tagFetishWatching Her Go Ch. 02

Watching Her Go Ch. 02


Readers: This continues the story of Angie and Brent. It might get a bit odd for some of you, but don't be put off by the flow of the narrative. They're just having fun exploring the edge of reason. Enjoy!


We walked from the bathroom and turned towards my bedroom. She headed right for the bed. Based on her last statement, I fully expected her to lie down immediately, or offer me some other position which would allow me to sink my raging erection deep into her, but she obviously had other plans. She pulled the blanket from the bed, turned and led me back down the stairs. At this point, I didn't know what to expect anymore. I was along for whatever ride she was planning. She walked through the living room, shutting off lights as she went, and headed toward the slider. She slid it open and slipped outside without any hesitation.

As I live in a rural neighborhood, there isn't exactly total privacy from my back deck, but it was nighttime and the outside lights were not on. What choice did I have? I shrugged and followed her into the clear night. It took only moments for my eyes to adjust. The moon was nearly full and its silvery light illuminated the backyard completely. Angie stood with her back to me, the blanket thrown onto the deck at her feet. Her hair hung halfway down her back, almost pointing towards her perfectly shaped ass. Her legs were parted slightly and I could even see the outline of her pussy lips in the misty light.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. My stiff cock nestled into the crack of her ass. My hands cupped her full breasts and I felt her stiff nipples as they poked into my palms. I massaged and kneaded her and nibbled at her neck while she emitted low sexy moans. Her head fell back and her hands reached behind her to caress my waist and pull me closer still.

She bent her knees and spread her legs a bit further, then bent forward slightly. She reached for my cock and moved it between her legs and started rubbing the head across the wet folds of her fattened pussy. I held her hand as she moved me back and forth against her slippery slot until she stopped with my head just resting at her opening. I started pushing forward as she slowly pushed back, her body swallowing my shaft. She bent more and adjusted her legs as my hardness slowly filled her.

"Oh, it feels so good inside me, Brent...uhhhggh...fill me with your cock, fill me up..."

And she started fucking me.

She leaned forward more, until her palms were on the blanket. I held onto her hips as we grunted against each other with each thrust pulling me deeper into her until I felt my cock hit her cervix. She pumped into me like a dog in heat. Her head swung back and forth and the sounds she made were barely human. Her legs were shaking and it seemed as though it was only my cock that held her up.

"Kneel with me!" She grunted.

As one, we dropped down until we were on our knees, her back arched and her ass pointing at me, taking each hard thrust deeper and faster than she had before. As I plowed her pussy field, I grabbed her ass cheeks and slowly jammed my thumb in her crinkled opening until it could go no further.

My thumb must have put her over the edge, because her head came up, and her pussy and ass started gripping me with a pulsing rhythm as she came hard.

She slowly returned from the edge and leaned forward, disengaging my thick thumb from her ass and my cock from her slick tunnel.

She rotated around and immediately took my pulsing penis into her mouth. She sucked me and rolled me around, using her teeth to tease my tender shaft. I was getting close to orgasm again when she popped me out and told me to lie down on my back on the blanket.

I lay down, my cock sticking out from me at an angle, hard as granite...and waited for her next move.

She stood on either side of my hips facing me and then lowered herself, taking my manhood in her hand and guiding it up inside her warm wetness once again.

Once I was inside, she sat straight up, arching her back and willing my cock deeper into her. Her legs then started pumping up and down. I was there for the ride...her ride, it seemed. I added my own thrusts as we fucked in the moonlight. The sweat started beading on her skin from her exertions, and our moans spoke volumes to each other...we both were enjoying every part of this experience.

She continued pumping my cock in and out, but soon leaned forward and looked into my eyes.

"This is for you..."

She slowed her movements, and then she released her remaining gift of piss as she fucked me.

The heat was too intense, the wash of her urine streaming onto my shaft and groin, puddling on my stomach, raining across my hips, soaking into the blanket. This was the ultimate gift...and I was so excited by it, my cock immediately twitched and I shot my load of milky cum deep into her steamy pussy.

This put her over the edge as well, and while she still pissed, she shook through a deep and satisfying vaginal orgasm that caused her stream to start and stop 3 or 4 times as she thrashed.

She collapsed onto me, my cock still inside. As our hearts slowed, we caught our breath and my cock softened and slipped out like a pussy turd. Following close behind, a flood of our combined cream oozed from her hot slit onto my cock and urine soaked skin.

I had never felt so fulfilled in all my life. This woman was everything I had searched for, one who could nearly read my mind, who could grant me all my wishes. She was absolutely "the one". I held her close to me, never wanting to let her go.

She spoke to me:

"Brent, I have given you some of my most intimate gifts and you have accepted them."

"I loved your gifts, Angie."

"There is more that I have to offer...do you want to share in everything that I have...in all my desires and dangers?"

I did not hesitate in my answer, although I did not fully understand the question.

"I want everything from you, Angie. I do."

"Are you sure, Brent?" She rose from my chest and looked in my eyes, probing me, looking for truth in my answer.

"There is nothing that I want more than every part of you."

I said it, and I meant it. I wanted to experience everything with her.

She smiled and sunk back down onto me, trapping her piss and our sweat between our bodies. We lay there until the chill of the night caused her to shiver.

"You're cold...lets go inside" I gently pushed her into a squatting position on top of me and raised myself up so that we were again face to face, as she sat on top of me.

"One thing that you need to do before we go inside, Brent..."

"And what's that, Angie?"

"Don't YOU have to pee, yet?"

I did, but I was planning on using the toilet...and I told her so.

"Not so fast, dear. I gave you my warm pee...I think I deserve the same treatment, don't you?"

She wanted me to piss on her. Oh my God.

"Uh...ok, if that's what you want, Angie..."

But my cock was already growing, just thinking about the act. She felt it too, and quickly grabbed me, forcing me inside her warm pussy, where I grew even more.

"Then pee for me, Brent."

"Now?? C'mon Angie, you're joking. I'm inside you...!"


"...but I'm too hard, I don't think I can!"

"Yes you can."


"Stop making excuses, Brent honey. I can wait...but I'm not sure YOU can, though."

She smiled and settled herself into my lap, my thickening cock sliding deeper inside her by the second and I knew for a fact that she wasn't going anywhere until I peed. Oh man. Angie wanted me to pee INSIDE her...not ON her. The more I thought about it, the harder I got. This was most definitely beyond my WILDEST imaginings. I was hard as a rock again, and yes, I had to pee. But COULD I? Maybe if I came again...but no, I'd cum twice now, and I would last too long...I definitely needed to pee before then. She smiled again as she saw me thinking about this situation. This was cruelty. I had a beautiful younger woman sitting on my lap, with my cock deep inside her, who wanted me to piss while still inside her. Holy shit.

"Maybe if we just sit here for a while until you get a little less excited, Brent. I won't move."

And she did just that, draping her arms around my shoulders and sitting there, nibbling on my neck and ear, impaled on my cock, waiting for nature to take it's course.

This was dirty. This was wicked. This was crazy. I had to piss. What was I to do?

It took a little while, but eventually, I relaxed enough to switch on the 'I have to piss' mechanism and turn down the volume on the 'I have my cock in a warm pussy' mechanism. But could I really do this? Did she really want it? Jesus. My cock made up my mind for me. I had to go, and I had to go NOW.

One last time I asked, "Are you sure, Angie, because I really need to go now..."

"Fill 'er up, Brent!" And she smiled at me. The flood was coming and she was on the receiving end. Oh my GOD!

And I started to piss. The stream was almost immediately strong, and it felt so weird (and exciting) to piss into her pussy. Her cunt cavern and my cock got super hot from my spray. I filled her for a few seconds until the piss literally burst out from her, soaking our groins, legs and the blanket. She had her head thrown back and she started bucking from the feeling of my urine stream hitting her cervix. I'm pretty sure that she was having another orgasm. Even though I was pissing I was growing harder. As I did, I started to fuck her once again. My piss stream died down, but I wanted to fuck...and she wanted to be fucked. I fell back to the blanket and we started into a true frenzy of fuck.

We went at it with everything, and when I finally came, we both cried out with satisfaction from my climax.

When we were able, she disconnected from me and we helped each other to our feet and walked into the house, leaving the piss soaked blanket on the deck. It was then that I saw the neighbors lights were on. Fuck them.

"Brent, honey...I...we...need a shower."

"Agreed, Angie."

We held hands as we walked through the dark house, dripping sweat and piss and leaving a trail of sexual pheromones a retarded Indian could follow.

"I need something...do you have a turkey baster?"

"A turkey baster? Uh...yes! I don't dare ask why, but sure...it's in the kitchen."

Once she had the baster in hand, we headed for the master bathroom. She reached into the shower and turned the water on full blast and entered as soon as the water was hot enough. I reached for a couple towels, hung them over the bar and joined her. We soaped each others bodies and then she reached for the baster. Filling it with hot water, she moved it between her legs, stuck it inside of her and squeezed. She repeated this a couple more times, until she was sure she had flushed the piss from inside her puss. We played a bit, then rinsed off and exited the shower, drying each other off with the fluffy towels.

She took my hand and we slipped into my bed. She pulled the sheet over us and we held each other close.

"Angie, this is like a dream come true for me. I have never met anyone who was so open sexually. I had no idea you were so...uh...so inventive...oh, maybe that's not the right word."

"Inventive!" She chuckled a bit. "Maybe experimental is a better word, hon. I enjoy trying new things and re-doing things with and to my body that feel good to me."

"Did you ever let Robert pee in you like that?"

"Yes. Bob and I were always willing to color outside the lines in our sexual lives. We put so much effort and energy into making the business successful early in our marriage, we promised each other to put an equal amount of energy into our private lives, so we wouldn't become just another stale married couple."

"That's really great, Angie. I tell you, I never imagined that this sort of thing went on between you two. Of course, I didn't spend much time thinking about it!"

"Well, there are other things that we did that I definitely want to try with you, Brent...as long as I haven't scared you away, that is.."

"Ang...I told you earlier that I want to try everything with you. You haven't scared me away at all."

"Nice." And she cuddled closer to me.

"As a matter of fact Angie, I've always had a pee fetish, and I never let anyone know. When you asked me to watch you pee, I nearly came that moment!"

"I'm so glad. To be honest, I also have always had a fascination with pee. When I was little, my Mom used to come in and pee whenever I was in the bathroom. I'm sure that where it started."

"Are you serious??? MY mother did the same thing!"

And then I got a weird feeling deep in my stomach. I froze as I thought of the possible connection. Could it be???? No, it was too far fetched...yet Angie was around 10 years younger than me...

"What is it, Brent? What's the matter??"

"Um...What's your Moms name, Angie?"

To be continued...

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