tagLoving WivesWatching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 05

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 05


Walking through the doors Sandy & I entered a long thin room with very poor lighting. This room only had a single row of about ten black recliner chairs facing a curtain.

Sandy stopped half way in, turned & pointed at the centre chair. "Sit." She said invitingly, "The show is about to start."

"What Show?" I asked.

Sandy looked at me with a devious smile. "I'll get you another drink honey." She said as she left the room & closed the door.

The curtains began to open slowly & again I could see into the main room through the two way mirror, but this time I was facing the dance floor.

Masked people were standing around the glass tables at the edge of the dance floor, just casually chatting & drinking. To the right, there was a red couch with a couple guys smoking cigars.

There were about five guys on the dance floor surrounding a couple girls who were enjoying the attention. One with long dark red hair & the other shoulder length wavy blonde hair.

Both ladies had amazing bodies, tall & slender like tennis players. Compared to her blonde friend, the redhead had larger breasts. I'm no bra fitter, but I would say the blonde had C cups & the redhead D cups.

Like Michelle, they each wore black cocktail dresses. However, the dresses were shorter with the hemline sitting about halfway up the thigh & there was a lot more cleavage on display.

As I was watching these to gorgeous women dancing, Michelle walked up to the window. Standing right in front of me, she used her finger to touch up her makeup in the reflection of the mirror.

She looked very sexy now with her straight blonde hair down. It looked a bit messy, but nothing to worry about.

Michelle turned & leaned back on the mirror, facing the dance floor & sipping on a tall blue drink. I didn't take too long before she was summoned by the guys dancing, but she just raised her glass & shook her head.

The redhead girl walked over to Michelle with a huge smile on her face. They started to talk & it wasn't too long before they were laughing & joking with each other.

After about five minutes, the other blonde girl bounced over happily, grabbing both women by the hands & leading them back to the dance floor. This time there was no resistance from Michelle as she placed her empty glass on the table on her way past.

The three girls all danced in a small circle, while the guys hovered around the outside. Before long, the guys had given up being ignored & moved away leaving Michelle dancing with her new friends who were two of the hottest women I have ever seen.

Behind her, the redhead moved in closer placing her hands on Michelle's hips & pressing her D cup breasts into her back while they danced. The redhead spoke into Michelle's right ear as her hands started to rub up & down her side.

Michelle raised her arms up high & swayed in time with the music, while the redhead continued rubbing Michelle's hips. Her little black cocktail dress was loose, so each time the redhead's hands moved upward, Michelle's dress lifted & exposed the tops of her black thigh high stockings & garters.

The blonde now moved in a bit closer & lowered Michelle's raised arms over her head, placing them behind her neck. Staring directly into her eyes, Michelle now looked a little confused as the blonde leaned in & forced their noses to touch.

Below her left hand was massaging Michelle's right A cup breast while her right hand was gently touching her cheek. Quickly, she licked the end of Michelle's nose and giggled waiting for a response. To my surprise, Michelle gripped the back of her head & pulled her closer. She began passionately kissing the blonde as her all three women continued to dance along with the music.

The redhead had now worked Michelle's dress up high & was rubbing her hand over the bare thigh skin between the stocking tops & her little black thong. With each movement, her fingertips moved inwards towards the thin v-shaped black lace at the front of the panties.

Michelle was grinding now, which allowed the redhead the opportunity to slide her fingers under the lace & onto her smooth shaved mound. Michelle's eye's opened wide & grabbed the redhead's wrist, but the blonde kept kissing her hard & started to pull at the back of her hair. She tried to look down, but it was no use as the blonde held her hair tight.

Michelle's couldn't fight it anymore & her right hand eventually released the redheads wrist. Now with her eyes closed, she let her body submit to this new violation between her legs.

With the redhead kissing her neck & rubbing her pussy, the blonde began kissing lower down her front. She started on Michelle's right shoulder, slowly kissing her way down towards the cleavage. Her fingers slid under the spaghetti strap & began pushing the dress until it fell off Michelle's shoulder.

Michelle's right breast was briefly exposed to the room before being covered by the blonde's plush red lips. The blonde sucked hard on Michelle's nipple as the redhead continued to grind & massage her pussy while softly biting on her ears & neck.

Three men in masks, wheeled a large chair similar to a throne across the dance floor & left it in the centre facing me..

It was an odd looking design, made of a dark wood with red leather upholstery. The frame had detailed gothic carvings, which ran from the claw shaped feet at the base of the legs, to the top of the back where it finished in three points.

The middle point was the highest & most prominent with a menacing horned, bat like creatures head sitting atop & bearing its sharp teeth. Each of the side posts had claw shaped ends & so did the armrests, which gave the throne the appearance of a crouching six limbed, winged gargoyle.

Soon a tall man appeared wearing a different type of mask. It was white like the rest, but the eyes were a different, a more demonic shape. He was wearing a hooded black cape which hung down past his feet & dragged behind him as he walked.

The man stood about 6'6" & walked slowly, almost lurking around the women before sitting in the chair & watching them intently.

Michelle hadn't noticed any of this going on behind her as the blonde & redhead ravished her body.

The redhead looked over at the masked man & motioned with his hand for her to come closer. Slowly she began push forward, subtlety leading Michelle, the blonde & herself closer to him until they were standing right in front of the chair.

Suddenly, the two women stopped, turned & walked away, leaving Michelle standing in the middle of the dance floor confused. She was facing away & had no idea that there was a masked gentleman sitting in the chair behind her.

The whole room could see her thigh high stockings & garter because her dress was still raised with one side tucked into the waistband of her black lace thong. The thin strap of her dress was hanging down & her rock hard, lipstick smudged nipple was on display for all to see.

Michelle looked disheveled & humiliated standing alone on the empty dance floor. She adjusted her dress & pulled the strap back over her shoulder & started to walk away, but the man grabbed her waist & quickly pulled her backwards.

She didn't now he was there, so the action caused her to lose her balance & slip backwards when he pulled at her. The quick motion briefly made her dress fly up as fell awkwardly onto his lap & he quickly wrapped his arms around her arms &waist.

A shocked look came across her face as she struggled to get up. Michelle was squirming & digging her fingernails into his wrists, but he just held her tight until she calmed down.

After about 30 seconds her attitude changed. It was like she had resided herself to her fate & finally released his vice-like grip to let her go.

Surprisingly, Michelle didn't get up or move even after he had completely let go of her. She just sat upright on the strangers lap & placed her hands on the clawed wood at the end of the arm rests

It looked like he was talking to her, because she was shaking her head slightly & mouthing the word "no". His right hand was resting on her stomach, but slowly began to make its way upwards, stopping on her right breast.

Michelle's hands were gripping the arm rests tight as the strange man massaged her breast. He continued talking while pinching & teasing her nipple through the thin fabric of her dress, but she was still shaking her head.

Another man walked over with a tray of drinks and offered her a shot of something. Michelle took the drink, threw her head back & sculled it down.

As she lent forward to put the empty glass back on the tray, her mouth opened slightly like she was in shock. The glass dropped a couple inches onto the tray & rolled around before the waiter turned & walked away.

Again it looked like the stranger was speaking to her & this time she was nodding as he used his free hand to point at the crowd of onlookers before using it to grope her left breast.

Two other man wearing capes & masks stepped forward & stood on either side of the chair. The redhead & the blonde appeared again & removed the capes from each of the men.

"What the fuck?" I said loudly to nobody, shocked at what I was seeing.

Standing on either side of the chair like soldiers, were two muscular naked black guys. Each had his hands behind their back & semi-erect cocks hanging out. Both were very well endowed & packing about 9 inches each.

Michelle looked around unsure of what to do next, but she also had a look of amazement & intrigue. Looking up at the masked man to her right, he nodded to her & she looked back at his semi-erect dick.

Cautiously Michelle reached out and touched his manhood, slowly pulling it with her thumb & index finger. Wrapping her other fingers around the shaft, she began to work the foreskin up & down until it was rock hard.

She looked up at him sheepishly & again he nodded. She lent in & licked around the head of his cock, teasing him while each time sliding more into her sweet mouth.

Like a puppet, her other small hand was now being pulled by the other guy & placed on his cock. It wasn't too long before she had him rock hard as well.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was my normally prim & proper wife, jerking & sucking two strangers while sitting on another dudes lap. It is certainly the hottest thing I had ever seen & I began to get rock hard as well.

Faster Michelle started pumping her hands & faster as she alternated mouth between the two cocks. She was bobbing around a lot, which was causing her dress to fall down at the front exposing both her perky little tits.

Her little black cocktail dress isn't that loose I thought. The stranger must have unfastened the zip at the back while I was watching her give head to the other guys.

This went on for about 5 minutes as she alternated between the two men. With her eyes closed, she was deep-throating the guy on her right & playing with his balls.

Suddenly she froze & her eyes opened wide as she looked up at the stranger. Michelle withdrew her mouth from his cock, which was followed by a steady stream of white cum dripping from her lips & chin.

Still with his dick in her hand & her mouth full of cum, she turned & opened her mouth to the other guy, who shot his load all over her masked face.

My wife was now bathed in cum & loving every bit of it as she lent back into the stranger & kissed his white mask. The cum dripped down from her chin & onto her naked breasts.

The guys both walked away & Michelle sat motionless on the strangers lap staring at her down at her cum covered tits. Slowly she pulled her dress straps back over her shoulders & gingerly lent forward to get up.

It wasn't until she stood up & walked to the bathroom that I saw the strangers 10 inch glistening wet cock standing upright, but it all made sense.

When the stranger had pulled Michelle back & she lost her balance, her dress had flipped up. She was only wearing a thong, so basically her bare ass was sitting on his lap pressing right into his crotch.

He was naked under his cape like the other guys, so it wouldn't have taken too much for him to pull her thin g-string aside & attempt to slide his cock into my wife's pussy.

That was why she was struggling to begin with, but he must have been able to slide it in & she was just too damn horny to resist having his long fat cock inside her.

I just sat quietly for a few minutes trying to understand what I had just witnessed.

Sandy re-entered the room with a big smile. "You like the show so far?" She asked.

"Yes. Hang on..." I said confused. "What do you mean so far?"

To be continued...

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