He wasn't very happy when he discovered his parents were interviewing for an au pair. He was 18, and more than capable of sorting his own meals etc out if mum and dad were away. Why couldn't they just take his screeching baby sister away with them instead of leaving them here with a stranger?

It disgusted him that his parents had another child so late in life anyway. The thought of how he'd ended up with a baby sister at his age made him sick to the stomach, and now them hiring someone else to look after her just made matters worse. If they couldn't look after her themselves, they should have been more careful in the first place.

His bad mood worsened as the week went on, and by the time Friday came he was in a silent rage. He planned to go home, eat with the folks and then hide in his bedroom until school time on Monday. He was a bit of a loner anyway, so he doubted anyone would miss him much.

He was surprised to see a new face at the dinner table that night. Nobody had bothered to tell him she'd been selected already, much less that she was moving in so soon!! Granted, there was enough room for another four or five people in his family home, but that didn't mean he'd welcome anyone else there. He scowled and grunted his way through the meal, rudely ignoring her polite attempts at conversation, until his mother scolded him for his lack of manners and he stomped off up to his room.

It was only when he got there and laid on his bed that he allowed himself to admit that she was actually quite pretty. Her hair was what had struck him first of all, the shiniest auburn hair he'd ever seen. She'd been smiling and looking him in the eye when trying to engage him in conversation, and even his bad mood hadn't stopped him noticing her blue eyes and how they sparkled when she laughed. But what had had the biggest effect on him, was her chest. Rising and falling, bouncing when she laughed, her cleavage deepening as she reached across the table for salt... He switched on his music and tried to drown out the thoughts of what she was hiding under that top of hers.

The following Monday he came home from school to discover that his parents had gone away, leaving him in the care of Angela. He sat in sullen silence eating the meal she'd prepared for him, resolutely refusing to look at her, knowing she'd be trying to win him over with her incessant chatter and her beautiful body. After his meal he mumbled something about having homework to do, and once again locked himself in his bedroom.

Several hours later, long after his studying was done, he turned down his music and realised he could hear voices downstairs. Angela's laughter rang out, followed by a deeper voice that definitely didn't belong to anyone he knew. He crept out of his bedroom and along the hallway, glancing into his sister's bedroom to see her fast asleep in her cot. He snuck down the stairs, avoiding the creaky step, and found the living room door almost closed. Still moving silently, he put his eye to the crack in the door and was amazed to see Angela sitting on the sofa between two men!

They were all chatting and she was giggling and obviously flirting with them, her legs crossed so that the flimsy fabric of her skirt had ridden up to reveal almost all of her right thigh. He tried to ignore the stirring in his trousers as he watched one of the men touch her leg, and after a few seconds he realised she wasn't going to tell him off. The man's hand inched higher, and he suddenly realised that she was kissing the other man! The first man's hand was underneath her skirt now, she'd uncrossed her legs to allow him access to her knickers, and she was kissing the other man passionately now.

He turned and went back upstairs, as quietly as he could, his face red with rage and his cock hard in his pants. He laid on his bed, breathing hard and listening to his blood rush through his veins as his heart raced. How dare she?! His parents had trusted her with the care of his baby sister, and there she was, entertaining in their absence. And not only that, but she had TWO men there!! He tried not to imagine what was going on down there, but when he fell asleep later, he'd wanked himself off three times with visions of the beautiful Angela and her heaving bosom in his minds eye.

A few days later, he'd gone downstairs to get himself a drink when once again he heard voices from the living room. This time he peeped through the serving hatch and found he had a much better view from there. Angela was on the sofa with another man, just one this time, and not one of the men that had been here the previous Monday. The man was laid on the sofa, and Angela was half lying, half kneeling above him. The boy had a perfect view of her from behind, but as the living room wasn't overlooked and the curtains were open, he could also see her reflection in the window. Her blouse was unbuttoned and the man had her breasts in his hands, sucking on her nipples. Angela was obviously enjoying it, her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, and from his vantage point, the boy could see her grinding herself against the man's crotch.

The boy almost came in his pants when the man lifted Angela's skirt, she was wearing black sheer stockings, but now, with her skirt up, the boy realised they were more like tights with the crotch missing. She wasn't wearing any knickers, and he could see how wet she was, her juices shining in the light. She didn't have any pubic hair, and the boy could see every detail of her from where he was standing. When Angela sat back to unfasten the man's trousers, the boy had to stop touching himself. He watched in fascination as she pulled them down and the boy couldn't believe his eyes when he looked at the reflection in the window. The man's cock was enormous! He guessed it must be about 9 or 10 inches, and was very thick and standing straight up! The boy stopped breathing when Angela sat astride the man, slowly inching herself down onto the man's huge cock. A few seconds later, the boy had to remind himself to breathe again, and he watched, fascinated as Angela moved up and down on the monster cock. She hadn't removed her tights, and the man was holding her skirt up. The boy could see the huge cock getting wetter with every time she slid almost off it, and then right back down until it was buried deep inside her. Most tortuous of all though were the noises coming from Angela herself.

She was making a breathy, groaning noise, each time she moved upwards on his cock, and then a louder moan of pleasure every time she lowered herself back onto it. She was starting to move faster now, and suddenly the man gripped her hips and started thrusting upwards, pushing hard into her. The boy saw the man's balls swell, and then saw the pulsing start in the base of his cock as he obviously filled her with his cum. The boy wasn't even touching himself when he came watching that. He scurried up to his room, suddenly aware of how long he'd been standing there watching, and terrified he'd be caught.

For the next few weeks, the boy mostly stayed in his room, avoiding the beautiful Angela, trying not to look at her wonderful cleavage when they were in the same room, but his mind was constantly filled with thoughts of her. Her beautiful wet pussy, the fabulously erotic sounds that came from her when she was being used by these men, the size of her nipples as they were sucked and licked, the shine of her hair as she threw her head back in passion.

The boy tried very hard over the next few weeks not to spy on her, but sometimes the compulsion was just too much. He saw her with lots of different men, sometimes just one, sometimes two or three, but never the same man more than once. He thought about her all the time, and when she had a week off, he came up with a plan.

He crept into her room, heart racing, terrified of being caught by either of his parents. Creeping over to the chest of drawers on the far wall, he could feel beads of sweat running down his back, and could hear his ragged breathing as he tried to keep himself calm. Opening the top drawer, he was pleased to find her underwear. Little silky, lacy knickers, thongs, g strings, all in bright colours, all so soft... Knowing they'd been next to that gorgeous pussy made him hard, and he couldn't help but lift a pair to his nose. Of course they smelt of washing powder, but that gave him another idea. In the next drawer he found her bras. Another rainbow display of bright colours, some padded, some sheer, some with pretty embroidered detail. He checked the label on a pink one and his eyes almost popped out of his head. 34F! He'd realised they were big, but F cups! His cock hardened again and he couldn't help himself. He reached down and started to wank himself with the matching pink panties he'd kept from the drawer. He loved the feeling of the silk against his skin, and within seconds he came, shooting spunk all over them. He turned around to look for her laundry basket and spotted it in the corner. Shoving the soiled pink knickers to the bottom, he searched until he found another pair. Jade green, and he could see that they were stained with cum. Filthy whore, she must have put them back on after one of those studs had fucked her and filled her with his seed. He shoved them into his pocket and carried on with his silent mission.

Removing all of his clothes, the boy realised he was hard again. He felt as though he was never soft these days. Thoughts of her invaded his head all the time, those breasts, her twinkling eyes and smile, her pussy lips, stretching to accommodate yet another huge cock. He turned back the sheets on her bed and got in, pressing his face into the pillow and breathing in the scent of her. He resisted the temptation to wank again, he didn't want to leave evidence of his presence there and he knew that the moment he touched himself he'd shoot yet more cum. He laid there for a few hours, drifting in and out of sleep and dreaming that she was beside him, telling him she loved him and wanted him, but knowing the second he awoke that would never happen. It was just before daylight when he crept back into his own bed.

The next 4 nights, he followed the same ritual. Wanking into her panties, lying in her bed and sleeping fitfully whilst dreaming of her. Always the same theme, always knowing when he woke that it was just a dream, and one that would never come true. The next night he looked in the bottom drawer. He couldn't believe his luck when he found the packet, hidden underneath a jumper. He sat on the floor and opened it, hoping that he was right about what was inside.

As he pulled out the pictures, he realised that what was in them was more than he could have ever hoped for. Photograph after photograph of her, in various states of undress, her perfect breasts, her beautiful backside, those legs, slim and pretty, covered in those crotchless tights she wore so often. Her feet in high heels, perfect little toes with the painted nails... how he longed to kiss those feet, breathe in the scent of her, work his way up those legs to the heaven that lay between them. At the back of the pack of photos were some of her with four men. Three black men, skin like shining ebony, muscles defined, and their cocks! Huge monstrosities that he couldn't begin to imagine were it not for the evidence before him. Her pretty white mouth stretched around one of them while another filled her from behind, a third waiting to take its place when the time came, and a white man wanking by her head. The next picture, her mouth around the white cock, face covered in cum -- probably from the first black guy -- four black hands on her backside as a black cock pounded her pussy.

There were more, but the last one was what sent him over the edge. She was lying on her back, her legs being pulled apart by black hands, her pussy lips held open by more black hands, and a stream of white cream pouring out of her. Almost before he realised what he was doing, the boy lifted the picture and licked it, imagining he was licking the real thing, almost tasting the spunk mixed with her sweet juices, knowing that one day, he had to taste that for himself...

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