tagIncest/TabooWatching Mum Ch. 2

Watching Mum Ch. 2

byTony King©

It came as a real shock watching my Mother being used by three men, not only used, but actually enjoying it. I watched the video of her, Nolan, Grant and David many times over the coming week. The result, my arm got very sore and I must have shot my load hundreds of times.

She wasn't what you would call a loving Mother, sure she loved us, me and Dad, or at least I think so, no, she was more your social climber type, always egging Dad on to do better, holding diner parties to impress his boss or clients. In fact at times she could be so off hand that even the few friends I had refused to come to my house. In the end I joined the RAF simply to get away. But this was different. I hadn't ask to witness her performance and all I could think about was Dad.

Problem was, I was drawn to the video. The more I watched it the more I realised what a good looking sexy woman she was. It started to do my head in. "This is fucking crazy," I thought, I was starting to find my own mother attractive. But could I really see myself fucking her?

It turned out that David was Dad's boss and it was he who had used Mum's ambitions to turn her into a fuck slut. I don't know how it got started, but now, whenever customers were visiting he would make sure to send Dad away on business and then use Mum to entertain the clients. OK, so Dad got lots of sales and made lots of money, which Mum promptly spent on lots of new things for her, but the fact remained she had still become a total slut.

I couldn't get away the following weekend but I could get to the phone. I waited until just after 12:30 and called home. A man answered, "yes," I recognised David's voice, "O, hi, I'd like to talk to my Mother please." In the background I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Mum having an orgasm. "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number." The bastard hung up. My imagination went into overdrive thinking about her dressed like a whore entertaining some Japanese businessmen. I wondered what she must look like on all fours with their little willy's filling her cunt and mouth.

After weeks of soul searching I decided to confront her, but first I wanted to watch, just one more time. It wasn't difficult to pick a date, I simply phoned Dad and asked him when his next business trip was. "David's got me visiting people in Germany next week, I leave on Thursday but should be home by Saturday though if you fancy going for a pint." Great, that left Friday night.

I got to the house early and parked up a few blocks away, sure enough, just as it got dark David pulls up and five minutes later there off. From what I could make out she had a short skirt on this time. Giving them a few minutes, I entered the house and set about hiding the mini cams. Technology is incredible these days and I'd borrowed these devices from a mate in the RAF photographic section. They're normally used for close circuit intelligence surveillance and look a bit like mini endoscopes only the picture is transmitted back to a base unit, a bit like a radio mike. You can zoom the picture and pan the camera angle. The cameras are about the size of a biro with a cigarette packet sized transmitter connected by a thin cable. They record sound and vision in full colour.

I set one in the bookcase facing across the room and the other in a display cabinet facing down the room. Back in my bedroom I set up the video monitor and mixer. This would allow me to cross fade from one camera to the next or record two pictures at the same time, sort of picture in picture. There was nothing else to do now but wait.

The sound of the front door opening snapped me from a shallow sleep and I strained to listen through the closed door. I could hear several voices and for a minute thought they were coming my way. Suddenly the screen lit up as several small tables lamps were switched on illuminating the lounge. Two elderly men entered first followed by mum and David. Mum was wearing a fairly short skirt, blouse and high heels. Again, she seemed slightly tipsy as she took up a seat between the two men on the sofa. David sat in the chair opposite.

It all looked a bit strained as they sat there making small talk, as though no one wanted to make the first move. I could see David and mum exchanging glances but the two men seemed content to simply sip their drinks and talk shop. They were both extremely well spoken, probably ex public schoolboys but seemed totally out of there depth as far as this situation was concerned. Eventually David got up and put some smoochy music on. "Rita, why don't you give John and Paul a little show." Mum got the message and standing in front of the two men went into what I can only describe as a very erotic dance routine. Through half closed eyes she pouted her ruby lips at them as she ran her hands over her ample body, paying special attention to her tits. Then, very slowly she lifted the short skirt, up one thigh at a time, giving tantalising views of her black stockings and lacy suspender belt.

The two men sat spell bound as she started to unbutton the blouse, exposing more and more deep cleavage. With the blouse completely discarded she started on the skirt. Undoing the button on the side and lowering the zipper before wiggling her hips making it slid to the floor. I wasn't sure about them I was sure as hell getting horny. I now had a full frontal unobstructed view of my mother dressed in a silky black bra that really pushed her tits up and out, tiny black panties that only just covered her shaven cunt, suspender belt, stockings and high stiletto heels. She was standing with her legs apart, arms raised, piling her long hair up and holding it above her head before letting it slowly cascade down over her neck and shoulders again. I made a mental note to produce a picture from that frame.

Switching to the other camera I could see the expression on the two guy's faces as they watched the show. Both had very prominent bulges in their trousers which they tried to straighten from time to time. David sat there with a permanent smirk on his face. I mixed in the picture from the other camera giving me the full frontal again with a small picture in the top corner showing the two men.

Mum leant forward as she undid the bra, allowing both full tits to swing free right in front of their faces. It was too much for Paul and he reached out and grabbed a handful. Mum simply stayed in this position while he played with her nipples and weighed her tits in his hands. "Oh my, these are lovely," he said leaning up to suck a nipple. Not to be outdone, John claimed the other tit, holding it still as he too sucked on the nipple. Holding both men to her tits mum straightened up bringing all three of them to a standing position. The two men had there hands everywhere, feeling her up through her panties, running their hands up her stockings, letting their fingers trace the outline of her cunt and arse through the thin material. She looked like she was loving it. She stood there with her eyes closed making little groans and murmurs, her hands on the back of their heads holding them to her tits while shouting encouragement. .

"That's it boys, suck on my big titties." One of the men removed her panties and both stood back to admire her shaven cunt. "Now that is nice," John said gently rubbing his fingers across her prominent mound before cupping it in the palm of his hand, "and so smooth, you really are a naughty girl aren't you." With John's hand monopolising mum's cunt, Paul started on her arse, gently parting the cheeks and probing with his fingers for her hole. "David tells us you like it up both holes, it that right my dear?" Mum simply groaned as his finger penetrated her arse. "I'm looking forward to finding out," Paul said adding another finger. I switched to the other camera and got a good side view of mum standing erect with two fingers up each hole. Both men were frigging her like crazy and it wasn't long before her knees buckled and her first orgasm swept over her. "My, my, she does get very wet doesn't she," John said removing his fingers from her cunt and offering them to her mouth. Without hesitation she licked them clean. "Bet she won't lick these," said Paul taking his fingers from her arse. Looking him in the eyes mum grabbed his hand and slowly but deliberately licked both fingers. The two men were gobsmacked.

"I told you," said David, "she'll do anything you want." Laying back on the sofa she teasingly played with her cunt as both men stripped off. "OK big boys, now you've got it nice and wet who's first," she asked spreading her legs even wider. Paul was there like a shot and positioning himself on the floor between her legs he rammed his cock straight up her and started banging away. "Oh yes, that's lovely, fuck me with that nice big cock, hmmmm, your so good." It seemed to me that mum was really hamming it up but it did the trick and within seconds Paul was grunting like a pig as he shot his load. John almost pushed him out of the way in his rush to fuck her and taking his place he too rammed his cock up her and continued from where Paul left off. He lasted a little bit longer and did succeed in making mum cum again before he too shot his load.

"Lets turn her over, I want some of that arse," said Paul stroking his cock, trying to get it hard again. "Paul," said David, "why don't you let the slut suck it, that will get you hard again." Mum shot a look at David before getting on her knees and taking Paul's cock into her mouth. As I knew from the first time I saw her giving head, she was pretty experienced and it didn't take long before Paul was rock hard. "OK, now turn over, I want that arse hole." Mum laid face down on the sofa with her arse sticking high in the air while Paul did his best to penetrate her hole. "Try spitting on it," said mum, fed up with his attempts to dry fuck her. Paul did as instructed and this time his cock went in easily. "Ohhh yes," said mum pushing back against him, "that's much better."

"Oh Paul, you really know how to fuck, does it feel nice and tight, do you like fucking my arse?" Again, she really went overboard with the verbal assault and within minutes Paul was filling her arse with spunk. "My God, that's it for me," he said pulling out and falling back on the floor exhausted. John was about to take his place when David suggested they double up. "I don't think I've done that before," said John, "how does it work?" David got mum to suck his cock for a few minutes before lying on his back on the floor. Mum knew exactly what to do and with an air of indifference she straddled his cock. "OK John, now you get behind her and fuck her arse." John followed David's instructions and with Paul's spunk lubricating the way he easily slid his cock in. "I say, this is jolly good fun," the pompous old git said, holding onto my mother's hips while he reamed her rear door. David was content to lie there with his own buried up her cunt and let John enjoy himself.

"Oh yes, that's it John, fuck your nice fat cock up my arse, does it feel good, can you feel David's cock up my cunt?" Again, mum was really going for it, talking dirty and pushing back against him until he too couldn't hold out any longer and filled her with spunk. David made her sit on the sofa while he fucked her good and hard, putting on a show for the two men. As he came, he pulled out and stood over her covering her face, hair, tits and cunt with jet after jet of warm sperm. "That's when she looks her best," he said addressing the two men, "covered in spunk, looking like a real whore."

John and Paul decided they couldn't handle any more excitement and after cleaning themselves up they hurriedly said there goodbyes and left. Mum just stayed on the sofa, legs spread wide with David's spunk running down her body. The minute the two guys were gone he turned on her. "You fucking bitch, you think I don't know what you were doing, all that dirty talk, you knew they wouldn't last long didn't you, you did everything you could to make them cum quickly." Mum glared at him. "Just because I go along with your perverted little games doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. You bring two old men back to fuck me and you think I'm going to like it. Why do you think I have to get pissed first? Anyway, they weren't complaining, the old bastards got what they wanted so what have you got to shout about."

"I promised them a real proper show. We both know your just a fucking slut, you love cock so don't tell me you don't, you can't get enough." Mum was getting mad. "You think I really enjoy your pathetic little cock, you blackmailed me into this, I do it because I have no choice, now get out!" Mum stood up and tried to push David towards the front door. He suddenly grabbed her in an arm lock, his other hand round her throat, "I'm going to teach you some manners you fucking whore........" That was the last thing he said before hitting the deck. Two more blows and he went out like a light.

"T-T-T-Tony," mum stuttered, "what are you doing here?" "It's a good job for you I was, this guy meant business." "Oh my god, you must have seen everything." She started to cry, and I mean really cry. I wasn't sure what to do, in all my 21 years I'd never seen her cry before, but I guess instinct took over and I cradled her in my arms. "Shssssssh, it's all right mum, really." Her whole body was shaking as sob after sob racked through it. I held her tight and caressed her hair, trying to reassure her.

"My God, what must you think of me?" My hand strayed down her naked shoulder and suddenly I felt my self getting aroused. This was insane, I was doing my best to console her and getting a hard on. I looked down, taking in the sight of her black stockings and suspenders, her high heels, the traces of spunk in her hair and round her face. Both my hands were now rubbing her shoulders, her neck and the back of her hair. She stopped crying and as she looked up into my face it seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss her. A full lingering kiss, exploring each others mouths with our tongues. Her hands went down to my groin and she started to rub the growing bulge in my jeans, undoing the buttons and zip allowing my swollen member to spring free.

I kicked my jeans and underpants free as mum removed my tee shirt from over my head. We sank to the floor, still locked in a passionate embrace, our breathing coming harder. I broke off the kiss and dived for her tits, taking a full bloated nipple into my mouth, my other hand feeling my mother's naked wet cunt. I tasted the salty spunk on her nipples reminding me of how she had just been used. I was overcome with lust as I traced my tongue down across her stomach and on to her cunt; breathing in the mixed aroma of fresh spunk and pussy juice, it was so intoxicating. I licked her cunt lips, enjoying the taste before flicking her clit with my tongue.

Suddenly, my cock was enclosed by a warm silky mouth as mum's lips took me in and buried me deep in her throat. As her lips clung to the base of my shaft her throat contracted around the head causing exquisite sensations to run through my body. Never before had I been so totally engrossed in the sexual feeling I was experiencing now. I returned my attention to her clit, licking and nibbling, all the time thinking of the use she had just been put through. With my mind on maximum overload I blasted a fresh load of cum deep into my Mothers throat. I revelled in the feeling as her lips and tongue sought to drain the last few drops from me. I was even more amazed that after such a mind blowing orgasm, my cock remained hard.

Without talking, mum led me into the bedroom and simply lay on the bed with her legs wide open. It was like a drug, I didn't see her as my mother anymore, just an object to be used and fucked. Her big tits looked red and abused, her makeup was smeared over her face and her hair was covered in spunk and sticking to her face. With her legs spread wide her cunt looked so inviting. I ran my hands from her high heels, up her stockings to her wet pussy, all the time looking at her sexy face. "Fuck me," she mouth silently, reaching out for my cock as I climbed between her legs. I slid in easily and enjoyed the feel of her warm wet cunt as it sucked me in. I fucked her with long slow strokes, using my fingers on her clit and my mouth on her nipples. I could feel her start to shake as her orgasm built and speeded up slightly.

"Ohhh Tony, oh yessssss." She was clinging to my back and pushing her pelvis up against me. My cock was buried to the hilt as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ran through her. Without speaking, I withdrew my rock hard cock and laying behind her in the spoons position I fed it into her arse. This was even wetter and warmer than her cunt. The two loads of spunk already deposited there made it slippery but still tighter than her cunt. Leaving it completely buried I reached round and played with her clit. She would clench her muscles causing exquisite sensations to run down my cock and I would respond by making it throb inside her. That was it, I simply had to fuck, and fuck hard. I turned her over onto her stomach and going up on my arms started to ram my cock in and out of her tight arse. She was pushing back to meet me and now had her own hand underneath her playing with her clit. When I looked down I saw mum's arse cheeks covered in spunk and pussy juices, my own cock was dragging Paul and John spunk out of her, coating my entire shaft.

Suddenly, she was just an object of disgust, this filthy whore who I called mum, that allowed old men to fuck her. This slag who let men use all her holes, who enjoyed being used like the slut she was. All these thoughts raced through my mind as I looked at the back of her head, her arse with my cock ramming up it, her stockings, held up by that sexy suspender belt and those high heels that made her legs look sooooooo long. I came, jet after burning jet shot up through my cock filling her arse for the third time that night. She lay still, face down on the bed as I pulled my cock from her ravaged arse.

When I eventually looked up, David was standing in the doorway, his digital camera connected to his mobile phone.

To Be Continued...

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