tagIncest/TabooWatching Mom Ch. 01

Watching Mom Ch. 01


Before reading: This is Chapter 1 of a larger story. The full story will primarily contain themes of voyeurism, but will also include some bisexual exploration (male-on-male). If you are repulsed by that, this is a fair warning. There is no male-on-male contact in this particular chapter, but I will include a disclaimer on the chapters that do contain it, in case you wish to simply skip over them.

Chapter 1
Music To My Ears

Things were not going well for me. I was always a terrible student in high school. I ditched school when I could and slept in class when I couldn't. I should've known it wouldn't be any different when I started going to the community college up the road. I had spent weeks trying to convince my mom that I could live on my own in a studio apartment near the college, that I can go to school full-time while easily paying the $475/month rent with the money I can make delivering pizzas a few hours a week. You may not know it, but boy do those tips really add up. I don't want to keep boring you with the details, but long story short: I never got a job, I lost all drive to attend classes in the first month, flunked out, and had to move back in with my mother, tail between my legs. All that talk about me being able to handle independence was a colossal joke. I am a 19-year-old loser living with 46-year-old mom.

My mother divorced my dad when I was young. I see my dad once in a while, but he lives pretty far out of town. I don't spend more than a few nights at his place because well, no offense to my dad, but he can't afford another mouth to feed, and he's not exactly much fun to be around. Anyways, my mom never remarried. She became very focused on her real estate career and she has done quite well for herself, but her dedication to her work is probably the reason she has only dated a handful of men after the divorce, and the longest any of those relationships lasted was a few months shy of a year. Her boyfriends were always her age, held respectful jobs, and had typical hobbies and interests. Her boyfriends were nothing special... that is, until J.R. came along.

My first time "meeting" J.R. was after my mom's first date with him. She got dolled up as she usually does for dates, left the house alone around 6 pm, and I sat at home keeping myself entertained with video games in my room, occasionally helping myself to some snacks in the kitchen. Around 10 pm I figured I should make an early night of it because I had to get up at a reasonable hour the next day to start applying for shitty jobs. I turned off the TV, turned off the lights and hopped in bed. Minutes later, I heard the car pull up. I didn't think anything of it until I heard two voices exiting the car. Keep in mind, first dates for my mom always ended with the two exchanging a friendly kiss (or so I'm told) in the parking lot of whatever fancy restaurant they went to, and heading back to their respective homes and scheduling a second date (or not). Bringing her date to our house generally didn't happen until they've been dating for at least a month. Needless to say, she likes to take things slow. So I couldn't help but peek out my window, which overlooks the driveway, to see who she was bringing home on the first date.

J.R. is a slightly older man. His hair has grayed and he has just a little bit of a pudgy gut. He dresses well and looks pretty well-groomed. His voice is a bit deep as well. That was about as much as I could glean from him from watching and listening out my window, but keeping my head fairly low.

Only, it was J.R. stepping out of the driver's seat, and opening the passenger side door like a gentleman to let my mom out. After she stepped out and he closed the door, J.R. gently pushed her up against the side of the car with his body and started running his hands all over her. Mom was giggling like crazy. I could tell she had a bit to drink that night. J.R. quickly silenced her giggling when he slipped his tongue in her mouth, turning giggles into little moans. He had one hand practically mauling one of her breasts, and his other was squeezing her ass. Their little session ended quickly as they headed into the house. I sat by my bedroom to eavesdrop. I wasn't sure exactly why I was so interested, but I wasn't about to stop and question it.

"Honey, my friend J.R. had a little too much to drink so I gave him a lift and I'm letting him crash here!" She shouted up the stairs after coming into the house. That was bullshit because if that was the case, she'd had driven him to HIS place. And, you know, I saw that J.R. was the one driving. I didn't reply.

"Shhh, Carol, he's probably asleep, you goofball." I heard J.R. mutter.

After what I can only imagine was some more playful groping and giggling, I heard my mom's bedroom door slam. I never had much luck with the girls, but of course I always considered myself as having a normal sexuality, and yet I could not begin to comprehend why my dick got so hard and so fast at the realization that my mom is about to get plowed after a first date a few yards away from me. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my face. I was going crazy. I waited a few minutes after that door shut, opened my door slowly, and began slowly, stealthily crawling my way downstairs, across the house, and towards my mom's bedroom door, being careful not to cause any creaking sounds. I got quite good at that from the many times I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to hang out with friends.

I wouldn't dare try to open that door. As long as I've lived there, I've always known it to be the creakiest door in the house. You could probably breathe on it and it would creak. I heard the sound of bodies rolling around her bed, the rustling of the sheets. I could hear my mom's heavy breathing. Then I heard the rattling of the bed frame and the sound of flesh slapping together. Then came her moans. I was rubbing myself outside her door. My cock was so engorged, it hurt. But I couldn't stop myself. My mom's moans turned to deep, almost animalistic grunts as the rattling of the bed intensified and became accompanied by a very loud, repetitive knocking sound. My mom was getting fucked so hard, the big heavy slab of wood that is the headboard was being relentlessly slammed into the wall like it was nothing.

I crept away from the door and into the living room, which shares a wall with my mom's bedroom, and is also the wall against which that bed is positioned. I found the spot on my side of that wall where the knocking sound was loudest. I pressed my ear against it. Holy shit, I could feel the wall bump every time the headboard hit it. Her grunts and moans were so distinct, I could tell her face was mere inches from my ear with only some drywall in between, while this J.R. guy was pounding her from behind. I took my ear off the wall, pressed my whole back against the wall, pulled down my pants and started furiously jacking off to the feeling of the wall thumping and vibrating from the hard fuck my mom was receiving. I knew it was fucked up but nothing could have turned me on more in that moment, not internet porn, not a nude photo of my biggest crush from high school, nothing.

I finished in a matter of seconds, a personal record for me by far. Of course, they weren't done yet. I returned to the bedroom door, sat down, and listened to them for another 20 or 30 minutes. Granted, he wasn't banging her hard for the whole duration, but my mom made it pretty clear she was having the time of her life by how, uh... "vocal" she was in there.

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