tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching Eve Pt. 10

Watching Eve Pt. 10



Sorrel said nothing more about the mysterious stain on our bedroom carpet all through the following week. I guessed she thought my cock had dribbled or something as I moved around the bedroom. I'd stupidly forgotten that Eve was a squirter, and I should've expected her to do something like that. But thinking on it, Sorrel may have gotten just a tad suspicious if I'd laid plastic sheeting all around the chair.

Several times I caught her watching me, giving me sidelong glances when she thought I wasn't looking. I didn't know if she was entirely convinced about the stubble and bodyspray stories. I know that I wouldn't have been, but I really didn't think she'd be able to figure out the truth.

We both went about our daily lives, working to pay the bills, enjoying each others' company when we were relaxing and otherwise carrying on with our routine.

The Friday night after Eve had joined us, I went out for a few beers and a meal at the local Indian Restaurant with a couple of mates. The restaurant was in a converted pub in the centre of Berwick Upon Tweed and had the surprisingly incongruity of a red-headed Glaswegian ex-oil rigger working alongside the Indian staff as a waiter. Listening to his unique pronounciation of the various dishes as he read back our order had us all in stitches, but being a good natured sort he didn't take offense.

After putting the world to rights over the meal and several bottles of Kingfisher, we each left a hefty tip and headed back home by our separate ways.

It was after midnight when I arrived home, a freezing wind whipping around the virtually deserted streets from the river. I still had the spare back door key in my pocket that I'd had cut for Eve so decided to use that. Even in my slightly inebriated state, I knew that Sorrel would probably be in bed fast asleep by now so I tried my best to be as quiet as possible.

Without turning on any lights, I took off my Merrell trainers and crept up the stairs in my socks, careful to avoid the treads that I knew squeaked. Halfway up I thought I heard something. A soft moan.

Sorrel talking in her sleep? She did that occasionally, usually reciting of all things ... shopping lists.

I took another step ...

There it was again. A moan, followed by a soft rustle like clothing brushing against itself. With my ears and eyes straining in the darkness I sneaked along the upstairs landing to our bedroom door, as usual open about six inches. Sorrel liked to have air circulating as she slept. I peered through the gap ...

What I saw would change our lives together forever by changing the way I saw my girlfriend. I'd suspected things certainly, but in that instant I realised just how little I knew my gorgeous lady.

The bedroom was in darkness, the curtains open about six inches, allowing just enough moonlight to enter to illuminate the area beside the window. Sorrel was completely nude, crouched down at the gap between the curtains, peering out into the street.

The same position I stood in when I watched Eve across the road ...

"Mmm, that's it you sexy bitch," whispered Sorrel, "take your little black dress off."

With one hand she held the curtains steady, ready to flick them back into place if she was detected. With the other, she held her bottom cheeks apart and vigorously slid a finger in and out of her tight asshole. She was spying on Eve.

I couldn't of course see what Eve was getting up to across the road but whatever it was Sorrel appeared to be enjoying the show, and getting massively turned on by it. I'd never seen her finger her own asshole before. She muttered to herself, "Nice underwear. My god ... you are one sexy MILF. Uhh ... pity you can't come over here and finger my ass for me right now."

I carefully unbuckled my jeans and slid them down, my cock already straining at my briefs. Across the room, Sorrel sucked her stinky finger, lubricating it with some more spit, then slid it back inside herself, "That's it, finger me. Finger my ass ..."

I slipped my briefs down, my footsteps completely muffled by the deep pile of the carpet ...

"Now the panties. Take the panties ... no, don't shut the fucking ... shit!"

Sorrel let the curtain fall shut with an exasperated sigh. The 'Eve Kohoutova Show' was evidently over for another night. But I'd always thought I was the only fan. Now, it appeared, there were two of us.

"If your asshole wants some attention I've got something better than a finger," I said, sliding my arms around her slim waist.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Sorrel screamed. She actually jumped several inches in the air, trying to twist away from me.

"Relax, it's me, it's Steve."

She punched me hard in the chest. Twice.

"You bastard. You scared the shit out of me."

I held her tight until her she'd calmed down a little, aware of my cock leaving slime trails across her flat, naked belly.

"Why are you walking around in the dark with no trousers on?" she asked.

"Why are you walking around the house with nothing on?" I asked. I peered through the gap in the curtains, "what's so interesting out there anyway?"

"N-nothing," said Sorrel, flustered, "I thought I heard a fox."

"Do foxes usually get you so turned on?"

She pulled away from me and made a show of pulling the curtains closed so that not a single chink of light was visible, "I don't know what you mean."

I moved up close behind her and once again put my hands around her waist, "You were playing with your bits when I came in. Finger my ass, you said."

I bent my knees slightly so that my cock slid into the moist furrow between Sorrel's legs. I heard a sharp intake of breath and thought she would push me away, but then she very slowly pushed back against me, my cock now pressing wetly against her swollen labia.

"I was ... w-watching Eve across the road," she leaned forward against the window sill, scrunching up the curtains where they hung down over it, presenting her bottom to me.

"What was she doing?" I asked.


I slid my cock along the length of Sorrel's dripping vulva, gathering lubricant, then moved back slightly so that it slid upward between her ass cheeks, "I thought you weren't a lesbian."

"Sh-she's very sexy," Sorrel rocked against me, causing her puckered asshole to brush enticingly against the sensitive underside of my bloated glans. The curtains had fallen open a few inches allowing me to see what I was doing by the moonlight now.

"And you want our sexy blonde neighbour to finger your ass?" I grabbed my cock and carefully nudged the tip against Sorrel's asshole, applying a tiny bit of forward pressure. Her hands slid across the window sill as she pushed the pert, round globes of her bottom back against me. The curtains fell open a little more allowing me a view out into the deserted street over Sorrel's naked shoulder.

Sorrel was silent as I teased her slippery anus with my bellend, pressing, stroking the sensitive creases and folds, "Yes," she said finally, though her voice was so quiet I could barely hear it.

"You want Eve to finger you?"

"Yes ... yes ... YES! Alright so I'm a fucking lesbian, bisexual ... whatever you want to call it. Now for god's sake stop teasing me and fuck my ass. I need to feel you inside me," she placed her open palms flat against the glass of our bedroom window, her shoulders pushing the curtains open wider. Anyone outside would clearly see my girlfriend from the waist up, completely nude, about to get sodomised up against the window.

I pushed into her, relishing the tightness of her sphincter squeezing me, gently easing forward until ...

My cock suddenly slid in past the ring of muscle guarding her entrance and I was inside her, thrusting up into the hot depths of Sorrel's bowels. She gasped, partly in pleasure, partly in pain and partly in shock that she suddenly felt so incredibly full I guessed. I held her hips against me and started to pump myself back and forth.

Sorrel rested her forehead against the cold glass, gasping, moaning, slipping a hand between her thighs to toy with her clitoris, her vagina and the place where my organ stretched her most intimate place and disappeared up inside her body.

I peered out into the night, at Eve's house. Was it my imagination or was the bedroom blind open revealing a pale figure, barely visible, standing there watching us?

"Deeper," urged Sorrel, interrupting my thoughts, "give me all of it. Fuck my ass."

"Do you wish I was Eve? Fucking your ass with a strap on?"

Sorrel wriggled and swayed her hips from side to side, increasing the sensation for both of us, "Do you?" I asked again.

I heard faint wet sounds coming from her dabbling fingers as she teased her dripping wet labia, dipping inside herself, pressing down on her clitoris ...

"Do you?"


That pushed me over the edge. Pulling her roughly against me, I emptied the contents of my balls up into the depths of Sorrel's beautiful tight ass. Seconds later she brought herself to a panting, gasping orgasm, her anal muscles contracting around me in pulsing waves, her voice rising in pitch and volume with every repetition, "Eve, uhh, Eve ... I want you ..."

Across the road at Eve's house, I noticed the blind had snapped shut.

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