"I've always wanted to see a guy jack-off," Amanda said with a blush.

Devin pinked in the cheeks a little too at the revelation. He had not really expected to be overly surprised by Amanda's answer when he asked "What is something you have secretly wanted to do?" during their back and forth question game. She had always seemed like a pretty tame girl.

For her own part, Amanda was more than a little shocked with her own revelation. She had just blurted out something that she had never shared with anyone before. Now it was out in the open, to a guy at that!

Maybe that was not an entirely fair assessment. She had known Devin since junior high and now here they were mid way through college. He was closer to her than most of her gal pals. In fact, they were as close as a man and woman tended to get without becoming a couple.

"Wow, never picked you for a voyeur," he said after the shock faded. He grinned a little, figuring this would be something to tease her about for a while.

"Yea, me neither," she responded. She was making it a point to look anywhere other than his eyes. Well, that and his crotch. She finally added, "I've just always been really curious about what you guys do. I mean, I hear the jokes and references, but that isn't the same as seeing and, well, really knowing."

Devin considered this for a moment, tilting his head from side to side. He told her, "That makes sense. So, it's just curiosity thing?"

"Yes," Amanda responded quickly. "Not a sex thing, just a curiosity thing."

"Okay. So if I stripped and stroked one out that would satisfy you? Being all non-sexual and stuff," he said with a laugh.

She had expected him to tease her a bit, but she was going to tease right back. She could not fight down the blush, but she still made the challenge. "Pretty much. So, if you could show me... That would help."

Now it was Devin's turn to blush a little. He was not about to back down though. He started unzipping his pants, confident that she would back down. He looked at her as he said, "Okay, but you'll owe me."

Oh. My. God, Amanda thought to herself. Part of her want to say, "I give, you win," but another part really did want to know. This was her fantasy after all; she had just never thought that Devin would be the one to do it. Steeling her resolve, she bit her lip and nodded her assent. She couldn't bring herself to actually say anything.

Devin had thought she would back down. Apparently he was wrong. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he raised his rear up off of the couch so that he could slide his pants down to his knees. The big moment came when he pulled his underwear down to join them. He could not have looked at Amanda in the face at that moment if he wanted to.

Looking down, he was slightly surprised to see that his cock was already at half-mast. The whole idea was arousing him without him even realizing it. He reached down and took his dick in his hand and lightly squeezed it. His thumb ran lightly over the head as he tried to get it to full hardness.

Amanda finally found her voice to ask, "So, what are you thinking about? I mean, I figure you have to have, like, some fantasy to get hard."

"Rachel Adams," he responded, trying to sound nonchalant. She was a cute blond in their advanced chemistry class. He had been working up the nerve to ask her out for a while now. She had also been in a lot of his fantasies.

Deciding to help out, Amanda told him, "I happen to know for a fact that she keeps a vibe in her backpack. A little silver bullet."

The effect was almost instantaneous. Devin grew hard, his cock standing up like a flagpole. There was still more that it could swell, but it was now something he could work with. Despite trying to appear detached, Amanda smiled.

"Anything else you can tell me?" Devin asked as he groped around in the stand next to the couch. He finally found the hand lotion that was kept there. He usually liked to stroke dry, but since he was putting on a show, well it seemed like this might help.

"Well, I happen to know that she has an oral fixation, if you know what I mean," Amanda said with a grin. She did not hangout with Rachel much, but she knew how to get the good gossip. It didn't hurt that Rachel was pretty open about things with the other girls in her dorm, especially after she had some drinks on a Friday night.

Amanda continued, "Apparently she would rather swallow a hot load than have sex some times. And she is quite curious about trying anal with the right guy."

Needless to say Devin had a clear fantasy in mind as he put the lotion in the palm of his hand then gripped his shaft. He began to slowly run his hand up and down his length. He rolled the palm of his hand over the head of his dick. He smeared the lotion into his skin till his whole cock was nicely coated.

"Enjoy the show," he told Amanda as he began to stroke his cock. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and began to slip his hand up and down it. As he reached the top he would squeeze the grip tighter on the head. He started slow, but as he got into the rhythm his hand pumped faster. He would run his thumb over the head then give a quick burst of speed.

As Devin groaned with pleasure, Amanda watched intently. Her breathing began to match his, growing more ragged as she grew more excited. She knew that she was growing more aroused with each stroke he gave himself.

Devin reached down with his other hand to grasp his balls. He rolled them in his palm then gave light tug as he tilted his head back in loud groan. He took his hand up to the top and began to twist it around the head. He would squeeze his hand in tight pulses on the swollen head of his cock then twist it fast. Pre-cum was starting to dribble from his cock and being smeared around for more lubrication. He kept switching up the motion anytime the pleasure started to build too much. He was aroused, more than he would have thought, by having her watch him play with himself.

Amanda's heart raced as she watched Devin. She had seen cock before, even felt it, but this... this was different. Something about the way he brought his own pleasure was amazing. She felt like she was privy to some great secret. She knew she would need to sneak off to play with herself as soon as this was done. Reaching down inside for courage, she asked for more, "What are you thinking about?"

"Rachel's ass," he panted, "thinking about fucking it hard, her bent over." He could hardly speak coherently. He did not want to add that he was also just thinking about how hot jacking-off for her was.

His hand became a blur as he slid it up and down his cock, each stroke full and strong. He was fucking his hand the way he was picturing fucking Rachel's ass. His nuts were growing tight with each stroke; he moaned with pleasure and need. It felt as though his cock had grown to twice its normal size. He couldn't hold on any longer, crying out his need, "Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

Normally he might have grabbed a tissue or gone to the bathroom, but Devin wanted to make this a show to remember. His cock was pointed straight up as the orgasm hit and white hot ropes of cum shot high into the air. They hit the peak of their arc and then rained down on his lap. What had just stayed at the top was being slowly rubbed into Devin's cock as his hand eased the last of the tension from it.

Finally, growing too sensitive to continue, Devin stopped stroking his cock. With a pleased sigh he leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and panted out, "Was it everything you expected?"

Amanda licked her lips as she tried to find the right words. She wanted to say it was amazing, the most erotic thing she had ever seen. All she could manage was, "Oh boy, was it. That was just... wow."

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