tagLoving WivesWatching Her with James

Watching Her with James


I am glad of the opportunity to put this story on paper for others to read on the internet as I have found it impossible to confide in any of my friends and family about what has happened over the past few days. Some of them have probably noticed a change in my wife Helen's behaviour recently.

Helen has always been quiet and shy and may come over to people as a bit unsociable. She never had any boyfriends before meeting me and I have never had any concerns about her straying. In the privacy of our bedroom she behaves differently. She has always enjoyed sex and demands it frequently. She dresses smartly and receives admiring looks wherever she goes. I was recently sitting a few yards away from her and began daydreaming that she was someone I was meeting for the first time. I noticed that unconsciously she gives off a subtle sexual chemistry suggesting she might be a woman who would welcome a sexual adventure. One or two men have tried it on but she makes her position clear as soon as they do. I know it boosts her ego as she will often tell me afterwards without revealing who it was. She is self consciously slightly overweight but has curves in all the right places, is a voluptuous full breasted woman with an ample behind and slimmish waist.

After 20 years of watching the admiring glances of other men I found myself habitually thinking about the possibility of her being receptive to another man's advances. Strangely it was a fantasy which aroused me. I found myself thinking these thoughts when we made love which added to our enjoyment as my penis grew longer and harder. It was as if the humiliation of seeing her with a more handsome and virile man was exciting for me. It was difficult for me to accept that she still wanted me in her bed now that I had lost most of my hair and developed a large beer belly.

I couldn't stop thinking about it so made up my mind to set Helen up, put temptation in her way and see what happened.

Quite a few of our mutual friends are very attracted to her but I singled out James as a likely candidate knowing his reputation as a womaniser. He has often made Helen blush with his compliments and flirtatious behaviour. I believed that over the years she has developed a soft spot for him.

One hot summer's day I sent James round to our house to look at a set of golf clubs I was selling. I said I would be out but to go round the back into the garden and ask Helen. I hinted that she was sunbathing and he might catch a glimpse of some bare flesh. I saw the glint in his eye as he left and felt a shiver of anticipation.

I had deliberately turned down any demands for sex by Helen over the last ten days saying that I had a good reason and would let her know soon what it was. I had placed a radio controlled child alarm close to the garden seat and was upstairs in our bedroom observing Helen through net curtaining. I noticed that Helen had removed her bikini top. Alcohol has always made Helen horny so I was pleased to see that she had taken up my suggestion and was sipping on a glass of white wine. She was reading a rather racy novel and was absentmindedly playing with her nipples as James arrived.

Only other ardent wife watchers will understand my feelings as I realised that Helen was making no attempt to cover her breasts as James explained his errand. James told her she looked beautiful and said that more women should allow their breasts to hang free as Helen smiled and went bright red in the face. I was already stroking my stiff cock as she got up and went round to the back door of our garage and fetched the golf clubs, her large breasts swaying prettily as she walked.

"You need to be careful in this heat, let me top up your sun tan oil my dear." James said, picking up the bottle from the ground. They were sitting together on the garden bench. Helen, behaving like the slut in all my fantasies, simply nodded her head and turned her back towards him. I could see her nipples standing out with desire. He began rubbing the oil into her back. Once that area was finished he did her arms, slowly extending his exploration of her body. She turned around saying, "Now do my tits. I know you want to."

Instead James embraced and kissed my wife and she responded hungrily, holding him to her. The kiss continued for some time with mouths open and tongues entwined. James groped her breasts, squeezing her nipples whilst she moaned with pleasure. He undid the ties on each side of her bikini bottoms and she hitched up her bottom to allow him to pull them clear.

"I've wanted this for some time ever since that kiss at the Christmas party. Yes, finger me darling, we can do what we want. Keith won't be back home for hours. He took sandwiches with him for his lunch."

I'd told Helen I was off to a cricket match. Helen was moaning loudly now and soon orgasmed from the fingering. They hugged and kissed again, but this time more gently.

"I want to fuck you rigid but let's do it upstairs on the marriage bed." James whispered this so that I could barely hear him over the baby intercom. I hurriedly moved into the walk in wardrobe and closed the louvered doors. From here I could see but not be seen.

Helen was still bollock naked as they entered the room and James wasted no time pulling off his T shirt, shorts and underpants.

"Yes, please fuck me rigid. I'd love to feel that cock inside me. It looks a lot longer and thicker than the one I'm used to."

"And you have a lovely shaped cunt, my dear. I'll bet you've had a lot of hard cocks up there in your time." James said with a cheeky grin.

"A few, but my Keith has been the one to keep me satisfied in recent years. Not that I haven't been tempted. But he seems to have gone off sex these last few weeks. Fuck me now please. I'm in need of a good seeing to."

Helen's comments surprised and excited me. Perhaps she wasn't quite as perfect as I thought. Perhaps I needed to talk to her about her past behaviour. Had she been going behind my back in the early years of our marriage? I was stroking my penis and watching my wife being unfaithful a few inches away from me. It was something I had craved but I couldn't help feeling jealous and humiliated. This had turned my cock into a piece of wood. I had never been so sexually turned on.

James had grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her forward from where she had been lying back on our bed so that her bottom was on the bed edge. He roughly heaved her legs on to his shoulders and plunged his cock up to the hilt in Helen's wet and willing hole. Helen gave a gasp of delight. He started thrusting in and out with gusto.

"That's right. I'm loving this. I enjoyed it when you kissed me that time. All you managed was a quick feel at my braless tits but I've thought about it a lot over the last year. It helps get me in the mood when Keith gets frisky."

"It's a shame you pushed me away but Keith was only in the other room so we couldn't have gone very far. Then you wouldn't reply to my text messages."

"I'm sorry darling, I wanted to. Ooow. Keep doing that. I think you've found my G spot. Your cock is finding places inside me that Keith's never has. Do it harder darling."

James was fucking her furiously now. He had a nipple in each hand and was pinching them. Helen was moaning loudly, her cries rising in pitch and frequency. After a short time, they both orgasmed together. Sweat was pouring off both of them and they lay back on the bed exhausted. I found that I had spurted on to the floor and hastily wiped up the mess with a handkerchief.

After some tender kissing and expressions of affection Keith dressed and left saying he had to get to an important appointment. Helen told him she needed another helping from his enormous member (her words) and would be replying to his text messages in future.

I waited until he had left the house then stepped out of the walk in wardrobe. Helen was still lying, stretched out on the bed, presumably basking in a sexual glow after the pounding she had had. She leaped up guiltily when she saw me, then, thinking quickly about how I came to be there she calmly said.

"You bastard. You set me up didn't you? Have you been getting your rocks off in there watching your friend have his way with me?"

"What if I have? You didn't need much persuading did you?"

"You know I've always had a bit of a thing for James. This changes things. I've heard about men like you. You love the humiliation don't you darling?" When I nodded, looking very embarrassed, she smiled. "Well, from now on I'm going to wear the trousers in this marriage. Remove those pants and bend over the bed for a bare bottom spanking. I can see you're cock is already hard. This is the way it's going to be from now on."

I did as I was told. My face was red and soon my arse was too. She then made me lie on the floor and sat on my mouth so that I could lick out another man's semen from her cunt. Helen became aroused and permitted me to fuck her. To underline how things had changed she did it missionary style but with her on top. She plans to continue fucking James and may let me watch again provided I continue to obey her. I am not sure exactly what I have unleashed in Helen but so far I am enjoying the change.

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