tagIncest/TabooWatching Mom & Grandma Ch. 02

Watching Mom & Grandma Ch. 02


I awoke with my mother's most sacred and intimate flavor still lingering in my mouth while the scent of her totally engulfed me. Stirring my slumbering naked body across the soft sheets of her bed in the early morning light, I inhaled deeply of my treasured matriarch's heavenly aroma. As my eyes slowly opened, my heart clutched as I discovered her lying beside me; her smile radiating her gorgeous face with heavenly light and her emerald eyes staring into my very soul.

"Good morning, my love." Mom whispered tenderly.

"Not quite yet." I said as I rolled my body atop her and crushed my mouth to hers.

Pinning my beloved mother beneath me, Mom hungrily engulfed me in an intimate embrace; our tongues wrestled and danced passionately around each other in the bliss of the day's first kiss. Mom's hands and fingers gleefully stroked the curves and flesh of my curvaceous body as my tongue explored the deepest recesses of her fiery mouth. Finally, we came up for air; Mom's eyes fluttered as her body absorbed the overwhelming passion that her daughter conveyed to her through her timeless kiss. She exhaled deeply as we stared tenderly at each other and I stroked her hair.

"Oh my goodness..." Mom gasped.

"Now it's a good morning." I replied.

"Are you hungry, love?" Mom stammered; still absorbing the loving zeal of her devoted daughter.

"I think that's the general point I was trying to convey." I said with a seductive wink.

"Baby, we have to eat." Mom told me.

"I plan to." I replied as I let my right hand slip between our bodies and pushed two of my fingers deep inside her.

"Monica!" She chirped in utter surprise of the unexpected intrusion.

"That's my name. And you should know; you were crying it out in ecstasy all night long." I replied.

"I swear..." She sighed. "You're as bad as your grandmother!"

"Like Grandmother, like Granddaughter; we do so love you dear mother!" I chimed with a smile.

"And I love you too." Mom said as she kissed me softly on the lips. "And speaking of your grandmother; I just spoke to her just before you woke up. She'll be here this afternoon."

"Cool." I replied.

"You know we're gonna have a lot to talk about when she gets here." Mom said as she caressed my cheek.

"Mom, like I told you the other day; Grandma and I will be fine. We'll talk through it just the way you and I did." I assured her.

"But darling; there's now an entirely new dynamic to the whole situation. And we both have the hickeys to prove it." Mom reminded me with a grin.

"Oh!" I said. "I hadn't even thought about that."

"Neither had I." Mom confessed.

Now that Mom and I had consummated our forbidden lust for each other and shared a passionate night in the bed of lesbian incest, I had completely forgotten the fact that Mom shared that very same bed with her own mother.

"What do you think she'll say?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Well..." I began. "What do you say?"

Mom gazed up at me thoughtfully; seeming to study me as carefully as she could in an attempt to determine what I was really asking. I only prayed that my eyes were conveying what I wanted her to hear. And thankfully, they did. As her face lit up in her radiant smile, Mom rolled us over on the bed and pinned me gently beneath her. Stroking my hair, those emerald eyes burrowed deep into my soul as she kissed me softly on the lips.

"I say that you, Monica Elaine Coulter; you are the love of my life! You are the inspiration behind every beat of my heart and the life sustaining force to every fiber of my mortal being. You are the air that I breathe and the living nourishment of my eternal spirit. You are my first, my last and my all. And where your grandmother is my soul mate; you my darling; you are my very soul."

My body quaked to the core; my heart raced at the speed of light, I completely forgot how to breathe and tears were gushing out of my eyes to the point of blinding me as my mother essentially spoke our wedding vows and proclaimed me as her eternal lover. We cratered into each other's arms and sobbed endlessly for nearly an hour; our tears washing away life as we had known it and ushering in an entirely new existence for us both.

Mom tenderly gathered me up in her arms and carried me into the shower where we tended to each other's bodies so affectionately; washing each other and worshipping each other. Then, we fell back into bed and were soon making deep and passionate love again; sharing an intimate coupling of our very souls! It was the most precious and sacred moment in either of our lives. Afterward, we fell back into the arms of a romantic slumber and slept the remainder of the morning away; the most peaceful and regenerative sleep I've ever experienced.


I awoke for the second time that Thanksgiving at just a little after one o'clock in the afternoon; only this time, I was alone in my mother's bed. Glancing to the pillow where the gorgeous head of my mother had rested, I found one of my own dresses laying upon it, along with a bra and panties; and a post it note written in Mom's beautiful handwriting.

I love this dress on you, my darling. Please wear it for me today. The bra and panties are optional; and preferably, declined.

Without hesitation, I donned the dress of my lover's desire, leaving the bra and panties on the pillow. In route downstairs, my nostrils were flooded with the heavenly aromas of a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast being prepared in the kitchen. Actually, it was prepared by a professional catering service and delivered to the house via courier; who I have no doubt got one of the biggest tips of his career from my generous mother. Following the mouthwatering fragrances of our feast to their source, I soon found the most mouthwatering morsel of them all. Mom looked absolutely stunning; wearing one of her lovely, strapless sundresses that hugged her body so sexily. Mom's face was literally glowing with unspeakable happiness and contentment; her hair was done up in a sexy French braid and there were a pair of sandals on her feet. After having passed through the dining room; the table set with our family's finest china and silverware, I wandered into the kitchen just as Mom was popping the cork on a bottle of very expensive Cabernet Sauvignon.

"Well...Good morning again, my beautiful lover." Mom said and my heart clutched. It was the first time Mom had called me her lover. "Care for a glass?"

"Love one." I said as I came over and kissed her on the lips.

"Sleep well?"


"Good." Mom said as she pulled down three glasses off the glass rack.

"Happy Thanksgiving, sweet girl!" Grandma's voice echoed through the kitchen.

My head whipped around and my eyes fell upon my grandmother as she beamed her gorgeous smile at me; dressed in a long sleeve, white silk blouse that alluringly clung to her lean, slender body; marvelously accentuating her bountiful, glamorously round breasts and her flat stomach. A sexy black belt with a stylish bronze buckle was around her slim waist and she donned a pair of dark gray slacks that erotically emphasized her savory hips and her tone, shapely legs.

"Grandma got here earlier than expected." Mom said with a soft smile as she poured three glasses of wine.

"I can see that..." I said with a smile as I met Grandma halfway and we embraced warmly.

I've always been impressed with my grandmother's youthful physique; even more so now than ever as I reveled in the feel of her firm and bountiful breasts squashed up against mine as we held each other. Yes, my grandmother has had some cosmetic and body enhancement surgery. My nostrils were flooded with her perfume and I felt her hands stroking my back; borderline caressing me. Instantly my body began to fill with a deep, lustful heat as my grandmother snuggled me so intimately. Finally she released me, cupped my face in her hands and stared deep into my eyes as she smiled at me; then she kissed me softly on the lips. Something she hadn't done in years.

"Are you okay, honey?" Grandma asked.

"Yeah, I'm good." I replied. "Mom and I did a lot of talking while you were gone."

"Wonderful." Grandma beamed.

"How was your trip? Get everything straightened out?" I asked.

"Oh yes...In truth it was nothing that my assistant couldn't have handled herself. I mainly wanted to give you and your Mom some time alone to talk things out." Grandma told me.

"Actually..." I muttered nervously. "Mom and I have some things we need to talk over with you."

"You do?" Grandma inquired.

"Tell you what Mom..." My mother said surprisingly calm and confidently. "Why don't you take this tray of snacks into the living room and make yourself comfortable; Monica and I will bring the glasses of wine."

Grandma's eyes darted back and forth between me and Mom for a few seconds and then she shrugged.

"Okay. Is everything all right?"

"Everything's just fine, Mom. You go ahead. We'll be right in." Mom told her.

With that, Grandma returned my smile and tapped me on the nose; she took the tray of snacks off the center island and carried it into the living room. I went over to Mom and picked up two of the three wine glasses.

"Are you ready?" I asked apprehensively.

"Relax, my love. Just leave it to me." She told me.

Mom led the way out of the kitchen and into the living room where Grandma was waiting; seated on the sofa, munching on a stick of celery and of all things, watching the Detroit Lions get their asses kicked by the New England Patriots on the TV. Mom handed her mother a glass of wine and then sat down beside her on the sofa while I took one of the chairs across the coffee table from them. Grandma held up her glass and offered a toast.

"Happy Thanksgiving, my dears." She said with a beaming smile.

Reaching my wine glass over the coffee table, the three of us touched glasses and then each took a sip. Returning to my seat, I watched as Mom and Grandma toasted a second time; smiling almost passionately at each other and both murmuring a Happy Thanksgiving. Then they kissed softly on the lips. Then they kissed again; their mouths now searing together in a wanton kiss of lover's. My heart raced and my pussy immediately went soggy with primal, aching lust as I watched my mother and grandmother devour each other's mouths. Amazingly, neither one of them spilled a single drop of their wine; I was guzzling mine.

Their kiss at last broke and they gazed lovingly at each other; Grandma gently caressed Mom's cheek. They both then looked at me.

"Is this okay?" Grandma whispered.

"Of course." I blurted. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. It's just that you're both so beautiful."

They both smiled at me and then Mom seemed to be surveying the snack tray.

"Oh, would you look at that. I forgot the shrimp plate." Mom said casually. "Monica honey, could you go get the shrimp plate out of the fridge and bring it out for us?"

"Sure." I said; snapping up my now empty wine glass and headed for the kitchen.

"And could you check on the turkey for me too?" Mom called after me.

Once back in the kitchen, I set down my wine glass on the center island, moved to the fridge and threw open the freezer door and flung myself in front of it; letting the frigid air engulf my sizzling body. Watching my mother and grandmother kiss had set me ablaze with primal lust; it was just so sinfully sexy and salaciously sensual. My heart was rattling, my chest was heaving and my pussy was steaming; and as I wasn't wearing any panties, I could feel my own arousal leaking down my inner thigh.

I stood in front of the open freezer for a minute or two; allowing myself time to reorient. I checked on the turkey in the oven before opening the refrigerator and taking out the shrimp plate. I removed the saran wrap, tossed it in the waste basket and then headed back into the living room; and what I walked in on nearly caused me to drop the shrimp plate.

Mom and Grandma were now both completely naked on the sofa; their discarded clothing was strewn all about the floor. Mom was curled up in Grandma's lap and they were tenderly kissing each other; flicking their tongues around each other's mouth and suckling each other's lips in turn. Grandma was affectionately caressing Mom's body while Mom was cupping and sensually massaging one of Grandma's gorgeous breasts. I stood motionless; utterly mesmerized by the sheer eroticism of this wondrous display of consensual incest. Their mouths now seemingly melted into one; Mom's arms wrapped snuggly around Grandma's shoulders as the passion of their kiss exploded with tender devotion and sacred love. It wasn't until I set the plate of shrimp on the table that they noticed me and their kiss broke slowly; they both looked at me with pure and unadulterated lust.

"Here's the shrimp." I mumbled.

"Thank you, my love." Mom hissed as Grandma's hands stroked her body.

"She's so beautiful, Quinn." Grandma whispered seductively in Mom's ear as she began to suckle on her earlobe. "Just like her mother."

"More beautiful than you can even imagine." Mom replied as her head tilted back to allow my grandmother's hungry mouth all the access it wanted now on her neck.

"Will you share her with me, my love?" Grandma asked Mom; her mouth now lathering my mother's long and sexy neck.

"Only if she will share me with you..." Mom moaned sensually; her eyes locked directly on me. "Will you share me with your grandmother my darling?"

"Oh yes..." I heard myself murmur; my body melting in carnal lust, my mind drowning in incestuous desire.

"Oh yes, Mommy..." Mom murmured in intoxicated ecstasy.

"Wonderful..." Grandma hissed as she sensually stroked Mom's seething naked body. "Then come here, daughter of my daughter. Let your grandmother see just how beautiful you really are."

Instantly, my dress was on the floor and I felt my grandmother's hypnotic eyes caressing my naked body with raw, incestuous passion and forbidden lust. Mom's eyes lifted to me and I could feel the eternal bond between us solidify itself as I brushed my fingertips over her cheek; her head rolling into my tender touch.

"Kiss your mother, Monica." Grandma whispered. "I want to watch you kiss your beautiful mother."

Grandma spread her legs and Mom repositioned herself slightly on her mother's right leg to make room for me as I slid over my grandmother's left leg; straddling it between my own. I cradled my mother's head in my hands and our mouth's melded deeply together; saliva swirling saliva, tongue entwining tongue, soul tasting soul. I felt Grandma's hand stroking my body; her palm and fingers grazing sensually over my flesh, savoring my youth. Removing one of my hands from Mom's head, I fondled almost clumsily around until I cupped one of my grandmother's naked breasts while my mother's hand cupped one of mine.

"Oh my darlings..." Grandma moaned seductively. "Oh, my beautiful girls; gorgeous spawns of my womb. I love you both so much. Oh yes, Monica, deeper; kiss your mother deeper. Let her feel your love for her through your kiss."

Grinding my pussy subtly over the flesh of my grandmother's leg as I passionately kissed my mother; I felt my grandmother's hands now flowing over my body, caressing and fondling her precious granddaughter. Slowly then, Mom and I slipped out of our kiss and shared a deep, timeless and devotion filled gaze.

"Mmmm...I love you so much baby." Mom whispered; barely making herself heard.

"I love you too." I whispered back.

With my grandmother gazing hungrily up at both of us; her hands and fingers carnally massaging both of our body's, Mom combed her fingers through my hair and then slowly guided my head round and down to my grandmother's mouth. Grandma's eyes burned with raw sexual frenzy as I tenderly brushed my fingertips over her luscious lips. Grandma arched her back slightly; bowing her body upward with the breathless anticipation of sharing her first wanton lover's kiss with her beloved granddaughter. As Mom softly stroked my hair, my lips at last brushed over the lips of my grandmother; a new and tantalizing flavor of incestuous elixir seized my mortal being as my grandmother's mouth voraciously captured mine. I heard my mother hiss and moan in euphoric bliss as she watched the woman that had bore her and the woman she had bore share a carnal kiss of deep and forbidden passion.

Our mouths sealed impenetrably together; Grandma's tongue thrashed about wildly in my oral cavity as she pulled me down against her, enmeshing our flesh and our body's as one. My mind spun; I was dizzy with overpowering lust; drowning in the sheer euphoria of the most intensely erotic moment of my life. I was in the throes of a sexual threesome with my mother and grandmother; the two women I had so gluttonously coveted in the forbidden fantasies of wondrous sin and taboo incest virtually my entire life. My grandmother's tongue was splurging into the deepest recesses of my mouth; savoring the passionate promise and youthful flavor of her daughter's daughter. The air of her lungs was filtering into my body, carrying upon its wings the gift of her very life force and undying devotion. I kissed my grandmother with sultry salaciousness and devoted fervor; caressing her with eager tenderness and vehement attentiveness, I lathered every mortal fiber of my grandmother's being with my eternal gratitude. For it was from this lush body that my mother was spawned.

At last releasing our passionate kiss, I devotedly glazed my tongue slowly and sensually over and down my grandmother's divine flesh toward her bountiful chest; the magnificent mounds of pure motherly sanctity. Still feeling the gentle caress of my mother's hand on my skin, I found Mom had shifted off her mother's lap and she was suckling on my grandmother's right nipple. Leaving a glistening trail of spicy saliva on Grandma's delectable flesh, my mouth found its way to her plump and throbbing left nipple. Mom's eyes opened as she suckled upon her mother and they cast such a wanton look of lustful desire at me that I nearly fainted with an overpowering seizure of incestuous euphoria. Opening my mouth, I swirled the tip of my tongue teasingly around the areola of my grandmother's left breast; reveling in its coarse texture and lively response to my oral stimulation. Grandma arched her body forward slightly and I sucked her throbbing nipple into my mouth as I felt her hand bury itself in my hair; watching her other hand comb slowly through the silky auburn locks of my mother's hair.

"Oh my loves...Oh my darling girls...." Grandma moaned in ecstasy as she now had the hungry mouths of her daughter and granddaughter suckling upon her breasts.

My eyes shut as I deeply savored the delectable flavor of my grandmother's plump, succulent nipple and reveled in the supple softness and wondrous bounty of her sumptuous breast. Reaching over and tenderly caressing the bare flesh of my mother beside me, my body tingled to the very core as the realization that I was now suckling on the very nipple from which my mother had fed as an infant flooded my mind. The stimulation of this idea fueled my burning passion a hundred fold; making the suckling of my grandmother's breast even more fulfilling and exhilarating than suckling on the breasts of my own mother.

Almost as if on a mystical cue, my mother and I ceased our incestuous suckling and let our tongues drag lazily up the chest of our gorgeous family matriarch, finally arriving at her mouth to consummate our family sin with a trident kiss of incestuous love and generational taboo. Grandma wrapped a loving, powerful arm around each of us and the three of us snuggled intimately together in the warmth of our forbidden love and the lustful heat of our seething, sexually charged bodies.

"We are definitely going to need more room, my loves." Grandma said. "Quinn my darling; why don't you take Monica up to your bathroom and prepare the Jacuzzi for us while I check to make sure our dinner won't incinerate."

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