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Watching Heidi


I had a big chance at a promotion. It involved me moving to Houston, but I knew it would be good for me. The company was expanding the corporate office and I could take part. More work, but a big opportunity.

I settled into my modest place and quickly went to work. I had been there a few times before, so I knew most of the people, and some of the field staff. On my second day, I heard a knock on my door and a soft female voice said "Hey stranger!".

I looked up and saw a beautiful woman standing there. "Hey Heidi!", I said.

Heidi was a field sales person whom I had met once before and talked to over the phone. She was stunning to see and it was a great surprise today.

At 5'4" she wasn't tall but her curves more than made up for it. I had learned at one point that she had been an amateur figure model, spending hours at the gym. So, her legs were muscular and her curves well defined. During this time, she had gotten some incredible breast implants put in as well. Although she didn't purposefully show them off, I knew they were at least 38DD. On her short curvy frame, they looked spectacular.

We hugged and I felt her breasts heaving into me. I smiled at her.

Her olive skin was glowing, and her eyes glowed. Her hair was shoulder length, dirty blonde and very curly.

She smiled and said "I'm glad you're here."

"Me too. It's nice to see familiar faces."

She spent a few minutes in my office. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Her skirt couldn't hide her awesome legs and her blouse looked like it might bust open soon. This job was getting good.

She left and I went back to work. A day or two later she came to my office again.

She said, "Hey, you find a gym yet?"

Find one? Hell, I wasn't even looking. My body was average at best. I didn't mind working out but it certainly wasn't a priority.

Still, I replied "No, not yet."

Heidi smiled and said, "Want to come work out with me tomorrow?"

"Um...sure". The thought of working out wasn't great, but the thought of seeing her in less clothing was interesting.

I showed up at the gym. Heidi greeted me. She was wearing a tight sports bra that completely covered her but still exposed her assets. She had on tight spandex shorts. Her legs were amazing and I glanced at her bare skin any chance I could. She took me though the paces at the gym and introduced me a to a few people. I got a few looks from some of the meathead bodybuilder types.

During the reps on the machines, I thought I would burst my shorts as I stared at her ass and anything I could see. Her tan skin glistened and I couldn't keep my eyes off her curvy hips. It was a great workout. I was incredibly tired but happy.

After the workout, we went for a bite to eat. Over dinner we talked and I learned so much about her. She hadn't had a relationship in a while, that things were good at work and she was getting back to working out more.

It was two days later when we went on our first date. On the second, we were in her bed.

I'll never forget seeing her naked. Her breasts were huge. Massive, round and firm on her chest. Her nipples got incredibly hard when I licked them. I must have spent hours on them, just holding and sucking her breasts. After taking her panties off, I saw her lady devil tattoo and it made me laugh. However, I soon had her cumming as I went down on her beautiful bare pussy. We fucked twice that night and knew something special was happening.

We stayed together for a while and eventually moved in together into a huge house her father owned. Eventually we got engaged. Our sex life remained hot. We did almost everything and did it all over the house. She was always up for fun and I couldn't always keep up.

Shortly after we were engaged, we went to a party and got drunk. We ended up naked playing sex games with each other in our living room.

Heidi said "So, you're getting married, aren't you worried about not having more women?"

I told her no and we talked more about sexual fantasies. We talked of threesomes and more somes and she told me how she was once with a woman in college. After a lot of prodding, I confessed to her that I always thought seeing a wife or girlfriend getting fucked by another was hot.

She smiled and said "Wow, really? You'd want to see me with someone else?"

I smiled and said "Oh, I don't think I could go through with it, but it's hot to think about"

She had a look of thoughts running in her head. "I like the idea too."

We laughed and made love then. She teased me by saying things like "Imagine him in me....watch me fuck another big cock"

I ended up getting off so fast that night.

Days passed and I began traveling more for work. Each time I came home I was welcomed with some hot sex from Heidi. Things were going pretty well.

One evening we talked on the phone. She told me how my fantasy was in her head all the time. How she loved thinking about me and making me happy. I told her it was hot for me too. We had phone sex that night and she told me how she really wanted to make me happy and how she was going to try to do just that. I wondered what she meant but I didn't press it.

Throughout the next day I didn't receive any response to the texts I sent Heidi. I figured she might have been busy. I boarded my plane home.

After I touched down, I turned on my phone and had a text from her.

It read "When you go home, can you leave the lights off and stay upstairs and wait for me? I've got a surprise for you."

This was weird. I tried to call her but got no response. Hmm, what the hell?

I drove home and the house was quiet. I didn't turn on a light. Instead I went upstairs and sat in the bedroom, waiting. I got comfortable and checked email. After a few minutes, I saw the reflection of headlights on the wall. I got up, prepared to go down and meet her as she came in.

I stood near the top of the stairs. I heard the door open. I made one step to go down and I heard Heidi say "No one's home! We're good."

I stopped. Who the hell was she talking to? I made my way back to the loft area. From there I could see straight down into the living and dining of our house. I watched the door as a large man came in with her.

He was tall, probably 6'5" and had a shaved head. I looked again and recognized him as Chris, one of the bodybuilder guys who was at the gym only every once in a while. He lived out of town. He was a massive guy, I'd seen him without his shirt and his arms were huge.

Then, I saw Heidi. She was wearing this tiny red cheerleader-style skirt. She had on a small black blouse that was open and her cleavage was ample. What was going on here?

Chris smiled and said "Well, I'd always wanted you but never thought this would happen. But seeing you in the bar tonight made my night.....and making out with you was even better."

My head twirled. She made out with him? What was she doing? Oh god, my fantasy. I didn't know it would happen like this. Is she really doing this? Is she really doing it for me?

I ran through my options. Go down there and stop. Wait until he does something and attack him. I'm sure that would turn out well. Or...just watch and see.

My normal ways won over and I backed down. I sat on the floor, watching from above. Because it was dark upstairs, I couldn't really be seen. And Heidi knew that. She had set it up perfectly, taking the time to set the scene.

Chris grabbed Heidi and they kissed. I saw his hands run down her back, down on her skirt. Soon, he had one hand pulling up her skirt, exposing her bare ass. I could barely see that she was wearing a g-string.

They kissed for a while, his hands were all over her. I saw him reach up and unbutton her top. He kissed her more and then the bra came off.

Chris moved her to our dining table and leaned her back. He bent over her and began to lick and kiss her nipples. I saw Heidi run her hand through his hair as he sucked on her hard nipples. I saw her glance my way and I knew she was looking for me.

After some time he moved and reached under her skirt. he slid her g-string off and got down on his knees. She slid forward some on the table, enough for him to reach her. Chris smiled and said he liked her tattoo.

Heidi began moaning the minute he started licking her. I could only see from up top but I knew he was giving her pleasure. She loved being eaten and he was doing a great job of it. He reached his hands up and touched her everywhere he could. Heidi kept moaning loudly. I knew the sounds, and I knew what it meant.

A few seconds later, she began to cum. She moaned loudly and then screamed "I'm cumming!" Her body shook on the table and she gripped his head as he continued to lick her through her orgasm. After a few moments, she stopped shaking and settled down.

Chris stood and bent over, kissing her. They kissed for a few moments before he stood and began to undress.

Heidi laid on the table watching him. His muscular body was impressive, ripped arms and abs. When he dropped his boxers, an incredibly large cock sprang up. Chris was well hung and in great shape. Everything a woman wanted was right there. Although I was no slouch in the cock department, he probably had me by almost an inch.

Heidi slid off the table and onto her knees. Her skirt stayed around her waist as she began to suck Chris. I heard him moan as I watched my future wife give him head. He was very thick and long. She couldn't even get half in her mouth. I could tell she enjoyed sucking him, enjoying the extra girth he had.

Chris looked down and told her "Let me fuck you baby."

Heidi stood. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a condom. I knew she had set this all up now. She had condoms in her purse!

She rolled the condom on him, surely it was a tight fit. She laid back on the table. Chris held her legs wide and he slowly began to slide in her. I saw the look of amazement on her face as he entered. He went slow, letting her adjust. Then he began a slow pace, fucking her on the table.

Soon Chris was fucking her more quickly. The moans and screams of Heidi filled the open room. She moaned loudly. She reached down and rubbed her clit. Chris pounded her hard and I heard her moaning again. She began to have her second orgasm as he filled her. She screamed out "Oh god!" and held onto the table, moaning. I then heard Chris moan as well and knew he was cumming.

A few moments went by as they finished. Chris pulled out of her and took the condom off. They kissed more.

Chris said "Damn girl, we should have done this a long time ago."

Heidi said "Well, I guess I just needed the right time and place."

Chris laughed. "I don't guess your fiance knows about this?"

Heidi smiled and said "No, he's not aware of this.Let's keep it between you and me."

Chris smiled. "I'll try. But I may need something from you in order to keep it that way."

"Oh?" Heidi asked.

"Yeah, I want to go another round with you. Your fiance isn't coming back soon is he?"

"Umm.....no, I think we're ok." she said, her eyes were glancing upward towards me.

"Good. I want you to ride me so I can play with those tits of yours"

Heidi went over to him and gently stroked his cock. He was coming back to life slowly as she stroked and kissed him.

After a moment, Chris moved her and they went to the couch. He sat down and rolled a condom on. "Get on my cock baby." he commanded.

Heidi moved towards him and straddled him, facing him on the couch. She slid down on his willing hard cock once again.

I watched her as she rode him. She was grinding and bouncing on him, much like she did to me. She knew I loved this position. It turns out I wasn't the only one.

Chris grabbed and held her big tits as she rode him. I could tell he was almost manhandling them, not giving them softer attention like I did. He was just gripping her tits and pinching her hard nipples.

Heidi moaned as she rode. I knew she could cum again this way. She knew how to ride a cock so she could cum. Within minutes I was proven right. She began to moan.

Heidi leaned back from him, her hips bucking on his cock as she came. "Fuck!!! God your cock feels good!" she exclaimed. I knew he filled her more than I was able to. She slowly slowed down and rode slow.

Chris said he wanted to cum on her and pushed her off. He had her lay back on the couch and he straddled her tits, flinging the condom off onto the floor. He slid his cock between her large tits. She held them together as he began to tittyfuck her. He moaned loudly.

"Fuck, your tits are so big! I'm gonna cum all over you," he moaned.

Chris grabbed his cock and stroked it. He started cumming, shooting his load all over her tits. I saw her hands grab her breasts, rubbing his cum onto them. Chris pulled back off of her and sat on the couch after his orgasm.

He smiled. "God,that was incredible. I think I need to come back here the next time I'm in town."

Heidi laid there, still looking at him with his cum on her. "We'll see."

Chris got up and Heidi did as well. I saw her reach for a towel, wiping herself as he got dressed.

He headed for the door and I knew my moment of truth was coming. What would I do? Should I be mad? Should I have my way with her? What the hell was she thinking? What the hell was I thinking watching it all?

I heard the door close as he left and I knew it was time to find out where this would lead.

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