tagMind ControlWatching Heidi

Watching Heidi


With every passing minute, Linda's annoyance grew, and with it her indecision. She didn't want to be that kind of Aunt, she really didn't. She wanted to be the cool Aunt, the Aunt her niece could come to about boys, and clothes and anything else she didn't want to go to her parents about. In other words, she wanted to be the exact opposite of her sister, the mother of the niece in question.

Linda knew her niece was a good kid. But even good kids sometimes made bad decision. And Linda's sister was the mother, after all; even if she sometimes acted like she had a Louisville Slugger up her ass. She had a right to expect her child would be supervised. And if she called right now, and Linda was forced to admit she had no idea where Heidi was, well, how would that look? Linda knew how it would look, and she knew how it would sound. It would sound like never hearing the end of it.

And then was the real problem. Linda truly had no idea where Heidi was, and very little to go on if she tried to figure out where the girl was. Linda's annoyance flared anew ... all of this could have been avoided with a simple phone call that began with the words, "Aunt Linda, I just wanted you to know..."

Linda walked into the kitchen, reviewed the voluminous instruction Heidi's Mom had stuck to the fridge, and revised her options. She's just been reflecting that she had few options for figuring out where Heidi was. In fact, she had precisely one, and it was located across the street and 2 houses down, that being the residence of Kelly O'Malley, Heidi's best friend. All Linda really knew was Heidi and Kelly were together, so if anyone would know where the two girls were, it would be Kelly's mom. She hoped.

Linda made her decision, then she made the walk. 3 minutes later, she was knocking at the door. When it opened, Linda said, "Mrs. O'Malley?"


Something about Mrs. O'Malley struck Linda as odd. Here a perfect stranger had just knocked on her door, and already knew her name, but Mrs. O'Malley was as placid as a lake at dawn, "My name is Linda Beris, I'm Heidi's aunt and I'm watching her for the weekend while my sister's out of town."

"Ohhhhh! Heidi's so great. She's just ..." Mrs. O'Malley paused to find just the right word, "... great!"

Mrs. O'Malley had a low, breathy quality to her voice that Linda was sure was affected. She hoped her disapproval didn't show, "To tell you the truth, I'm not thinking so right now. I hate to ask you this, but do you know where she and Kelly are? Heidi was supposed to call me 4 hours ago."

Mrs. O'Malley looked at Linda as if the answer were self-evident, "She's ... she's at the party."

Linda's annoyance transmuted into anger, "A party?"

"That's right."

"And you know about this party?"

"Of course. In fact, I was just about to head over," Mrs. O'Malley looked Linda over carefully. "Would you like to come along?"

"Yes, I think I would, though I don't think Heidi or I will be staying very long."

Mrs. O'Malley shrugged as if to say 'suit yourself', "Let's go. By the way, my name is Emma."

The two piled into Emma's SUV and buckled themselves in. Linda expected a short drive to another girl's house, or maybe a rec center of some sort. She was surprised when Emma pulled onto the freeway.

"Where is this party?"

"Oh, downtown," Emma said absentmindedly.

Linda realized absentminded was probably the perfect word to describe Emma; that, or maybe distracted. Everything about the woman gave the impression she had something else on her mind. Whatever elation Linda had felt in discovering Heidi's whereabouts was washed out by the sense that she was in the hands of a complete space cadet.

Emma's distraction extended to her driving. Emma didn't seem too worried about staying in her lane. Mercifully, the traffic was light this time of the evening, and 25 minutes later, they pulled up to a 5 star hotel. Emma dropped her key off with the valet, and Linda scrambled to follow, wondering what sort of party was being held at a place like this.

Emma strode quickly to the front desk. That was another thing Linda had noticed. The longer they'd driven, the more agitated Emma seemed to become. Maybe agitated was too strong a word, antsy was more like it. Now that they were in the hotel, Emma seemed to be in quite a hurry.

"Hello Mrs. O'Malley," a perky blond greeted Emma. The blond also managed a respectful nod to Linda.

"Hello Cindy," Emma replied, and held out her hand.

Cindy handed over a white card, the size of a credit card, with a black magnetic strip, "They're waiting for you up in the Penthouse."

"Thank you," Emma started for the elevator.

Linda still stood by the front desk. This was all starting to get a little too weird.

"Well," Emma snapped. The breathiness had been replaced with impatience. "Come on."

Despite her better judgment, Linda followed.

The hotel was over 30 stories tall, and the Penthouse was at the top. During the entire ride, Emma bounced up and down on the balls of her feet and made quiet mewling sounds, as if the elevator could not move fast enough. It opened onto a small foyer with a double door on the other side. Emma strode across the room and slipped the card into the lock. The doors clicked, then opened. Emma burst through,. The first thing Linda noticed about the Penthouse was the taste of the air, a strange, alkali sensation that made her mouth tingle. It reminded her of when she was a little kid and she'd put a 9-volt battery on her tongue on a dare.

"You taste that?" she asked Emma, then she looked over.

Emma's eyes were clenched shut. She stood ram rod straight, taking long, deep, slow breaths, her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

"Yeeeesssss!" Emma hissed, sounding like a person from whom a great burden had been lifted. After a moment, Emma seemed to regain her composure, "Why don't you have a seat here and wait? I'll see if I can find Heidi?"

Without waiting for an answer, Emma took off at a brisk walk for a hallway on the other side of the room. Linda was looking out the window, so she couldn't be sure, but when Emma reached the hall, she seemed to break into a sprint.

Not knowing what else to do, Linda dropped onto a couch and helped herself to a glass of water from the carafe on the coffee table. However quickly Emma had left, she didn't hurry back. And whatever impatience Emma had been feeling was now rubbing off on Linda; she noticed she was tapping her foot frantically. A tightness had developed in her gut. Unconsciously she squeezed her legs together as the feeling asserted itself. Soon, a warm, flushed sensation spread across her chest and into her cheeks. The oddest thing was the whole thing felt familiar somehow, but she couldn't figure out where she'd felt like this before. It was as if all the clues were being given totally out of context.

It was only after 15 minutes, and with no sign of Emma, that Linda decided to take matters into her own hands. She started down the hallway Emma had left through. It was long and Linda deduced it must run the entire length of the floor. They obviously had the top of the building all to themselves. Doors were infrequently spaced along the length of the hall, on both sides. They all seemed to be closed tight, but a third of the way down Linda found one open a crack. She could hear faint voices inside.

She entered a suite that was far bigger than her own apartment. It was definitely better furnished ... it always amazed her to see how the other half lived. The voices she'd heard were a little louder now, though she still couldn't tell who they were or what they were saying. It sounded like they were coming from behind a door to her left.

"Hello?" she called quietly. No answer, so she said a little louder, "Hello?"

Still no answer. She felt weird about barging in on what would turn out to be, no doubt, complete strangers. But she needed to find Heidi and get the hell out of there. The whole scene was giving Linda a bizarre vibe. She crossed to the door and pushed it open.

Two women, a redhead and a busty black woman, totally naked, were locked in a 69 on an enormous bed, their moans muffled by the other's pussy. As the door swung open, the two rolled into a different position, with the redhead on the bottom. The black girl reared up, her head thrown back.

"Oh God yes!" she groaned. "Like that, just like that! I'm gonna' cum ... you're gonna' make me cum ... right on your face!"

The redhead's hips twitched spastically, so the black girl dipped her head back down and slid her tongue into wet, swollen twat. Linda backed away slowly, appalled by what she saw and unable to pull her eyes away; appalled that she was an uninvited witness to something so personal and private, appalled by the sight of two women fucking like animals and appalled by a sudden, insane impulse to tear her clothes off and join them.

She'd backed halfway into the suite's common area before she found the strength to turn and run. She was only a step into the hallway when she found herself flat on the floor. It took a moment to get her bearings, stand up, then realize she'd run full steam into another woman, who was also only just picking herself up.

"Are you okay?" the other woman asked kindly. She wore black pants, a crisp white shirt and was built exactly like Linda, petite with the kind of tight body that comes from hours in the gym. Her skin was smooth and tanned, unlike Linda's which was dotted with freckles. Where this other woman's hair was long and straight and black, Linda's was short, stylishly messy and dirty blond. Then Linda realized what she was doing. The thought she'd been checking this stranger out unnerved her even more.

"I ... I'm sorry ... I," it was so hard suddenly to form a coherent thought.

"I'm Jenny," the woman held out her hand.

"Linda," she took the hand automatically. "I was ... my niece ... those women in there!"

Jenny wasn't paying attention to Linda's ineffectual explanations. Her left hand was stroking Linda's forearm, "You're really cute, you know that?"

"No!" Linda snapped. Incongruently, Linda thought she'd given Jenny the wrong impression. She knew she was cute. Jenny was pretty cute, for that matter. But she didn't go in for all that. She tried to pull her hand away, but Jenny held tight.

"It's okay," Jenny whispered as she maneuvered Linda against the wall.

"I'm not ..."

"Ssshhh," Jenny kissed Linda's neck, her hand stroked the struggling woman's hip. The intimacy of the gesture made Linda moan, that and the fact her hips were sexually ticklish whenever she was aroused.

"Stop," Linda begged.

"I can't," Jenny whispered, then sucked on Linda's earlobe.

Jenny's body was flush on Linda's, who was now pressed against the wall. She tried to push Jenny away, but found it impossible to generate any strength or leverage. Her hands found themselves on Jenny's hips and she tried to push again. The slickness of the pant's material foiled her; instead she found herself cupping Jenny's ass. All the while, Jenny was slowly hiking up the hem of Linda's sundress. By now the material was bunched high up her thigh.

"Don't," Linda gasped, though it was obvious even to her she didn't really mean it anymore. Jenny's only reply was to smile and kiss Linda deeply.

The kiss exploded through Linda's body. Her hands still on Jenny's butt, Linda gathered a cheek in each hand and pulled the woman close. Their tongues stabbed into their mouths. Linda could actually feel her nipples hardening, and the feel of Jenny's tits thrilled her like nothing she'd ever experienced.

"How are you doing this?" Linda asked when they finally came up for air.

Jenny laughed aloud, "Girlfriend, I'm not doing anything. I'm just the caterer! I came by to drop off some foie gras, and the next thing I know, I'm getting fucked like never before."

As Jenny explained, Linda's trembling fingers unbuttoned the white shirt. Jenny slipped a hand in between Linda's legs and under her panties; she ran two fingers along Linda's slit.

"God, your soaked," Jenny marveled.

It was true, and the sight of Jenny with her shirt hanging wide open made her even wetter. The caterer shucked the garment off, and followed it with her bra for good measure. As Linda pulled her sundress off, Jenny dropped to her knees, reached down and pulled down Linda's yellow panties in one motion. Linda barely had time to kick of her sandals and spread her legs before Jenny buried her face in twat. As soon as the tongue touched her pussy, Linda sighed with relief. She finally understood this was exactly what she needed and wanted. To this point, she'd acceded to Jenny's advances because there didn't seem to be any choice. If she'd known it would also feel so god damn incredible, she never would have resisted. She would have jumped in with those hot bitches in the other room.

Her bra suddenly felt so constricting, as if it were going to squeeze the breath out of her. Linda threw it off. Linda's left hand combed through Jenny's hair, partially because Jenny had such beautiful hair, but mainly to make sure that unbelievable mouth and tongue didn't go anywhere. Her right massaged her breasts, alternating one then the other. Jenny licked her at a frantic pace; it was a pace Linda tried to match with the stroking of her hips. She could see her juices smeared on Jenny's face. Jenny's eyes glinted with joy. As far as Linda was concerned, it only made an incredibly sexy woman even sexier.

Linda had never been a talker during sex. She'd sigh, or groan, or pant if she was really in to it, as she was now. Occasionally she'd yell if she felt the need to fake it for the guy's sake. But now she felt compelled to tell Jenny exactly what she was feeling, in the dirtiest, sluttiest way possible. When she spoke, she was aware she sounded exactly like that black girl in the other room. She just didn't care anymore.

"Oh good, so good! Jenny, you're licking my pussy so good! Shit, oh, I'm commmmm... Oh, Oh, more, more, it's... Shit, My clit. Suck, shit. Unggggggg...!"

Linda slid slowly to the floor, then flat on her back, gasping for air. When she regained her senses, the first thing she noticed was how good she felt; tired, for sure, exhausted even. But GOOD, like after a really hard session at the gym. She basked in that delicious feeling of weariness caused by having done something worthwhile. The second thing she noticed was that Jenny had stripped her pants off and was standing over her, a foot on either side of her head.

There was no need for words. Linda opened her mouth and let her tongue roll out, signaling her readiness. Once again, there was that strange tingle in her mouth. She liked it so much more this time. Jenny knelt down.

Conflicting thoughts collided in Linda's mind. Here she was, eating another woman, in a public place, no less, where anyone could see her. Where Heidi could see her, for that matter. A couple licks at Jenny's quim, the taste of her juices, washed all that away. With each lick, with each taste, Linda found herself hoping, wanting someone to find them, to join them, to feast on her needy pussy.

She watched Jenny as she worked. Where Linda had been desperate to smear her twat over as much of Jenny's face as possible, Jenny moved slowly, seductively. Her hands were filled by her tits, pulling at her nipples as she ground her clit against Linda's mouth. Jenny moved like a pole dancer, and Linda was the pole. But they had one thing in common.

"Oh, baby, that is soooo good. Good. Yessss. Goooood. Oh. Oh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Please! More! More! God, yes. More. Ohhhhh!"

Jenny came crashing down next to Linda. On their sides, the two kissed gently and fingered each other, basking in orgasmic bliss. Linda had no idea how long they'd been there before a bemused voice asked,

"Having a good time?"

Linda looked up to see a completely nude Kelly. Like Jenny, Kelly's hair was long and black and straight, but her skin was a creamy white. And her breasts were fuller, rounder, and rode high on her teenaged chest. Her nipples were long and pointy and hard and begging to be sucked. Her pussy was pink, wet and split.

"I'm sorry to just show up like this."

"No problem," Kelly reached down with both hands, helping Linda and Jenny to their feet. "We actually wanted to invite Heidi's mom this weekend, but we're very happy to see you!"

The idea of her sister coming to the party appealed to Linda. Lord knew if anyone needed to get royally fucked, it was her sister, "Where is Heidi, by the way?"

Kelly smiled, "The last I saw her, she was making Mistress cum."

Linda nodded. She, of course, had no idea who the Mistress was, but she knew somehow Heidi was in good hands. That certainly was a relief.

"I really have to take off," Jenny interjected. She'd already picked up her clothes and got her panties back on. "I was supposed to be back at work hours ago. My boss is going to be so pissed!"

"Let us know if he gives you a hard time. We'll take care of it," Kelly said.

Jenny stepped into Linda and gave her a deep kiss goodbye. As they kissed, she slipped a business card into Linda's hand. Jenny walked down the hall, but stopped just as she reached the main room of the Penthouse, and turned around. She held up her pinky and thumb to her mouth and ear, respectively, and mouthed the words "Call me" to Linda.

"You need to meet the Mistress now," Kelly said.

"Yes," Linda agreed. That seemed like a very good idea.

Kelly took Linda's hand, "Follow me."

Kelly led the way, heading down the part of the hall Linda hadn't reached yet. It ended at a set of double doors. During the entire walk, Linda watched Kelly's ass, so beautiful and heart shaped and perfect. How could she have never noticed before this how adorable and doable Kelly was? Linda noticed an open door to the right. Inside she could see a bed, not another suite, just a room with a bed.

"Is Mistress expecting us right away?" Linda asked.

"Not right away, no," Kelly admitted. "Why?"

Linda motioned with her eyes toward the empty bed. Kelly grinned, "I think a little detour would be okay."

Linda squealed with joy and ran for the bed, throwing herself on it. Kelly took her time, walking slowly and closing the door deliberately. The she lay atop Linda, fitting their pussies together. She propped herself up with her arms. Linda took one of those delicious nipples into her mouth. Kelly sighed happily.

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