tagIncest/TabooWatching Mom the First Time Pt. 11

Watching Mom the First Time Pt. 11


Chapter 11

Billy's Mom Seduces Him

Meg stumbled out of the car with the cum soaked tennis towel under her arm and her tennis bag draped over her shoulder. She waved to Cindy as Billy rode past them cutting the grass on the riding lawnmower. Meg noticed that today her son's muscles seemed to be larger and more defined. Since he wasn't wearing a shirt, a beautiful wet sheen of sweat covered the muscles on his chest and arms. Meg waved to Billy as Cindy blew the horn startling her.

"Meg, see you tonight around seven," yelled Cindy as she backed out of the driveway.

Meg doesn't even turn to look at Cindy but shakes her head in acknowledgment. Her eyes are drawn to her son's bulging muscles. Her eyes drift down to his groin area and she notices a very well pronounced bulge as Billy jumped off the mower.

"Mom, how did the tennis match go?"

As Billy walked towards his mom, Meg can't take her eyes off his crotch. Meg thinks back to the other day when she got a glimpse of her son's huge penis when he was changing clothes with Terry. That image was burned into her brain forever. She wondered just how big his cock would get once it was completely hard? Her girlfriends said ten inches.

"Mom, are you ok?", asked Billy placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Oh! Sorry honey, I had a little too much to drink at the club. I also twisted my ankle somewhat during the match, but I'm sure it will be ok. All I need is a refreshing shower," replied Billy's mom in a slurred voice.

The towel fell to the ground, and Billy picked it up before his mother can reach it. Billy noticed that the towel is wet and sticky as he offered to help his mom inside.

"Mom, let me carry your bag inside."

Meg grabs the towel and says to her son, "Honey you don't want to touch my sweaty towel give it to me. It's so nasty smelling."

Billy raised the towel to his face before his mom could grab it. He sniffed near a big wet spot and says, "Wow, you're right mom this towel sure does smell strong.

Billy took in another whiff and noticed a familiar smell that he experienced just the other night with Terry's Aunt Jean. The scent reminded of Jean's cum juices but not as musky. No way this could be his mom's cum juices all over the towel. If so, how in the world did the cum get there and still be so wet? Before Billy could take another whiff, his mom snatched the towel out of his hand.

"Honey just carry the bag and where's your dad?"

"Mom you know he's on the couch watching baseball and drinking beer like always. He thinks that by buying the new riding lawnmower he does not have to help cut grass anymore. "

"Baby, thanks for helping out around the house and I appreciate all that you do," replies Meg as she reached up to kiss Billy on the cheek.

"No problem mom."

Meg stepped closer to her son and his manly scent filled up her nose. She felt her tits come in contact with her son's bare chest as she kissed him lightly on the cheek. As she kissed him, she stumbled on the edge of the driveway and fell into her boy's chest causing him to drop the bag. Billy's hands instinctively fell on his mother's shoulders in support as her leg touched Billy's groin.

Damn, I can feel the size of his cock even when he is not hard. Lord I'm going to faint Meg thought as she regained her balance.

"Whoa mom, I think you had more drinks than you care to admit. Let's get you inside and I'll get a bag of ice for your ankle."

Meg could feel her son's hand on her bra strap as he guided her towards the house. Her nipples were hard and pointing out from her tennis top. She never had these feeling towards her son until today. It was all of her girlfriend's fault for telling her about her son's huge cock and how much they all had enjoyed him the other night. Her husband Jack had not fucked her for over a month. Her pussy was starting to get that familiar tingle as Billy opened the door to the house.

"Meg? Is that you?" asked Jack.

"Dad, mom is home and I'm helping her up the stairs. She had a few too many drinks at the tennis club plus she twisted her ankle a little."

"I keep telling her to slow down on the drinks during lunch since she's such a lightweight when it comes to drinking. Thanks for helping your mom out. Do I need to take a look at her ankle?

"No baby, my ankle is fine. I really don't think it's hurt all that bad," replied Meg.

"Ok, I'll finish up the yard while you take care of your mom Billy."

Meg knew her girlfriends were going to set her up with Billy's best friend Terry later tonight. For some reason, she didn't even think about Terry or look forward to being fuck by a young stud like Terry. Her eyes kept glancing back down at her son's package. There was a noticeable lump forming in his shorts as they walked up the stairs. Meg could feel the alcohol kicking in as they reached the top of the stairs. She stumbled back slightly and fell into Billy's chest.

"Gotcha mom!" replied Billy as his arms reached around his mom's waist and pressed firmly on her hips keeping her from falling.

Meg felt his cock come to rest on her ass as she regained her balance. Oh my, he feels bigger already. Meg melts into her son's chest as her ass pressed firmly on his growing bulge. The door downstairs slams shut as Jack goes outside to finish cutting the grass.

"Just a few more steps to your room mom."

"Honey just help me get to my bed. I need to rest my ankle, and then I'll take a hot shower."

"Mom, I'll go downstairs and get that bag of ice for you."

"Thanks, dear."

Meg started to think of a plan to get her son to notice her. She was hot from the heat, hot from all the drinks at the club, and hot from the bulge in her son's shorts caused her to feel faint. Lord, I can only imagine what his cock must look like once it is rock solid. Meg walks over to the window to check on her husband. He is on the riding mower cutting the grass and from the looks of things, he'll be out there for at least another hour.

She then takes off her bra and hides it under the bed. Meg then places a pillow under her hurt ankle and props herself back on several pillows. She then pulls up her tennis skirt until she can feel that her pussy will be visible when her son enters the room. Now she only has to wait for her son to come back with the ice. Meg tucks her good leg at the knee which will show off even more of her pussy to her son. She is becoming bolder by the minute. Her nipples are hard and feel excited as she looks at the door in anticipation. She pulls up her skirt even higher so Billy will see her pussy as soon as he walks in the room. Meg lowers her tennis visor until she can only see the door knob and lower. This way she can see her son's crotch area and Billy will not see that she is awake. Perfect! She caresses her breasts through her top as she feels the juices forming in her cunt. The excitement is causing her breathing to come in short shallow breaths. She hears Billy coming back up the stairs and places her hands on her stomach.

"Mom here is..."

The door opens, and Billy stops dead in his tracks. Meg can see the bag of ice in Billy's hand as he enters the room. Several seconds pass and then Billy inches towards her bed. Damn, what is he going to do? Will he try to wake me? Will he just stand there and enjoy the view? Is he even looking at my pussy? These questions raced through her mind as Billy stood there holding the bag of ice. Drops of water drip from the bag as her son enjoys the view of his mom's pussy.

After a good two minutes, Billy moves closer to his mom and is now standing near her hurt ankle. Meg can see the growing bulge between her son's legs. The head of his penis is sticking straight down his leg and god his cock's getting bigger. He's even larger than she could ever imagine. Billy places the bag of ice on the bed and then to Meg's joy Billy adjusted his cock through his shorts. Several seconds pass as Billy caresses his cock while looking at his mother. Meg watches her son just stand there playing with his massive cock. Then Billy turns and walks out the room closing the door.

Damn, why did he leave? Did I scare him off? God, I'm so horny right now. Meg lowers her hand down to find her pussy lips. Her middle finger traces her cunt lips up and down as she teases herself. She can clearly see the picture of her son's hard cock out sticking down his leg. This masturbation session is going to be a very wet one for sure. Meg looks around, mutters to herself, damn it, no towel to catch my cum since I know this will be a fabulous orgasm for sure. Before she can move to get a towel, the doorknob starts to turn. Oh shit, Billy's coming back into the room. Meg quickly places her hand, wet with her cunt juices, right on her bare thigh. She can feel the hot juices form on her thigh as Billy walks towards the bed again.

I know he has to see my wet finger since it's so close to my pussy lips. Meg notices that Billy has a bath towel in his hand as he stands there looking at her. She can feel his eyes looking at her wet cunt. Billy then lifts her hurt ankle and places the towel underneath. His touch causes her to gasp slightly. Billy then wraps the ice around her ankle and Meg put her plan into full action.

"Oh lord that is cold," replies Meg faking a startled voice.

"Sorry, mom you must have fallen asleep. I should've awakened you before putting the ice on."

"It's ok dear and thanks for taking care of me. I guess I dozed off."

Meg looked at her son's cock and noticed that his cock was pointing straight down his leg and lord it's massive. A wet spot seeped through his shorts where the head of his massive cock formed a sizable lump. Her cunt was on fire as Billy inspected her ankle. She knew her pussy was visible to her son as she ran the next steps on what to do in her mind. Billy sat on her bed and noticed her pussy lips for the first time. They were swollen and wet looking as he caressed his mom's ankle. Billy could feel his cock growing as he looked at his mom's cunt lips. He wanted so badly to lean in and suck on them but was too scared to try.

"Baby, that feels so good. Can you help me adjust my pillows behind me?"

As Billy stands up to move closer to his mom and the pillows, his cockhead is now exposed and sticking out from the bottom of his shorts. Billy leans over his mom to fix the pillows causing his cock to be only a few inches from his mom's face.

Meg looks at her son's massive cock staring right at her as Billy adjusts the pillows. She can see a huge drop of pre-cum in the slit of his hard cock. She can smell his manliness and her breath is coming in shallow gasps as she contemplates what to do next. Billy then places his knee on the bed to reach the other side and this causes half of his cock to be exposed as his shorts rise up.

Oh, my God, his cock is thicker than my wrist, Meg says to herself. Billy looks down to see his mom looking right at his cock. Billy hopes his mom will touch his cock as he takes extra time fluffing each pillow. Please make the first move mom Billy wishes silently as he leans in further. The head of his cock touches his mom's shoulder leaving a wet trail of pre-cum.

Billy laughs to himself since he knows his mom has to feel his thick cock touching her arm. Billy moves his cock up and down his mom's arm on purpose.

Meg is about to pass out from the excitement of seeing her son's huge cock only inches from her face. There's a thick blue vein running from the tip down to the base on the side. It looks like it's throbbing with each beat of her son's heart. Desire and lust take over as Meg opens her mouth and sucks on the mushroom size head of her babies massive cock.

Billy moans loudly, "OH GOD MOM! That feels fantastic!"

Billy grabs the headboard to keep from falling as his mom places her hand on his rock hard cock as she sucks on the huge head. Billy looks down to see his mom's eyes are closed and her hand pushes his shorts higher up exposing almost all of his cock. His cock is now exposed to the base and only his balls are still tucked inside his shorts.

Meg is in bliss and thinks to herself, lord I can't believe I have my son's huge cock in my mouth. I can barely get the head in much less any more of it. Meg's cunt is on fire and she's hoping her son will touch her down there. Meg strokes her son's huge cock one time and is rewarded with a salty drop of pre-cum. Meg opens her eyes for the first time to see her hand does not encircle her son's huge shaft. She reaches up and guides Billy's left hand down to her hot cunt. Billy's middle finger spreads her cunt lips with ease and sinks in completely.

"OOOHHH!" Moans Meg as Billy starts to finger her hot cunt. His finger slides in and out slowly as Meg stops sucking her son's dick. She can feel her orgasm coming on and needs more attention to her hot cunt.

"Baby please make me cum with your mouth," moans Meg as she places her hand on Billy's side pushing him towards her cunt.

Billy's mouth finds her cunt lips and Meg goes off!

"OOOHHH GOD that feels out of this world! Suck harder son!" cries out Meg as she grabs her son's head to hold him in place.

Meg throws back her head and screams that she is cumming.

"CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG Billy! Oh shit, here it comes! Please don't stop!"

Billy is doing his best to suck on his mom's clit but his mom is shaking pretty hard. The first volley of cunt juices splashes all over his face. Billy pulls back to see a second stream soak the bed. Lord his mother is a squirter too. Meg finds her clit and starts to finger it at a rapid pace. She grabs her son's head and guides him back to her cunt as she fires off another rope of cunt juice right into her son's mouth.

"OHHHHH shit baby keep sucking my pussy just like that!"

Billy fights to keep his mouth on his mom's cunt as she squirts several more times. The beds a mess and Billy looks up at his mom as she finally starts to calm down. Her hair is all wet from sweat and small drops cover his mom's beautiful face. Meg pulls Billy to her and her hand finds his cock again. Billy feels his mom caressing his hard cock as she responds, "Son that was the best orgasm I've had in years. Your father refuses to service me like that since I come so much. That was wonderful. Thanks for helping your mother out."

"Mom, as I walked into the room something came over me as I looked at your pussy for the first time. I'm sorry."

"Honey, I know about all about my friends attacking you and taking your virginity. I was very mad at first but we talked it out. I still remember when I saw your penis the other day. Lord, they were right about you being so large. So when you bent over to fix the pillows I kinda lost it. I had to touch and feel it. Damn this is one large cock baby," replied Meg as she squeezed Billy's cock causing a huge drop of precum to drip onto his stomach.

"Can I play with this beautiful cock of yours baby?"

"Mom what about dad? He might come up here any minute. Let me check on him," replied Billy as he walked towards the window.

His dad was still riding on the lawnmower and looked to be about half way finished. He knew it would take him another thirty minutes at least to finish. As he headed back to the bed, his mom spoke.

"Baby, pull off those shorts and let me see you fully naked."

Meg sat up on the bed as her son pulled his shorts to the floor. Lord his cock was so large that it hung at a forty-five degrees angle even though it was rock hard. The sheer weight of his cock caused it to point down to the floor. As her son walked towards her, his cock swayed back and forth like a cobra swaying to music. Damn his cock will split me in half I'm sure of it thought Meg as she reached out to take his hard cock in her tiny hands. Billy stood before his mom as she inspected his manhood. Meg lifted his cock until it touched above his belly button and then let it go to see it fall like a tree being cut down. Precum leaked out as Meg traced a finger from his balls to the tip. Meg licks off the huge drop and cupped both balls with her two hands.

"Oh, mom that feels great." Replied Billy as his mom sucked on the head.

Billy placed his hand on the back of his mother's head as she tried to take in more of his massive cock. She could only get a few inches in before she gagged slightly. Then his mom sucked in one testicle as she jerked hard on his shaft causing a drop of pre-cum to drip into her hair. Billy wanted his mom in the worst way as he lifted her face up past his cock.

"Mom, can I make love to you?"

Meg felt faint as she pulled her son onto the bed. As Billy laid on the bed, Meg took off her tennis top exposing her tits to her son for the first time. She then straddled her son as he cupped both of her breasts. His chest muscles rippled with each tug of her breasts. She leaned back to feel his huge cock press against her cunt lips. She rocked slowly along his shaft causing her cunt lips to spread coating his shaft with each pass. Meg thought she was ready and looked into her son's eyes as he moaned.

"Baby, please take it slow and make love to your mother. Your way larger than your dad. I don't know if this huge cock of yours will even fit."

"Do I need a rubber mom? I don't have one or ever bought one."

"No worries baby. I'm on the pill."

Meg reached back and took hold of her son's massive tool. She placed the head at the opening of her dripping cunt and the pressure almost took her breath away.

"It is not going to fit baby. God, you're big!"

Billy reached down and took hold of his shaft. He ran the head of his cock up and down his mom's pussy lips coating the head of his monster. Several passes later, Billy pushed ever so slightly and the head squeezed in.

"OH SHIT honey! Stop right there don't move."

Meg was just about to pass out from pain but she placed her hands on Billy's chest to stop the intrusion for the moment. Good God, how did her friends ever get this cock in them? Meg leaned over to kiss her son and then whispered softly, "Honey let your momma get used to this huge cock of yours."

Billy could feel his mom's cunt gripping at the head of his cock with tremendous pressure as he kissed each nipple on her breasts. His mom rocked forward and then back as his cock eased in slightly. With each rocking movement, Billy's huge cock worked its way in slowly.

"Oh, damn baby your cock is going to split me in half. But god I do love the feeling of your huge cock in my pussy. I'm going to cum soon. No wonder Cindy and Jean loved this cock."

Billy could feel his mom's pussy accommodating more of his cock as he pushed harder. She was tight for sure since his dad hardly ever fucked his mom. Billy knew he had found the love of his life and would always need and want his mother sexually. He wanted to make her as happy as he could and if sex was the way to do it his dad would have to accept it.

Meg pushed on son's chest arching her back as her orgasm radiated from her cunt washing all over her body.


Billy grasps his mother's breasts and could feel the warm spurts of his mother's orgasm wash over his cock and balls. There was now a puddle of juices at the base of his ass. His mother collapsed onto his chest as she shook from the orgasm. His mom started to kiss his chest and face with butterfly kisses as she gasped for air.

"Oh, baby I never knew a penis could feel this good. Let me catch my breath and I want you to try to get more of your cock inside me ok?"

"Mom, I want to make you happy and let me know if I start to hurt you."

Meg feels Billy's thick shaft and realizes she has several inches to go before she has all of his monster cock buried in her hot cunt.

"Ok baby let's get ready to...

"Honey? Meg where are you?"

"Damn! It's your father! Quick hide in the closet!" Meg tells her son as she lifts off his cock.

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