tagIncest/TabooWashing Away the Pain

Washing Away the Pain


Sherry felt like crap and had been up most of the night coughing her head off. She was all stopped up and figured, with any luck, she would die so she could feel better. She wasn't sure if she imagined it or if someone had actually knocked on her bedroom door. Either way, she thought she heard someone say, "Come in," but wasn't sure it had been her.

Derrick walked in and just stared at his older sister. He made it to her bed and set the juice and medicine he had brought on the nightstand.

Sherry felt him trying to get her to sit up, "No please, just let me die in peace."

Derrick wasn't taking no for an answer and soon had her in an upright position. He held her up with one hand and put the glass of juice to her lips with the other. He could feel her fever, she was burning up. He had urged her to go to the hospital but she flat out refused. He felt it was better to let her have her way and do what he could at home than to piss her off and have her try to go somewhere else.

Sherry felt the glass at her lips and swallowed a few sips of the cool liquid. She sort of saw his hand put some pills to her mouth and she did her best to take them. When she managed to get them in her mouth there was more juice so she could swallow.

Derrick made his sister keep taking the juice, a little at a time, until the glass was empty. He finally laid her back down on the bed. "You get some rest, I've seen road kill in better shape."

Sherry started to laugh and her head exploded, "No, please don't make me laugh."

Derrick left but soon returned with a wet washrag and bathed her forehead and neck. He continued checking on his only sister throughout the day. He kept forcing juice into her and giving her medicine when it was time. He was also continuously applying a wet cloth to her head until, her fever finally broke. It was late in the afternoon and she could now sleep peacefully.

The next day, Sherry woke as her brother knocked on her door again. This time she knew it was him and she was saying come in. She vaguely remembered him taking care of her the day before.

Derrick saw she was feeling better, "How ya doin?"

Sherry loved her younger brother. They were only two years apart. He was the only one she felt she could turn to when she had broken up with her husband, and as it turned out, she was right. When the rest of her family found out about her marriage ending, they all blamed her, never mind she had been used for a punching bag. None of the rest of them had even tried to understand, except her younger brother.

Of course, he had gone through the same family crap when he divorced his wife. Sherry had supported him then and now Derrick hadn't made her feel worse about her own marriage breaking down.

"I'm starting to feel human again." She saw the look on his face; he had really been worried about her.

"I brought you some more juice and medicine. I also brought you some toast, in case you think you can eat something." He watched as she propped herself up and took the offered items. "I'm glad you're here, Sher."

She giggled in spite of herself. She was 28 and he was 26 but he still called her the same name he had used when she was 12 and he was 10. "I'm grateful you wanted me, the rest of the family told me that I couldn't stay with them."

Derrick was sitting on the bed next to her. He raised his right arm and tried to sound like an Indian, "In the words of a wise old Indian, fuck them."

"Well..." she talked between bites of the toast, "...all I know is that it...was pouring down rain and...no one wanted me. You saw how sick I got...from getting soaked." She finished the toast and took the medicine. "I'll only be a bother for a few days."

"Have you thought about what you are going to do?"

Sherry softly sighed, "No."

Derrick stood up and carried the empty plate and glass to the door, "You lie back down and try to sleep. I'll be in to check on you later."

Sherry just smiled at her little brother. He deserved better. Hell, for that matter, so did she. Exhausted both physically and mentally, she ended up crying herself to sleep.

Derrick checked on her all day. He brought her some soup for lunch, and a little more medicine.

Sherry watched her younger brother as she ate. She knew there was something on his mind so she just waited for him to find the right time to say whatever it was.

"You know Sher; you have a couple of options that you might not have thought of."

"Like what, little brother?"

"Well, you could stay here until you get back on your feet."

"Humph, that might take awhile."

Derrick shrugged his shoulders, "As long as you need."

"What's the second? You said there were a couple."

Derrick smiled, "You could just move in with me."

"I don't know..."

"You worried about what the family will say?"

Sherry got a wicked smile, raised her hand, and tried to sound like an Indian, "In the words of a wise old Indian, fuck them."

When she finished, he held his hand out to her, "Come on, you need to get up for awhile."

Sherry stared at his hand, "Why? If I die here, I won't have so far to fall."

"Come on."

She sighed and took his hand. He had to help her walk because she was still very weak. They stopped outside the bathroom. "What are we doing here?"

"You're going to take a hot bath. It will make you feel better."

Actually, she thought that a hot bath sounded good. His arm supported her into the bathroom and she stumbled as he took it away. "I don't think I can. Maybe I should leave the door unlocked just in case."

Derrick nodded, "Great idea, I can come in after you've fallen and bashed your brains out. Why don't I help you into the tub?"

"I don't think so!"

He chuckled, "I've seen a naked woman before. As a matter of fact, I've seen you without your clothes on."

"We were kids, and you haven't seen this naked woman before!"

"You don't have anything that will surprise me."

Before she could even think, Sherry blurted out, "All right, you take your clothes off too and get in the tub with me." She was shocked at herself, why had she said that?

"Ah, Sher,...I don't know if that is a good idea."

Sherry got a smug look, "Why, you don't have anything that will surprise me."

"All right, if that's the only way for you to get in the tub, let's go."

Her smug look disappeared. She was sure he would say no and that would be the end of it. They had always been close but they had never thought of each other that way, except when they had both been kids and that didn't count.

She let him help her further into the bathroom then stopped, "I need some privacy." She drew the line at having an audience for 'that'. She at least needed to relieve herself without any assistance. She couldn't believe she was going to do this anyway.

She flushed the toilet a little while later, "O.K., you can come in now."

He came in and saw her standing there, still dressed in his pajamas, and thought she had changed her mind about the shared bath. He went to the tub and started the water, then made a big deal about getting towels and a washcloth. He even added some scented oil to the bath water, stuff his ex-wife had left.

Sherry was beaming at her brother. It was the first time since he was a kid that he was shy. While waiting for the water to be ready, she noticed her reflection in the mirror. She looked like crap. She had dark circles under her eyes, her skin was pale and her hair was plastered against her.

They just stood and looked at each other, both feeling very awkward. She still felt woozy but when she staggered, the awkwardness was broken. Derrick reached for her so she wouldn't fall.

Sherry felt him start to take her clothes off, "I can do that."

He fussed at her, "You can barely stand up."

She realized he only had her best interests at heart and stood there with her eyes closed. "This is kind of embarrassing, you know..." Using one hand on him for support, her top was soon on the floor.

"Damn sis!"

Sherry turned beet red, why was he commenting on her breasts? Her eyes snapped open and she saw his hand reaching for her. He was going to touch her breasts! Wait, he wasn't looking at her breasts. Her eyes followed his hand as he touched one of the many bruises she had gotten from her soon to be ex-husband. Some she had gotten right before she left, and some she had gotten over time.

Derrick looked his sister in the eyes, "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

She smiled in wonder at how easy he made her feel how much he cared, "It's okay; now." She marveled at how gentle he was trying to be, and how hard he was trying to make her not feel uncomfortable as he slid her pajama bottoms to the floor.

Derrick stood and took his own clothes off, "Well it won't happen again."

Sherry softly sighed and hoped he was right. She couldn't help looking at him, she was embarrassed but her eyes felt drawn to his cock. He wasn't turned on. She didn't know how she felt about that. With his clothes off, she let him lead her to the bathtub. She stood there while he got in first and then helped her in.

With his help, she awkwardly sat down and was followed by him sitting behind her. "Mmm," she sighed. The hot water felt good. She felt his hands on her shoulders, pulling her back toward him. She scooted until her back touched his front. His arms surrounded her she laid her head back against his chest.

It felt wonderful. His arms went around her but didn't touch her breasts but just below them and he held her. She wondered if he wanted to touch her more, but not as a brother. She absently toyed with the idea of them being close like that.

"Sher, you want to turn the water off?"

She sat up and reached over and stopped the water, then leaned back against her brother. The scented hot water made her muscles relax and helped her head clear. The truth was much worse than her brother realized. She not only had bruises but had received broken bones. Her husband always said he was sorry and she took him back. This last time was different, though. She knew in her heart that if she didn't get out, he would kill her.

Sherry felt odd. The medicine her brother had given her made it hard to think. What was different? She was still in the tub and his arms were still around her. She mumbled, "When did the water get cold?"

Derrick chuckled, "About 15 minutes after you fell asleep and that was about an hour ago."

She looked down at her nipples still in the cold water, they were almost purple and standing out from her breasts a full inch. She turned over to get out and there not more than a foot away was her brother's soft cock still in the cold water. "I don't think this part of your body likes cold water."

She stood up and waited for him. She felt much better now but didn't want to take any chances. He stepped out and then extended his hand. She held onto him as she got out of the tub. Instinctively, she could feel the love, just from his touch.

Sherry stood there as he took a towel and dried her off. She knew she should still be embarrassed, but she wasn't. She couldn't remember the last time she had been pampered like this.

Derrick was surprised that his sister hadn't told him she would dry herself off. He made sure there were no wet areas missed, especially her hair. It wouldn't do for her to get sicker, especially since he hadn't planned on their staying in the water until it got cold. As he moved the towel over her body, he couldn't help but stare at her large breasts, especially as the nipples still stood out. He couldn't stand it, he had to touch them.

Sherry sucked in her breath as she felt his fingers rake across her nipples.

"Sorry, it was an accident."

"Uh huh," she didn't care, it felt good.

After she was dry, Derrick started to dry himself off and the towel was taken from him.

"Nope, it's my turn." She was still a little wobbly and used one hand on him for support. She was impressed. She hadn't realized her brother had muscles like he did. She smiled at his reaction as she ran her fingers along his soft cock. "Sorry, it was an accident."

They got dressed, him in his clothes and her in clean pajamas he brought her. Then it was off to bed for her again. Sherry enjoyed letting him fuss over her.

He let her sleep until supper and then brought in her very favorite food, pizza. It did wonders for her. She was feeling better anyway but, as everyone knows, there isn't anything pizza can't fix. They watched some T.V. as they ate.

Sherry watched her brother's face without him knowing it. They were saying very little and she could read how much he still worried about her. Why couldn't life work out like a television show with all of the problems fixed in an hour?

The next morning, Derrick went to the front door when it was almost beat off of the hinges. There was Sherry's soon to be ex-husband.

He was blocked from coming in, "I want to see the bitch."

"I'm sorry, there isn't a bitch here."

"I know my fucking wife is here!"

"I'm sorry, you're fucking wife isn't here either."


Derrick just shook his head, "Does it take a brick to fall on you, dumb ass? When you get a civil tongue in your mouth, let me know."

"I would like to see Sherry."

"That's better, come in."

Derrick led him to her bedroom. He knocked on the door, "Someone to see you." He only opened it when Sherry invited him in

Sherry watched as her brother and husband came in. Derrick turned to leave and her husband started to close the door, but was stopped by her brother.

"The door stays open."

"Now look, you son-"

Derrick grabbed him and pushed him into the wall. "Watch your mouth or get out." Derrick started to leave again then turned back around, "Oh yeah, you lay one finger on her and I will put you in the hospital." Derrick looked her husband right in the eye, "Do you understand? I mean it, you hit her and I hit you." Then he left.

Sherry was forced to see her husband for the coward he was. Even with her brother gone, her husband didn't come any closer than 3 feet, and he never raised his voice or cussed at her. If he had been a gentle person all the time, she would have cared less about all of that, but he was a bully with the only person he could beat up being her. She realized she hadn't been in love with him for some time and was only trying to save her marriage.

When her husband left, he knew it was over and he only had himself to blame. When she was certain he was actually gone, she called for her brother."

Derrick poked his head in her room, "Yeah Sher?"

"I need a shower, but I'm going to need your help again." She couldn't help but giggle at the look on his face. She got out of bed and took her brother's arm as they walked to the bathroom.

She watched him adjusting the water temperature and her mind drifted what had happened to her over the last few days. As he finished, he came to where she was standing, "Do you need me to help you take off with your clothes again?"

Sherry smiled, "Yes, but not just yet." She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head. She took a second to admire his muscles again as she fumbled with his belt. When he reached in to help, she smacked his hand away. The stubborn belt soon realized it had met its match. She bent and pulled his jeans and underwear down, lightly rubbed his soft cock as she did.

Sherry wasn't as modest this time as she stood to allow him to take off her clothes. She smiled to herself. She had caught him off guard. He was undressing her but this time she could tell the difference. Before he had been gentle when he undressed her, now he was a little jerky. She glanced down and was pleased to see he had started to get hard. He was probably worried about what she would think at his being turned on by her.

When their clothes were a pile on the floor, he led her by the hand and helped her into the tub again. He got in behind and positioned her so the hot spray landed on her head.

She closed her eyes as her hair got wet, then felt him rubbing shampoo in. "Um, I could get used to this." For some reason the nudity thing wasn't so embarrassing anymore. She could feel his cock banging into her legs as he washed her hair. Her hair was rinsed and then shampooed again. She could tell he was being as careful as he could so he wouldn't pull as his fingers gently scrubbed her hair. It felt wonderful.

Derrick couldn't believe how lush her hair felt. He could have done this all day. After another rinse, he got the soap and lathered her back. He couldn't help himself and he lingered on her butt, his hands digging into both cheeks. He made his way slowly to one luxurious thigh and then the other. He massaged her lower legs as he washed them, then he raised back up.

Sherry loved this and wasn't so sure the heat she felt was from the water. When she felt him hesitate to do her front she turned to face him, "Don't stop now, little brother." She snuck a glimpse down and saw that rubbing against her had made him rock hard.

Derrick soaped her arms then let his hands roam over her breasts. He kept waiting for her to tell him to stop. He got bolder when she didn't.

Sherry bit her lip as his fingers brushed her nipples. She had never been the center of a man's desire. She always thought her husband was having sex with her just to get himself off and he could have cared less about what she wanted.

Derrick ran his soapy hands over her smooth skin, feeling her nipples grow as his fingers played. His hands roamed down her stomach and when he touched her pubic hair he felt her shudder. At the same time he felt her hand wrap around his cock. Making sure the soap was off of his hand, he ran his finger between her pussy lips, spreading them slightly to have access to her sensitive flesh.

A moan escaped her as she felt him tease her. Sherry had ached to be touched this way. She had never thought of her brother as the one to give her this, but she had fantasized about making love like this, where each touch was meant to bring her higher, get her hotter.

She stroked him and rubbed his cockhead against her skin. It felt good. It felt natural. She had waited for so long, her whole marriage in fact. She had never refused her husband anything and he never even once touched her this way. Sherry didn't say a word, she simply let go of his cock, turned away, bent over and put her hands on the wall, the hot water spraying her back.

Derrick could feel the heat from her pussy as his fingers played between her legs. Thankfully, the soap wasn't necessary for his finger to slide inside of her. He had been worried about that. He didn't want the soap to sting her. When she turned and bent over Derrick swallowed, hard. He knew Sherry had never thought of him that way but now she wanted him. He had always loved her, but not that way, but his being hard said differently.

Positioning himself behind her, he used one of his hands to guide his stiff cock to her pussy. He could feel the heat of her body as he slid inside of her.

Sherry knew they shouldn't be doing this. They were brother and sister for Pete's sake! However, even as her mind spoke of this her body hungrily accepted him in. Sherry was so wet and her body wanted him so bad, she felt him penetrate inside of her easily. She ground her hips to get him in deeper, there were no more little voices telling her to stop.

Damn, she was tight! Even at 28, Derrick was impressed with how electrifying his sister's body felt. He kept his cock buried in her for a few minutes, not moving.

Sherry had never felt a man in her like this. She turned her head and saw the look on his face. Her brother wasn't keeping himself deep inside of her just because it felt good. His look was more of contentment. She had to admit that she felt the same way. When had these feelings started between them, how long had they been there? Why had they never known it before now?

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