tagLoving WivesWasn't That A Party!

Wasn't That A Party!


I still find it hard to believe that what I'm about to tell you about ever came to past. First let me set the scenario. We had been married for eight years, most of which have been sexually fulfilling for both my wife, Deb and myself. It just seem that lately things in bed had become a little too routine and I could see that we were both becoming, well, bored, for lack of a better word. I was 43 years at the time and Deb was 36. Our children, two daughters, now adults, were starting families of their own and had married and moved out over a year ago.

We moved into a condo a few months ago, a two bedroom with a study and a den, which we used as bedrooms for the kids when they brought their families at Xmas. It was an adult building, mainly filled with people like us and about our age. Over the last few months we had become quite good friends with the couples on either side of us and we socialized quite a bit together. Although we didn't swing with them, we did fool around a lot and got to know each other in deep conversations about everything from politics to religion and eventually sexual preferences and fantasies.

I was shocked when Deb revealed that she had always fantasized of being blindfolded and raped by an unknown assailant. I'm sure that she was just as shocked when I said that I would like to see her fucked by another man. Jackie, Bob's wife, the couple on the right, fantasized about making love with a woman and to beat all, Bob's fantasy was to watch Jackie with another woman. Sue and Mike were a little too shy to reveal anything much other than they both wanted to make love with strangers, like maybe a swingers club and have the other one watch. It was just in fun, but it occurred to me that maybe this was the first time anyone had heard their spouses' fantasies.

Halloween was approaching and it just happened to fall on a Saturday night. I asked Deb if she wanted to have a party and invite the neighbors.

"What do you think of having a costume party next Saturday?" I asked as I was leaving for work.

"Sounds like fun!" she said. "What should I be?" she continued.

"Maybe you'd like to be a sexy princess, or a slutty witch, whatever you wish. You've got time to figure out something," I said as I left.

I could see a spark in her eye as she thought about what she would be and what she would wear. I inquired about her choice when I got home that evening, but she said it would be a surprise. The neighbors were game and I said that maybe it would be a good opportunity to live out our fantasies. The men quickly agreed and the women said they would play it by ear and just see how things progress before they would commit to anything. Women. Too logical.

I was putting on my fake moustache as Deb came into the bathroom. She had on a slut witches costume that she made from old lingerie and a black silk wrap skirt that didn't cover anything except her waist. I gazed at her breast which the see through lace top she had on didn't cover very well. Her black thong panties just barely cover her front, but were invisible from behind. She had on black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt to complete the look.

"Like it?" she asked with a sexy smile.

"Love it, and I'm sure the neighbors will as well!" I said with a little sarcasm as I wondered what I had provoked. Just then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it as Deb continued to apply too much makeup. 'Yes, she did look sluty,' I thought as I opened the door.

"Trick or Treat," Sue said as she came in. She was dressed as a prostitute, similar to Deb's costume, but not as revealing and Mike was dressed as a gangster.

"Trick!" I said with a laugh. Sue quickly reached over and grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them together. I was a little shocked, but it felt rather nice.

"Now Honey," she said squeezing a little harder. "Give me a treat or you'll regret the trick." With that she applied a little more pressure.

"Anything you desire! Now let go of my nuts!" I pleaded.

"Anything??" she said as she loosen her vice like grip and began to massage my stinging balls.

"Anything," I assured her as Mike just smiled and looked on.

"How about a gin and tonic," Sue said as she released my nuts. Then added, "Make it a double. I think I'm going to need it."

I got the drinks for our guests and when the doorbell rang again. 'Must be Bob and Jackie,' I thought as I went to the door.

"Trick or Treat," Jackie said as she gave me a big wet kiss at the door. She was dressed as a man and our moustaches became tangled. 'She was a great kisser,' I thought as I greeted Bob.

"With another woman!" Bob said, "Not the man next door!" We all laughed and then I noticed a third person standing there. It was a young woman, maybe 25 or so, dressed much like Deb, but not quite as revealing.

"And you are?" I questioned as I led her in.

"That's Sheila," Jackie said. "She's a friend from work." As I looked at this beautiful little vixen Jackie added, "Hope you don't mind that I brought her."

"No!" I blurted out load. "Not at all!" "Sheila, come on in and meet everyone." I didn't want her to feel more out of place than she must have felt as she was almost half of everyone age. As everyone got acquainted I served the guests more booze.

"Where's Deb?" Sue asked.

"She's just putting on the finishing touches on 'Her Look'," I said as I noticed her coming down the stairs. Every second or third step one of her breast would break free. She would tuck them back in, but to no avail. They just kept escaping. I could see that she had everyone eyes on her and she knew it too. Her nipples had become quite hard. Her eyes were thick with mascara and her dark purple lipstick looked a little ghoulish.

"Hello all!" she greeted as she took her drink and quickly downed it. 'Probably too boost her courage,' I thought as I gazed at my wife in her 'Slut Witch' costume. I must admit that I was becoming quite aroused with the whole set up and I noticed that the other two men also were trying to hide their erections.

"Fantasy time!" Jackie said and got up and took Sheila's hand and led her to the study. "You all can watch if you want, but no one may speak other than Bob, but Bob can't join in."

I could see Deb was not that interested so I asked if she was ready for her fantasy. She said yes, but seemed a little hesitant. I led her to the den and put a blindfold on her. When I was sure that see couldn't see, I cuffed her hands behind her back and sat her on the couch.

"Sit there and wait!" I ordered as I left to join the action in the study. Jackie had removed Sheila's panties with her teeth and was starting to work her mouth toward Sheila's bare pussy. And it was bare, well bald. She was completely shaven making her look so much younger. Sheila spread her legs allowing Jackie full access to her now sodden pussy. I must admit, watching Jackie eat this young girls pussy really turned me on. I saw Bob rubbing his cock through his slacks as he watched his wife with this young vixen. Sue wasn't as interested as Mike and walked over to me and said, " Are we going to fuck tonight?" Just like that. I could see Mike's eyes light up. He had quite the lump in his pants.

"Mike! Buddy! Go to the den and rape my wife, won't you?" I couldn't believe that I said that.

"Sure thing!" he said as her raced out the door. I watched him from the study as he approached Deb. He tore off her top and pinched her nipple hard. She squealed out loud and then he pinched the other with the same severity. This time she moaned with pleasure. My cock started to tingle. It was rock hard.

I asked Sue if she would mind watching the two of them and she agreed. We went into the hall to get a better view. Mike tore off Deb's panties and lifted them to his nose. He inhaled her scent and rand his finger down her pussy lips. As he did this the lips came apart and allowed her juice to ooze out. Sue undid my pants and was stroking my hard on as Mike went down on my wife. I could see Deb wince as Mike sank his teeth into her wet cunt. He began to suck her juices as Sue engulfed my cock in her mouth and began to suck and nibble. Deb began to convulse and she came. Mike quickly dropped his pants and rammed his cock into my wife's wanting pussy. It was quite a bit larger than mine and his balls were also. He buried his bone with one vicious stroke. Deb thrust her hip forward to meet him. I started to cum. Sue continued to suck as I spewed my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all and sucked me dry until it hurt.

Mike continued his assault on my wife. Just before he came he withdrew his massive cock. I could see Deb was disappointed. He rolled her onto her tummy and spread the cheeks of her ass. He covered his bulbous nob with her juices and then started to tickle her ass hole with his cock. I was surprised that she started to press her ass against him. She opened he legs fully, allowing him full access to her beautiful butt. Here was my neighbor taking my wife's virgin ass for the first time. No, I have never done that with my wife although I have often thought about it, but I thought she wouldn't go along with it. Mike couldn't last but eight strokes. He came with a holler. As he withdrew his massive shaft, his cream trickled down Deb's ass.

Just then Bob came into the room and asked, "Mind if I join in?"

He quickly removed his pants and leaped onto my wife. He inserted his cock into her vacant ass hole. It entered easily as it was not near as large as the one it replaced. Deb rose to meet his thrust and quickly came again shortly there after. Bob lasted a little longer than Mike, but he too came in my wife's beautiful butt.

Sue grabbed my hand and led me to the livingroom. She pulled my pants off and threw me onto the couch. She ripped off her panties and lowered herself onto my stiff cock. She had little trouble sliding on as she was use to a much larger cock than what I had to offer. She rode me like a bucking bronco and I found myself cumming again as she reached for her orgasm. As Sue came she plunged her nails into my back. She thrust her hips so hard against me that I thought I was ruptured. I noticed Mike was in the doorway wacking off. As Sue rolled off, Mike grabbed her and threw her on the floor and fucked her hard. 'What a violent kind of guy,' I thought as I wobbled to my feet and went to search for Deb.

I went into the den and found Jackie licking my wife clean. She was really getting into it and Deb seemed to be enjoying it. Bob was watching as he was masturbating. I went to look for Sheila.

Sheila was still naked when I walked into the study. I could feel my cock starting to harden as I studied her body.

"I've been waiting for you," she said as I approached her with my cock in my hand. She pushed my hand away and replaced it with her mouth. She did this thing with her tongue that sent me through the roof. She must have enjoyed the flavor of my pre-cum as she started to suck very hard on my cock. As she did this she tickled my balls and inserted one of her fingers in my ass. It was quite an unusual sensation as she drove her finger full length into my ass. I started to pump her mouth as she continued to suck and thrust her finger into my ass. I came like I had never cum before. She easily devoured all of my cum as I was almost spent from Sue's assault.

"Fuck me Danny! Fuck me hard!" she shrieked as she removed her finger from my ass and spread her thighs giving a first hand look at her sweet little snatch. I pushed my nob against her crack. She was very tight. Slowly I squeezed my cock into her. She was on fire. She moaned as I quickened my pace. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass. It added to the sensation. I felt her clamp around my shaft and she stiffened as she came with a squeal. I kept on pumping. I wasn't about to stop. This was the tightest pussy I've had in a long time and I wasn't ready to cum just yet. I kept on pumping. Sheila came again. I pounded harder as she clamped again. I couldn't hold it any longer and I shuddered to my third and final orgasm of the night.

I went and uncuffed Deb. She gave me a big kiss and thanked me for such a wonderful evening. We said goodnight to our guests and went to bed. That night we discussed what had happened and agreed as I'm sure that the neighbors would also, that it was quite a party.

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