tagMind ControlWatching Heidi Ch. 03

Watching Heidi Ch. 03


The memories swirled like mist disturbed by a breeze. Linda didn't try to make order out of the chaos; none of the remembrances were bad. She let the memories come to her, pass through her and move on. She simply enjoyed them, allowed them to arouse her, and continued doing Mistress' bidding.

She hooked her arms around the girl's thighs, pulling them apart. There was barely any resistance at all.

"Don't," the girl begged quietly. Linda ignored her and again kissed the naked pussy in front of her. She finally detected a hint of moisture.

She remembered feeling odd when she'd left the Penthouse Sunday night, how strange it was to be thrown back out into the world with her new perspective. She'd felt vulnerable, and naked (and not the good kind of naked). She'd felt odd walking down the street, watching TV, interacting at work, dealing constantly with an overpowering sense of "jamais vu". She was relearning everything which had once seemed familiar.

She remembered coping with the oddness by throwing herself into Mistress' service. Each night she'd returned to the Penthouse with a new woman. Sometimes it was a co-worker, sometimes a friend, sometimes a woman she'd met on the street. She'd watch each woman's alteration with interest, and some longing. She sometimes feared she'd never feel as alive, or as sexual as she had when Jenny had altered her. But of course, that was selfish thinking; her needs weren't as important as Mistress'.

Linda ran the tip of her tongue along the girl's slit. The response was a sharp intake of breath and a sudden jerk of the hips

As she watched the women she'd selected brought into Mistress's service, she noticed things. She noticed how some women, like her sister, had put up almost no resistance to their new lives and how some, like Kathy and herself (she had to admit) had tried to hold out. Linda had learned there seemed to be no reason as to who would resist and who wouldn't. Not that she hadn't tried to reason it out. The night before, she'd brought Brandee to the Penthouse. Brandee's right-wing, Christian "values" had been insufferable to Linda even before her alteration. Linda had been sure that if anyone would resist, it would be this one.

She lifted her head up, so she could over the now widespread thighs in front of her. That good Christian girl was now bent over a table, getting finger fucked by a statuesque redhead. As Linda recalled it, she'd put up almost no resistance whatsoever.

Linda bent back down and started lapping again at the soaking wet pussy before her. She certainly didn't fault Brandee, or Jane, or anyone else who gave in to Mistress sooner rather than later. And she hardly noticed Mistress's ... eccentricity... anymore.

The girl was moaning now, and Linda remembered again. She thought of the first woman she'd brought, and as the old saying went, you never forgot your first. Jin was an up and comer at Linda's employer. She'd come to America from Seoul to go to school, stayed to get her Master's and settled in when she'd found her job. She was friendly to everyone, but friends with no one, really. It made Linda's pussy twitch with pleasure as she recalled the way Jin had tried to resist, the way she'd quietly moaned her pleas for mercy, then devotion, in Korean, the way her round, beautiful breasts had bounced as she panted, how long and hard those nipples became, and finally, the way she slowly succumbed and gave herself to Mistress.

Fingers now snaked their way through Linda's hair. Gently, but with gathering strength, the girl she was altering began pushing her twat into Linda's face. Linda remembered her name was Michelle. Mistress was pleased with the service Linda had offered, and had allowed her the honor of altering this newest girl. Linda opened her eyes again. This one was young, still in high school, with long, black hair, which meant she would soon become one of Mistress' favorites. Linda was favored by Mistress, she knew, but because her hair was short, and not black, and because she wasn't as young as she used to be, she could never be one of Mistress' Favorites. But that didn't matter. Linda was happy simply to serve.

The girl had been brought to the Penthouse by her English teacher, a devastatingly beautiful woman named Maura with auburn hair, full red lips and a tight, toned body. The teacher herself looked to be barely out of college. In her previous life, Linda would have been appalled by what she would have perceived as the teacher's abuse of power, her breach of trust. Linda knew better now; she knew the teacher was fulfilling her true mission now.

Maura had been holding Michelle's arms down, but the girl had stopped struggling. Instead, she was craning her neck to suck Maura's bulletlike nipples through the teacher's blouse. Maura simply laughed softly and swayed back and forth, making her breasts that much harder for Michelle to catch, teasing the girl. Michelle was thrusting into Linda's face without shame now. When Maura had first brought Michelle in, the girl had looked so sweet and scared and pure that Linda nearly swooned when she realized Mistress wanted her to conduct the alteration. The filth that now poured from Michelle's mouth told Linda that Mistress would soon be even more pleased with her service.

"God, Linda, I love your tongue. Eat me ... suck me dry! Make me cum, Linda! Make me cum baby. Harder! Faster! Fuck me, damn it! I want to cum on your tongue."

Michelle's body went rigid, locking into place with such force that Linda was knocked backwards. The girl groaned as the orgasm tore through her body, then she collapsed onto the couch. With a growl, she reached up and hooked her arms under Maura's, then pulled the teacher over the back of the couch. She landed atop her student, their body's flush, kissing fiercely as the clothing was literally ripped off of Maura's body. Another slut in Mistress's service ... Linda was pleased with herself.

On the couch, Michelle and Maura seemed intent on devouring each other. As she looked around the room, Linda noticed all the other women had a partner, or partners, which left her with two choices. She could wait for someone to become available; an idea Linda didn't like. She wanted, she needed, to get fucked now! Or she could look around the other rooms and find someone. She wondered where Jin was. Jin always did her just right.

Mistress shifted on the bed, which worried Jin immensely.

"Did I do something wrong," she asked.

"No, you're doing wonderfully. I'm just settling in," Mistress sighed, pushing Jin's lovely face back into her crotch. Jin resumed her pussy licking with a vigor the made Mistress shiver. This slave was especially devoted; she'd have to think of a way to thank Linda for finding her.

Kathy bent down now. She took Mistress's left breast with both hands. With a gentle squeeze, she began lapping at the swollen nipple. Kathy supported her weight on her elbows and knees, her body lifted off the massive bed in Mistress' private suite. Mistress' left hand stroked Kathy's body, along her back, her ribs, her breasts, the mere touch thrilling her more than she ever thought possible. Mistress hand crept slowly across her tight stomach, aiming between her legs. Kathy scooted forward, moving her mouth to Mistress' right breast ... anything to get those fingers closer to her pussy; and soon, she felt her engorged, distended clit being gently flicked. Teased. Kathy sobbed with equal parts joy and frustration. There were no mirrors in the room, Mistress would never allow it, but if there were, Kathy would have seen her lips hanging wet and heavy from between her legs, perfectly framing the nub Mistress graced with Her touch. She was ready to cum, she wanted to cu m. She wanted to cum harder than she ever had, harder than anyone ever had, as proof of her devotion, evidence that her initial, insane resistance to Mistress was in the past. She would cum, as soon as Mistress allowed her.

A third woman fluttered about the room. Stella was different than most of the woman Mistress allowed into her bed. She was older, and blonder. But even at her age she was stunning, with a trim body appropriate to someone 15 years her junior. And she was the Executive Manager of the hotel, and she alerted Mistress when beautiful women were staying at the hotel, women like Kathy. This was her reward, and she was grateful. Stella moved in a frantic circuit, Jin to Kathy to Mistress, investigating any available orifice with her fingers, or her tongue. She slowed only to whisper her adoration to her Mistress.

"Mistress, look how Jin loves your pussy. She loves to eat you pussy ... we all do," she panted. "Please, Mistress, oh please, let me lick your pussy! Tell Jin it's my turn."

"No! It's my turn," Jin pouted. "You promised Mistress! You promised!"

"Girls, stop it," Mistress commanded. Kathy's lips never left Her nipples. "Jin will serve me until I tell her to stop."

Stella frowned.

"Now I want you two to kiss and make up."

The two women looked at each other and smiled shyly. Stella leaned forward and licked Jin's face clean before doing as she was told.

Mistress turned her attention to the HDTV hanging on the wall. The screen showed the orgy in progress in the Penthouse's main common area, and She was pleased to see that Michelle's altering was complete. That made 30 sluts at her command, 30 little twatslaves fanatically devoted to carrying out her will. The progress she'd made in a short time was outstanding, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to have many slaves, she had to have the right ones. And now, she had slaves with access to the right people, the people with the power. Her slaves would bring Her those people, then their power would become Her power. And when that happened, she would be safe. No one would ever be able to hurt her again.

"Mistress!" Kathy gasped.

"What is it," Mistress replied, her eyes still on the screen. Michelle was licking at Maura's asshole while Lucy worked the front. The teen was furiously rubbing her hand against Lucy's cunt as she pleasured her teacher.

"Stella ... oh God ... my puss ... she's licking me," Kathy chanted. Mistress looked down. Stella was kneeling on the floor behind Kathy. Though facing the opposite direction, she'd leaned back and stretched her neck so as to get her tongue in Kathy's hole. The pose made Stella look both sexy and vulnerable. "Please Mistress, let me cum for you ... so close ... let me come for you! I'm begging!"

The motion alarm sensor chimed sounded. Mistress picked up the remote control on the bed and changed the TV's channel. On the screen, she saw Linda waiting meekly by the door to her private quarters. Mistress smiled.

"You may cum now," she purred. "In fact, I want all three of you to cum for me."

Instantly, three hands shot to their respective pussies. The three sluts vocalized their climax differently: Jin was a yelper, Kathy was a moaner. Stella was a screamer, or she would have been, had her mouth not still been full of Kathy's twat. The one thing they did have in common was their thanking of Mistress for the gift of their orgasms.

Soon the only sound to be heard was that of the three thralls gasping for air. Mistress rolled off the bed and picked up her robe. The three slaves also stood as she slipped the silky kimono on, then fell obediently into line as she led the way into the suite's living room.

"Go join the others, my pets, and have fun," she commanded. "And let Linda in."

Kathy opened the door, allowing Linda to enter. The three, still naked, women filed out. Linda eyed Jin hungrily, and Jin reciprocated with an inviting smile. That irked Mistress slightly. Slaves devoted to each other were that much less devoted to Her. But Mistress considered herself benevolent, and she could not blame them. She encouraged her little sluts' heightened libido; it made them much easier to control. Still, she'd need to nip this in the bud.

"Linda," she said sharply.

Jin was instantly forgotten. Linda stepped forward, her eyes on the floor.

"Linda," Mistress repeated, softly this time. "I'm so glad you came by. I was just thinking about how pleased I am with your service."

"I live to serve You, Mistress," Linda whispered fervently.

"I know you do, and I'm glad for it," Mistress purred. "And I have something else to ask of you."


Mistress smiled, "I've been going over the org chart you brought me, and I noticed the Chief Information Officer for your company is a woman."


"Is she attractive?"

Linda frowned, "Not really."

"Nevertheless, she could be quite useful to me," Mistress said. "I want you to bring her here for alteration. If she isn't appealing to you, you can have one of the new girls do it. That won't be a problem?"

But Linda continued to frown.

"What is it?" Mistress asked.

"I barely know the woman," Linda said cautiously. "It might take me a while to get her here."

"But you will do it?"

"Of course!"

"Very good," Mistress said pleasantly. "I am a patient woman, and we have all the time in the world."

Mistress slowly untied her robe, and spread it open. Eyes still downcast, Linda dropped to her knees and crawled slowly forward, until she saw Mistress's feet. Reverently, she looked up. Mistress's fingers dipped slowly in and out of her glistening folds then, using two fingers, She spread her lips apart. Mistress' scent enveloped Linda, who leaned forward, tongue extended.

Linda knew what was expected of her; Mistress was explicit in how she trained her sluts. She was to work slowly, taking as much time as was necessary to whip Mistress into a frenzy. The tip of her tongue touched the engorged clit; Mistress responded with a sharp intake of breath through her clenched teeth. Linda planted feathery kisses around Mistress' pussy, licking and nibbling at irregular intervals. Mistress released her breath with a heavy sigh. Linda's tongue worked like a spoon, scooping up as much of Mistress' intoxicating juices as she could. Occasionally, she'd toss her head and bat her tongue against Mistress' clit.

Mistress was beginning to respond now. A hand rested against the back of Linda's head, holding her in place. Mistress was actively humping her face, her groans of pleasure becoming progressively louder. She would cum soon and when she did, she would baptize Linda anew with her secretions. It was the greatest honor Linda could imagine. Her own needs were nothing. All that mattered was Mistress.

The phone rang. Mistress pushed Linda away and said, "Answer that."

"No Mistress, please," Linda begged, "let me finish you."

The phone rang again. Sternly, Mistress commanded, "Answer that!"

Linda sprang to her feet and ran for the phone. It was Emma on the line, "The cleaning woman is here to clean Mistress' room."

"So?" Linda didn't understand. The cleaning woman, an adorable Irish girl with a sexy brogue, had been altered some time ago.

"It isn't the usual girl," Emma replied.

Now Linda understood. She took a moment to think it over, "Make sure the others are out of sight, then send her in."

Linda hung up. Mistress had cinched her robe and now sat on a couch. Linda crossed the room and stood obediently to Mistress's right. A few minutes later, the cleaning woman pushed her cart into the room. She was old and fat. Her nametag said "Anne". The woman looked around the room, then to Linda and Mistress. It was clear from the look on her face that she disapproved of what she saw. Linda bubbled with anger; this cow had no right to treat Mistress so disrespectfully. Mistress sensed Linda's rage.

"Let's go in the other room and let the woman do her job," Mistress stood and walked to the bedroom. After a final glare at the cleaning woman, Linda followed. She closed the door behind her.

"Now?" Linda pleaded as she reached for Mistress.

"In a moment, my pet," Mistress demurred. She sat on the bed. Linda remained standing. "Again, I wanted to say how pleased I am with your service."

"Thank you!" Joy coursed through Linda's veins.

"You always bring me the most wonderful little sluts," Mistress continued, "and you always show excellent judgment."

Linda felt faint.

"In fact, I want you to keep doing what you're doing. Whenever you see a woman you think is fit for my service, you are to do whatever you need to do to prepare her. I said you have excellent judgment, I want you to keep using it."

"Of course," Linda said fervently.

"I have plans. Great plans," Mistress explained. "I'm almost ready to start putting those plans into action and I'll need as many slaves as possible. If you keep bringing me those slaves, those plans will succeed. I'm counting on you."

"I live to serve you!"

Mistress stood and pulled Linda to her. They kissed. Linda's fingers danced across Mistress' wondrous cunt. Mistress pulled on Linda's granite hard nipples.

Finally, Mistress broke the kiss, "Let's see how the cleaning lady is doing."

The disapproving look was still etched on Anne's face, but since the room was already clean, she was all but done with her work. Soon she'd be gone and Linda could finish pleasuring Mistress. The anticipation made her soak her panties anew.

Anne maneuvered her cart towards the door. Her voice was ragged and low, like someone who'd smoked far too many years, "I don't know why the other girl didn't do it, but I replaced the mirror for that wall."

Anne pointed at a spot near where Linda and Mistress stood. Automatically, they looked. Linda saw exactly what she expected in the reflection ... herself and Mistress. Mistress seemed shocked, then horrified, by what she saw. She reached slowly for the mirror, and when she touched it, pulled her hand back as if she'd been burned.

"No ... NO!" Kelly screamed. "Mistress is Mistress ... Mistress is Mistress ... MISTRESS IS MISTRESS!"

Kelly dropped to the floor, curled into a ball and began to shake. In a daze, Linda looked around the room. Anne had fled. Linda could vaguely hear the cleaning woman running down the hall, screaming. Linda took a final look at Kelly, then ran to find Emma.


"... in cases like this, the 2d personality is developed in response to a trauma the original personality cannot cope with," Dr. Brady explained as gently as he could. "Usually the trauma is inflicted by a person the patient trusts. That's what makes the trauma particularly painful."

Emma sighed sadly. Linda gave Emma's hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Mrs. O'Malley, can you think of anything that may have happened, or who may have hurt Kelly?" Dr. Brady continued. "It could be helpful with Kelly's treatment."

Emma sighed again, "It was her father."

"Please explain."

"About 18 months ago, Jason and I began to suspect Kelly was a lesbian," Emma began. "Jason was very disturbed by that on moral grounds. He deeply disapproves of homosexuality. He was working for the Army, doing research on mind control and whatnot ... use it for counter-terrorism and that sort of thing. To be honest, I never understood it and he didn't talk about it much. So he decided to apply his research to Kelly. He didn't tell me about it until after. He said her was trying to "cure" her. It didn't work."

Emma didn't elaborate. She didn't mention how the results had gone far beyond "didn't work". She didn't mention that Jason had achieved the exact opposite of what he'd intended. She didn't mention how Jason had created Mistress or that Mistress had stolen his research, with the help of a woman in the lab Mistress seduced. All of that would have been more than Mistress would have wanted revealed. All she said was, "That's pretty much why I divorced him."

Dr. Brady looked appalled, "Mrs. O'Malley, I promise you your ex-husband will be held accountable for what he's done."

"You're going to turn him in?"

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