Washing Bottles and Cans Topless


As soon as I thought about having wild sex with her, I exploded. I haven't masturbated twice in a day, since I was a teenager, when I routinely masturbated three and four times daily, some days, as many as six times, on those days that I was really horny.

The next evening, I couldn't wait to know if I was going to have a nightly show. I walked about a darkened kitchen waiting and hoping for her to turn on her kitchen light. Sure enough, at exactly 9pm, just as she did last night, she flipped on the kitchen light and walked in the kitchen naked.

"Oh, my God. Fuck me. Showtime! This is crazy. Whoever you are, I love you."

I didn't dare breathe for fear that I'd miss something. I didn't dare move fearing that she'd see me in the shadows peeping at her and I'd ruin my chance to watch her nightly washing ritual undetected for the rest of the evening and tomorrow night and every night thereafter. I was too busy ogling her luscious breasts to notice whatever it was she was washing. I didn't care what she was washing. I just wanted to see her tits, while I masturbated.

Then, when I focused, I saw she was rinsing out empty bottles and cans for her recycling bin, no doubt, to donate to the upcoming Earth Day recycling drive. Even though I didn't recycle, I was so glad she did. Without doubt, with the sexy, naked view of her that I had, she was making for a better planet Earth.

"Suddenly, my favorite holiday, I just love Earth Day. God bless recycling. That's right, baby, recycle. Help to preserve the environment. Do your part to save the Earth by washing those dirty bottles and filthy cans. Wash them real good, sweetie. Take your time, so that I can stroke my cock, while watching you wash them."

Just as I did last night, I pulled out my cock and started slowly masturbating to the naked sight of her. I could not have come up with a better exhibitionism and voyeurism scenario, had I invented one myself.

"I love this new neighbor. She's so pretty. She's so sexy. She has fabulous knockers and such a hot body. She's the best neighbor I ever had."

I couldn't imagine a better neighbor than her. Even with all the naked videos I watched, she had the best body of the bunch.

With no other window facing her window, unless there was someone standing in the alley between our houses, the only one who could see her was me. This was my private, naked show and I was so enjoying it. Only, this evening's show was a much shorter version. After only rinsing out a few bottles and cans, with no more left to rinse, she was finished. The show was over and the light was off. I didn't even have a chance to cum.

"Damn. Fuck! If only she had more recyclable to wash."

Since I work from home and my office overlooks the entire street, I can't help but watch all the people in the neighborhood coming and going. I noticed that my new neighbor left for work at 8am. An act of desperation, but taking a chance that it would work, I went out and scoured the neighborhood looking for bottles and cans. After a short amount of time, I collected a box full of them, at least one hundred items, enough to keep her standing at her kitchen window for ten or fifteen minutes.

When I returned to my house, I walked down the alleyway, where we both keep our trash bins and left the box of dirty recyclables practically on her back door step. Since she comes in and goes out by the back way, I knew she'd see them. Impatiently, anxiously, and excitedly, I stood skulking by my kitchen window waiting for her to return home from work. Sure enough, just after 5pm, when she came home from work and saw the box of recyclables. I saw her look around, before carrying the box of bottles and cans inside.

"Bingo!" I couldn't believe it. My plan worked. "That's right, baby, carry those dirty bottles and cans inside. Wash those dirty recyclables. Make them all shiny clean, but don't forget to remove all your clothes first. You don't want to get your clothes all wet."

Willing to miss American Idol, a basketball game, a baseball game, or whatever else was on TV that night, not even wanting to surf the net for pornography, when I had it right here next door, I was waiting for a better show, a naked show of her. As if on nightly police surveillance or neighborhood crime watch, just in case she rinsed her recyclables at a different time, watching and waiting and not wanting to miss anything, I sat in my darkened kitchen for hours eating my TV dinner and sipping my coffee, while replaying in my mind her standing at her kitchen sink naked. Sure enough, at 9pm, when the kitchen light flicked on, I was ready for her show. I watched her walk in the kitchen. Only, this time, she wasn't naked. She was fully dressed.

"Fuck. I couldn't believe it. Are you kidding me?" I was so disappointed. "God damn. What the Hell? This really sucks." I spent hours sitting there waiting for her to appear and she's fully dressed. "Gawd?"

Tonight, the show was over before it even began. My disappointment of not being treated to another naked viewing of my sexy, new neighbor was as bad as the time my computer crashed and I couldn't watch my daily ration of voyeurism and exhibitionism videos. Then, it took me a moment to realize what she was doing, but when I watched her mindlessly unbutton her blouse, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

"What's this? No way. Oh, my God! Fuck me! Yeah, that's right, baby, strip off your clothes in the kitchen right in front of me with the light on and with nothing on the windows to obstruct my view. You're such a dirty slut, but I love you."

This was so hot, even hotter than the first night I saw her. She was undressing by her kitchen table and I had a full view of her. I couldn't believe she was slowly removing her clothes, while looking up at the ceiling, as if thinking about something. She was giving me a slow striptease show. Never is when I witnessed anything like this before. If this was a video on the computer, I wouldn't have believe it. I'd figure it was staged and fake.

Does she know there's someone, a pervert, living next door? Does she know that I can see her? Does she care? Is she stripping on purpose? Is she giving me a show? I so wanted to strip with her. I so wanted to show her my cock, but I didn't dare. I didn't want to ruin all of this, before it even started.

Our houses are so close together that, so long as she stood by her kitchen table, I had a full body view of her, when sitting at my kitchen counter in the dark. Only thirty feet away, as if she was undressing in my kitchen, I couldn't help but see her unbuttoning every button, unhooking every hook, and unzipping every zipper. Without so much as blinking, I stared, while watching her strip.

"That's it, baby. Take your time. There's no rush. We have all night. Take it off. Take it all off," I said, while thinking of Edie Adams in Noxema's medicated shaving commercial.

Mindlessly undressing, as if she was lost in thought, slowly, she removed her blouse, folded it, and draped it over her kitchen chair. She was wearing a pretty, pink bra and I imagined that I was there in her kitchen with her and had just unbuttoned and removed her blouse myself. Quickly, I removed my cock from my pants, grabbed a paper towel, and started slowly stroking myself to the sight of her in her bra. I imagined feeling her tits through her bra, sucking her nipples through the cotton and satin material, and fingering them. Then, when she reached around behind her to unhook her bra, I stroked myself faster, until I thought I was going to prematurely explode.

"Too soon. Wait! Not yet." I felt as if I was Mel Gibson, when he played William Wallace in Braveheart. "Steady! Hold! Hold!"

Not wanting to rush the experience, I stroked myself slower and slower, ever so slowly, so that I wouldn't shoot my load prematurely. I needed to take my time. Not wanting to ruin this moment, I need to slowly build up the heat. I needed to time myself cumming to her stripping herself naked.

"Yeah, that's better. Take your time. Take it easy. Stroke yourself slower."

As if I was suddenly watching her in slow motion, I watched her unhooked her bra to free her gorgeous breast. First one cup and then the other cup, she placed her bra atop of blouse. She had such amazing tits. So much hotter watching her strip naked than suddenly seeing her naked, this was an unbelievable display of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Was she finally my dream come true neighbor? Is she playing with me? Does she know I'm watching her? Can she see me in the shadows masturbating?

Next, in one quick motion, she pulled down her pants and stepped out of them. While standing there topless in only her panties, she took the time to neatly fold her pants and lay them over the chair, beside her blouse. Except for her shear, pink, bikini panties she was naked. Even though I'm such a breast man, I could see that she had an amazing ass. Then, she pulled her panties down, too and stepped out of them. Now, she was naked.

To be honest, even though I love naked women, as much as the next guy, I love a woman in her panty and bra. I don't know what it is, but people look better with some clothes on rather than being totally naked. To me, much like a sexy and revealing bikini, a woman wearing a panty and bra is so erotically sexy. Instead of seeing someone naked, instead of seeing everything all at once, when seeing a woman in her panty and bra makes me wonder what's beneath her panty and bra. To me, it's so hot to see a flash of panty and/or a flash of bra. I love sexy lingerie, especially when a woman has a body to proudly wear it.

"God help me!" Just by the striptease show and the naked sight of her, if I died right now, I would have lived a full life.

It was one thing to see her naked, but to actually watch her strip naked, was my preferred show. I could watch her undressing all night, every night, and never tire of her removing her clothes, while I stroked my cock. Who is this woman? Where has she been all my life?

"Oh, baby. Nice ass. Perfect tits," I said, while stroking myself and still able to delay myself from cumming.

With her flat stomach and shapely legs, she has such a beautiful body. Yet, her tits were what got me hot. Slowly stroking myself, I wanted to last as long as I could, as long as if I was on top of her fucking her, while kissing her and making love to her.

The box of recyclables that I had left for her to wash was on her kitchen table. I watched her reach in the box and carry two items at a time, one in each hand, to the sink to rinse, while naked. Hoping that she'd stand there naked for twenty minutes or more, I had found so many items, bottles and cans that I had purposely filled with more dirt and debris, so as to take her longer to wash them all.

While watching her, in the way she was oblivious to who could possibly be watching her, I couldn't help but think of the scene with Susan Sarandon, in the movie Atlantic City. After working in a fish market all day, she removes her blouse and bra. Then, standing by the kitchen sink topless, she washes her breasts and upper body with lemons, while her neighbor, played by Burt Lancaster, watches from the apartment across the way.

That scene was so hot and now here I am experiencing a similar scenario. Only, this was so much hotter because she was my next door, naked neighbor and not some actress starring in a fictional scene in a movie. Although, without doubt, Susan Sarandon did have a nice rack, back then.

After she accepted my box of recyclables to wash, from that day forward, every day for the next few weeks, I went around town filling up boxes of discarded recyclables for her to rinse. Every night, while I stared at her jiggling tits slowly swaying side to side with the action of her arms, she rinsed all those recyclables. I imagined I was there in the kitchen with her and fondling her breasts, while she washed all those dirty recyclables. While slowly stroking my cock, I imagined kissing her, as I touched her and explored her body everywhere with my hands and mouth.

"Wash those dirty recyclables, baby. Soap them up real good and whatever you do, please don't buy a dishwasher or curtains for your kitchen window."

She had an incredible rack. I'd do anything to feel them, touch them, caress them, and fondle her breasts, while fingering her pink nipples. I'd love to suck her nipples, only I've yet to even meet her. I don't even know her name. I wondered what her name was? For someone so beautiful, for someone so sensual, for someone who possessed such a sexy body, I imagined she had a sexy name, Veronica, Samantha, Esmeralda, Rebecca, Victoria, or Connie. Wow.

I repeated the process every day. Every day I'd collect recyclables and leave them on her doorstep. Then, every night, she'd give me a naked show, while I masturbated to all that I saw. As if she was in a movie and my kitchen window was a camera, just as she'd never look at the camera, she never looked over at my window.

I couldn't help but wonder about her. Does she know I'm standing here watching her? With the houses so very close together, does she know that I can see her, as if she's in my kitchen? Is she purposely giving me a show? Does she know that I masturbate over her?

I wanted to flick on my light, while I was naked. Curious what her reaction would be, I wanted to show her that I was naked, too. I wanted her to see my cock, as I had seen every part of her. I wanted her to watch me masturbate for her to know that I was masturbating over the naked sight of her, but I couldn't do that. That would ruin everything.

She'd report me, no doubt, and I'd be arrested and put on the sex registry list. Only, why is it okay for women to strip naked and expose themselves, without any consequence, that is, other than putting themselves in danger of a sexual predator, a rapist, or a sexual psycho? Only, I a predator. I wasn't a rapist. I wasn't even a sexual a psycho. I was just a peeper, a voyeur and a pervert, at the most. Having the time of my life, while masturbating over the naked sight of her, I just like to watch.

"I love recycling! For sure, now that I have some recycling motivation, I love doing my share to help save the planet! God bless Earth Day, my new favorite holiday. God bless my new neighbor, my new favorite neighbor, albeit naked neighbor."

Spending hours every day collecting recyclables for their return deposits, before long, my entire neighborhood was free of discarded bottles and cans. I must have collected hundreds, thousands of bottles and cans. I had no idea, but I had boxes and bags full of them.

To find more, I had to go into other neighborhoods to collect enough bottles and cans for her to stay naked longer by the kitchen sink and wash all of those dirty and filthy recyclables, so that I could ogle her tits and naked body longer, while masturbating. She was washing so many bottles and cans that she bought rubber gloves to protect her hands from the hot watch and the harsh dish detergents. I watched her take her rubber gloves out of the bag and out of the box. Then, I watched her squeeze her hands in the rubber gloves, while watching her tits jiggling and swaying.

Looking so much as if she was wearing condoms on her hand, I so wanted her to give me a hand job, while wearing rubber gloves and her cowgirl hat. So dedicated was I to recycling and cleaning up my neighborhood, so dedicated was I to helping save the planet, and most honestly, so dedicated was I to my voyeurism of her that I'd travel the globe to collect discarded bottles and cans, just so that I could stand there watching her, while masturbating.

Then, after having collected thousands of bottles and cans, for nearly two months, the weekend before the Earth Day celebration, Saturday morning, when I was in the alleyway emptying my trash, she opened her back door. As if I was a deer in headlights, she startled me and I stared up at her, while I imagined her naked. Unaccustomed to seeing her dressed, I couldn't help myself from gawking at her, while imagining her beautiful C cup breasts, blonde, trimmed pussy, and round, shapely ass. Having watched her for so long, seeing her in person was surreal.

To be honest, she looked even better with her clothes. Even better in person. She was just so damn beautiful. I couldn't believe that I've already seen her tits, ass, and pussy. I couldn't believe that I've been ogling her naked body for weeks. Just as I thought that, I could feel my cock respond.

I didn't expect to meet her so soon. After spying on her for so long, I didn't expect to ever meet her. Yet, there I was embarrassed by all that I had already seen of her. Suddenly, I felt like the pervert that I am. I hoped my voyeuristic fantasy was not coming to an untimely end.

Does she know who I am, her next door perverted neighbor standing by her sink topless and stripping naked by her kitchen table? Does she know I had been watching her? Is she angry? Had she seen me standing in the shadows of my kitchen and masturbating to the naked sight of her? Does she know I'm a peeper and a voyeuristic pervert? Does she know I was the one who had left her all those recyclables, so that she'd give me a much longer naked show? Is that why she opened her door? Was she confronting me, before calling the police?

I was so nervous. I was so guilty. I was so aroused just by the in-person sight of her. Nonetheless, not yet ready to meet her, I wasn't prepared. Just having taken a shower, I was still in my bathrobe. I only took out the trash because I had fish last night and the kitchen reeked of salmon. I didn't even know what to say.

"Hi," she said. She was in her bathrobe, too. "I'm Michelle."

Michelle, her name is Michelle. So soft and so sweet, I imagined the two syllables of her name rolling off my tongue, as I told her that I loved her, before kissing her. Immediately, I thought of the Beatles song, Michelle and the music and lyrics played endlessly through my mind, as I imagined falling to one knee and swearing my undying love for her.

Too busy staring at her tits every night for so many weeks, it was nice to finally put an up close, pretty face and name to that sexy body. Now that I know her name, she looked like a Michelle and I imagined being in bed with her, while whispering her name, "Michelle...I brought you more recyclables to wash by your kitchen window, while naked."

Now, tonight, when I masturbate to her washing recyclables, I'll whisper her name, as I'm stroking my cock. Pretending that I was her husband or her boyfriend, later when in bed masturbating over the thought of her stripping in the kitchen, I could say her name, as if she was there in bed beside me. When she's standing at the sink washing all those dirty and filthy recyclables I left her, saying her name, I could talk to her, as if I was standing there in her kitchen with her, too, while she washed and rinsed bottles and cans naked.

"Hi, I'm Michael," I said.

"Hi Michael," she said giving me a smile that melted my heart and hardened my cock. "Michelle and Michael," she said. "That's cute. I like that. We're a match."

"If we were to marry, we'd have the same monogram on our towels," I said with a laugh.

Why did I say that? Did I just propose to her? I was so nervous that I didn't know what the Hell I was saying.

"That's funny," she said, as if I was suddenly a marriage prospect. Now, she looked at me with more interest than she did before.

"Welcome to the neighborhood," I said walking closer and putting a foot on her stoop to offer her my hand.

She surprised me with her handshake. She had a firm grip, maybe from washing all those dirty recyclables. She shook my hand, as if she was a longshoreman and she pumped my arm, as if she was pumping a well for water. I couldn't help but imagine her hand tightly around my cock, while stroking me.

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