tagMind ControlWatching Heidi Ch. 04

Watching Heidi Ch. 04


Watching Heidi - Epilogue

Linda entered the club first, followed by Maura and Lucy. The overpowering techno beat of the music synched perfectly with the throbbing in her pussy. The three women surveyed the scene, than looked to each other. Wordlessly, they nodded, than split up. It was on.

It had been on for the past month. Almost every night she'd gone out to find women, meet them, prepare them, make them want her. Impose her will on them, as Mistress had done to her. She took the women she met. They had to be made ready. This was the first night, however, she'd gone hunting with others.

Linda plunged into the crowd, taking in everything. Her standards were high, she was looking for just the right girl. She crossed the whole of the room but hadn't found anyone adequate. She wasn't worried. The club was packed. The right one was here somewhere. She just had to find her. Linda moved to the bar.

That's where Linda found her. She was superb, a short Philippino girl with long, straight hair streaked with blond highlights and pouty, bee-sting lips. Her skin was smooth and a perfect mocha color. And Linda saw much of that perfect skin. Her prey wore only an orange leather corset that lifted and compressed the woman's tight, medium sized breasts and a matching skirt that barely covered the graceful arc of her ass. Orange, high heeled leather boots that zipped up on the side reached to just under the girl's knee.

Linda moved in, bumping into the girl as though she'd been jostled, "Excuse me."

The girl smiled, "It's okay."

Linda signaled the bartender, then looked back to the girl, "What a place."

"It's great."

"I can't believe I've never been here before."

"I come here all the time," the girl replied. "The DJ is incredible!"

"I'm Linda, by the way," she held out her hand.

"Samantha," the girl took the offered hand.

The two chatted as they waited for their drinks. As Linda expected, Samantha invited her back to her table to hang with her girlfriends. Samantha led the way, Linda followed closely. They arrived at a booth occupied by two other girls, a busty, short haired redhead and a pixyish blond. Samantha introduced them as Yolanda and Elane, respectively. Linda took a seat next to Samantha.

"These are my friends Maura and Lucy," Linda introduced the two thralls who'd appeared from out of nowhere. The women crammed into the booth, three to a side, Linda allowing herself a thrill as she pressed against Samantha. The women talked generally, about their lives in the real world, about other clubs, about how hot the music was and how the guys (the straight looking ones, at least) were considerably less so.

The beat of the music changed, becoming slightly slower but more thumping, more insistent. Samantha bounced a hand off the table, "I wanna' dance."

The six women piled out of the booth and found a spot on the dance floor. Initially they danced as a group, but gradually paired off: Yolanda with Lucy, Elane with Maura, Samantha with Linda. Men would occasionally try to join them, Linda maneuvered they away. Samantha was to be hers. The club was like a sauna, the air a miasma of heat, humidity and sex. Linda was drenched, her salty sweat mixing with the sweetness pouring from her cunt and down her legs. Samantha danced frantically, arms raised above her head, her head flailing and tossing her hair wildly about. The girl's movements showered Linda with perspiration; Linda lapped up the acrid liquid from her face and arms. Samantha tasted divine.

She had no idea how long they'd danced; long enough that when Samantha stopped and started back for the booth, both women were panting. As they stepped off the dance floor, Linda grabbed Samantha by the wrist. The girl turned. Linda dropped her hand to Samantha's, entwining their fingers. Slowly, Linda traced their hands along Samantha's wet thigh, than cupped her ass.

Leaning forward, she whispered, "Let's go back to my place."

Samantha blinked then jerked her head back slightly, "Why ..."

Linda grinned, "Because you dance like someone who needs to get fucked."

Samantha looked lost, "... my friends ..."

Linda motioned with her eyes toward the booth. Samantha looked. Lucy and Yolanda were there. Yolanda's eyes were closed, her head back. Lucy was whispering in her ear. From their angle, Samantha and Linda could see under the table. Lucy's hand was inside Yolanda's skirt, caressing the redhead's thigh. Yolanda's legs were slowly opening.

"Elaine?" Samantha asked, eyes wide.

Linda ran her tongue along the edge of Samantha's ear, "She left with Maura 10 minutes ago."

Samantha shuddered from the sensation and the inevitability of it all, "Let's take your car".

Still hand in hand, Linda led Samantha out of the club. The car was only two blocks away. Linda got in first and reached across to unlock the passenger door. As soon Samantha was seated, Linda pulled her close and kissed her. Hard. Samantha responded, the two women clutching at each other, touching each other, their mouths pressed fiercely together, tongues battling back and forth. It was Samantha that finally broke the kiss, pushing Linda back. Out of curiosity, Linda snuck a look at the dashboard clock. They'd been making out for 10 minutes.

"Let's go," Samantha begged. "Hurry."

It was only a 15 minute drive to Linda's condo. She spent the entire with her left hand on the steering wheel. Her right hand was between Samantha's legs, fingering the soaking twat. Samantha had reclined her seat 3/4ths of the way back and flipped her skirt up. One hand pulled the front of her panties to the side, giving Linda free access. Her other hand guided Linda's, showing exactly where and how she wanted to be touched. Her whimpers were unending as Linda probed her. Samantha's bellybutton ring glittered in the glow of the streetlights.

Linda parked in the basement of her building and without a word, exited the car and walked towards the elevators. Samantha, looking stunned and disheveled, eventually followed, stumbling into the elevator just as the doors closed.

Linda pressed the button for her floor, turned, and pressed Samantha against the wall of the elevator, pinning her arms above her head. The girl groaned passively, her eyes closed, mouth open in anticipation of another soul shattering kiss.

Instead, Linda asked, "You ever been with another girl?"

"No, of course not," Samantha whispered, eyes still closed. She leaned forward, searching for Linda's lips. The elevator shuddered to a stop, and the doors opened. Taking Samantha's hand, Linda led her down the hall.

Inside the condo, Linda again pounced on Samantha, trapping her against the front door. Their kiss was a repeat of what had happened earlier in the car, only this time, Samantha was rapidly disrobed. The skirt went first, and Linda was careful with it. It had to have cost several hundred dollars, and there was no sense in ruining a beautiful piece of clothing. The butterfly back v-string didn't fare as well; Linda knew those were 3 for $25 at Victoria's Secret. She ripped the flimsy garment off, making Samantha yelp with surprise. Naked from the waist down, gloriously exposed, Samantha wrapped a leg around Linda's hips and humped her steaming twat into Linda's thigh. Linda unlaced the corset slowly, peeling it off then taking Samantha's breasts in her hands. She rolled the girls nipples between her thumb and index fingers. Samantha smiled, laced her fingers behind Linda's head and pulled her in for another long kiss.

Linda turned 180 degrees and pushed Samantha into the living room, "The bedroom is through there. I'll meet you there."

Linda was pointing at an archway on the opposite side of the room. Samantha bent down to unzip her boots. Linda stopped her, "No! Leave those on, they make your legs look totally hot.

Linda smiled, "And when we're done, you have to tell me where you shop."

Slowly, Samantha stood back up, a smile of her own lighting up her lovely face. She threw her shoulders back, thrusting out her chest, giving Linda a little hint of what would be waiting for her in the bedroom; then turned gracefully of her heels. Samantha's ass swayed almost defiantly as she walked, her arms swinging loose and easy as she headed off in the direction indicated. It was all Linda could do not to take her then and there, but she restrained herself. She enjoyed teasing her women and, she had to admit, teasing herself.

It was only when she reached the hall, out of Linda's sight, she bothered to ask herself what she was doing. She wasn't a lesbo, she'd never even been curious. She was always careful when she went to the club; she almost never gave her phone number and she NEVER took a drink from anyone other than the bartender. But here she was naked ... NAKED for Christ's sake ... about to get her brains fucked out by a woman she'd met maybe 2 hours before. It was insane. Absolutely fucking crazy. She knew she should just turn around, grab her clothes and get the hell out of there.

The problem was she didn't want to, and even if she did, she doubted if she could.

She couldn't explain it, not that she analyzed it much. Something about Linda, something about the way she'd just taken charge, made Samantha wetter than she ever thought possible. Linda seemed to control her, and the idea of it turned her on.

As she entered the bedroom, she became suddenly aware of how hard and tight her nipples were. She tweaked them with her fingers; it felt better when Linda did it. She lay on the bed, spread her legs. One hand continued to massage her breasts. The other cupped her pussy, rubbing back and forth. The mound of her hand, right below the thumb, glided gently against her clit. Her breath was already sharp and ragged. She suddenly found herself wondering about Yolanda and Elane. Were they naked, in a stranger's bed, crazed with lust, about to fuck? She hoped so. She thought back to the club and the look of dreamy arousal Yolanda has as Lucy fingered her. Had her friend returned the favor? Would Yolanda lick Lucy's little pussy? Samantha was sure she would. Elane also.

Samantha sensed motion by the bed and opened her eyes. Linda was naked, rivulets of sweat streaked her body like stripes. Her pussy looked red and swollen, the sparse pubic hair weighed down by moisture. Samantha groaned at the realization Linda wanted her to. Her hands slid under her knees, lifting her legs up, opening herself even wider.

Linda crawled onto the bed, between Samantha's legs. Her fingers slid along the wet twat below her; occasionally they dipped in to pluck the swelling clit. The contact made Samantha sob. She wanted to beg, beg for more, but she stopped herself. She was being made to feel like a toy, a plaything, a slut, and she liked it. There was no denying it. The groans and whines she heard herself making convinced her.

Eventually Linda moved back a bit, bent forward and touched her mouth to Samantha's cunt. She started slowly, licking and pecking ever so gently; more maddening teasing that made Samantha want to scream. She released her legs; they drifted slowly to the bed, jumping an inch or so each time Linda licked a sensitive spot. And when Linda found a sensitive spot, she tended to hit it again and again. Samantha's palms pressed against her forehead, her fingers clenched and re-clenched her hair.

Samantha's pussy was as wet and sweet as any Linda had ever tasted. She wanted more of it. Slowly she scaled back the teasing to concentrate on the sopping labia, and what lay inside the heavy lips. Samantha's body twitched with gratitude.

"Oh ... oh."

Linda barely heard it at first, she wasn't sure she heard anything at all. She kept licking.

"Oh ... oh."

Samantha was gasping, in time with Linda's ministrations. Curious, Linda worked a little faster.

"Oh ... oh ... oh."

Samantha's body was quivering. One hand had resumed her breast massage. The index and middle finger of her other hand were in her mouth. She sucked on them frantically. Linda wrapped her lips around Samantha's distended clit. She slid a finger, then a second and a third between the sopping lips.

"Ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh!"

Samantha's hips leapt off the bed, crashed back down, then ricocheted off the sheets. Linda's arms slid under the delirious woman's ass, her hands gripping the flailing hips. She was able, barely, to dampen the girl's thrusts enough to keep her mouth attached to the drooling cunt. By now, Samantha's groans were deep, and manic, and loud.

"Ohhhhhh ... ohhhhHHHHH ... OHHHHHHHH ... OHHHHHHHHH!"

Samantha's legs slammed to the bed, lifting her up until only her feet and neck remained in contact with the mattress. Linda jammed her tongue into Samantha's twat and felt the girl's pussy spasm against her lips. With a final groan, Samantha collapsed back onto the bed. Linda scrambled up the prostrate girl's body for a mouth wide open, tongue thrusting kiss. Samantha's legs wrapped tightly around Linda's hips, locking the two in place.

"Thank you," Samantha whispered breathlessly, "thank you so much ... thank you!"

Linda smiled. The little sluts always thanked her afterwards, "So, you think you're ready to do the same for me?"

"Oh, God yes!"

Linda rose up on all fours and crawled slowly forward. Grabbing the headboard of the bed, she positioned herself. Samantha was by no means altered, Linda knew that. But when the time, it would be no problem to do so. Samantha now would do anything Linda wanted. What Linda wanted was for Samantha to be turned into a willing and able slut in Mistress' service, when Mistress returned. As she lowered herself onto Samantha's eager tongue, there was one thing she was sure of; more sure even than that Samantha was about to lick her to one luscious orgasm after another. Linda was sure that, someday, Mistress would return to her.

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