When I first saw you watching me, you might have caught me off-guard. I was just back from the office party, you see, the Christmas extravaganza of booze, banter and...well...babes, I suppose. But apparently I wasn't a babe, because I came away without even a random fondle.

But I was certainly more than a little worse for the drink that night when I saw you across the street, following my every move. I came home in a taxi, feeling a little old and rejected - I was only just thirty-two, but since I was now divorced, I think everyone at the office viewed me as off-limits.

You didn't, though, did you? Even though we'd never even so much as met. I arrived at my bedside and kicked off my shoes, and you were there, watching. Of course I didn't realise for a while. Your house had lain empty since the fall, and I had seen no one looking around it. I had never seen you move in, had I? Where was the truck? Where were all the burly men shifting your furniture inside?

My curtains were open - that's how it all started. They were open, and because my head was spinning a little, I really couldn't be bothered to go to the effort of closing them. Besides, my attention had been drawn by my full-length mirror by then. How could I realise how close it was to the window, nor how large and low-to-the-floor the window was, in my state?

I saw myself in it, and the questions started rolling into my head. Was I too old, now? Was I getting lines around my eyes? Were my curves no longer appealing to the eye?

So I started imagining that I had someone there. That I had caught the attention of some mystery man who lived in my mirror. The funny thing was that I had caught the attention of a mystery man - but you lived across the street, not in my mirror.

I danced for you, the music in my head. I used to be a ballet dancer, you know, back in college and before. I pulled up my dress to reveal my lace-topped thigh-high hold-ups, I imagined your eyes transfixed on my sensuous movement. I smiled, loving the attention. I pushed the straps of my dress to the sides, over my shoulders, and it dropped to the floor.

I hope you were impressed: I went to Victoria's Secret that day especially for the party. Black silk snug against my curves, the g-string hiding the bare minimum. I ran my hands over my body, imagining your strong fingers brushing against my skin. My nipples were hard, pushing through the soft silk bra that created such mouth-watering cleavage - I'd turned heads at the party, even though I had apparently been off-limits.

I certainly turned your head, though, didn't I? With that tiny g-string perched between my buttocks. I found myself in a daze, stroking my mound through the soft sensual silk, saturating it with my moisture. I flicked the catch on my bra and allowed it to drop to the ground, freeing my succulent breasts. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I played with my cleavage, cupping, squeezing, questioning my shape, wishing for your hot mouth on my erect nipples.

And I saw you.

Or at least - I saw a glint of light from the corner of my eye. You couldn't have hidden forever, though, not with a clever girl like me living opposite. I would have scented you out of your hole sooner or later, especially with you being so damn attractive and all.

I felt strange at first. Even with the alcohol slumbering within my bloodstream, a naturally conservative shock took hold of me. I had to have a second look. There you were: the clear reflection from the lens of a telescope. You moved it slightly, so I knew you were there, knew you were watching. It was a cloudy night, so even had I known you were an astronomy professor, it was obvious you weren't looking at the sky.

I faced you - which is probably the stupidest thing if I wanted to maintain modesty - and clutched my breasts with my hands, hiding them. I was pretty drunk, though, so I didn't think to just leave or close the curtains or turn out the lights. I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad I wasn't afraid of you, that I stood there and sought you out, looking for you in your window.

You could have been a complete weirdo for all I knew, but somehow I knew you weren't. I hoped for the best, and you were there. The logical processes in my brain probably weren't on top form, but there you go. Sometimes you just have to live a little, let go. I figured - hey, you'd seen most of me already, and if you were still interested, I couldn't look too bad.

So my hands came away from my chest and I stepped toward the window. I had never been so turned on - my whole body was on fire. I touched myself for you - running my fingers over my soft breasts, fondling my nipples, pinching them and squeezing them as the feelings rippled through my body.

My fingers flowed down my stomach, flat as I'm sure you appreciate. And both hands were between my thighs, revelling in the heat, the wetness, that teasing, skimpy g-string. My digits squirmed their way around the hot, soaking silk, seeking out my immaculately shaven pussy. I loved the complete freedom of movement that my hairless mound gave me, my fingers gliding over my skin to easily access my pussy lips and the tiny hardened nub that dwelled just above. And my g-string left the scene, though I don't remember purposely removing it. I had never come standing up before, but I did that time. The first time in front of you. It was incredible, and you hadn't even lain a finger on me.

I had to sit down then, I really did. I suppose I must have drifted off to sleep. I dreamt of you, you had come round to finish me off. But you didn't - not that night.


I woke up in the morning and was glad it was Saturday, because I didn't feel too great. Actually it wasn't even the morning when I got up. It was Saturday afternoon, and the sun had already begun to set. After a quick shower, I felt a lot better. I stood under the hot water and remembered what happened the previous night.

Had I really done that? Had I stripped down to my stockings in front of a stranger I couldn't even see? Had I touched myself while some anonymous mystery person had watched?

But as I stood there, the hot water flowing over my curves, like your eyes did the night before, a strange feeling came over me. I wasn't even embarrassed, and I had masturbated in front of a complete stranger. I just smiled, and thought to myself hell, it's my house, I'll do what I want to inside.

Besides, I had enjoyed showing myself off to you, and where's the shame in that? When I eventually opened the front door, leaving to get some groceries for the weekend, I almost tripped over your gift. Did I like it? I loved it! All wrapped up in red paper and ribbons, like it was my birthday. But I didn't open it until I got home. It was just too enticing. I knew it was from you - who else would have left a mystery present, other than a mystery neighbour?

When I opened it, it was already dark outside. I rushed to my bedroom and set it up in the window. Just like yours. And, seemingly, I was just in time. There you were, a tall dark handsome stranger. I felt a twinge between my legs the first time I laid eyes on you. I watched you with my lights on - better than how you did the night before. Were you afraid? Afraid I might think you were creepy? I'd never think that - not when I needed you so much. You took a quick look in your own telescope, and I waved, feeling a little mischievous. You waved back, then blew me a kiss.

And then you danced for me, and you didn't face a mirror as those clothes came off one by one. As your shirt came off, I gave in to temptation, and my hands quietly ventured under my skirt. You have an incredible body, that first time seeing you like that - my panties were soaking before my fingers even touched them.

I imagined you weren't across the street, because that telescope you got me was so powerful it virtually put me inside your room. Your pants came off, leaving you in nothing but a small pair of red briefs that accentuated your muscular torso and squeezed your delectable package.

I came there and then when you started touching your body like I wanted you to touch mine. And when you released your Such a superb tower of grace - I felt a real craving for it to be within me, I had never felt such need before. My saturated panties were soon around my ankles, and as you began to touch yourself, perhaps imagining my hot sex encasing your powerful cock, I slowly inserted a couple of fingers into my juicy quim, imagining that it was your manhood stirring within me.

And that was the first time we ever came together, both watching each other through our scopes, me crying out as my body exploded and you silently sighing as your white, potent seed shooting out onto your washboard stomach. When your light went out, I followed suit, but the picture of you was still in my mind. Naked, muscular, thinking of me as you caressed your beautiful penis. It was an hour or so until I was able to go to sleep, exhausted after a string of orgasms.


Sunday morning. When I came home from mass, there was a small box on my doorstep. I knew it was from you instantly. It was, after all, hand delivered - didn't take a genius. I picked it up and walked inside my house, my heart was already beating quickly, my curiosity was so great. I knew it would be something hot.

And it was.

There was a little note with it, telling me to enjoy myself. I tore off my clothes there and then. I was already wet. And you know what? It fit inside me perfectly. It was so incredibly horny to know I had an exact replica of your cock inside me. You felt so amazing locked inside my wet vagina. A little cold, maybe, but then I somehow felt that one day, one day you'd let me feel your real one in there.

Hell, I'd never even used one of those before, I thought it a little sad, a little pathetic. But somehow, because it had been moulded on your hard cock, it was so sexy. I came there and then on my couch, great wracking orgasm flooding through my system.

And that night I gave you a real show, didn't I?

I teased you extra long, pulling down my panties to show off my naked form, but not down far enough to reveal my pussy. Just the top of my smooth mound. I turned around and wiggled my ass, then my panties were gone, and I felt like Marilyn Monroe, cheeky and sexy in front of you. I turned around but covered my pussy with my hands. Then one hand moved to pick up the replica of your cock. I used both hands to simulate oral sex with your cock. You might have been looking at my naked vagina, but I think you probably saw my lips on the end of your cock, my tongue swirling around its head. Your imagination, my imagination, tangoing together on overdrive.

I took as much of it into my mouth as possible, but it was really hard to stretch my lips that much. I loved your size, it was such an amazing promise for things to come between us.

Then I trailed it down my body, over my breasts to touch my stiff nipples, then down my stomach and over my mound to dance around my pussy. I perched myself on the edge of the bed and opened my legs so you could see the head of your cock slip in between my glistening labia to sink inside me.


Somewhere during the final throes of my third orgasm, there was a knock on my front door. I heard it, even over my extreme heavy breathing and racing blood flow. But then, I thought, you had to be pretty worked up after my show. You needed me pretty badly, and so you knocked on my door pretty damn hard. I answered the door in the nude, my hands and my thighs still sticky from my own juices. What if it hadn't been you? What if it had been some stranger, who by chance had had a blown tire and wanted to use my phone? Quite a shock, it would have been. But it wasn't a stranger.

And it wasn't what I was expecting. You weren't there. Nothing. Nobody around at all. I have to admit, I was very disappointed. My head dropped, just like my heart. Actually, I'm glad it did, because otherwise I might have just closed the door and gone back inside, without seeing the real purpose of your knocking.

An envelope, sitting dispassionately on the doorstep.

I picked it up, and already there was that jolt of excitement mixed with curiosity deep in my chest. What was it? It felt like Christmas morning, I was so excited! Wanting to string out this wonderful feeling of promise you had given me, I waited until I got upstairs to open the plain white envelope. I sat down in front of you, and tore open the envelope. Inside was nothing except a key. It was a front door key, I was fairly certain. Your key? There was a label tied round the key, and all it read was: 'midnight, don't be late'.

My heart flicked into top gear, and I felt a tingle down between my legs at the thought of what would become of me when that clock struck twelve. It was only ten o'clock: I had two hours. For the first time since I found out you were there, I closed my curtains. I was going to use those two hours to take a long shower and make myself as beautiful as I could for you.

I have to admit I came twice in the shower on the anticipation alone. That aside, I made full use of the time you'd given me, I made sure I was clean as clean could be, freshly shaven and dressed in sexy clothes. Even so, those last few minutes until twelve were an agonising wait.

But at last, the appointed time was at hand. I put on only a dress over my underwear, and it was cold when I went outside. If that key didn't fit your door, it was going to be a cold waste of time. But it fit beautifully, just like your cock in my pussy, gliding in to fill me with excitement.

I opened the door and stepped inside, where darkness was total.

"Hello?" I said, warily.

Your voice was deep and very masculine. It seemed to set me at ease almost immediately. "Do you want me?"

I answered you with a trembling whisper, "oh, yes..."

"Take off your dress," you said, and my heart thumped like never before. I pulled the dress up over my head and listened for your next command. You breathed in my ear, "I love your outfit."

"You can see me?" I replied.

"I'm used to the darkness," you explained. "I spend my working life looking up at the night sky - darkness means better viewing. And there's no better viewing than what I've seen of you."

I felt your hands on my shoulders, moving slowly down my back, caressing my behind gently. You pulled at my teddy, sliding it down my body and off to a pile on the floor. My stockings went, one by one, and I was standing completely exposed to you, the cool air swirling around my body. What were you going to do to me? You took me and gently led me a few yards through the house. Then you turned me and asked me to sit. Then you instructed me to take your pants off. My eyes were growing used to the darkness now, and I easily found your belt, and eagerly unfastened it. You pants slid down to your ankles along with your shorts. And there was your beautiful cock, which I knew well physically, but now had the chance to touch the real version.

You leaned closer to me, and quietly asked me to take you into my mouth. With no hesitation I grasped your erect penis in my hand, ran my fingers down the smooth, silky, skin of your shaft. I felt the blood flow pulse under my touch. Pre-cum was already glistening on the tip. I leaned forward and tentatively licked you, you moaned. Encircling you with my lips, I worked my way down your erection, exploring it with my tongue. Your hand was on my head, directing yourself further into my mouth. I inched down and took you as fully as I could. I moved up and down your stiff cock, accelerating with each stroke. My hand went down to cup and then softly fondle your balls.

You groaned, bucking your hips forward and forcing me to take you even deeper. My tongue explored your powerful muscle, but you pulled away and I knew you were about to come.

I was hot and wet for you, realising that I had begun to move my hips in anticipation for what would happen next. You pushed me back onto the bed, reached behind me and pulled out a long black silky blindfold. Getting more excited then, I reach to touch myself as you tied it snugly over my eyes. My sight had been returning, and you had realised it would, and still wanted to remain in the dark. It was wonderful how my other senses came alive when you deprived me of my sight.

I waited for your next move. You urged me back onto my feet and then led me along, up some stairs and then a little further.

"Trust me," you whispered into my ear, then pushed me backwards. I felt frightened for a moment, losing my balance so suddenly. For a split second, you could have been throwing me down the stairs - but then the bed was there, and my trust in you complete.

You straddled my chest, pinning me with your weight. I felt your hot cock between my breasts, my nipples brushing your thighs, but could not reach around to touch your cute butt. I felt soft velvet encircling first one wrist and then the next, the pressure then tightening and my arms were drawn up towards the top of the bed.

I couldn't move my arms more than a few inches. You inched down my body and at last, I felt the soft touch of your lips on mine. I arched my back to stretch and meet your lips with the full force of my desire. At first, you pulled away, teasing me, but then the pressure of your body lessened and I felt you inching even further down.

My head was filled with questions at that point, I ached to see yet I was so incredibly aroused in this darkness. What were you doing? What were you going to do?

Your hand slid up my leg, and you whispered into my ear, "Do you want me to touch you?"

I replied, "oh yes, oh please..."

Your thumb brushed my clit causing intense surprise and pleasure to light up my pussy. I felt those amazingly dexterous fingers of yours seeking out my wetness, burying them into my vagina to seek out every magnificent contact possible inside me, making me squirm under your touch. I was already so close to orgasm. I had felt the heat build faster and faster as your magical digits found my g-spot.

"Are you going to come for me?" you asked me, your breath soft on my ear.

"Yes," I nearly screamed, "oh yes..."

"I want you to come for me," you said, "I want you to come for me in my mouth."

You leaned closer to me and a sudden outrageous heat engulfed my clitoris and swept over my pussy as you tasted my nectar for the first time. I almost exploded as you worked me with your tongue and fingers. I arched my back, straining against the cuffs that held me back while tingling sensations ran throughout my stomach and down my thighs.

A wave of pleasure flooded through me and before I knew what was happening, you entered me, plunging deeply into my wet and sensitive pussy. I felt every inch as you slid deeper into me, and I groaned as you kissed me heavily on the lips and continued to thrust into me.

I struggled with my restraints, wanting to pull you into me even deeper, aching to feel your back and your behind as you pushed into me. You must have sensed my silent plea for freedom because you stopped and released me from my cuffs, I pulled at the blindfold, letting it drop to the bed side.

A feeling of power came over me then, I wanted to take you, ride you. I pushed you off me and onto the bed and sat across your groin facing away from you.

Feeling Your erect cock between my legs, I slowly rubbed it across my swollen clit. I guided you into the soft folds of my labia and took you into my body completely. Slowly, enjoying every inch of you and your hands reaching around to touch my clitoris as I rose and fell on you, we moved as one.

Your other hand reached for my breast, squeezing my nipple between your thumb and forefinger. Pleasure raced through my body and the intensity of the moment pushed me to a climax quickly. I came once again, powerfully. My muscles clenched down on you and I heard you moan even louder.

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