tagLoving WivesWatching Her

Watching Her


Chapter- 1 (Our beginning)

One of the things I really got off on when I was in high school was watching hot girls and women getting undressed for bed. I even pursued this hobby for a couple years in college. I need to explain what I mean by 'watching'; I was a voyeur, a serious voyeur. I engaged in serious peeping on a lot of girls I grew up with, dated and even girls that I happened to see while at the store or that I saw driving in their cars. I'd follow them when home and come back that later that evening to see if they qualified as a 'prospect'.

I based a good prospect upon her appearance and also where her bedroom and bathroom windows were located. If the family had a dog that barked or was a nuisance the girl or woman was not a prospect. Similarly, if the blinds or drapes were closed effectively, rendering it impossible for me to 'peep', they were not a prospect. Finally, I preferred a house with poor exterior lighting over a house that had adequate lighting or a noisy neighbor. I didn't want to be silhouetted with my dick in my hand. I knew there wasn't any need to take chances. There were too many girls, women and couples to satisfy my fetish.

I was good as a voyeur and I never got caught although I had a few close calls. I ran track in high school and I was fast. I ran a respectable 220 yard dash. On one particular occasion I was peeping on a high school graduate with a kick ass body. I was across the street scoping out her house and the adjoining houses when a squad car stopped in the middle of the darkened street. A policeman jumped out of the vehicle and he was carrying a shotgun. That night I ran my fastest mile.

I was always careful and I thought a situation through before I hit a new house. I didn't like fences but if there was no lock that was not a problem. I liked two 'escape routes' and I didn't park my car in the same block I was 'working'. I preferred an alley to a street and heavy vegetation to well-trimmed landscape. I even fed several dogs if the 'subject' appeared to be worth my effort. I saw a lot of exciting things that I found sexually arousing. You'd be surprised what 'nice' girls do at night. I watched girls playing with themselves or another girl and masturbating or couples fucking. I would masturbate while I watched them. Watching a girl or couple gave me a strange sense of power excited me erotically. Finally, I knew it was perverted or sick, but I didn't care.

For some reason, after I married I began to experience similar feelings to those I'd had in high school and later. I wanted to watch my sexy wife, Janet, with another man. I knew a lot of men felt that way and it didn't go anywhere. I believe my feelings were stronger as a result of my little perversion which I'd enjoyed. I had a virtually irresistible compulsion to watch a well- endowed man violating my sweet wife. I wanted to see her orgasm, uncontrollably, on his huge dick after she'd become so turned on she wanted it too. I honestly couldn't stop myself and I felt helpless in the face of this overpowering desire, which I knew was terribly wrong. No matter how much I wanted to get these perverted thoughts out of my mind, I couldn't. Every time we went out in public other men were constantly looking at my wife. They had always looked at her because my wife, Janet, exudes sex and she doesn't even know it or at least at first she didn't. This went on for over a year and a half and ultimately I realized I couldn't control my desires.

I had sought counseling at Minirth Clinic but I had been intimidated. I couldn't open up and share these feelings with my therapist. I mean, how can you tell a psychiatrist you want to watch your innocent young wife being fucked senseless by another man? Ultimately, I concluded it was pointless, not to mention a waste of money. I rationalized this and concluded I might as well "forget it". I was helpless and weak before the compulsion which consumed me. I read about other couples on the internet and in books and finally I opened up and shared my feelings with my young wife. I was embarrassed and apologetic, but I was honest as I told Janet I wanted to watch another man pleasure her. My innocent young wife was shocked, angry and hurt; she thought I didn't love her and this predictably led to marital strife.

Finally, we quit talking about it but these feelings grew stronger. When we made love I'd visualize that it was another man pleasuring her and making her orgasm. It didn't matter Janet had been shocked when I first shared my idea with her. Her thought about marriage was the traditional couple with the white picket fence and all that. I'd known my suggestion could destroy her innocence as surely as the apple Eve had tasted destroyed her innocence.

It's not that Janet and I had a poor sex life. We had a great sex life and she loved sex as much as any girl I'd ever met. Sometimes, during our engagement we'd spend the entire afternoon in bed and she especially enjoyed oral sex. I could make her cum as much as fourteen or fifteen times. She loves sucking cock and she's fantastic at deep throating my swollen eight-inch dick.

She's sucked cock since junior high school and on one occasion she'd been sucking her boyfriend's dick. They were both dressed when he expectedly came in her mouth. Her mouth was full of his cum and she didn't want to get it on her clothing so she swallowed it. She discovered she loved the taste of cum. Since that time she's always swallowed guys' semen.

Janet is thirty-three and most all of her friends have always considered her to be 'hot' whatever that means. She is five feet seven inches tall and her long shapely legs lead up to 36 inch thighs that narrows to a 24 inch waist and then flares out to 34 C sized breasts capped by sensitive, mauve colored nipples. She's pretty in that traditional all American girl type way. She has a cute little nose, naïve blue eyes, straight teeth and an innocent face framed by dishwater blond hair which she wears down upon her shoulders.

I determined I'd change Janet's mind, one way or another; I couldn't stop myself. Janet's innocence had always excited me. She's ten years younger than I am. I met her when she was twenty-two and she'd had limited sexual experience in that she had been to bed with only one guy and he'd only been interested in his satisfaction. He'd never taken the time to please her sexually and teach her even the basics of making love. The first time I fucked her she literally went crazy. She'd never been properly fucked and I felt like I was violating a child. From the beginning, I discovered that Janet was an extremely sensual person and once I got her going she didn't want to stop. There was a lot she'd never experienced and I enjoyed teaching her a few things and she learned fast.

That's when I began to buy her clothing at Victoria's Secret and the Electric Boutique, a store on Northwest Highway that specializes in club wear for swingers and strippers or 'exotic dancers'. I bought her a lot of risqué clothing that emphasized Bondage and Domination from Priscilla's, a boutique on lower Greenville Avenue, which catered to wealthy people who had a kinky side. I had never seen her in a pair of T-Backs before and high heels and she looked like a stripper. I purchased Guerlain and all kinds of La Mer makeup at Neiman Marcus at North Park and fragrances at Sephora in the Galleria, two of Dallas's finest shopping malls.

Janet enjoyed getting dressed to go clubbing as much as I enjoyed watching her. For the first time, she discovered she relished in showing off her body and I loved it, too (later this would lead to public sex, a fetish she developed on her own). She didn't understand how sexy she was or recognize the interest other men had, but I noticed them ogling and lusting after her.

While she initially didn't understand the effect she had upon other men; by the time she did understand, she enjoyed it so much that she continued dressing up for them or me or perhaps herself. It seemed that it wasn't long before she began to dressing even more suggestively. But I didn't mind; I loved exposing her to other men.

Janet's tits look like they're trying to burst through whatever she's wearing and they defy all gravitational laws. Her long mauve colored nipples are almost always erect and delightfully noticeable. I have never known her to wear a bra since the day we met except to work or when she is jogging because she's never liked them. I enjoy seeing her erect nipples through her thin blouses and tube tops like most other red blooded males. It was about six months before I asked her 'not to wear panties when we went partying'. After several weeks of discussion she finally agreed. I found it stimulating knowing my attractive wife was naked under her cocktail dress or blouse and short skirt when we went clubbing and she realized she liked not having panty lines showing. She even told me that she felt a little wicked.

Janet and I went out every weekend to the hottest clubs and night spots in Addison and Dallas I could find. Janet was playing dress up every weekend and the new, revealing clothing I'd bought for her turned us both on. She attracted the attention of not only a lot of men in these clubs, but also a few women, as well. She began to take more time getting dressed when she realized the effect she had on other men. She really liked that and I called her a 'prick tease'. It had become more than a game with her after she'd told me, "She hadn't realized how much she missed being with other men".

Sometimes driving home after an evening clubbing I'd place my hand on her thigh and slide it up to her cleanly shaved pussy. When I'd slide my middle fingers inside her she would be dripping and need to be fucked. I continued to share the idea of sex with another man with her and I knew the thought excited her. In the back of her mind, I think she couldn't stop thinking about another man fucking her. If that wasn't proof enough, when we got home to make love sometimes I'd be a little slow hanging up my clothes in the work-out bedroom closet. She'd be naked waiting for me when I walked into our bedroom; it didn't take any time for her to take off her cocktail dress and she was naked underneath it. Before I entered I'd peak in and see her furiously masturbating herself. Her hand was buried in her vagina. She had two fingers buried in her pussy as she moaned and pinched her nipples with her thumbs and fore fingers.

Janet's body is incredible. She has the type of skin that tans easily and she looks great with or without a tan. She has an innocent yet an intriguingly sexy face. She'd finger herself with one hand while she'd massage her clit with the other. When she goes over the edge her back bows and her ass lifts up off the bed. I watched her leave her fingers in her vagina, catch her breath and do it again.

One evening we were driving home from Sans Souci, the second time we'd been there, and my wife told me she had played with a cute looking blonde haired dude's dick she'd danced with while they were slow dancing. She quickly added, "I mean... just through his pants, Sweetheart."

I asked her, "How big is his dick?"

My wife replied with a thoughtful look on her beautiful face, "Well, I can't be certain, but he's bigger than you, Honey."

Hearing Janet tell me that made my dick so hard. I couldn't help but ask her, "Would you like to play with his dick again and then tell me about it"?

She quickly responded, "Do you mean have it in my hands to tease and play with and stuff"?

I said, "Yes, and would you like to suck it if you had the chance?"

Janet didn't hesitate, "Oh...Yeah, you know how much I love sucking a hard dick. I'd like it a whole lot if you wouldn't mind. He's hot and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I let him play with my tits, too. He even sucked my nipples, Honey, and you know what that does to me. When we were in the middle of the dance floor he had his leg between my thigh and I rubbed my pussy against his knee while his hands were on my ass."

That really made me hot when she talked like that and when she told me what had happened as we drove home. I knew I was going to use our biggest dildo on her and make her cum on that monster for a long time before I fucked her, that night. I thought about what she told me and then I asked her, "If that was all they had done?"

My wife was quiet for a minute and I knew she was thinking and then she replied, "Promise you won't get mad?"

I assured her, "I promise I won't get mad, Baby. Feel my dick."

Janet felt my rock-hard dick and smiled as quickly replied, "Your dick sure likes hearing about another guy making me hot! You know how horny I get when someone sucks my nipples?"

I nodded as my hard dick continued throbbing, almost painfully.

She went on, "Well, his leg was teasing me and I sorta began humping against him as he ground his knee right into my pussy. You know how it is on the dance floor when it's crowded and it's dark with wall to wall people. He pulled me to him and his hand was between my thighs and I didn't stop him and then he had two fingers inside me. That was when I knew I wanted him to fingerfuck me and make me cum. I needed his hand in my pussy. He was finger fucking me so good and rubbing my clit at the same time and I didn't want him to stop. He knew how to make me happy. I mean, he knew what he was doing. It was only a few minutes before he made me cum.

After I came I was so weak I just held onto him. I guess I didn't realize his fingers were still inside me. He'd paused for a minute and as I came around he started playing with me again, you know. I couldn't help it, I really couldn't. He made me cum again and it was so intense and so deep, Baby. I was tingling all over".

I was so turned on I could hardly drive and I told Janet that turned me on. I asked her if anything else happened. She replied, "No, except he put his fingers that were inside me in my mouth".

I asked her what she'd done when he did that.

Janet responded immediately, "What do you think I did? I sucked my cum off his fingers".

When we got home I got the WET Platinum and our eleven inch dildo that's so big Janet can hardly take it and set it on our night stand by the bed. I lowered my head between her thighs and began lapping up her cum from her pussy. I concentrated on her swollen clit rising proudly above her puffy pussy. After I'd made her cum three or four times I took the huge cyberskin dildo with bulging realistic veins and lubricated it. I watched Janet's hungry pussy as the gigantic dildo spread her pussy lips, which clung to it obscenely. I remembered it was only a short time back when she couldn't take that massive dildo and now she loved it. I continued licking her clit as I felt her hips moving forward eagerly accepting the invading penis inside her pussy.

Janet said, "Pound me, I need it. I need it tonight. I need it...fuck me hard...harder than that, Baby!"

I was surprised at her language, but I pushed harder and felt her breath quicken as I pushed the oversized cock all the way inside her until the thick head slammed into her cervix before withdrawing it only to slam it deeper into her. I looked at her as I began to move it faster in and out of her pussy and her eyes roll backwards in her head. Her hands squeezed her breasts pinching her nipples as her hips rose up and down, excitedly. In less than a minute she began cumming, her hips gyrating wildly almost as if she was having a seizure.

I whispered, "Pretend it's that hot blond haired man fucking you."

Her eyes were closed as she said, "What do you think I'm doing"? She moaned and came once again on the dildo as her hands gripped her wide spread thighs holding them up. She moaned, "Oh fuck yeah, fuck me hard...fuck my pussy hard with that big dick."

I was so excited watching my wife's response that I couldn't wait to fuck her. When I finally pulled that huge dildo out of her it was coated with her cum. My wife had creamed all over it and I took it into my mouth and sucked her cum off of it. She was acting like a little slut as I mounted her she said, "Do you still want me to pretend it's somebody else fucking me, Sweetheart?"

I said, "Yes, Baby. Pretend it's somebody else...pretend it's the guy who made you cum tonight".

Janet continued as her pussy easily swallowed my eight inch cock, "Would it turn you on if you were really watching Mike fuck me"?

I responded, "Who's Mike"?

Janet laughed and said, "The good looking guy who made me cum tonight".

I couldn't help it and I shot my load of cum deep in her pussy. Then I paused, "Would you like for Mike to fuck you"?

Janet laughed quietly, "I asked you first"!

Chapter- 2 (Janet meets Mike)

After that weekend Janet became more outgoing with other people when we went clubbing. We decided to join Sans Souci. We were surprised we liked everyone we'd met at the club. Their honesty was refreshing even though the nightclub was an off-premise swingers club and people went there to meet other couples and singles to have sex. We determined we wouldn't have sex with other people. We weren't really into that.

We got in the habit of going to Sans Souci every Friday and Saturday night. I'd clean Janet's bathroom, the master bathroom, every Friday and Saturday afternoon in order to create an erotic atmosphere for her as a prelude for her evening. I'd set out scented candles, adjust the lighting to low, turn on mood or suggestive hip hop music and provide her with a Playgirl or Cosmopolitan magazine. I knew Janet loved her evenings at the club as she began to dress even more suggestively. My wife had definitely become an item with other club members. Usually she'd wear a short tight skirt that emphasized her long legs and tight ass. Her skirts ended about five inches above her knees and exposed her legs and most of her thighs almost to her ass. Since she never wore a bra when she wore one of her see-thru blouses her succulent breasts were totally exposed. When she'd wear one of these blouses she usually slipped a vest or coat on over it. Once we'd gotten to the club and she'd had a drink or two she took it off. Many women wore a lot less, but most of them didn't look as hot as my wife. Her makeup was heavier than I'd ever seen her wear it and she looked hot, very hot.

I continued to be turned on by the idea of other men enjoying my beautiful wife. I couldn't forget my voyeuristic history in high school and college and it still turned me on when I thought about it. My wife was extremely sexy and her evolving sensuality and self-assuredness intrigued and excited me. For example, on one occasion I was in the Men's room taking a leak. One club member named Derrick played football for the Dallas Cowboys. He was black, good looking and built like a bull. Derrick dated a lot of white women and that evening he entered the bathroom as I was zipping up my blue jeans. Derrick walked into the bathroom and said to no one in particular, "Damn, that Sanders chick is so fucking hot!"

We had a black man who had all sorts of after shave products, hair care products, mouth washes, chewing gum, etc. He was a nice guy and I enjoyed joking with him. He was chuckling when Derrick made his comment about Janet and he nodded towards me when he told Derrick, "She's his wife."

Derrick apologized and I said, "Don't be silly", as I introduced myself. I combed my hair and tipped the man with the grooming products and invited Derrick to come meet Janet. I told him, "She saw you on television, two weeks ago and she'd love to dance with you."

Derrick was elated and I took him to our table and told Janet what he'd said and she laughed. She looked especially hot that night and her beautiful breasts were visible through her thin blouse as she led Derrick onto the dance floor. It made my dick hot watching them dance with both of her arms around his neck as she slowly rubbed her tits against him and his hands were on her ass. Derrick was a nice guy, but we'd not gone that far at the time.

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