tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatch Me Play with Myself

Watch Me Play with Myself


He booked the room, but I made the rules. Before we met up, I made sure that he would be tied down to a chair in the corner of the room. He got to watch, and I got to play. I came out of the shower and got dressed in a sexy white lace bra and panty set that hugged all the right curves, exposing lots but gently hiding some spots as well.

I took off the blindfold and seductively walked to the bed. I bent over rubbing my ass, wishing he was untied to spank it harder and harder. Truthfully, I wish he was untied to he could fuck me hard as well but I didn't want him to know that. I wanted to tease, and torture him long before he got to put himself inside of me.

I laid down on the soft white sheets, back on the bed by legs hanging off the foot of the bed. He watched me slowly rubbing myself over top of my underwear, and the slowly underneath. I was starting to get very wet and I could feel it on the outside of my panties. I knew he could see it as his eyes pierced me and he continued to lick his lips. Putting my thumbs under the straps of my underwear, I slowly pulled them down, and the wetness of my wet warm cunt gripped on to the fabric before letting them fall to the foot of the bed. My highheels stayed on as did my white thigh high fishnets. I knew he'd be more turned on that way.

I now spread my legs stroking the inside of my soft, ticklish thighs before using my left hand to play with my clit and my right hand slowly inserting two fingers inside of me. I wanted his tongue inside of me just by the way he was looking at me. His bound hands starting to tense in frustration, his eyes filled with lust and mouth with a sinister craving for me. I had a moment of mercy, I bent down and picked up my underwear, making sure to rub it against my sweet wet pussy before putting them in his mouth. His eyes instantly filled with gratitude and satisfaction. His hands, even more tense and his mouth was ready to eat me alive. Walking away slowly, my face was painted with a sinister little smirk knowing he knows what I taste like, but not being able to fully taste me.

This time, I crawled onto the bed, exposing all of me from behind, my bare wet cunt, and my tight but very willing ass. Using my two magical fingers, I reached underneath to finger my pussy, while my left hand spread open my ass so he could get a better view. I looked back at him, to see that twinkle in his eyes turn to pure fire. I got Mr. Scorpio doesn't like being restrained. I could see that he was trying to savor the tasty wet panties I placed in his mouth. I pulled out my two soaking wet fingers, and using my sweet natural lube, I slid one of my middle finger inside my tight little ass hole while the other arm held me up so I could look back at him, biting my lip the faster and deeper my finger got.

"I bet you like watching me play with my tight ass." I said.

"Oh god yes." he muffled through the panties.

"I bet you wish it was your cock inside of this tight hole." I whispered.

His deeply muffled sigh and ravaging body language said it all.

Keeping my middle finger in my ass, I once again reached underneath of me, moaning as my fingers touched my gspot over and over. "Oh fuuuuuck." my voice filled the room. I couldn't hold the lower half of my body up after my orgasm so I let my body collapse on the bed, but my fingers staying inside both my holes as they continued to make me want to cum.

"I'm your dirty little whore." I told him as I was about to cum again.

With a lifeless body, I laid there, twitching and trying to catch my breath. The desire to lay there was no matter for my desire to tease and torture him. I pulled out my fingers and slowly got off the bed. My walk over was not a seductive one as my legs could barely function after the second orgasm. But, I made it over to him and straddled his lap. I could feel his hard cock through his black jeans. I reached back and undid my bra, throwing it to the floor exposing my breasts to him at eye level.

With both knees on either side of him, I lifted myself up slightly. The hand I used on my ass was wrapped around the back of his head while my other hand continued finger myself. My soft breasts rubbing up and down his bearded face. I leaned down and put my panties in my mouth and pulled them out before dropping them in his lap. He didn't say a word, he knew the rules coming into this.

I placed my soft red lips on his rough ones and he could feel my moans the harder I finger fucked my cunt. "Oh My God" I whispered. "I am so fucking wet for you. Your big thick cock would slide in so easily right now" I moaned. I wanted all of him inside of me, but he had to earn my pussy, and so far he was going an amazing job.

Carefully, my knees were replaced with my feet and I slowly stood up on his chair and I leaned in. His mouth is now an inch from my cunt. I bet he could feel the wetness hit his lips the harder I played. I was just about to cum again when I pulled out my fingers, grabbed a handful of his hair and shoved his deserving face into my orgasm filled pussy. The more I came, the harder I held his head there. I looked down at him, and he was in heaven. Loving the feeling of his beard on my bare pussy, I knew he had earned it. I got off the chair slowly, so I could watch the wetness from me drip onto his now patient lips.

I untied his hands and then his feet. I slowly fell backwards onto the bed, spreading my legs.

"You have earned this pussy. Come clean me up with that tongue" I demanded.

That fire in his eyes was now a passionate raging inferno. I knew I had unleashed a monster.

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