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Watching Her Submit


Let me begin by stating that I am not trying to win a writing contest here. I have read many stories and mine will appeal to those who want to get to the meat of the story, not to those who want to flex their literary genius and critique others who are not. If you don't like the story, quit reading, otherwise enjoy.


I have always fantasized about watching my wife with another man. However she is pretty straight laced and would probably not ever go through with it. Add a little alcohol though, and she displays a leaning toward wild and fun, nothing crazy, just a bit. My wife is a middle aged brunette, shapely legs, a nice ass and dark hairy pussy. Her body temperature is super high, so very warm to the touch, especially when I am inside of her. The texture of her vaginal wall is like hot liquid velvet.

One night we were at home, kids were gone on overnights and a friend of ours Dave, was over for dinner and drinks. Dave is a recent divorcee same age as us and very attractive. I often visualize Dave and my wife going at it but know that it would not be likely. We had a nice dinner with wine, cleaned up the kitchen and settled in the living room with more drinks and conversation. I noticed that throughout dinner, Dave and my wife kept having moments where their eyes locked on each other then they would look away. I had asked my wife in the past if she thought Dave was attractive and she said yes but quickly changed the subject. Anyway the conversation somehow turned to relationships, Dave's divorce and sex. This was odd because my wife usually got uncomfortable in these situations. Tonight though she was the one asking questions. It must have been the wine as we were on our 5th bottle by now and feeling super buzzed.

We were all three on the couch and I got up to fetch more wine. When I returned, Dave and my wife were sitting next to each other chatting. I refilled our glasses, put on some smooth jazz music and sat in the recliner across from them. Occasionally Dave's leg would brush my wife's. She either didn't notice or didn't care as she never moved away from him. My eyes were heavy and they were talking in a way where I wasn't a part of the conversation, so I excused myself to bed (hoping that leaving them alone together would spark something). I told Dave that I was going to sleep in the upstairs room and that the downstairs extra room was free and that he should stay since we had drank so much and didn't want him to drive. My wife gave me a quizzical glance but probably dismissed it since I frequently slept up there. I went upstairs, cleaned up and got in bed.

As I was lying there, my mind was racing preventing me from sleeping. I could hear them talking softly but after a half an hour if got really quiet. I quietly peeked downstairs into the living room and noticed that they were kissing. I became immediately hard and my heart began pumping rapidly as if it were going to come out of my chest. Their tongues intertwined, swirling around, exploring each other's mouths. Their kissing was very passionate and heated as I heard my wife sigh as she melted into his arms. She knows I am a heavy sleeper and probably didn't have any thought that I would be watching. Besides she was drunk and her resistance was low.

Continuing to kiss her passionately, Dave lowered her onto the couch and began rubbing her breasts under her blouse. She didn't resist one bit, so he removed it and her bra. She was getting very aroused and took off his shirt never breaking their heated kiss. I could hear her moaning while their tongues were rapidly exploring each other. Dave broke the kiss and remove his pants but not his underwear. My wife could not take her eyes off of his growing bulge. Suddenly she reached for him and began rubbing it through his underwear. From my viewpoint it looked pretty large. She removed his shorts and his cock sprang free fully erect. It was massive! my wife gasped, then hungrily took it in her hands and guided it to her mouth. I was shocked at the scene before me since she was so shy. I almost lost my load watching my wife of 15 years suck hungrily on this guys huge cock. Dave was enjoying this as he was moaning and I could tell that he was about to cum. My wife was trying to deep throat him but could only get 8 of his 10 inches in. Dave let out a deep moan and shot his sperm into her mouth. Surprisingly she sucked and swallowed his entire load. Dave's cock never shrank as she finished. My beautiful wife was flush and I knew the look in her eyes as one of "take me now", as she looked at Dave.

I could not believe my ears, my eyes or my luck. I had fantasized about this for years and here it was happening. I was surprised by her boldness and sexual aggression though, as it is out of character for her. Maybe she wanted me to see her since I had casually suggested watching her with another man over the years, but it had always seemed to fall on deaf ears, or maybe she was just caught up in the moment. Either way I was enjoying the show so far and couldn't wait to see if she would fuck him.

Dave stood her up and peeled all of her remaining clothes off, then laid her back down on the couch. He slowly started licking her from the inside of her thighs to her pussy. She was squirming and moaning low and deep. He reached her hairy cunt, slowly parted her pussy lips and inserted his tongue swirling it around and making stabbing motions on her clit. This drove her crazy and she immediately had a massive orgasm. I could hear her voice fall into a low guttural moan as she cried out " OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, OH ,OH ,GOD, UMMPHH, OH" breathing very heavily while Dave was going at it hard, "OH MY GOD, THAT'S SO INTENSE, OH, UMMPHH, AHH". She finally settled down some and whispered in an all familiar way, "I want you inside of me".

They rose from the couch and headed back to our room. Yep looks like she was going to not only going fuck him, but fuck him in our bed. I quietly came downstairs and tip-toed into the extra room adjoining ours that Dave was to sleep in. Both rooms shared a walk through closet. I had made this closet so that when our kids were babies we could easily get to them when they cried. It was now going to serve another purpose, I smiled and thought to myself.

I entered the closet and the view to our bed was perfect. They were kissing and touching each other like animals, moaning and breathing hard as Dave was lowering her to the bed. She opened her legs wide, inviting him to climb on and take her. He was still fully erect as he lowered himself onto her. She took his cock and guided it to her very wet pussy, rubbing it up and down on her slit. Her pussy was so wet that the dark pubic hairs were soaked. Dave moaned as she did this and slowly began to push into her.

I was amazed at how fucking erotic this was watching my wife, with my friend, in our bed, getting ready to fuck. My cock was throbbing as I saw Dave give a push and put 3 inches her hot pussy. She moaned loudly and squirmed because his huge cock was not only 10 inches long, it was very thick too. He pulled out then sank in 6 inches this time. Again she moaned and squirmed. "AH, GOD, OOOOHHHH! Dave retreated, and with one last push, this time very hard, got all 10 inches in. This sent her over the edge as she squealed with a mixture of pleasure and pain. "OH FUCK, OUCH, OH, OOOHHH, GOOOOODDDDDD! Then she exploded with another orgasm. OOOHHH MYYY GOD, I'M CUUUUMMMMINNGGGGG, OH FUCK, UMMMPHHH, OH GOD, OH AH, OH, OOOHHHUUUMMPPHH.

Again surprised, as I had never heard her use this kind of language before. She was so caught up in her lust that she couldn't control herself. It was exciting to witness, but it cause a twinge of jealousy in me.

Dave reached her inner depths with his massive pole and began slowly working his way in and out of her fully stretched pussy. I could tell she was taking him more easily now because she started meeting his thrusts by pushing her hips up toward him. His pace was quickening and she was going wild meeting his every push with an upward thrust of her own all the while, both of them moaning like an animals.

My wife seemed to cum continuously as she kept uttering, "OH GOD, OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, YOU FEEL SOOOO GOOD, YOUR COCK IS HUGE AND I LOVE IT, OH MY GOOOODDDDDD, I DON'T THINK I COULD EVER HAVE ANTOTHER COCK IN ME, OHHH FUUUUCKKKK". I wondered what this meant for our relationship going forward but couldn't take my eyes off of the scene before me.

At this point, my wife's breathing was super erratic as though she may pass out. Dave announced that he was about to cum and she said, "CUM IN ME, SQUIRT DEEP INSIDE OF ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUMM, FUCK ME, PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME". Hearing this, I lost my load in my hands and saw that as Dave was pounding her as hard as he could while she was crying out. suddenly he clinched his butt tightly and said, "I AM CUMMING". He was moaning loudly and my wife was out of her mind, so much that I could no longer understand what she was uttering.

They came wildly together for what seemed like 10 minutes.

Soon they both settled down catching their breath. Dave remained on top of her for a few minutes circling his cock inside of her until he became soft. I could tell she was still having orgasm tremors but stopped when he pulled out.

Once the reality hit her of what she had just done, she began to cry. As Dave consoled her she told him she as angry that he let this go this far and that she was angry because she now knew that she would have to have him again and didn't know what to tell her husband.

I was shocked at this but more so when Dave pulled her in for a hug, glanced my way and gave me a wicked smile. He knew she was his.

to be continued...maybe!

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