tagMind ControlWatching Heidi Ch. 02

Watching Heidi Ch. 02


It had been an odd couple of days for Linda. Blissful, orgasmic, intensely satisfying, to be sure. She hadn't left the Penthouse in 48 hours, and she had no particular desire to leave anytime soon. She'd had more sex, more fulfilling sex and more sexual partners than in any other period of her entire life. And she certainly had no regrets. But no matter how satisfying it had all been, there was no getting around how very strange it all was. Take, for example, how many teenagers there were around here. The Mistress certainly liked them young. And there was the fact she still hadn't met The Mistress yet. Kelly and Heidi kept promising that introductions were forthcoming, and those two seemed to be running the show, but something always seemed to come up.

Linda was sitting on a couch, looking out a window taking in the view of the skyline as she reflected on the last two days. She wasn't the least bit worried; Mistress knew best, after all. Of that she was sure. But she longed for the opportunity to show Mistress her devotion. The mere thought of it made her all wet all over again. So wrapped up she was in the view and her arousal, she didn't notice Emma enter the room until she dropped next to Linda on the couch.

"How are you?" Emma asked, a knowing smile on her face.

Linda smiled back, "Wonderful!"

"It is wonderful, isn't it," Emma's fingernails stroked lightly on the back of Linda's neck.

"You aren't wearing your wedding ring?"

Emma nodded, "My ex-husband and I divorced about a year ago."

"Did Mistress make you leave him?" Linda had a few guys she dated off and on and on some level, she still desired them. But if Mistress told her no more men, she'd have no choice but to comply.

"Oh no, not at all. I'd been divorced 7 months before Mistress found me. If anything, Mistress helped me get over it."

"So She brought you here?" Linda asked.

"Not exactly. Mistress found Kelly first; in fact, Kelly was the first ever to be found. She's Mistress' favorite, you know," Emma said with motherly pride. "Kelly brought Heidi to Mistress, then Heidi brought me."

Linda nodded. Emma continued, "The girls have brought in just about all of their friends, and a few of the friend's mothers, if Mistress likes them. And I've, of course, brought in some of my friends, like Abby. I think you've met Abby."

Linda had indeed met Abby, the beautiful black woman she'd seen when she'd first arrived at the Penthouse. She shivered with joy as she recalled their "formal" introduction.

"You know you have to bring in what ever friends of yours Mistress may want?" Emma asked.

"Of course, I'd be happy to, if I ever get a chance to meet Her," Linda said. "Who is Mistress?"

Emma looked confused, "Mistress is ... Mistress."

The reply was eminently reasonable, Linda knew, even if it was a little mysterious. It was time to change the subject, "So why did you and your husband get divorced?"

"Well, we'd been having problems for a while," Emma shrugged, "money, that sort of stuff. He worked for the Army, in one of their R&D labs. I wanted him to go into the private sector, and he'd get 3 or 4 offers a year from defense contractors, but he never took them. We always were having trouble making ends meet, and these companies would offer him huge salaries because, to be fair, he was really talented. But he wanted to stay with the Army. I thought he was being selfish and needed to start thinking about Kelly and me.

"So there was all of that," Emma dropped her voice. "And as it turned out, I didn't like some of his ideas on how to raise Kelly."

"I don't understand," Linda said. Emma started to reply, but cut herself off when another woman entered the room.

"We're about to start the ceremony," she announced.

Linda stood up, and looked around.

"What is it?" Emma asked.

Linda made hand gestures around her face, "I'm looking for a mirror. I wanted to freshen up a bit."

"Mistress doesn't like mirrors," Emma said matter of factly.

The two followed the woman. In her short time in the Penthouse, Linda had picked up some of the vernacular: A "party" was a gathering of Mistress' thralls. Each woman at a party was expected to have sex with as many other women as possible for Mistress' entertainment and glorification. If Mistress was pleased, she'd invite one or some of Her slaves to entertain her personally. A "ceremony" was performed for the purpose of preparing women for future parties. Parties were thrown whenever it pleased Mistress, but a party always followed a ceremony. As far as she knew, Linda was the only woman enthralled to Mistress without benefit of a ceremony. Maybe that's why Mistress had refused to meet with her?

All Linda knew about tonight's ceremony was that it involved two new women, that they were guests at the hotel, and they'd somehow caught Mistress' eye. Linda accepted that this was more than she needed to know; Mistress was under no obligation to explain anything to her.

Twenty women, including Kelly and Heidi, were gathered in the Penthouse's common area. They formed a loose circle around two couches, arranged to face each other. Some of the women had paired up already, and were lightly stroking each other. Abby hugged Heidi from behind, running her ebony hands up and down Heidi's torso. Linda scanned the room and tried to decide who she might want to pair with first. Kelly stepped into the middle of the circle, between the two couches.

"Bring in the first!" she called sternly. Linda was confused.

"Where's Mistress," she asked Emma.

"Mistress is watching," Emma assured her.

A door near Linda opened and two more women entered, hold a third tightly by the arms. This woman struggled fiercely, but Linda was relieved to see Mistress' slaves had her well under control. The woman was barefoot, wearing a pair of white Capri pants and a tight, white t-shirt. Her long, gently permed hair and large, soft breasts flailed enticingly as she struggled. Linda found her breathtaking. She certainly understood how she'd captured Mistress' fancy.

"Let me go, God damn it!" the woman growled. "Let ... Me ... GO!"

The two women threw their captive onto one of the couches. Two more women immediately stepped forward and held the still struggling brunette's arms against the backrest. Kelly stepped forward.

"You are in so much trouble," the woman yelled. "You all are in so much FUCKING trouble." "We'll see," Kelly said as if she were amused. Then she pulled her shirt off.

The woman on the couch continued her thrashing, though with somewhat less intensity, as she took in Kelly's topless form. Kelly took another step forward, her nipples hard like bullets, placing herself between the woman's legs. Dropping to her knees, using her index finger and thumb, she began to probe the woman's pussy.

The brunette's resistance flared anew, "Stop!"

Kelly was rubbing between the woman's legs with the palm of her hand. The other two thralls were licking the brunette's ears and kissing her neck. Linda could faintly detect the scent of female arousal as more of the witnesses paired off and the foreplay escalated from touching to groping.

The captive's struggles continued, faintly, "Don't ... I won't tell anyone ... promise ... stohhhh ... stohhhh ... stop!"

She squirmed weakly on the couch, her nipples clearly defined against her t-shirt.

"Please ... pleeeeese," she sobbed. Her head was thrown back, mouth wide open, chest heaving, the picture of surrender. The sight of it brought back for Linda delicious memories of her own capitulation. Kelly reached up and unbuttoned the brunette's pants.

"Bring in the second!" Heidi yelled. A door, this time on the opposite side of the room, opened. Two more slaves brought in another woman. Like her friend, this one was a stunning brunette, but with straight hair and red highlights flowing past her shoulders, tanner skin and a toner, firmer body. She didn't struggle, but moved almost drunkenly. The two thralls supported more than restrained her. She wore only lacy, sheer light green panties and matching bra. By now, Linda knew that whatever Mistress used to enthrall her women was in the air; that explained the tingle she felt in her mouth when she'd first entered the Penthouse. Maybe it was because she'd been exposed longer to whatever was in the air, maybe she was weaker willed. Whatever it was, she hardly resisted as she was led to the unoccupied couch. Linda could see she was already soaking wet. Secured on her couch, the woman's heavily lidded eyes seemed to regain focus, her gaze falling on what Kelly w as doing to her friend.

"Kathy ... what are you ... no," this one had a silky Spanish purr to her voice. She tried to rise, but the thralls pushed her back down. She didn't try to get back up. Instead she watched with a look of horror that slowly began to give way to hunger. Kathy's pants had been discarded and her legs thrown open wide as Kelly lapped at her quim. One of the slaves had thrown a leg over the back of the couch. Kathy's fingers were buried in that girl's pussy.

"Oh. Ohhhhh, Lucy. It's good! Mmmmmmmmm. Ooooooo. Yes. Yes. Yes," Kathy chanted. If Lucy noticed the hands that were running along her breasts and thighs, she gave no notice. She cringed only slightly as Kelly brought Kathy off to a shivering, screaming orgasm. Linda noticed a few women in the room seemed to be cuming also.

Kelly stepped back, and after a moment, Kathy stood up also. They kissed deeply, with Kathy eventually breaking off the kiss to lick her own juices off of Kelly's face. Kelly looked over at Lucy, then back to Kathy.

"Take her," Kelly commanded. With a joyous smile, Kathy turned and peeled off her shirt.

"No, Kathy, please don't," Lucy begged. She seemed on the verge of tears.

"It's okay. It feels better than anything you can imagine," Kathy assured her. She stepped forward, bent down, kissed Lucy savagely, her hand thrust into the green panties. Linda could hear Lucy's moans clearly.

"We have a problem." Linda turned to see Heidi standing next to her. "The front desk just called. Mom's on her way up."

The announcement made Linda look at Heidi with almost new eyes. Her niece looked so much like her sister: blue eyed, auburn haired, fair skinned, petite and absolutely crackling with energy. Linda shook off her reminiscence.

"How did she find us?"

"You know Mom," Heidi smirked. "She'll be here any second. What should we do?"

Linda thought quickly, "Emma and I will meet her out in the foyer, then get her in here. Things will pretty much take of themselves after that."

Emma followed Linda into the foyer. They'd barely had time to close the double doors when the elevator doors slid open.

"Hello Jane," Linda said pleasantly.

Linda's sister wasn't in the mood for pleasantries, "Where's my daughter?"

"She's in the other room. Everything is fine Jane," Linda said as reasonably as she could.

"The Hell it is," Jane snapped. "I've been trying to get a hold of you for 2 days. I had visions of you and Heidi dead on the floor, or worse!"

"Nobody's dead, Jane," Emma replied. "If you'd just let us explain, you'll see everything is okay."

"Excuse me, Emma," Jane held up an index finger and delivered the kind of look that turns bread into toast. "I don't know what you're doing here, but since we're talking about MY daughter, why don't you stay the Hell out of this!"

Then she turned her attention back to Linda, "This is unbelievably irresponsible, even for you! Just get Heidi so we can get out of here."

Linda swallowed her anger, "Like I said she's in the next room. Let's go see her."

Jane stomped toward the doors, with Linda and Emma on either side. Emma used the card to unlock the doors, and Jane burst through. It took a second for her to process the scene before her.

"What the fuck?" she gasped.

"That's about the size of it," Linda muttered as she grabbed Jane by the arm. Emma did the same to the other arm. They dragged Jane, kicking and screaming, to the empty couch.

Whatever resistance Lucy had previously offered had been completely overcome. Kathy sat in her lap, bouncing up and down vigorously, rubbing their boxes together. Each girl's hands pawed at the other's breasts, pulling and squeezing the globes furiously. Their kiss was deep, ferocious even, Linda could see their jaws and tongues working, but even so their vulgar moans were clearly audible. The other women and girls in the room had dropped all pretense. Most were paired up, some even in groups of three or four. Every sexual position Linda could think of, and even a couple she never would have never thought of, was represented somewhere on the floor. The few not matched with another woman masturbated openly, frantically waiting their turn.

Linda wanted to join them. She wanted nothing more than to run to one of the girls, any one, and thrust her twat on their mouth. But she couldn't, not now at least. Jane's resistance had soared past "fierce" and was approaching "hysterical". Her eyes were clamped shut and she thrashed back and forth. Twisting her body, she craned her neck to try and bite Linda and when that failed, she twisted in the other direction and tried the same on Emma. Jane was utterly out of control, and Linda was sweating heavily trying to hold her down. She was wondering how much longer she could hold when she heard Kelly command, "Take her!"

Linda looked up. A smiling Lucy walked toward them: slow, sexy, confident. Her hips rolled lewdly as she moved. Linda could hardly believe this was the same woman who, a few minutes ago, looked like she was dead on her feet.

"Look at me," Lucy ordered. Jane's whole body stiffened. She turned her head away, eyes still shut tightly.

Lucy reached down, grabbing Jane by the chin, "Look at me!"

Jane opened her eyes, and immediately her body went limp. Lucy stood up straight. A glaze of sweat covered her body; she seemed to be glowing. Jane looked at her with stupefaction. Experimentally, Linda loosened her grip on Jane's arm. Jane didn't move.

Something was happening here, Linda knew that much; but she had no idea what that was. The two women simply stared at each other, Lucy with complete self-assurance, Jane with slack jawed awe.

After what could have been a few seconds or an eternity, Lucy drawled, "Chica, look at how wet I am! Fuck me with your tongue! Make me scream!"

And to Linda's astonishment, Jane did exactly that. She dropped to her knees then lunged into Lucy's pussy. Lucy chuckled roughly as Jane worked, wrapping her hand and wrist with the kneeling woman's hair. Linda could tell, just by the way Jane's body shook she was cumming, hard, while she ate Lucy's snatch.

"Yes. Oh, yes. Lick me! Ahhhhhhh! Lick it bitch!!!!!! Oh, my god I'm going to cum already!! Ohhhh!! OHHHAHHHHH!!!" To Linda, it looked like someone had turned on a hose and sprayed Jane's face. Lucy fell to the floor, and Linda assumed that would be that. But Jane was on the brunette instantly, her mouth glued to Lucy's clit.

"No. Oh, no. I can't. No more oh baby oh baby oh oh oh OH OH! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhh!" Lucy pulled Jane up, the two pressing their bodies together as they kissed. Jane struggled awkwardly to get out of her clothes while maintaining as much contact with Lucy as possible. Finally, Emma had to help Jane out of skirt, blouse and undergarments.

"Mistress is very pleased," Kelly said as she stroked Linda's ass. An ecstatic looking Kathy stood close by. "You handled Jane very well."

Linda shrugged modestly, "Thank you."

"As soon as those two are done," Kelly motioned towards Jane and Lucy, who finally seemed to be calming down, "Mistress wants to see the four of you in her quarters."

Linda felt she might burst with joy, "Thank you."

"Let me know when you're ready."

Eventually, Jane and Lucy did finish. Kelly led Mistress' four newest thralls to the room at the end of the hall, the one room Linda had never entered. And what she saw there, when Mistress was finally revealed, made perfect sense. She understood.

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