft, squeezing it. Involuntarily, Kenny's body arched up at the surprise and a loud moan escaped his lips.

"You need to relax, Gilligan."

"What are you doing? I'm not gay!"

"Oh, I can see that," Gary whispered as he leaned forward, brushing his lips lightly against Kenny's neck. "You're so pretty. Mmm. There we go, nice and hard again. Just give me a couple minutes to finish the sketch and we'll do something about it."

Kenny's mind was spinning in cartwheels. When Gary's lips touched his, he felt his heart beat becoming even more rapid. Of course, it wasn't because he enjoyed the feel of the kiss or the taste, it was just because of the surprise. It wasn't like he was attracted to the other man... he just admired his form.

Back at the easel again, Gary went to work on the sketch. Kenny watched him for a couple minutes, then found his eyes drifting down. Oh, he had a fine chest, that was for sure! Well defined pecs and abs, strong wide shoulders, thick biceps and triceps and whatever else those muscles were called... he sure did have them! A narrow waist, but not too narrow. Slim hips. If only those shorts weren't so damn loose fitting he might be able to see what his ass looked like.

Kenny wasn't aware his breath was hard and ragged until he heard Gary chuckle and unbutton his shorts.

"Curious?" he asked as he unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor so he was standing for inspection wearing only a red thong.

Gary began walking toward him, Kenny's eyes focused on the thick bulge barely contained beneath the patch of red material. When he was standing beside him, Gary took Kenny's hand and placed it over his bulge, using his hand to guide Kenny's, wrapping his fingers around his shaft.

When Kenny moved his other hand to his own cock, needing to find release, Gary stopped him.

"No, no," he said. "I think you've probably done that once already today. Didn't you, you bad boy?"

As he spoke, he moved to the end of the chaise. While Kenny watched, Gary slipped the thong down his hips, revealing a long thick cock better than any Kenny had seen on any porno flick. It wasn't monstrous in length or girth, but it sure did look good. Of course, he was merely admiring still more of the Greek God's body.

Gary knelt on the chaise between Kenny's legs, then began to pump his cock with his hand while Kenny watched, wanting desperately to do the same. His cock and balls were beginning to ache and he could feel pre cum escaping as he watched Gary.

"There we go," Gary said after a minute, as he rubbed the tip of his cock around the head of Kenny's, mixing their pre cum together just before his mouth descended over Kenny's cock.

"Oh God!" Kenny moaned at the feel of Gary's mouth over his cock, sucking on it. He could feel his tongue licking beneath his head, along his shaft. Then he felt Gary's hand slip beneath him, his finger sliding along his crack.

"Oh shit! Oh damn!" he cried out as he felt his orgasm begin. "Oh fuck!" He didn't want it to be over so soon!

Opening his eyes, he saw Gary's smile as he swallowed the last of his load, then licked his lips. Then he sat up on his knees again and began to masturbate himself once more.

"Sweet and pretty," Gary said. "Would you like a little desert before dinner?"

"I'm not gay," Kenny reminded him as he watched Gary's hand sliding up and down his shaft.

Gary stopped, then positioned himself so he was hovering above Kenny's body momentarily before lying down on top of him. He put his face close enough to Kenny's that their noses were touching.

"I know that," he whispered just before claiming Kenny's mouth with his own, forcing it open and slipping his tongue inside.

Kenny took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Gary, feeling the smoothness of his skin, the ripple of his muscles. He freed one leg, encircling Gary's hips with it, pulling his body closer. He could feel Gary's cock throbbing against his ass, almost demanding entry.

"I want to fuck that virgin ass and then I want you to fuck me. Oh God, you'll love it!"

Kenny could only moan in reply.

Reaching beneath the chaise, Gary took out a small box. Kenny watched him take out a tube of lubricant and a thin torpedo shaped dildo similar to one Laura had. He felt himself becoming aroused again as Gary squeezed some of the lubricant onto the dildo.

"Hold your legs up, sweetheart," Gary instructed. "Want to get you prepped up good."

Kenny smiled. The Greek God called him 'sweetheart'. Not even the bitch ever called him that. He spread his legs and lifted them, grasping the outside of his ankles with his hands. Then he felt Gary squeeze some of the lubricant over his hole, surprised it didn't feel cold.

"Just relax baby," Gary coached as he slowly inserted the dildo. It felt even better with Gary doing it than when he had tried it at home... just to see what it was like. "Not so virgin, huh? In that case..."

Gary had him straddle over the end of the chaise and bend over. He felt Gary spreading his cheeks open, then felt the tip of his cock at his opening. Forcing himself to relax, he felt Gary pushing into him, slowly spreading his hole. A moment later he felt entry and cried out, thankful that Gary didn't stop.

The pain! Oh God... how could something hurt so much and yet feel so damn good?! Gary pushed in a little more. Still hurt, but not quite as much. The fact was, it was beginning to feel better than anything ever had... and then wow! It was like his own cock sprang to life in an instant. He felt on fire as he rocked himself back against Gary.

He could hear Gary grunting behind him and the sound aroused him even more. It wouldn't be long now and he was sure he'd feel Gary's eruption filling him. It felt so good! Better than he had ever fantasized and so much better than when he had used Laura's vibrator.

"Cum with me you pretty little bitch!" Gary said between gritted teeth.

As soon as he heard Gary's deep moan and felt his thick cream filling him, Kenny felt Gary's hand reach around to his cock, squeezing it tight. Within a minute he had yet another orgasm, spilling his seed over Gary's hand.

"Mmm baby," Gary said, sounding exhausted. "I can't wait till you fuck me later."

"I'm -"

Gary chuckled as he pulled away from him and helped him stand. He took Kenny into his arms.

"Baby, you're flaming. And I love it."

"I was going to say I'm starving. Can we eat?"

As they walked to the table Kenny thought to himself that for once Laura was right... and he couldn't be happier about it.

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