tagInterracial LoveWatching Jake and Jana

Watching Jake and Jana


This is a story concept that is certainly not new. However, it is popular topic among erotic literature readers. I have chosen to debut with a subject that will satisfy some frisky interracial readers.

This is a portion of the "Heated Up" or sexuality explicit area of a man watching his wife with another man. The married couple is white and the lover he has arranged for her is black.

The prelude to this sexy segment is that the couple had begun sharing some of their sexual fantasies. Come to find out, this sharing revealed a mutual fantasy. They nervously begin to pursue making the fantasy become a reality.

Fast forward to the actual sexual encounter and this is a portion of what happens.

If you like the story let me know. I'll write an introduction chapter and finish with more sexy chapters if the feedback is positive.


I sat in the corner chair literally stunned at the release of pure sexuality Jake was bringing forth in Jana. Until now her eyes had remained mostly closed as she drifted from one pleasure to another under his expert sexual control. As they slowly rocked, his hands were tracing the curves of her luscious body, and Jana responded with heavy breathing and quiet sexy moans. Now that she was straddling his hips, his firm black cock was securely planted deep within her.

Sensing that the time was right, Jake suddenly tilted his hips firmly upward, gripped Jana at the waist, and held her confidently down and completely still. This caused the thick black length of his cock to slide into depths no man had ever reached within her. Momentarily her eyes opened wide at the shock of his deepest penetration yet. It was then that she looked directly at me. As I reclined in the chair just three feet from the bed, Jana and I locked eye-to-eye for that moment. Then suddenly her body responded to Jakes depth with a body shuddering orgasm. Her light brown nipples went completely erect, and goose bumps covered every inch of her smooth white skin. She looked as if to be in some kind of outer body experience. I swear that I was able to see right through her glazed eyes and into the depths of a sexual core that I had never witnessed. She trembled and had spasms in this deep position for nearly half a minute.

As her orgasm began to subside, and while still looking directly into my eyes, her mouth dropped open and she swirled her tongue across the swollen cherry lips in a most provocative manner. Jake began to soften his grip around her waist and then began to grind upward against her pubic bone in a circular motion. This caused pressure directly against Jana's clit. Her eyes rolled back as she tossed her head forward and fell onto his chest, convulsing from the over stimulation directly against her clit and the aftershocks of this intensely deep orgasm.

Their glistening bodies mashed together, chest to chest, as she pressed her lips to his with urgency. Their open mouths, discovering each others tongue in a heated and deeply passionate kiss. Coming up for air, Jana turned her head to the side and then lay nearly lifeless for a few moments, with arms at her sides. Her firm tits pressed against his smooth, muscular, chest. The contrast of color was almost supernatural as his ebony dark skin was layered against her light tanned flesh.

After a few moments, Jake once again broke the stillness by tracing slow lines up and down her body with his thick strong hands. He concentrated on her sides, back and ass. Then with both hands firmly on her ass cheeks, he pulled her slightly forward and apart at the thighs. This clearly exposed her pussy and asshole to me. I was amazed to see how thick his cock looked as the dark shaft disappeared up into her swollen pink pussy. His cock was shiny with her juices. Her level of excitement was evident from the heavy flow of viscous honey that oozed from her pussy and down over his heavy balls.

Jakes index finger followed along the crack of Jana's ass from top to bottom. She twitched a bit as his finger crosser her little asshole. He stopped at her pussy and lubricated his middle finger with the juices that covered the base of his cock. In a smooth motion Jake ran his finger back up the crack of her ass and when he reached the pink rosebud of her ass he began to lubricate it with repeated swirls. Then, without mercy, he brought his left hand down with a hard slap on Jana's left ass cheek. At the same time, the slippery but thick middle finger of his right hand disappeared up her ass past the second knuckle.

The sudden shock of sensations brought forth a gasp and shriek from Jana as she was otherwise lying motionless atop him. Jolted back into reality, she sat swiftly up and brought her arms in front of her to hastily support herself on Jakes muscular pecs. His cock was still planted deep in her pussy and his finger was now firmly in her ass. She stared into his face with animalistic lust. While I thought this rough invasion would have brought a protest, I could see it actually flipped another switch of sexual desire within her. She was obviously enjoying the sensation of yielding to his strong sexual control.

Jake began moving his finger in and out in synchronous motion with his cock, keeping time with the strokes in her ass and pussy. She immediately began to meet his stokes one for one, by pumping her hips back and forth to meet the deepening penetration. While leaning forward, and still supported on her hands, her tits were bobbing lively in front of Jakes face. His free hand quickly went to massaging them, roughly rolling her erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger while flicking his tongue on the erect tips.

Then I heard the first audible words from Jana's mouth since their sexual encounter had begun. She closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side saying "oh fuck yeah, that feels so good". Her hair splashed around her face and shoulders. I was a bit shocked at the lusty display. Jana rarely talked dirty during sex, and never with such an uninhibited tone. Then I heard her hiss at him saying "I bet you can feel that thick black cock of yours with your finger up my ass...huh?".

From my position I could easily watch as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Each time he withdrew, Jana's pussy lips would form a tight grip along the shaft and paint that ebony monster with a new coating of lubrication from deep within her. Jakes finger was keeping time in Jana's ass by sliding from the first knuckle to the maximum depth he could penetrate from that angle. She took every stroke in perfect stride and I could see the signs of more sexual tension building again as Jake continued to work her up by slowly increasing his rhythm.

Jake was also getting rougher and rougher with her nipples by swirling them between his thumb and forefinger as well lightly biting on them with his front teeth. Jana was positively responding to the rough stimulation by digging her long red nails into Jakes chest. This lusty play was turning rougher and the sex was becoming more and more animal like.

By this time, the pace had become fast and the sound of jakes hips slapping Jana's ass was starting to take over the room. Jana and Jake were grunting and panting. Jake began to talk dirty to Jana by first saying "That's it baby... take that thick black cock all up in your tight little white pussy". This encouraged Jana to respond in same "Fuck me hard with that monster black cock of yours".

Jake took the cue of the lust filled moment to slip a second finger into her ass alongside the first. This was it for Jana, with her ass stretched full of two thick black fingers and her pussy being relentlessly slammed at hammer like pace she screamed "oh fuck yeah...!" and then came with violent shaking. Her nails dug into Jakes chest as she buckled repeatedly at the waist. Her hair was completely tousled from the fast motion and she was literally drooling with her chin to her chest while she came. I saw her tight flat stomach pulling in and down as her uterus contracted with amazing sexual intensity.

Jake had managed to give her two mind rocking orgasms in just fifteen or so minutes. Amazingly he had the control to not cum while doing all of this serious fucking. He was still huge and rock hard up inside her drenched pussy. I was beginning to wonder what the hell I had allowed to happen. Jana would never be the same having experienced this level of sexual intensity. Deep down inside the pit of my own stomach I knew that my second guessing was far too late. This had happened, and it was just getting started.

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