tagIncest/TabooWatching Mom

Watching Mom

byDecayed Angel©

Scott breezed through his last final exam of the semester, finishing well ahead of all the other students. Not wanting to appear to blasé about it all, he then remained pretending to read over his answers. Actually, he happened to glance over at the woman sitting next to him and noticed that if he held his head just right, he could peek between his fingers and catch a glimpse skin where her blouse buttoned in front.

Carefully shuffling through his papers, as if intently reviewing his exam, he watched as each movement of the woman next to him exposed a bit more skin. He felt his cock press against his pants as he admired the soft, white curve of her skin leading to the frustratingly concealed nipple.

Leaning back in a mock yawn, he finally stole a quick glimpse of a dark protrusion as the woman turned in her seat and then stood up. That stolen glimpse was all he would get today as the woman walked to the front of the class and turned in her paper. Scott looked around and noticed that only a few other students remained, so after a brief pause to let his erection subside, he picked up his exam and carried it up to the professor.

"Thank you sir, I enjoyed your class this semester. When will grades be posted?"

"Grades will be posted on the web site on Tuesday. I'm glad you enjoyed the class, next semester I've got a class that focuses on the politics and policies of the Pacific Rim, you might think about taking it"

"I will for sure," Scott replied, thinking that if it was as easy as this class he would definitely be taking it.

During the short drive from the Junior College to his house, Scott let his mind wander back beneath his classmate's blouse, wondering what it would be like to run his hand over her soft skin, wondering how she would react as he gently pinched her nipple between his fingers. Pulling into the driveway, he quickly threw his books in his room and headed straight to the bathroom.

Locking the door, he slid past the shower and then checked the other door into his mother's room making sure it was locked. He then quickly took off his clothes and stood completely naked in front of the mirror.

Recalling the view he had of the woman's breast, he slowly ran his palms up his firm stomach, onto his chest and then over his nipples. They had hardened and were very sensitive to the touch, sending a tingling down his body into his cock each time his palm slid over the tiny nubs.

Looking down, he watched his cock twitch into full erection before lowering his right hand and taking firm hold of it. His left hand continued circling his nipple as his right hand slowly began to stroke up and down. Watching the purplish head push out of and then disappear back into his fist, Scott felt a flush roll over him. Glancing up in the mirror, he noticed his face reddened some as he continued the magnificent stroking of his cock. He knew before long he would be spurting streams of cum into the sink, maybe even up onto the mirror.

Feeling his balls tighten as he approached the explosion, he suddenly stopped, gritting his teeth as his cock tensed in frustration, pulsing just at the point of. of.

He had an idea! Remembering that today was the day Jason, his mom's boyfriend, went into work late, Scott knew his mother would leave work early for a bit of sack time with her boyfriend. Typically Scott would still be in classes during his mother's afternoon transgressions. He knew that because he had come home a couple of times before Jason had quietly slipped away. He'd know that guilty, but intensely satisfied smile anywhere.

Anyway, since neither Scott's mom nor Jason had shown up yet, he was able to slip into her room and settle into one of her closets. His plan was to get off while watching mom and Jason go at it. The slight tingling in Scott's stomach made him pause a bit, wondering a bit about watching his mother. but a couple of strokes on his still hard cock and he was ready for a new adventure.

He had been careful, making sure his bedroom door was closed and his music on. His mom would think Scott was in the room for the afternoon, so she wouldn't hesitate to bring Jason into her bedroom.

Peeking through the slats in the closet door he surveyed the room. It looked oddly different, slightly darker than he had seen it before. The only light in the room was the thin bands of sunlight slipping between the blinds. The bed was made, but slightly rumpled and the mirror. Scott suddenly noticed how the mirror was positioned so anyone in the bed could view themselves.

He felt a shiver run down his back, remembering how he helped his mom position the mirror, wondering all the time why she would want the mirror way over there, away from closet. Picturing in his mind what he hoped to witness soon, he felt a twitch in his cock, and the odd feeling left him.

Checking the closet door to make sure it wasn't latched, Scott considered his escape path. They way the room was laid out, he should have no problem slipping unnoticed out of the closet and into the bathroom. He figured that near the end of the show, when his mom and Jason were the most distracted, he'd sneak out of the closet and quickly pass through the bathroom to his room. Of course he'd have already taken care of himself and cleaned up thoroughly before slipping away.

"He's in his room with the music on, he'll never know we're here," Scott heard his mother whisper as she led Jason into the bedroom, turning on the light.

"What if he comes out?"

"We'll lock the door, besides, he's probably asleep anyway," she replied, grabbing Jason by the belt the pulling him toward her.

Jason reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her onto him as he thrust his hips against her. Scott watched this guy hungrily kneading his mother's ass and for a moment felt oddly strange, reaching down he felt his cock throbbing and as the odd feeling faded he soon aching to see more. Strange or not, he couldn't wait to watch his mom fuck this guy.

Pulling away from Jason, Scott's mom wandered out of his vision. Not daring to reposition himself so he could see his mom, he watched at Jason began removing his clothes. Jason was quite clumsy, obviously watching the woman undressing just out of Scott's vision.

"You like?"

With those words, Scott's mom stepped into view and he nearly fell out of the closet. Fuck, he always thought his mom looked okay, but seeing her naked was an absolute shock. Her breasts weren't gigantic, not like the ones he'd seen in the porn videos, but they were nicely rounded. They seemed to sag a bit, but that just seem to accent the large, dark nipples that stood out so firmly.

Lower down, there was only the slight hint of a bulge at her belly and though Scott could see the light line crossing horizontally just above her beautiful patch of hair, he was looking at sexual perfection. Without thinking he slowly began stroking his cock as his mother walked over to Jason, her breast bouncing slightly with each step.

Answering her question Jason mumbled, "Oh yeah baby, I like."

She gracefully kneeled before him and took his semi-hard prick and lifted it to her lips. Watching his mother's tongue slip out of her mouth and gently circle over the head of Jason's prick, Scot nearly lost it, but quickly closed his eyes and fought off the orgasm. Not only did he want to see a lot more before he came, he also wanted to be prepared so he wouldn't gush his cum all over his mother's closet.

Regaining his composure, Scott watched Jason's prick harden and slip between mom's wide open and wet lips. Not daring to touch his own cock because it might cum, Scott watched his mother's mouth slide back and forth over her boyfriend's glistening rod, all the while her fingers toyed with the man's balls. She continued for just a bit longer, then pulled away and stood up.

Scott and his mother then both paused, admiring the glistening, upward curve of Jason's prick. Comparing it to his own, Scott estimated that Jason's prick might be an inch longer than his own, and yes, it was certainly thicker. Knowing that at about 5 and a half inches, Scott's cock was probably smaller than average, so he guessed Jason was slightly larger than average.

All Scott knew was that try as she would, his mom only took about half of Jason's cock in her mouth before she pulled back. And damn, she seemed to open it real wide to slide it over the purple head. Squinting his eyes Scott could see the large, blue vein pulsing on the top, his mom noticed it too, running her fingers along it before firmly grasping him and leading him toward the bed.

Sitting down on the bed, she released Jason's prick as she slid back and then opened her legs, giving Scott a quick peek at her slit before Jason kneeled and buried his face between her thighs. Wishing he could have seen it up close, Scott settled for watching and listening to Jason slurp her beautiful pussy. It was surprising how wantonly Scott's mother responded to the man's tongue, pumping her hips up and down, grinding her crotch onto his face.

Scott began timing the strokes on his cock with his mother's pelvic thrusts, imagining himself plunging into her again and again. He was careful to pause his pumping from time to time to prolong it all. He didn't want to miss a second of his mom's incredible performance.

Jason then began to stand, but before Scott could catch another glimpse of mom's pussy, the man kneeled between her legs. He could hear the two lovers whispering, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying, until he heard his mother's almost feral growl, "Yeah, come on, and fuck me now."

Scott then watched the muscles in Jason's ass flex as he thrust himself in and out of the, now moaning, woman. As gangly and clumsy as Jason appeared, he and Scott's mom suddenly moved in unison, their bodies now slapping together in an ever quickening rhythm. While the two bodies pulsed and throbbed together, there was and almost constant hum of heavy breathing, accompanied by Jason's deep moans and Scott's mother's higher pitched moans.

Beginning to feel dizzy with the intensity of it all, he watched as Jason let out a long guttural moan, arched his back and plunged deep into his lover, all the while, Scott's mom pleaded, "Oh no, don't stop now. I'm so close. Don't stop, please."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Jason hissed, withdrawing from her and rolling onto his back, his receding cock glistening in Scott's mom's juices.

Moving his gaze from Jason, Scott then saw his mom, her pussy wet, gaping open, aching for something more, anything more. Shocked and incredibly aroused at his mother's wet angry pussy, he tumbled forward a bit, banging loudly on the door.

Scott froze and then watched as Jason jumped up, moved to the closet and quickly opened the door. The young man could do nothing but step into the middle of the room, his cock hard and twitching in the cool air.

In a hushed tone of complete disbelief, the woman sat up and questioned, "Scott?" She then went coldly silent as her gaze moved down from his face. Looking down Scott saw what stole her attention, his cock, as massive as he had ever seen it, its tip glistening with pre-cum, stood firm and pointed directly at the woman's beautiful pussy.

At that point, the three people in the room all moved in complete silence, no words could express the confused emotions swirling between them, no sound could frame the intense desire coursing the room. With the slightest nod of her head, Scott's mother beckoned him to come to her, while, with a slight motion of her hand she directed Jason to come alongside and watch.

Feeling himself begin to tremble, Scott, moved up onto the bed, his eyes fixed on his mother's pussy, the dark opening still slightly evident from Jason's pounding, the lips folding outward in delicate, feminine curves, the pink, still glistening in her juices and Jason's cum. Looking upward a bit, Scott admired his mom's clit, the hooded nub peeking between the lips and her wet, matted hair.

Feeling her hands on him, Scott lost himself in sensation as his mother, his mom guided his hard cock toward herself. Deftly opening herself with the fingers of one hand, she pulled him between her lips and into the wet warmth of her cunt.

Slightly dizzy, his head somehow floating above him, Scott slowly pushed his massive cock inch by inch into the soft, warm and wet folds of his mother. Feeling the bump, as he reached the hilt, he slowly withdrew only to plunge more quickly back into her. Looking to his right, he could see it all in the mirror, his mom, legs spread wide, her feet bending back towards Scott's ass, as if to pull him into her.

A voice whispered in his ear, "I love how you fill me son."

He looked back at her, his eyes meeting hers for a moment and then closing as he felt himself begin to cum. Bright light and sensation flowed through him, from his balls, then out along the shaft and finally shuddering over his body he came, his hot, white cum splashing into his mother, becoming a part of her, joining with her wetness. He collapsed, falling upon her, gasping for breath.

His mother, then tenderly guided his mouth to her breasts as Scott felt Jason carefully move his hips over the woman's thighs. Scott's cock fell limply onto his mother's leg as his mouth found her nipple. He sucked eagerly as he watched Jason's tongue slide down his lover's body, through her patch of hair and roll over her firm clit.

Scott listened to his mother's heartbeat as it quickened, watched her hips as she moved, sucked her nipples as Jason's tongue dove into her incredible cunt and then noisily slurped up her slit to her clit. He felt her move and tremble as she eased closer and closer to orgasm, he listened to her mumbling as she arched her back, he watched her eyes close as she finally came, in a trembling, sweating, panting blossom of flesh.

Letting her huge nipple fall from his lips, he moved up to her face and kissed the tears that tumbled down her cheek. He then rested his head on the pillow next to her, feeling her sweaty hair tickle across his face as her breathing slowed and her body slowly calmed.

In a few moments, Jason emerged from between Scott's mother's legs, his face glistening in their combined cum, and headed toward the bathroom, mumbling something about a quick shower before leaving for work. Feeling a fingernail slide down his nose, Scott heard his mother then whisper, "You better head back to your room before your sister gets home. I don't think she needs to know about this just yet."

Sitting up, Scott nodded his agreement. He climbed off the bed and headed toward his room wondering about what "this" really was. At the door he glanced back at his mother's naked body as she moved gracefully toward the bathroom. Yes, Scott needed to think about "this" a whole lot more.

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A very HOT story. I gave it a 5- (4.65/5.0 = 93% = A)

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Many sons have the hots for his mother.
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My parents had a lot of friends, couples, and they entertained a lot. When i grew up a bit, i realize that some of thesemore...

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