Marco walked into the old hotel room oblivious to the antique furniture and fine paintings on the wall. He casually tossed his bag on the bed, moved past the flat screen TV and made his way to the window next to a fine roll top desk. He quietly turned the latch and opened the window, feeling the cool breeze outside. Looking at the building across the street he studied the windows along the penthouse level. Happy with the particular view he had, he walked back into the room and opened his bag, pulling out a tripod. Setting the tripod up next to the window, he pulled a chair over, sat down and adjusted the height of the tripod as he glanced through his telescope.

Moving over to another chair near the window, Marco pulled out a newspaper and leafed through it, glancing over at the building from time to time. As it got darker outside, he turned on the lamp near his chair and continued reading. After about thirty minutes or so he noticed a light go on across the way and as he watched he saw another light go on. He turned off his reading light and moved over to his chair and looked through the telescope. Seeing some movement inside the bedroom, he zoomed in with his telescope and caught a glimpse of a man, and then a woman.

He glanced down at his watch and then turned to his desk, opened a small notebook and jotted down some notes. Looking back through his telescope he noticed the woman was on the bed. Focusing he could see she was naked and he knew he was in for a treat. After a few moments she turned to her side, said something and then rolled onto her back. Adjusting the pillows she leaned back on them and then opened her legs, giving Marco an excellent opportunity to zoom in.

The woman had long dark hair that she arranged down and around her breasts, partially covering them. He could see one dark nipple peeking between the strands, but then turned his attention downward, looking at the dense patch of pubic hair and then the tight slit Marco hoped to see in action soon. Oh yes, his hotel room was expensive, but he could already tell it was going to be worth every penny.

A naked man moved into view and as the man began kissing the woman, first on her lips and then down on her breasts, Marco could see he recognized the man. He always wanted to see how the rich and famous fucked, this was his chance. Making sure everything was in focus he followed the man as he moved his head down from the woman's breasts, kissing down her stomach, though the patch of hair and down to her slit.

Zooming in closer, Marco watched as the man plunged his tongue into her pussy, but then the man changed positions so all he could see was the back of the man's head. Disappointed he moved back up the woman's body, spotting her breasts, the soft mounds flattened on her chest highlighted by the dark areola and firm nipples. He then moved up slightly focusing his attention on her face.

It was a new way of looking at sex for Marco, simply watching the changes in the woman's expression. Initially he saw her almost giggling, acting a bit silly, but as the man's head remained between her legs, she continued to smile, but wasn't laughing, instead simply taking in the pleasure. Soon he could see her teeth gently bite her lip as her face seemed to tense, her smile flattening as if she were intensely concentrating on something. Pushing her head back in the pillow, she closed her eyes as her whole body seemed to tense up and then just as quickly release. She suddenly smiled with her mouth open breathing deeply, her eyes slowly opening, gazing devotedly down at the man who brought her such pleasure.

Marco then saw the woman say something and reach down, pulling her lover up above her. He was kneeling between her legs and Marco could see as the woman took his hard cock and guided into her glistening pussy. He now had a choice of views, the one of the man's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, his balls bouncing against her ass, or the view of her face as once again it changed as the two bodies moved together.

Unable to see the man's face Marco wondered if he could tell when the man came, but soon, just by the movements he knew he could pretty much tell as the man got closer and closer to orgasm. Glancing at the woman's face Marco could tell she was close too, so he focused on her and watched her expression change to the concentrating look and then the release of pleasure washed over her.

Moving his attention back to the man he could see his ass and thigh muscles tighten and then he arched his back shoving his cock hard into the woman. Yes, Marco knew he was coming, spurting his hot jism into the beautiful woman. He paused a moment looking at the couple locked in ecstasy, then he focused the scope on the back of the man's head, moved his finger over the trigger and slowly squeezed.

Marco immediately closed his window, wiped it down with a rag and then closed the curtains. He disassembled his gun, quickly packing it in his back and then he wiped down any surfaces he might have come into contact with. He quickly slipped out of his room, rode the elevator down to the ground floor and walked out of the hotel. He walked down the street for about a block then hailed a cab and slipped inside.

Only when the car was moving quickly through the traffic did Marco relax a bit. He closed his eyes and replayed the facial expressions on the woman's face as his target kissed and licked her pussy and the way she looked as the man made her come again as they fucked. He could only imagine the look on her face after he pulled the trigger, but Marco quickly wiped that image from his mind, savoring instead the way she smiled when she came. That was one of the little things he so enjoyed about his job.

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