tagIncest/TabooWatching Ch. 02

Watching Ch. 02


Watching: Another Audience

Helen Grimwald took a last drag from her cigarette before casting the stub into the small dustbin beside her. It was a week before Christmas and 'MCo Garments' – the company she worked for was throwing its annual Christmas bash. Like Margaret who was with her, she had popped out onto the roof for a quick smoke.

"How long before the party will finish?" Her colleague asked which really translated into: "When can we go home?".

"No idea." Helen sighed. "Maybe another hour or so."

Helen wouldn't be so bothered about the party if it wasn't for the fact that a rather drunken Sales Director had been trying to 'chat her up' all evening. Just because she was over forty and her husband was away most of the time, it didn't make her available. It also didn't help matters that the director in question was well into his fifties and looked decidedly worst.

"You okay?" Margaret asked making Helen realise that she had allowed her mind to wander.

"Yeah. Just a little tired. That's all."

"So I take it you aren't going with the others to a club afterwards?"

Helen thought about it. On previous years she would have gone and thoroughly enjoyed it. But with 'Tom Letch' more than likely coming along...

"Nah. I think I'll have an early night this year."

"With Tom?" Hearing the Letch's name, Helen looked over and saw a wispy smile on her colleague's face which promptly vanished when she saw her expression.

"Don't even go there. If you knew how much he makes my skin crawl."

"Sorry." Margaret said, rather subdued.

Realising that she had snapped at her friend, Helen apologised.

"It's just that he's been getting on my nerves today. I don't know why he thinks I would be interested. Jesus, have you seen his gut?" Helen's comment made both women laugh.

"You know what I've said about you having a word with HR." Margaret said after the laughter had died down.

"I know." Said Helen. "But he would only deny it. And who would they believe? A highly successful Sales Director or a lowly secretary who only gets £13,000 per annum?"

"It's not right." Margaret complained after a pause.

"I know."

There was another pause.

"Now if it was Dean that was coming onto you." Margaret said, obviously trying to lift her friend's spirits. Dean was the new sales guy who had joined the firm just a few weeks before.

"Leave it out. He's just a couple of years older than my own son." Helen said but still she felt her cheeks glowing as she had checked him out a number of times.

If only...

"How is Gabe?" Margaret asked, referring to Helen's son.

"Oh, he'll be back from Uni this weekend. Will be nice since I haven't seen him since the summer." In fact both her son and husband would be back at the same time. She was looking forward to having a full house again. It had been too long.

"Anyway." Helen said finally. "Better go back in. You coming?"

"In a little while." Was Margaret's reply.

Before rejoining the party in the Main Conference Room, Helen decided to pop into the Accounts office first to check a few things. The items in question were kept in a large cupboard tucked away at the rear of the office.

She had just opened the cupboard door when movement caught her eye. It was Inci, the Managing Director's wife, popping through to get to her own office. The sudden movement had caught her by surprise (she had half expected it to be the 'Letch'). She was starting to relax when she saw Naim, Inci's son come walking in after her. Entering his mother's office, he strode up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist – visibly startling her.

"What the...?" Naim's behaviour seemed strange to Helen. It wasn't the fact that he was cuddling his mother but it was the way he had done it. It seemed 'wrong' somehow.

Since Helen was at the far end of the main Accounts room hidden by both darkness and the big cupboard, she had no fear of being discovered. She, on the other hand, could see clearly into Inci's office thanks to the large window in the dividing wall.

"For Goodness sake, Naim. You scared me." Inci said, her words carrying clearly through the open door.

"Sorry." The boy said but he continued to hold his mum which Helen saw made Inci nervous.

"No. Don't do that!" Inci said, pulling away.

"Why? Can't a guy hug his own mother?"

"Stop it!" Inci snapped. "That was no innocent hug you gave me just then."

From her vantage point, Helen was growing more and more intrigued. What was going on? She wondered.

"You agreed that you wouldn't be like that anymore." Inci continued. "Besides, shouldn't you be with your girlfriend? What's her name? Betty?"

"Betsy." The boy said. Helen remembered the girl that Naim had brought to the party. She also remembered Inci's reaction to her. Normally a very friendly woman, she had seemed cold and distant to the girl when they were introduced.

"Whoever." Inci went over to her desk and opened a drawer. "So. Are you serious about her?"

"Why?" Asked her son.

"Well it's only that this is the first time you ever bought a girl to the Christmas Party and I just wonder why."

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it does!" Inci said, turning round to face her son. "You know she isn't suitable."

"How so?"

"You know exactly why."

"Because she's English? Or more importantly, not Turkish."

Was Inci racist? Helen thought.

"Don't make me sound like that. You know how the family is. What your father is like. She would not be accepted."

"Not my problem."

"Well it should be, young man." Inci snapped. "Or would you like to end up like your cousin Serkan?"

"But his girlfriend was Greek."

"Your father will still react the same." Inci said. "Do you really want to be treated like your cousin?"

Naim didn't say a word.

"Besides. Do you really like her? You barely know the girl."

"Well at least she seems interested."

Helen blinked at the boy's words. What did he mean?

"What do you mean by that?" Inci echoed.

"You know what I mean."

What is going on here, Helen asked herself.

"Oh honey." Helen watched Inci approach her son. "Don't be like that."

"Why not? It's not like you love me anymore." The boy almost sounded bitter.

"Of course I do. I love you very much." Inci gently stroked her son's cheek. "Maybe a little too much."

Naim took his mother into his arms.

"But not the way you could do. Not like you were before." The boy said.


"Darling. I have already told you. I can't love you like that. It's not right."

Love him like what?

"But you do don't you? I saw how you looked at Betsy. You were jealous!"

"No I wasn't. I'm just looking out for you as a mother would."

Was Helen hearing what she thought she was hearing? It almost sounded like that Inci and Naim were lovers or had been. Not mother and son. The room felt decidedly warmer.

"Fine. I'll just go and take Betsy home and fuck her then."

The speed of Inci slapping Naim's face caught both Helen and the boy by surprise. Then the office went silent. The two of them staring at each other. Then suddenly, Naim pulled his mother forward and kissed her full on the lips.

Helen couldn't believe what she was seeing. The boy was kissing his mother – mouth to mouth and she was not fighting back. On the contrary, Inci had handfuls of Naim's hair and was kissing him back just as fiercely.

Oh God! Helen could hardly breath as she watched the spectacle excitedly.

For long minutes, the two of them – mother and son – snogged passionately. This lips glued as they moved against each other. Finally though, Inci broke the kiss.

"N-no. This is w-wrong." But already Naim was kissing her neck as he resisted his mother's feeble attempts to get free.

"I don't care. It's you that I love. It's you that I want. Not her."

Helen felt her throat go dry at the boy's words. Her body racked with hot flushes.

It also must have had the same affect on Inci as she instantly pulled his face back onto hers and started kissing him again.

Helen couldn't move as she watched the scene unfold from her vantage point. A part of her shouted that this was so wrong but the rest of her just wanted it to happen, for her to watch.

Hearing him groan, Helen saw that the boy was rubbing himself against his mother as if he was trying to fuck her through her clothes.

"I want you so much." He immediately gasped once their lips had separated.

"Ohhh! I can f-feel." Inci in turned groaned.

Naim pushed his mother against the desk.

"W-what w-what are you d-doing?"

"I want you so much. It hurts."

Helen felt her nipples go hard as she listened.

"H-here? We can't. What if someone comes in?" His mother protested. Again, feebly.

Helen heard him say that he didn't care and watched as he wrestled with his belt. Undoing his pants and trousers and pushing them down his legs.

Immediately, Helen was presented with the boy's naked arse. She had often admired him when she had seen him wearing tight jeans and couldn't help but to continue to admire him even now. Especially now.

"Oh God! We shouldn't be doing this." Helen noticed that although Inci was still protesting, she was looking down between their bodies.

My God! She's looking! Looking at her son's COCK!

The boy obviously was not listening as he reached under his mother's dress and starting pulling down what Helen realised was her panties. Inci helped by lifting one leg then the other to remove the garment. It was only as Naim moved between her widening thighs did she say:

"I'm not protected."

"I don't care."

Helen gasped.

Next came the moans of a woman who was being penetrated. Helen could only watch as the boy pushed himself forward, knowing full well that he was sheathing himself inside his very own mother and she wasn't doing anything to stop him.

"Christ! You're BIG!" Inci cried out.

Obviously fully inside her, Naim pulled his mother to him, his mouth plunging onto hers. For long moments, they did not move. Their groins pressed tightly together as they kissed, which was getting more and more frantic as it went on.

Helen's mind was numb. Inci and Naim were FUCKING. A MOTHER and SON were FUCKING. Naim had his COCK inside his mother's CUNT. His BARE cock inside her cunt.

Helen suddenly remembered Inci's warning that she was not protected.

Jesus Christ! He could make her pregnant! His own mother pregnant!

Helen almost collapsed with the realisation, her heart hammering inside her ribcage.

Oh God! She was dripping. Literally dripping between her legs.

She watched the scene. Mother and son trying to consume each other through their mouths as they held each other as tightly as possible.


Inci had cried out as Naim as pulled back and thrusted back in – hard. So hard that for a moment, the mother was lifted off the floor.

Oh fuck!

The boy has started to move but despite the obvious lust, Helen could see that they were finding it difficult in their current position.

Stopping but never parting, the two of them struggled as Naim lifted Inci onto her desk so that her arse was perched on the end, allowing - Helen realised – her son easier access between his mother's legs.

Again he started moving into her with greater speed. The boy gasping at every obvious insertion while Inci groaned out, her legs now wrapped tightly around him just above the boy's beautifully firm bum cheeks, at the equally obvious penetration.

Helen could see that Inci wasn't wearing any tights or stockings and found herself wondering what the boy's body would feel like between her naked thighs.

Despite Inci's earlier protestations, it was clear to the observer that the woman did love her son - carnally. Christ! Look at the way she was fucking him, one arm wrapped around him while the other was being used for balance on the table. Inci pulled her mouth from her son's and bit into his shoulder as Naim continued to hammer into her.

"Goddd!!!! Fuck, Mum! You feel soooo goood!"

Inci took a moment before she replied: " B-better.....than that girl?"

Suddenly Naim stopped and look directly into his mother's eyes.

"I have never fucked her, Mum. It's only you I want." The boy gave an even harder thrust causing his mother to grunt. "It's you I ever only wanted."

Could he really be that obsessed for his mother, Helen thought sickly. Inci must have thought so since she then kissed the boy. Naim started thrusting again.

"Ooohhh! Then you've got me." Helen heard her say through their joined mouths.

"Really?" He continued moving.

Helen watched as Inci looked lovingly at her son.

"Yes 'really'. Ohhhh Naim, I love you so much. I thought I could control my feelings but when I saw you bring that girl this evening..."

"She's gone!"

"...and.....you were right. I was so jealous.....I just wanted to claw her eyes out."

Suddenly Naim started fucking his mother even faster, harder. Her words must be having an affect on him.

"I-I love you so much, Mum." He groaned out.

"I..ohhh...l-love you too. So bloody much. "

They were really pounding each other now. Items on Inci's desk going flying as it jarred under the thrusting bodies.

"I-I'm going to give a fucking Dad has never done."

"....y-you're already doing that! Goddddd!"

Watching them fuck, Helen realised she could hear their bodies smacking together, wetly.

She shivered.

Inci was now clinging to her son. Her arms and legs tight around her boy's body as he rammed away.

" Ahhh! Oh God, Naim!"

"Oh Mum...."

Then again they were kissing. Hard, urgent. Inci's hands were now under Naim's shirt and Helen could see from the movements that she was clawing her son's back.

""When Dad g-goes out to play his golf t-tomorrow. I-I'm staying home with you." Naim groaned, pulling his lips from hers.

"... R-really?"

"Y-yeah! I'm gonna fuck you all day long!"


Helen felt herself tremble at the words and what she was seeing.

"WITHOUT A CONDOM!" The boy gasped.

"OOOHHHH!!!!! GODDDD! NAIMMMMM!!!!!!" Helen saw Inci stiffen up. Her face suddenly a bright shade of red.

My God! She's having an orgasm!

"Shhittt, Mummmm!" And the boy stopped moving, his body pressing firmly against his mother's.


The sudden realisation that Naim was cumming inside his mother, inside her unprotected cunt was too much for Helen. Her breasts felt they were going to burst, the heat between her legs was now blistering hot. It took all her self-control not to cry out as she realised she was having an orgasm of her own.

It took minutes before her vision cleared and she could look back at the couple although had finished, were still holding each other. Inci tenderly stroking her son's hair.

Naim whispered something to his mother but Helen could not hear. But it did reward him with a kiss. A very unmotherly kiss.

"Now tell your father you are taking me home." Helen heard Inci say after a long pause.


"Tell him that I have a headache and you are taking me home."

"What about Bet..."

From the look Inci gave Naim, it was obvious to Helen that he wasn't to worry about his date.

"Then you can take your mother home and 'look after her'. You know your father won't be home for hours."

Helen could see the wide grin that appeared on the boy's face.

Again they kissed and cuddled before Inci pushed him back.

"Now go. People may already be wondering where we have been."

Helen looked at her watch. It was half past ten. It was just before ten when she had come in from her cigarette.

With Inci's help, Naim, still shaking, pulled up his trousers, tidied himself and then left.

Inci picked up her discarded knickers and pushed them into her jacket pocket.

Then, to Helen's dismay, she walked out of her office and right to where she had been hiding.

Helen could only stand there as Inci closed the cupboard door.

"I take it that you saw everything?" Inci asked her.

"I-I..." Helen tried to answer.

"I'm sorry, Helen. I'm sorry that you saw that. I know it looks wrong. Me loving Naim like that. But to be honest, I don't really care anymore. I'm fed up doing 'what's right'. Mustafa and I haven't loved each other in years. I'm not sure that we ever really did. And Naim... he's... so loving, so caring. So interested."

"I can't stop you from telling my husband but you do need to remember something. Apart from finishing my marriage, the news would also destroy this company. A lot of the money invested in the firm came from my father which is now mine. Even taking half what was originally put in would mean the company would be finished which would also mean your job."

Sighing, Inci turned and sat on a nearby stool.

"Look, Helen. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask?"

No, Helen thought. She could understand what Inci was going through. She was in a similar relationship with own her husband. She could see the temptation of having an affair. But with her own child? Could she be like that with Gabe?

But Inci was right, despite her moral convictions, she needed her job. Besides, what happened between Inci and her family was Inci's business. Not hers.

"I will leave it with you. Merry Christmas."

Inci got up and left.

A few minutes later, Helen rejoined the party. She was quickly joined by Margaret.

"Looks like Naim's romance is over." Commented her friend. "His girlfriend just stalked off."

Obviously not too happy about being dumped, Helen thought.

"Oh I see Inci's got her coat on."

Helen looked over and saw Inci saying something to Mustafa who was with his senior managers, puffing a cigar. She noticed that he barely gave his wife a glance before she turned and left the room with Naim right behind her.

A shiver run up Helen's spine as she recalled Inci's last words to her son.

"You okay?" Margaret asked.

Helen nodded. Her mind already thinking of the ways Naim would be 'looking after his mother' tonight.

Realising that she had no drink, Helen went over to the drinks table to pour herself another glass of punch.

"So there you are." It was the 'Letch'. "I wondered when you were going to come back."

Helen said nothing, trying to ignore the man.

"But then again, it was an interesting show they gave us."

She looked up at Tom Pritchard's leering face.

My God! He saw them too!

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