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Mike set his books down as he walked in the door. Another long week of high school finished with. He ran his fingers through his brown hair and stretched as he walked to the kitchen to find something to eat. His parents had said they would be out of town for the whole weekend, giving him some solitude. Mike's sister Sarah was also going to be home, but she was usually out with her friends, who didn't see her while she was off at college. She was 2 years older than Mike's 18 years, with medium length golden-brown hair and 36c breasts. At 5'6, Mike had to look a bit up to her, 2 inches taller than he was.

Mike got a soda from the fridge and was walking to his room when he heard a few moans coming from Sarah's room. They sounded erotic, and Mike being the curious guy he was, peeked through the crack in the door to see who was the lucky guy.

He blinked and went wide eyed. It wasn't a guy who was lucky, it was her best friend Vicki! They were naked as jailbirds, and Sara had her head between Vicki's legs! Mike rubbed his crotch, his 7 inch cock straining against his jeans, begging to be let out. He involuntarily gasped as he rubbed his cock through his pants and then slipped away when he saw Sara remove her head. He was about to walk back to his room when the door swung open, Sarah in all her naked glory staring at him.

"How much did you see?" She glared at him. "Enough. I'm suprised, I never thought you were bi." he smirked. Suddenly Sarah grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the room and swinging him onto the bed. "What're you doing?" he asked.

"Well, my vibe's batteries are dead and we both wanted to have some sort of male stimulation, so you're it Mike!" Sarah giggled as she held his hands down. Vicki handcuffed his wrists to the headboard, then swung her long black hair back, giving Mike an unobstructed view of her 40 D cup tits. Sarah had busied herself undoing Mike's pants, freeing his cock. "Oh my Mike. Someone's excited by all this." She grinned wickedly down at him. "No, sis..we can't..shouldn't." But Vicki put her fingers on his lips. "Sweetie, don't argue with her, she's a stubborn one."

Being naked below the waist finally, Sarah proceeded to lick his cock ever so slowly, drawing gasps from Mike. He was torn. He knew doing this with his sister was wrong, but his cock told him it was right. She had the silkiest tongue he'd ever felt, and when she absorbed his swollen head into her mouth, he knew no woman's mouth was hotter. Vicki had straddled his head and lowered herself onto his face. With no way to really protest, Mike started eating her out, flicking his tongue around her warm wet pussy and brushing it on her clit. Vicki moaned and threw herself down, helping Sarah lick and suck his cock. Vicki took his cock into her mouth, sucking it harder than Sarah had, while Sarah sucked his balls. All Mike could do was moan into Vicki's pussy and lick it while they had their way with him.

Suddenly, they both pulled their lips off his cock and Sarah put a ring around his cock. "I don't want you shooting in my while I'm fucking you, Mike. I don't want a baby from you." Mike moaned, looking pleadingly at her, like he needed to get off or he would burst. Sarah and Vicki were having none of it though, Sarah straddling him first and bouncing up and down along his hard shaft like there was no tomorrow. "Oooohhhh, yeessssss..he feeels so hard Vicki!!" she mewed. "I feel like I'm full of him!" Vicki grinned, watching her fuck her brother while she rubbed herself. Mike, never having seen a woman rub herself was turned on beyond belief. He moaned and begged Sarah again to let him cum. She leaned down and slapped him. "Shut up! No talking by you while I fuck you! Is that clear?" Mike nodded.

By then, Vicki was kissing her and asking for her turn. Sarah reluctantly got off him and let Vicki have a ride. She cried out, coming to orgasm over and over, soaking his cock with her sweet juices. Mike groaned and begged some more to have the cock ring off, being slapped each time he did.

After many orgasms between the two of them, Sarah and Vicki finally relented, taking the cock ring off. Mike smiled as he was uncuffed and said, "Ok, now who's going to get me off?"

The girls laughed at him, pushing him off the bed. "Go to your room and do it yourself!" Sarah said. "We're done with you."

Mike, unable to do anything else, did as they said. He went to his room and fiercely began beating his meat, focused on nothing else until he heard a camera click. He stared in horror as Sarah held up a polaroid. "For insurance," she said. "If you ever tell anyone what happened today, I'll show this to everyone and say it was simply a vivid fanasty of yours." Mike could find no words as his cock exploded, shooting cum all over his stomach. Sarah threw him a towel. "Now clean up after yourself."

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