tagIncest/TabooWatching Her Piss

Watching Her Piss


I couldn't help it, I swear it. I mean there I was walking down the hallway and though the open bathroom door I heard a distinctive tinkle. Knowing my sister had some friends over visiting I stopped and then forced myself to take a peek in the off chance I might catch some hot chick taking a piss. Unfortunately, as I peeked around the door frame I saw her there, support stockings at her ankles, house dress up to her hips and a dark, furry patch between her legs as she dabbed a wad of toilet paper to herself.

I swear it was like a car wreck, you know a bad one where you know there will be carnage but you simply have to stare, well there I was peeking around the door frame as Granny dropped the toilet paper into the toilet. I figured she'd flush the toilet, grab her walker and just be on her way, but instead, apparently oblivious to the fact the bathroom door was open, she reached a hand down, carefully opened her lips and then began running her fingers in a circular motion.

Mesmerized, I could only watch as she took one hand, slipped in through the opening in her house dress and began squeezing her breast while her other hand continued diddling her clit. She leaned back, closed her eyes and worked her feet out of her shoes and kicked off her support hose. Now she was free to open her legs.

Fortunately her hand shielded my eyes from the sight of her pussy, but when she suddenly moved her fingers up to her mouth for some lubrication I found myself staring at a gaping brown hole with a pink fringe all surrounded by great tufts of hair. Now I had seen a lot of porn around and told myself I really would like to see some with a bit of pubic hair, but damn, after seeing this matted, furry patch, all I want to see from now on is a clean shaved pussy.

But then again, had Granny shaved her pussy there is no telling how wrinkled and distorted her pussy may have been, better to stare down into that hairy cave as her fingers, wet from her mouth, slowly entered and began their in and out motion. Fuck, the woman had a broken hip but there she was thrusting her hips back and forth like she was a porn star fucking some nine inch long cock. It was disgusting, it was nauseating, and it was a turn on, hell my cock was hard and throbbing.

After a while, she reached up, unbuttoned her house dress completely and threw it open, giving me a view of her wrinkled splotched skin, her breasts sagging down nearly to her pubic hair which seemed to come up nearly to her waist. With a better look at her thighs I could see she had not shaved her legs for some time and looking upward I noticed the furry patches peeking out from under her arms. Fuck she even had some long hairs pocking out from around her nipples.

And my cock remained hard as she ran her left palm over one nipple while her inner are ran over the other. Her right hand was alternating between burrowing into her ancient pussy and the wrinkled knob of her clit. She moaned loudly and said, "Oh yes, daddy bring it home."

I couldn't take it any longer and barged into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I pulled off my shorts and underwear and walked over to in front of granny. Putting on foot on the windowsill to her right, I held my throbbing cock in front of her eyes. Without a word she leaned forward and touched her tongue to the tip, tasting the small pool of precum. She then licked her lips and said, "Nice and sweet, just like I like it. And you are so big and hard, I'm so proud of you Mikey."

With those words I moved to pull away, but she had grabbed my cock and pulled it hard to her mouth. I watched as her wrinkled lips closed over the head and applied a suction like I had never felt before. While she sucked the head she began stroking my shaft with one had and jiggling and toying with my balls with her other hand.

Fuck, Granny was giving me the best blow job I have ever had, even better than my second wife, whom I swore could suck the chrome off a ball hitch. The old woman's head bobbed and weaved while she teased, stroked and caressed me in every tender spot I had. Hell, she even found a few I didn't know I had. Finally I couldn't take any more and I arched my back and said, "Okay Granny, I'm coming."

That was usually my signal when the woman pulled her head away and let my cock fall out into the hard, cold world to spew its cum wherever the winds would take it. But no, not Granny, she held firm, continued stroking and sucked for all she was worth while my cock spurted my hot cum into her mouth again and again. I could see her throat working as she swallowed the thick liquid and when she pulled away she took great card to work out the last tiny drop, letting it fall onto her tongue.

Swallowing that last drop she said again, "Nice and sweet, just like your grandfather's."

Oh damn, I suddenly had a vision of this old woman humping some old man and I felt dizzy. I fell back to sit on the countertop when I heard her say, "Yeah, your grandfather was always a bit dizzy after a blow job, but what really made him dizzy was eating my pussy."

I bent over, pulled on my underwear and shorts and ran out of the room with the nightmare vision of Granny's curly pubes tangled all around my teeth. I rushed into my room and then into my bathroom where I brushed my teeth until they ached. Climbing into bed I tried to blank all memory from my mind.

I was able to banish the images, at least until I heard my mother say to my father, "You know Mother is really looking good today, moving around like she was a teenager, I wonder what got her going."

I rushed back into my room, fell onto the floor and banged my head until it ached. I then climbed into bed and tried to go to sleep. I didn't move from the bed until I was called to dinner, but then I couldn't go right away, I had to wait for my erection to subside.

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