tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWashing Bottles and Cans Topless

Washing Bottles and Cans Topless


This is a Earth Day contest story. Please vote.


Voyeur watches an exhibitionist woman wash her recyclables while topless.

"And the Earth Day community service award for donating the most return deposit, recycled bottles and cans goes to Michael and Michelle. Come on up here Michael and Michelle to accept your award," said the Mayor clapping with the crowd of town residents.

Embarrassed to accept the Earth Day community service award for donating the most return deposit recycling, if the town residents only knew the motivation I had to collect so many bottles and cans in such a short amount of time, they'd have me tarred and feathered, before running me out of town on a rail for being the pervert that I obviously am.

"Thank you, Mister Mayor. Thank you everyone," I said. "On behalf of Michelle, who couldn't be here today because she's working, I accept this community service award. Trust me, I wouldn't be accepting this award, if it wasn't for Michelle giving me the encouragement and the motivation that I needed to collect so many bottles and cans. Thank you," I said looking at the award, while picturing Michelle naked.

"Thank you, Michael," said the Mayor. "In big part because of you and your girlfriend, our recycling drive was a huge success and we earned more than ten thousand dollars, that's more than two hundred thousand bottles and cans picked up off the streets and returned for their deposits. Singlehandedly, Michael collected more than twelve hundred dollars worth of bottles and cans for our recycling drive and his girlfriend Michelle rinsed them all out, before turning them in to the town. Are you ready for this folks? That's more than 24,000 bottles and cans. Amazing, it's just so amazing to have such a dedicated citizen living here among us. Let's give him a another big round of applause."

Allow me to set the record straight. For starters, I'm not a community activist. I'm not a good deed doer. I'm not even a concerned, conscientious citizen. I was never even a Boy Scout. Until just a few, short months ago, I've never recycled anything in my life. To be honest, I didn't even know it was Earth Day and here I am accepting the Community Service Award for not only recycling the most return deposit bottles and cans but also for donating the most return deposit money to the town. They all consider me an environmental hero but, if they only knew I was just a voyeuristic pervert, that would change their opinion of me.

I live in a small town and because there's nothing to do in small town America, we celebrate obscure holidays, such as Arbor Day, Flag Day, Turnip Day, and Pumpkin Festival, as if we're celebrating Thanksgiving with the Macy's Day parade. Every month they celebrate something with a parade. This year, mainly because of the bad economy with no one having any money, especially with the mayor having to make budget cuts, the town made an all out effort about Earth Day.

They figured they'd get some much needed revenue from return deposit fees on bottles and cans. They had signs posted everywhere about the upcoming Earth Day festival and for all town residents to recycle and to donate their return deposit bottles and cans to help assuage the costs of upcoming community events, such as parades and the upcoming fourth of July town's big barbeque. My town loves a good parade, the bigger and the louder the better. Only, they had no idea, mostly because of how much I collected, the money they'd earn from this one event.

Even though I work from home, too busy working and too tired after working, not very active in the community, I don't bother recycling anything. Easier and more convenient for me, I know it's wrong, but I dump everything in the trash. I don't even return bottles and cans for my deposits. Recycling companies must love dopes like me because they turn in all of our bottles and cans for refunds. I can only imagine the money they must collect from so many people who don't return their bottles and cans for fees. Someone is getting rich on recycling and it's not me.

Satisfied to stay ensconced in my apartment, especially after I gave up finding a girlfriend, when the last love relationship I was in failed, the only time I go anywhere is to run weekly errands to the post office, the bank, and to go food shopping. Other than that, I'm always home working, watching television, or surfing porn sites on my computer, while masturbating. Masturbation has become my daily past time. So long as I have my hairy hand, who needs a woman?

Okay, I admit, I'd love to have a woman in my life but, from the lesson I learned from my last girlfriend, she has to be the right woman, an uninhibited woman who enjoys playing sexy games of exhibitionism and voyeurism. A total pervert, voyeurism and exhibitionism is what gets my motor running, not recycling. My special favorites are those Japanese sharking videos, where a guy runs up to a woman, pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panty to expose her ass and pussy or pulls down her top to expose her tits. Wow. I just love those videos.

Now, the Japanese have a new fetish video where a guy cuts off women's clothes with a scissors, while she's sleeping. Seriously, what woman could sleep through having her clothes cut off, including her panty and bra and then being groped? Either it's a setup, where the women are acting, as if they're sleeping or the women are drugged. Nonetheless, if you're a voyeur, it's still a hot video to watch.

Then, there are all of those up skirts and down blouse videos on the Internet. Not to mention all the Chikan videos they have out there, too, where Japanese men grope, undress, and have sex with women on the bus and the train. The men in that country are more perverted than I could ever be. They'd never get away with some of the things they do there in this country. Women would have them arrested and charged with rape. Not to mention, their husbands and boyfriends would pay them a visit and beat the crap out of them.

Addicted to watching exhibitionism and voyeurism videos on the Internet, the most recent exhibitionism and voyeurism videos are the cock flashing videos, where a man on a train, bus or plane flashes his cock to unsuspecting women. Sometimes he masturbates. Sometimes, he even masturbates all over the women.

"Eww. Gross."

Even though it's something I'd never do, it's still exciting to watch. Yet, I don't get the reactions of so many of the Japanese women. They are all so passive. If someone did that to an American women, especially in Texas or in the inner city, they'd pull out a gun from their handbag and shoot the pervert.

Getting back to the recycling, it all started with my new neighbor, Michelle. The apartment across the way had been vacant for several months and I forgot about someone having just taken it. Of course, not having met or even seen him or her, I was curious who moved in next door, but between work, watching television, and surfing porn sites, I didn't pay much attention to my next door neighbor, whoever it was. I'm just too damn busy with my own life to pay attention to someone else's life.

When I finally looked over at my neighbor's kitchen window, first it was all dark, then, as I was leaving my kitchen for the living room, out the corner of my eye, I saw her kitchen light flick on and illuminate my view, along with my always horny imagination. When I looked out my kitchen window, I thought I was seeing things. I thought I was imagining my favorite voyeurism and exhibitionism fantasy, when I suddenly saw my new neighbor standing at the kitchen sink topless.

"Whoa! Are you kidding me? Where the Hell are my glasses?"

She was wearing a cowgirl hat and nothing else. Then, she took off the hat, too. Having grown up watching westerns, I've always loved cowgirls. Do you remember that cowgirl in that John Travolta movie, Urban Cowboy. Boy, she was hot.

"Yipee ki-yay! My new sexy neighbor wants to play. Hip, hip, hurray!"

Quickly, I turned off my kitchen light and looked for my glasses. I'm nearsighted. Running around in the dark, after tripping over the dog and banging my knee on the kitchen island, I found my glasses. Sure enough, my neighbor was standing at her kitchen sink washing something and she was topless, no hat, no blouse, no bra, just tits, nice, big, round, tits with big nipples. Tits, tits, tits, I just love tits.

"Holy shit! Oh, baby, you could have kept your cowgirl hat on and your cowgirl boots, that is, if you're wearing any, for this sexy show."

I couldn't believe my eyes. Her tits were right there in front of me. Our houses are so close together that sometimes I feel that I could reach out and touch her and feel her beautiful breasts. For sure, with both of our windows open in the summer time, if I farted or burped loud enough, no doubt, she'd hear me. Our windows are so close that binoculars, unless I wanted to count how many freckles she has, are unnecessary.

"This is unbelievable," I said enjoying my view.

Having yet to meet her, she's my new neighbor, no doubt. Just having moved in last week, she doesn't have all her window treatments in place, yet. Not knowing that there's a pervert living next door to her, perhaps, she doesn't realize that I can see her.

"Hello, cutie," I whispered standing back in the dark and away from the window.

I figured I'd enjoy the show, while I could, assuming that she'd cover her windows soon enough. I even ran upstairs to my bedroom window to see if I could see more of her, but the kitchen window gave me the best view. Quickly, I ran back downstairs hoping I didn't miss anything.

"Fuck me. Better than any porn video on the Internet, this is so great."

Stunned, shocked, surprised, and excited, I couldn't stop staring. I felt like a testosterone filled teenager. Never having been treated to such a public display of nudity, it's been a long time since I've been filled with such sexual excitement. Then, when she moved from the kitchen sink, I thought the show was over, but she walked straight back to the kitchen table. Now, I had a head to toe view of her and it was then that I saw that she wasn't just topless, she was naked.

"Oh, my God. I don't believe this. This can't be happening. This is surreal."

My new neighbor, someone that I don't even know her name, I already know so much more about her. My old neighbor lived next door for nearly 5 years and I never saw so much as her bra strap. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I even flashed my old neighbor my cock a few times in hopes that I'd inspire her to play a little game of exhibitionism and voyeurism and flash me, but she never did. Probably a lesbian, no doubt, I guess she wasn't impressed or excited by seeing my cock. Leaving me to my sexual frustration, she'd just close her blinds.

After seeing this new neighbor walking around naked with the kitchen light on and nothing on her windows, I wanted to give her a show, too. Suddenly, I had this urge to flash her my cock. I always hoped to have a neighbor who would play voyeurism and exhibitionism games with me. Only, maybe I was a bit too premature in my assessment of her as a contestant in my game. Maybe she's just oblivious. Maybe she doesn't know that I can see her.

Then, again, women don't enjoy ogling naked men, in the way that men enjoy ogling naked women. Besides, I didn't want to run the risk that I'd prematurely end her naked show. Moreover, what if she called the police on me and told them that I was exposing myself to her, when she was the one exposing herself to me, first? Women can get away with flashing men, but men will find a permanent place on the sex registry list for flashing a woman.

This new neighbor is way better than my old, grouchy neighbor. This neighbor is a petite, pretty blonde. I like petite, pretty blondes. My old neighbor was a dowdy and homely, older woman with hair as dark as her disposition and as short as her temper.

She had a cat and I'm allergic to cats. She hated my dog. The reason, no doubt, I was never invited to her apartment and I never invited her in mine. An understatement, we weren't very neighborly. I always wondered how the layout of her apartment differed from mine though, a necessary thing to know, when being a voyeur and a peeper.

Trying to take her all in, trying to memorize every part of her naked body, in case this is the last time I see her naked, my new neighbor has C cup breasts with pink areolas and pink, puffy nipples. She has a round shapely ass and is a real blonde with a blonde pussy that is neatly trimmed. I figured she was in her late twenties but it wouldn't surprise me if she was more my age and in her early thirties. Yet, what did any of that matter now? I was being treated to a free nude review show of voyeurism and exhibitionism without even having to leave my apartment.

"Oh, boy. This is so hot."

The naked sight of her gave me an erection with the deepest, wanton desire for her. Filled with lust, she was making me so hot and horny with her impromptu naked show. After watching her for a few minutes, I removed my cock from the tight confines of my pants and began stroking myself to the jiggling and swaying motion of her beautiful breasts, as she washed whatever it was she was washing at the kitchen sink.

"Oh, that's right baby. Wash that dirty thing. Take your time and wash it real good, while I stroke my cock to your jiggling and swaying tits."

Being the voyeur that I am, seeing my new neighbor topless was such an erotic and unexpected surprise. Then, seeing her naked body for such a prolonged amount of time was a sexual fantasy come true. Never have I been treated to such a private show of exhibitionism. Feeling like such a pervert by peeping, but unable to stop myself from looking, watching, and staring, I slowly masturbated to the naked vision of her. The more I stroked my cock, the more I imagined holding her, touching her, kissing her, and making love to her. I so wanted to fuck her. I so wanted her to suck my cock.

"This is so hot."

As if I she didn't know I was even there, I imagined standing naked behind her, while she mindlessly continued washing whatever she was washing. With my rigid cock pressed against her and parting her ass cheeks, I imagined my hands feeling her tits and my fingers fingering her nipples, while I fucked her doggie style at the kitchen sink and again at the kitchen table. Hiding in the dark shadows of my kitchen, hoping that she couldn't see me, I stood there watching her in the bright light of her kitchen, while stroking myself faster.

"Wow, what a woman! What an incredible woman. She has great tits. I love her knockers. I love her ass. I just love her body."

She was making me so hot and horny that I needed to cum. Not yet. I'd have plenty of time for that later. I wanted to delay the experience, as long as I could. Besides, I didn't want to miss any of the show.

Yet, as quickly as it all began, it was over. I couldn't believe it. As if the abrupt end to a pornographic video, when she turned off the switch, she extinguished more than the kitchen light. She extinguished my wanton desire for her, but not before I exploded my lust for her across my kitchen floor.

"Oh, God, that was so amazing. I've never cummed so much so fast. Holy shit."

Had it not been such a sudden and pleasurable surprise, I wish I had the presence of mind to videotape her. That would have been one hot video that I'd watch over and again. Besides, if I videotaped her, I'd be too tempted to post that on the Internet. Yet, in hindsight, even if I thought to videotape her, for sure, she'd notice the red light. It's better that she not know that I was watching her. It's better that she not know that I'm such a voyeur. It's better that she not know that her next door neighbor is a pervert.

Then, I wondered, what if she was hoping I was watching her? What if she knew I was watching her? How hot would that be? What if she was purposely exposing herself to me? What if she loves to flash and was giving me a private show? What if, later, she masturbates over all that she's showing me in the way that I masturbate over all that I saw?


Nah, stuff like that never happens to me. No doubt, this was just a fluke and something that will never happen again. I'd never be so lucky to not only get a hot neighbor like her but also a sexy neighbor, one who loves playing voyeurism and exhibitionism games, as much as I do. I could only wish.

A next door, sexy woman who loved playing erotic games would be my dream come true type of neighbor. I'd finally find my dream woman. I could only imagine all the sexy fun we'd have flashing her body everywhere, on the beach, in a parking lot, at the mall, in the car, everywhere.

For the rest of the evening, changing my entire nightly routine of watching TV and surfing the Internet, I maintained a continued and hopeful surveillance of her kitchen window. Feeling a bit like an undercover cop on a stakeout, only there was nothing to see. Then, an hour and a half later, when I saw the kitchen light pop on, I saw her dressed in her nightgown and bathrobe.

"Fuck. Show over. Damn."

Still glued to my window, I watched her, while hoping to learn more about her routine. As an experienced but unsuccessful voyeur, that is, until now, routines are important to learn, when hoping to see more public and private displays of nudity. Whether it was accidental or on purpose, she gave me one of the most erotic voyeuristic displays I've ever witnessed in my life. The naked memory of her standing at the kitchen sink facing me, with her tits right there, still stiffened my cock and electrified my being. Stuff like this never happens to me.

Such a total voyeur, albeit usually a frustrated one, I'm always in the wrong position to see what I always hope to see but shouldn't see. Seldom do I catch an up skirt or a down blouse view. Always at the wrong place at the wrong time, I never see that windblown skirt or fallen bikini top. For me to see what I need to see voyeuristically, I have to go online to get my daily dose of voyeurism and exhibitionism videos. Yet, now, with this hot, sexy babe of a neighbor living right next door, she's better than any X-rated exhibitionism and voyeurism video that I've watched.

Tonight was perfect. Tonight was amazing. Tonight was so very erotically arousing. Even if I never see her naked again, I shall never forget this night. With her naked picture already plastered in my mind, I'll be masturbating over the naked image of her tonight, tomorrow, and forever. Then, I thought, what if this is her nightly routine? What if she enjoys walking around her apartment naked. Maybe she's a nudist. What if she'll give me a second showing tomorrow night and every night, thereafter.

"Wow! Oh, my God. I can only hope."

I was excited all over again with the thought of seeing her standing at the kitchen sink topless tomorrow night. Maybe this is her nightly routine. Maybe she'll give me a naked show every night, that is, until she catches me looking or until she covers her windows. I couldn't wait for tomorrow evening to find out if my sexy, new neighbor would continue her sexy, naked show. This was the most fun I've had since watching the Super Bowl.

I couldn't sleep a wink that night. All I could think about was her standing at the kitchen sink topless and then walking to the kitchen table naked. It was unbelievable. Already getting aroused again, I needed more relief, so I masturbated again while thinking of all that I saw of her naked body.

While stroking my cock, I pictured her standing at the kitchen sink topless. I filled my brain with her beautiful tits. I recalled the image of her standing naked by her kitchen table, as I stroked myself faster. Then, I imagined having wild sex with her.

"Oh, my God. I'm gonna cum."

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