tagLesbian SexWashing Machine Wanda

Washing Machine Wanda


Wanda snapped shut her cell and wondered if she'd have the lissome filly that day.

Sketching her from memory, the young housewife was almost petite - shorter than Wanda, at least. Trim but somewhat mousy behind her serious glasses, once she slipped them off, her face bloomed to radiance. Her sensuous lower lip and irresistible smile told Wanda there was spice and deep sweet inside this outwardly bland pudding. The girl's eyes seemed to curl into her cheekbones when she giggled, girlish and excitable.


And her interest was growing, her curiosity. Wanda could tell that, too. Questions about Wanda's work, her day - and personal history she sought. Well, there was that.

Wanda looked out her window and flipped off a driver who'd cut her off. She felt a little pang of guilt about telling - Wanda grabbed the receipt she'd just jotted - Katie, yes...Katie. She was guilty about telling Katie about her time in a Philippine prison. Wanda couldn't help herself. The whole ugly story came rattling out. Katie seemed absolutely fascinated - staring at Wanda with her eyes round in fascination. That was, of course, the idea.

While she worked on Katie's washing machine – bottom-line from Sears, but new - she told her how she and her boyfriend were arrested at Manila airport. Wanda didn't know he was carrying drugs. Then she spent three years of hell before she was paroled, when friends back home raised enough money to "bond" her out through a corrupt judge until she could be retried. She skipped, had to, pretty as you please. Much of Wanda's paycheck now went to repaying her kind benefactors, many of whom had lost plenty when her bond was forfeited.

She told Katie about the nights inside, the cries from other cells, the sounds of women being beaten. A hellhole in the middle of the jungle, punishment included time in the "shoebox" - a wing of cells with no roof, nothing to stop incessant monsoons pouring in. And toughs ruled the cellblocks: Uzi, a gunrunner's girlfriend, was little more than a blunt fireplug of muscle and mean. Sister BallSac was a little higher on the food chain, and looked out for fish - for a price. She strode the yard with a butch super-buzz and her latest bunkmate following dependently behind. There was Nappy Sue, the guard who liked to shoot people for sport. All this was just bitter icing on a stale cake.

"They don't do things the way we do," Wanda said, over her shoulder. "At least, I didn't do them back then."

It was all a lie. Elaborate and quite creative, Wanda reflected. Some of it was true. Wanda had been stationed in the Philippines in the Navy. Uzi was Etzi - same fireplug but a Gunner's Mate. Nappy was Wanda's own best buddy, a shy girl from a tiny town so deep in the South it got lost in cotton.

Wanda took the exit onto surface streets and wiped her brow. "Maybe there's a film script in there," she thought idly. That wasn't the purpose of the whips-and-chains fantasy; it was constructed for something quite different, and deliberately so.

Katie was nothing less than fascinated by the story. Wanda rolled up her sleeve to show off a crude tattoo of an Iron Cross she'd done herself in reality, in a bored high school moment with Gina, her first real lover. She'd seduced Wanda in her little brother's tree house, of all places. The touch of female lips on her body, for the first time, hanging so high in the air above a carpet of smooth grass far below... just the memory made Wanda's thighs reflexively close together, squeezing her pussy lips in response to the delicious memory.

It all came rushing back, leaving Wanda a little breathless as she wheeled into the driveway of Katie's house. Retrieving her toolbox from the back of the truck, she heard the side door open to the laundry room. As Wanda rounded the corner of her vehicle, slamming the compartment shut, she saw Katie approaching, that delicious smile on her face. Very encouraging, coming out to meet me like this, Wanda thought.

"I thought you'd never get here," Katie said, and held out her hand. Wanda thought of how few of her customers bothered to shake hands; Katie's was warm and soft.

And my, my: The glasses were gone and her hair was down in thick, dark tresses that bounced with her walk. And bouncing right along were a couple of ripe breasts under a canary-yellow sundress that almost wasn't there. Well... it dropped to just above mid-thigh down below and a scoop neck above just skirted the top of Katie's soft cleavage. It would be perfectly presentable at a patio cocktail party on a summer evening. Wanda let her mind run wild a moment. The sheerness of the material was pleated, gathered into an empire waist just under her breasts, giving the whole look a healthy Grecian appeal. When Katie turned and led her to the laundry room, Wanda could discern a tiny white something covering Katie's bottom – panties or swimsuit – but no bra strap appeared above it.

Wanda had to quiet herself to keep from shaking in arousal.

This couldn't be an accident. This costume was worn on purpose, Wanda told herself, then shook off the thought. Play it cool, she counseled herself silently. Don't scare this succulent little bird away.

All of this exposure showed Katie to be quite tawny, and Wanda pictured her lying naked in the sun. As Wanda knelt by the dryer and got to work opening the guts of the thing, Katie's crossing and uncrossing legs just inches away were constant diversion. Within moments, Wanda could see the problem was merely a clogged lint screen, but she stretched out her inspection to buy time, enticed by the fragrance of cocoa butter on Katie's smooth thighs.

They made small talk. With a few well-placed and expertly camouflaged questions, Wanda learned Katie's little boy was spending the day with his grandmother, hubby was out of town and poor Katie was rattling around that rambling ranch-style duplex all alone. The fact that the child was away on the day of her repair call interested Wanda, too; everything was looking like programmed solitude for her arrival. Wanda was looking for a way to broach the subject of... sex is so coarse a word. ...Maybe, intimacy? Yes, that's it: To open the issue of close intimacy.

So, at first, Wanda was a little let down when their conversation turned to religion.

"Are you... Catholic?" Wanda ventured, more for something to say than any real interest.

"Baptist," Katie shot back, almost defensively. Wanda thought she'd heard a slight Southern twang in Katie's soft voice. She looked up and saw Katie looking down and running a finger tip over her ear; she was a little self-conscious.

"All the Baptists I know are pretty devout people," Wanda said soothingly.

"Are you religious?" Katie asked, slowly looking up at her.

"I was raised Lutheran," Wanda lied. Actually, her mother was a loud Lefty atheist and her father's faith extended solely to Jim Beam. "But... things changed in my life."

"Was that because of... what happened?" the young woman ventured.

"...The Philippines?" Wanda asked and Katie nodded. "I suppose. I changed a lot in there."

"It must have been terribly lonely."

"No," Wanda answered. "Not really. Women don't really need men for... companionship."

"You were... with other women?" Katie asked. Wanda noted a slight change in her breathing; probably, Katie's heart was beating a little faster... in fear... and something else, perhaps?

"I discovered I preferred them," Katie said.

Their eyes locked a long moment. Wanda expected Katie to look away. She didn't. Her deep breathing expanded her chest and let it fall in jagged intervals.

"The advantage of sleeping with a woman," Wanda said quietly, "is that we know what we like. We're familiar with the... system."

She rose and stood before Katie.

"You've never been with a woman, have you?"

Katie shook her head and swallowed hard. Her eyes glanced away only a moment before returning to Wanda's.

"I'd be... it would be... wrong," Katie said, looking down.

"I guess that makes me a sinner."

"No, no," Katie said, looking up imploringly. "I didn't mean that. I meant... I would be scared of something like that..." Her voice trailed away.

Very tenderly, Wanda lifted Katie's chin up to look in her eyes.

"There's nothing to be frightened of, Katie," she said.

Wanda leaned forward and brushed Katie's lips with her own. She felt the young woman shudder at the sensation. Then she kissed the side of Katie's neck, slowly allowing her mouth to widen, transferring wet heat into Katie's flesh. Katie gasped and rocked slightly on her feet. Wanda reached down, and with both hands, held Katie ever so gently by the waist, and then their lips met.

For awhile, they both hung there, immobilized. Gradually, the kiss deepened and became moist, hot. Katie opened her mouth wider, and Wanda began moving her head is small rotations to work herself in. Finally, Katie's mouth opened wide and they began hungrily sucking and tonguing each other's mouths and lips. Katie shook with nervousness and gasped through her nose, then sighed in cooing encouragement.

When they pulled up for air, Katie gasped, "Wait... wait..." Then Wanda kissed the other side of her neck, this time accompanying it with a sucking of Katie's skin that grew in intensity. The very pop of their bellies met and jolted both of them; Wanda pulled Katie close in a gradually tightening embrace. The young woman softly squealed a long moan and their mouths met again.

Wanda's strong hands moved down from the young woman's waist to cup her buttocks. She began kneading them, gripping and releasing, twisting and squeezing. Katie arched her body deep into Wanda's with each caress. Wanda gathered up the filmy skirt in her hands to raise it, and once up, let her hands run along the soft mounds of Katie's butt. Yes, it was a swimsuit... tiny, and tied at the sides. Wanda ran her hands inside the fabric to grip Katie's cheeks again, and at the first touch of her palms on raw, soft skin of her bottom, Katie lurched and let out a surrendering moan that Wanda quickly muffled with a deep kiss.

Wanda pushed her fingers into the furrow of the girl's ass and then deeper, fingering that tender stretch of skin separating anus from vagina. Katie was soaked with hot wetness; Wanda easily wiggled a finger into her molten pussy. Katie wailed again and her head rocked back and forth as Wanda stroked her finger in and out before finding the button of her clit. She let her fingertip vibrate there, on the very nub of it, driving Katie into near-convulsion in her arms.

In a long, even sweep, Wanda lifted Katie's dress up over her body, raising the young woman's smooth arms as she did so and peeled it off her in instant. Katie stood a moment rocking in place, steadied by Wanda's hand in the small of her back. Then Wanda covered her lips with another deep kiss, then ate the girl at will - from her neck to her flush, tan chest and finally to her breasts, chewing each in turn before finally closing on Katie's sensitive nipples. She licked them to erection and then sucked each, alternating between them as the young woman moaned each time Wanda's demanding mouth closed on the tender nubbins of flesh. Then Wanda bent her back with another kiss on the lips, holding her tight against her; Wanda's thumb dug into Katie's unguarded navel and ravaged it with widening circles of burrowing, which brought moans of aroused alarm from the young woman.

Easing her down, Wanda laid out Katie on a pile of laundry, yanked loose the knots of her bikini bottom and stripped it from her loins with an undulating jolt and gasp from the girl. Then doffing her own jumpsuit and panties, Wanda lay the length of her naked victim and pressed into her. Her hand ran roughly down Katie's midsection until her middle finger struck wetness and pushed inside the cleft to her clit. Wanda rubbed it with the entire length of her finger, up and down, as her mouth began laying scarlet hickies down the girl's body, from neck to chest. She again nibbled and sucked Katie's sore nipples, bringing agonized groans from the girl. Then on to her tender belly, leaving a bulls-eye of red suction bruises around Katie's ravished navel before plunging her tongue in that vulnerable cavity, probing it thoroughly, then sucking it a halo of yet another flush hickey. Katie was almost crying with desire and wounded arousal as Wanda chewed and licked her trembling abdomen, then suddenly, without warning, stuck a sucking kiss on her vagina.

Katie yelped and jerked into the air in a back-bending arch. She held in there a moment before her body slowly began rippling down in time to Wanda's rhythmic licking. As the slit grew hotter, Wanda ran her tongue fully inside and lapped its length, allowing the rough hide to rub along the engorged clit head. She buried her nose in the fragrantly pungent hair of Katie's pubis, coming up for air occasionally to chew and suck its wool. After awhile, Wanda fell into a regular, pulsating suck, drawing Katie's clit and surrounding flesh into her mouth, then releasing it; the girl was quivering with heat and mindless in sensual ecstasy from this ravenous Amazon feeding on her.

Suddenly, the inferno building in Katie's belly seemed to pop and enflame her insides, roaring through her body to her extremities and back. With a long, deep moan in crescendo to wail at the end, she buckled and quaked as a powerful orgasm tore through her. Katie cried and rocked back and forth, Wanda still glued to her genitals. She then began a slow, serpentine twisting as the explosive sensation slowly subsided. The spasms continued for awhile, and just watching Katie's naked torso ripple downward in convulsions – from her throat to Wanda's mouth gradually easing its suction – gave the repairwoman immense pleasure.

Wanda slowly kissed her way up Katie's body, soaked with perspiration, pausing to lap some sweat from the small of her stomach. She finished on Katie's mouth, feeding there a long time as the spent girl murmured little hums of encouragement.

"Can you help me get to where you are right now?" Wanda asked Katie gently.

"Have I denied you anything," the young woman replied in a weak, breathy voice.

From her toolkit, Wanda produced her L-rod, an enormous, black rubber dildo bent 90 degrees in the center. She ran the 12-inch business end slowly across Katie's mouth; the girl's initial alarm gave way to curiosity, then skittish desire as her gaze was locked by Wanda's. Understanding what was expected, Katie turned her head (what a beautiful neck, Wanda thought), and sucked the tip into her mouth and licked awhile.

Wanda knelt in a seated position between Katie's legs as the girl watched her nervously. Wanda poked one branch of the dildo deep inside herself, exhaling a gust of air as it penetrated to the hilt. Now, with its center bend, Wanda had something of a dick protruding from her vagina – one foot long, thick and rigged with nasty teasers running its shaft.

As Katie watched, frozen, Wanda gently lifted her bottom from the laundry, a hand in the hollow of each of Katie's knees. Then she guided the dildo head to the lips of the girl's inflamed pussy. Gently, very slowly, she eased in first the tip, then a few inches of shaft. Katie grimaced as the thick monster parted her cleft and penetrated her. Wanda fucked her a little – just a few inches with each stroke. Katie began to feel the rough ridges flicking at her swollen clit, sending fingers of electricity up the bowls of her hip and into her belly.

"Ahh," Katie gasped. "You're going to fuck me deep."

"I'm going to fuck you deep in your belly."

At that, Wanda pushed the shaft in several inches and held it and Katie squirmed and adjusted for the intrusion. Her breathing was heavy and broken; her fear hadn't quite subsided, but her passion was again ignited and would soon overcome it.

With a smooth, steady course, Wanda ran the long rubber dick all the way into Katie's belly, to the hilt. Katie gasped and quivered; her belly bulged out a little as the enormous dildo rested at the very root of her womb. Katie wiggled to accommodate this intense penetration. Her body shook and she began a slow squirm around the central spindle.

Slowly, Wanda withdrew the shaft, now soaked with Katie's juices, and then thrust it back in, a little more forcefully this time, a little deeper. Katie whimpered at this massive rod burrowing in her, plying her. Wanda began a smooth stroke that gradually quickened in rhythm.

Katie's breasts bobbed on her chest as the dildo deeply fucked her. Now fully wet from her sweat, they glistened irresistibly, and Wanda wanted to drain them of the young woman's sweet cream. She bent down and sucked up a nipple in her lips, then more breast flesh as Katie gasped in ecstatic torment beneath her.

The friction and rhythmic pumping in her belly began to set Katie afire. Wanda could her face turn red, and she gagged for each breath; from the corner of her mouth a wet line of saliva ran down her cheek. Wanda could feel the dildo vibrating in her own swollen cunt, its tip fanning by inches with each thrust. Although muscles in her vagina were quite strong, quite flexile, she was having trouble gripping her end as it throbbed in her own deep channel.

Wanda covered her again with her stroking body, their skin slippery with perspiration and ferocity. Katie pressed her belly into Wanda and each of them felt the electric jolt of connection as their navels touched. Wanda chuffed like an animal and rose back to her knees.

Then Katie opened her eyes just as Wanda threw back her dark brunette mane like a wild colt. Their eyes met. Wanda felt a rush beginning inside her, and jolts of sensation ran down her legs, seeming to boil them, and then back to her pussy. Katie opened her mouth, wider, wider. Finally, she began a low bellow that became shriller, and her head began shaking hysterically from side to side. She felt the unstoppable orgasm possessing her, splitting her belly and setting fire to the air around her.

Both women began to shake. Wanda reared her head back and cried out at release deep within her, just as Katie's long moan peaked and began a slide downward, becoming deeper. Both shook, feeling the dildo rasp at their wombs, then the orgasm overcame them and they screamed in concert and jolted together. Again... and again.

Finally, exhausted and drained, Wanda collapsed on Katie in a slow-motion descent. She slid off her end of the dildo, feeling it pop out with a gasp and start from the girl. Katie's face contorted as the dick probed her one last time in Wanda's surrendering movement, then lay still. Both women breathed evenly for awhile.

For a long time, neither woman spoke, and they barely even moved.

Finally, Katie let a slight laugh blow through her nostril and, reaching out, rubbed Wanda's arm with her knuckles. Wanda was silent. Finally, Katie turned her head to look at her, and saw Wanda was crying.

"I lied to you. About myself. About being in prison... About almost everything," she said through boiling tears. She tried not to look at Katie, but felt the girl's hand pull away from her. Wanda rolled to her back. She told her everything, in one long confessional.

"When I saw you, I wanted you so badly. I would've done... almost anything. ...Said almost anything. ...Just to feel you, to taste you."

Katie watched her a long time. Wanda felt temperature in the room drop; it chilled her. Now the girl was retreating, their moment withering. Wanda kept her eyes from the girl; she knew the anger and contempt she would see in her young eyes. At the sound of her voice, Wanda tensed, ready for dismissal.

"I don't think," Katie began. "I don't think anyone ever wanted me that badly before."

Another long moment passed. The knot shearing Wanda's insides loosened a bit.

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