tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatchers in the Woods

Watchers in the Woods


"Well, what do you think Kathy? Brad asked in his sweet, persuasive voice, "Do you mind if they come along with us? I mean, if you really mind..."

We were sitting in his parent's hot tub. Brad was looking into my eyes with his impish little grin. He had been my boyfriend in high school for the last half of our senior year until he had left for college. We had gone to the prom together and, generally speaking we had a good time together. We enjoyed each others company, all things considered Brad was fairly attentive, and the sex was good. Brad had left for school and I had stayed home; I had a job I was currently working that was keeping me local. I had visited him at school twice but the letters had become more infrequent and we had drifted apart.

When Brad had come home at the end of his first year, he had called me and we had started seeing each other again. That had been three weeks ago. We hadn't exactly picked up from where we had left off, instead we were only seeing each other two or three nights a week and there were no promises. Today I believe we would be described as "friends with benefits." As far as I was concerned the benefits were substantial; it was nice to be with someone who was considerate. That wasn't always the case in my experiences to that point.

Brad and I were planning a trip to St. James Village which was near where we lived. It was a quaint collection of stores that was surrounded by woods and an old quarry. A stream ran behind the stores and there were huge rocks in the stream that people would go and climb on. I was first there as a young child and people of all ages would come to spend time on the rocks or picnic. Others, like Brad and me, would climb on the rocks and then disappear into the woods to have some nice quiet outdoor sex. There were miles of trails through the woods and plenty of places to pull over, so to speak. Some of the spots appeared to be generational from the carvings in the tree bark. I loved St. James; it was bucolic and it was fun.

"Why do you want them to come with us? They'll ruin the atmosphere. I mean, it'll be fun when we're all climbing on the rocks, but what about later? Don't you want to play?"

"I told you Kathy, they want to watch us. You know they think you're hot, I've told you what they've said. Besides, we've all been skinny-dipping up at Carter Lake before." He smiled hugely and said, "What's the difference?"

I laughed, "There's no difference, they're just going to watch me fuck you. No difference at all."

"That's my girl!"

"I was being facetious, asshole! I exclaimed, "I see a big difference. You want them to see you tooling around with a hard-on?"

"I hadn't thought that through." he answered thoughtfully. "You know Kath, thinking about it, it gets me a little excited. I think I might really enjoy having them watch me fuck you."

"Watching you fuck me or watching us fuck?" I asked, "there is a huge difference to me."

"Okay, okay, you're right. Watching us fuck. I'm sorry. Poorly phrased."

He actually sounded apologetic, I knew he wasn't and I knew he meant exactly what he said; however, he did sound apologetic.

The whole thing didn't really bother me per se, I had been naked with the three of them previously and no one had ever said anything. I never heard a word from anyone about it. So I felt pretty sure they could keep their mouths shut. The two guys we were talking about were Nick and Johnny. Both of them had been in school with us and though they were obviously Brad's friends, they had also become mine. I felt as if I could trust their discretion. I also liked the fact that Brad had come to me with this and that he hadn't just taken me up to the village and had Nick and Johnny pop out of the woods when we were intertwined. It showed me a little class; very little, but what the hell, it's better than none.

"Just exactly what are you, Nick and Johnny looking for from me, Brad?" I asked resignedly.

Brad's excitement level immediately shot up, I could see it in his face.

"They just want to watch...us," he said excitedly, "maybe you can put on a little show for the three of us, but then they just want to watch. We're bringing some beer and pot, we'll have a good time."

I know we all had been skinny-dipping and I had no problem with that and actually had enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. This time however, I was having misgivings. The part about having sex with Brad in front of them not to mention the "put on a little show for the three of us" was problematic for me.

"Please Kathy, it'll be good. I promise."

"I'm sure it will be good for you and probably good for them. I'm concerned that it might end up to good for them and not very good for me at all."

"Come on Kathy, you know you can trust me, and you can trust Nick and Johnny. Hell, we've been friends for years. We've already been naked together and nothing ever happened, no one ever 'talked.' If you really don't want to then we won't. It's totally your decision. But I really wish you would. I think we would all have a lot of fun. Please consider it."

"Jesus, he's begging now," I said to myself.

"Okay Brad," I agreed reluctantly. "I'll think about it. You're right, it could be fun, for everyone. I did like being the only girl at the lake, but if I say yes, it's just Nick and Johnny, I don't want any surprises. Tell those two you got a definite maybe, but I need to talk to them first, and they are going to need to keep their dicks in their pants! This is not going to be a free-for-all!"

"Yeah, they'll be good." He reached out, caressed my breast and gave me a long, deep kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth. I drew him in deep, with just the lightest hint of nibbling on his tongue. He moaned and whispered huskily, "I'm going to love showing you off. You're so damn hot."

"I said I would think about it."

"I know baby, I know."

I reached for his dick and found him ready to go. I threw my leg over his, facing him and guided his throbbing erection into my moist pussy. It was a little rough going in being in the hot tub and all but once he was home I ground down on him. I was holding onto the sides of the tub, steadying myself from the waist up while I ground down on his dick, getting as much of him inside of me as I could.

He bent his head down and went to work on my nipples. Sucking and gently biting, moving back and forth, from one to the other. I threw my head back and focused all of my attention on the sensation in my pussy; the sensation of his hardness deep inside me and the sensation of my clit rubbing and pressing against his flesh.

I have sex fairly frequently; however, the times I enjoy it are rather infrequent. I was enjoying this. I was with the right guy, a guy I wanted to be with, at the right time and under the right circumstances. If Brad would only stay with me just a little bit longer I would cum.

"Let me ride you baby. Take your time, just let me ride you."

"Yeah Kath, yeah. Come on, fuck me. Come on. You can catch it."

Brad sounded like he was doing everything he could to hold out for me.

"Yeah Brad, that's it. I'm almost there, Brad. Suck my tits Brad! That's it, baby, that's it. I'm almost there. Almost there..."

"Yes. Yes. I'm cumming. Now, Brad. Cum now!" I shouted into the night air.

"Ahhhhhh!" Brad exploded.

I could feel his hot cum gushing deep into my vagina at the same time I was contracting around his rock hard cock. Every time his dick would spasm my vagina would contract. There was a battle going on in my vagina and it felt fantastic.

I hugged him and we shared a huge anti-climatic kiss. We were wrapped up in each other enjoying the moment. I was squeezing my vagina as tight as I could and I could tell he was appreciative. As his dick slowly lost its engorgement I was trying to squeeze out all of the cum that may be left in there. Those Kegel exercises were paying off.

"God Kathy, that felt so good, that feels so good. Just keep squeezing. Damn, you are so tight."

"You made me feel great Brad. I'm all tingly from the inside out. Thank you. Thank you for holding out and waiting for me."

"When I can Kath, you know I hold out when I can."

I lifted off of him and sat back down. I wasn't sure I could stand up, sometimes when I cum really good my legs get jelly-like and it takes a few minutes to get them under me. This was one of those times.

I had my legs sticking out in front of me and my nipples were just breaking the surface of the water. Brad was idly playing with my nipples. Making first one and then the other as erect as he could; he was making me laugh.

"You having fun? I asked.

"I am. I always have fun with you," he replied.

I smiled. I enjoy being with Brad. I hope this little adventure he has planned with Nick and Johnny doesn't ruin what we have. I knew I was going to do what he wanted. I had to. I wanted to make him happy.

Brad had called me two nights later and we had set a date for the following Sunday. So here I was, a beautiful Sunday afternoon at 1:00 in the parking lot of my apartment complex waiting for my ride. He had told me he would be picking up Nick and Johnny first and I was expecting them any time. I was wearing my cut-offs and my Woodstock tee shirt. You know the one, the bird is sitting on the guitar neck and the hand is fingering the strings - '3 Days of Peace and Music' -- yeah, that one. Plus I had my climbing sneakers; you had to have a pair of climbing sneakers if you were going to St. James. I also brought a towel in case we decided to go swimming. Based on the day's arrangements I had discussed with Brad I figured a bathing suit would be extraneous.

Just then Brad pulled up with the boys; Nick jumped out of the front helped me in and then jumped into the back next to Johnny.

"Hi guys," I said as leaned over and gave Brad a quick kiss. "Everybody ready for the day?" I threw the question out to the car.

"Oh yeah babe," responded Brad, "that's all these two have been talking about since I picked them up."

I turned and looked at them with a bit of a scolding look on my face, "Is that so?"

They looked a little sheepish and then I grinned.

Nick said, "We really appreciate this Kathy! Today is going to be fantastic."

"Goes for me too," Johnny chimed in, "and we brought beer, some eats and a bit of weed."

"Excellent," I said. "Basic nutrition for growing bodies; looks like we're ready for the rocks!"

Everybody laughed and fell into a discussion of what stores we wanted to hit in the village before we headed for the rocks and what was everyone's favorite spot once we were on the trails.

The village was fairly crowded, it usually is on a summer Sunday but even more so on a spectacular day such as we were having. I felt like I had a cordon of agents around me. Whether it was the arcade, or on the sidewalk, the ice cream parlor, the confectionary shop, anywhere I moved, I had three guys around me. Brad had my hand most of the time and the other two moved with us, usually one in front and one behind. I felt protected, they were probably just marking their territory, but it was kind of cute just the same and I did feel protected. You can't always say that when you are less than large and in crowds of people.

We tired of the stores and made our way back up to the parking lot and the walking bridge that led over the stream to the woods side and the other hundreds of acres or whatever it is. I just know it seems like you can walk for miles in those woods. We immediately worked our way to the middle of the stream going from rock to rock.

The stream runs pretty fast at this point and there is a lot of fall. It hadn't rained for awhile but after a good rain it was actually dangerous out on the rocks; people had drowned here before. You have to me very careful of wet rocks and especially moss. Plant a foot wrong and it is easy to slip. Slip and fall and it is very easy to hit your head. The guys were like mountain goats on the rocks and were scampering all over. They were also kind; there was always a hand available to assist me up, down and over the rocks.

We worked our way down about a quarter of a mile to a spot where the water pools. There were several people swimming and we hung out there for awhile.

Eventually Brad said, "You guys ready to head back up to the car, get our stuff, and go find a nice spot in the woods?"

We all said we were ready to move on and we left the pool and walked back up to the bridge along a path that ran alongside the stream. Brad and Johnny stayed on the bridge and Nick and I walked over to the car where Nick grabbed the cooler and I got my towel.

Nick looked at me and said, "Are you really good with this Kathy?"

"Yeah Nick, I'm good. I'm good as long as you and Johnny can just watch and not try to partake. Can you just watch, Nick?"

Nick smiled, "Yeah, I can just watch, it'll be hard though."

I turned and started walking back, "Yeah, that's what concerns me; when it's hard."

We walked back to the bridge and the four of us set off into the woods. It was a beautiful day, quite warm actually but it was cool in the shade of the overhead canopy. There were several hikers on the trails but it wasn't long until encounters with them became further and further apart.

There were still huge rocks, outcrops all over. I'm not sure how they got there but it almost looks as if they were pushed to this spot by a glacier and that St. James is actually a terminal moraine. Their presence, scattered about on the surface as they were, must have had something to do with the old quarry. Some looked as if they were immense pieces of slate or flagstones. A few of them were titled at angles; some angles less steep than others, and you could climb their smooth surfaces to the top of them. The other side would be a sheer drop of anywhere from ten to thirty feet. That's what I was looking for, a big slab of slate tilted at a nice angle. Brad and I had been here before, you could have some fun on one of those.

The places I had been before were behind us now. We had to keep going deeper into the woods due to the number of people out here today. Eventually we walked fifteen or so minutes without hearing any evidence of anyone else tramping around. We started seriously looking for that perfect spot.

Johnny scampered up one of the rock walls that were so common in the area and came upon an upper trail. He called down that he had found something promising and we decided to go up the wall to join him. Nick climbed up with the cooler, followed by me and then Brad.

Once we reached the top and turned around you could see the whole stream valley. We were too far to actually see the buildings in the village, but what we could see was beautiful. Every once in awhile we could see hikers on the trails far below and after watching for several minutes it didn't seem anyone was near us or heading in our direction.

St. James is the type of place that just as soon as you have the thought that maybe you're somewhere no one has ever been before you come across a tree that has names, dates and 'Billy loves Mary' carved into it. That's exactly how I felt as we followed the path away from the edge and suddenly it opened up into a small glen.

It was beautiful; a small, circular grassy spot right at the end of the trail. There were signs others had been there, not trash or anything like that, but there were carvings in some of the trees and several large rocks around the edge that had names painted on them. It was idyllic.

"Wow, said Brad, "this is perfect. It's beautiful in here!"

"It sure is," I agreed.

We quickly popped some beers and began making the sort of small talk you make when everyone is nervous about what may happen next. I motioned for Brad to go sit on the ground in front of a large slab of slate that was tilting up at about a forty-five degree angle. When he got comfortable I sat down between his legs. Nick brought the cooler over and sat down on our left and Johnny sat to our right.

"You two going to sit right on top of us," laughed Brad.

"We want to be able to see," said Johnny.

I laughed and said, "Just what are you expecting?"

Nick came back with, "I'm not sure what going to happen, but I know I want a real good view of whatever it is!"

Brad started kissing me on my right ear, lightly running his tongue under the outside of my ear and nibbling on my lobe. He knows I love this and find it a huge turn-on and I started to giggle.

"She really likes that, doesn't she Brad?" Johnny's voice sounded strained to me already.

"If he's like this now he's going to go nuts later," I thought to myself.

"I do like it Johnny, don't you?" I turned and was looking at Johnny.

He blushed and said, "I guess I would."

"You guess you would?" I turned to Nick, "What about you Nick, do you like your ear licked and nibbled?"

"Of course," he replied hesitantly.

"Nick, have you ever had your ear licked and nibbled? By a girl I mean," I added smiling.

"Not exactly."

"Brad...why am I here? Are these two virgins? Is this an educational field trip? Should I have put labels on my parts?"

"No baby, they just wanted to watch. I wanted to brag about you, show you off. It'll be a huge turn-on."

"That's not the question. Have the two of you ever been with a girl fully naked and had sex?"

Both of them shook their heads.

"Jesus!" I got up, put my empty in the trash bag and got another beer and walked over to the other side of the glade. I was thinking about what I was going to do, whether or not I would be going through with this, I could feel three pairs of eyes on me.

I sighed and went back over and sat down between Brad's legs. "Okay, I'm game. Let's have a good time. We have some pot?"

We got a joint fired up and passed it around. I started feeling pretty good and I was grinding my ass down on Brad's crotch. He reciprocated by slipping his left hand up under my shirt and start squeezing my breast and alternately rolling my nipple between his fingers. It felt so good. I stretched both of my arms over my head and grasped Brad by the back of his neck. He put his beer down and slipped his other hand under my shirt.

"Ohhh! That feels so good Brad. Pinch my nipples just a little harder...yeah, just like that. Ummm, that feels good."

I was squirming just a bit under his touch. My shirt had ridden up with his hands and my whole stomach was exposed to the base of my breasts but with his hands there I doubt Nick or Johnny could see anything.

I stood up and slipped my shorts off and put them over by the cooler; I was wearing a pair of lavender panties. I said, "Nick, why don't you fire another one up?"

Nick quickly got the next one going and I sat back down on Brad, this time facing him. We started kissing and stopped only to partake and then pass the joint. I worked Brad's shirt up and over his head pulling it off and tossing it over with my shorts. I slid down on him a bit and began sucking and nibbling on his nipples. I could feel Nick and Johnny watching; I could hear them breathing. I started to get really turned on.

"Brad was right, this might be a lot of fun," I thought to myself.

I sat back up on Brad, whisked my shirt up over my head and off, throwing it into the now growing pile of clothes. I pulled his head forward and onto my breast. He started sucking and nibbling on me.

"Easy on the teeth, baby, go easy," I whispered to him.

Nick and Johnny had moved into to get a good view. I whispered to Brad, "Okay if I show the boys?"

Brad just smiled back at me, a very big smile. I sat back, stretched my arms up over my head and arched my back. My right nipple, the one he had been working on was quite hard; my left started to catch up with it as excitement coursed through my body and the boys stared at my breasts.

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