tagIncest/TabooWatching My Son

Watching My Son


I was still feeling the flush of my orgasm while I stood in the kitchen and tried to decide what to make for dinner. My husband was going to be out of town for a few days for work and my nineteen year-old son and I would be eating dinner alone. Having anonymously spent some time online with a few of my son's friends chatting and even going on cam, I learned that they had been having very strong sexual desires where I was concerned -- even my son.

I had planned an adventure that day, so I had worn sexy lingerie and a dress that could be very revealing. When I arrived from work, knowing they would all be at the pool, I gave them a nice show as I got out of my car, then I went to my bedroom and opened a window overlooking the pool deck and listened to them talk about me. Their comments were quite excited and I found myself masturbating and soaking my panties and pantyhose. When I heard my son telling his friends he was going to check the laundry after they left, I decided to make it easy for him and set my wet panties and pantyhose on top of my laundry basket.

"Ricky," I called as I heard him come into the house from the pool. "Are you going to be ready for dinner soon?"

"In a while, Mom," he replied, "I want to clean up a little first."

Then I heard him starting upstairs. "Could you do me a favor, hon?" I asked. "Grab the laundry from your room and ours and bring it to the basement, I'd like to get a load started before dinner." At that, I almost laughed out loud. Talk about a double meaning.

"Okay, Mom," he said, "when I come back down."

I felt guilty. Knowing how my son had told his friends that he was going to check the laundry, I had given him a perfect, seemingly innocent opportunity to do it.

I heard my son walking down the stairs to the first floor and then to the basement. I began to walk to the basement stairs when, for some reason, I stopped and waited at the top of the stairs to the basement. Slowly, I walked down the stairs, being as quiet as I could. I stopped when I could see into the laundry room. I saw my son put two laundry baskets on the floor and then saw him reach into my basket. As he had told his friends he would, he checked the laundry and found my panties and pantyhose on the top.

I was not sure what I expected to see. My son, though, seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do. He held my panties in front of his face as if examining them closely. I was certain the damp spot where my juices had soaked them was still visible. He brought my panties closer to his face and it was obvious he was smelling them. He then held them up against his face and drew a deep breath. I found the sight very exciting and, for the second time in less than one hour, I found my hand moving under my t-shirt and into my running shorts. I hoped he enjoyed the aroma.

Apparently he did! I almost gasped when I saw him put the damp area of my panties into his mouth. I felt myself getting very wet and again slid my fingers between my lips and into my aroused pussy. I was on the verge of another orgasm when I saw him take my panties from his mouth and put them into the pocket on his shorts. Then, he took my pantyhose and bunched them up and held them to his face, again inhaling deeply.

I coughed, giving him a chance to hide the evidence. Walking slowly down the stairs, I said perhaps a bit too loudly, "Thanks for bring that stuff down, Ricky."

"No problem, Mom," he said with a guilty smile, "always glad to help."

"If only that were true," I said, punching him on his arm as he walked past me. I noted that his pockets each had a slight bulge in them, from holding my lingerie.

Dinner was uneventful. As we cleaned up the kitchen after we ate, I asked my son: "Any plans this evening?"

"Nothing really," he said. "I have some things I have to finish for school, so I might just go up to my room and get it over with."

"Sounds like me," I said with a smile. "I just may go to bed and watch TV. I'll try to keep quiet do I don't bother you."

We both went to our bedrooms and closed the doors. I suspected we both had the same intention.

I got my laptop out and signed on to the internet. Shortly after logging in, I checked my list of my son's friends and saw a few were online, including several who had been at my house that afternoon. I hoped I would be getting "reviews" of that afternoon. I clicked the status box that said I was visible, and waited.

"Hi!!," came the first message, "Great to see you again.!"

"Hey!!," I replied, "what's going on?"

"Not much," he said, "we're just waiting for a report from a friend."

"Report?," I asked.

"Yes," he said, "we got to see our friend's mom today . . .she is so hot!"

"Oh?," I asked, "what happened."

"We were hanging out at his house when his Mom got home from work," he began. "When she was getting out of her car she sat there with her legs apart and I could see all the way to her panties," he continued. "They were red!" he said, followed by a big smiley face.

"Wow!," I typed.

"Yes," he said, "and then she was standing next to the pool and I could see up her skirt again. I wished I could beat off right then."

"LOL," I typed.

"It's true," he typed. "I was so horny looking at her legs. She is so hot!"

I smiled to myself and remembered listening to them talk about me after I went in the house.

"Well," I said, "it sounds like you had fun. What's going on tonight?"

"We're waiting for her son," he said, "he was going to try to get her panties."

"Really?," I asked, "what for?"

"Well, I hope we get to see him cum in them," he replied.

"Yes," he said, " most of us think it's exciting to see the others cum, and it's really exciting to see him in his mother's panties."

They had told me before about what my son did with my panties, but I was still a little shocked when I heard it again. I definitely had mixed feelings about it, and about watching him.

Just then, my son's friend said, "He's going to go on cam in a minute. Do you want to watch?"

"Yes," I said, although hesitating. "I don't have my cam tonight, is that okay?"

"I guess," he said, "I know Ricky was hoping to see you one of these days, but I guess it's okay, come into our chatroom."

I entered the chatroom. Several of the guys I had chatted with before -- and shown myself to -- were there.

"Hi guys," I said, "sorry I don't have my cam tonight -- is that okay?"

"It's okay," several replied.

"Ricky's mom gave us a show today, so we'll forgive you," another said.

"That's what I heard," I typed.

Just then, my son's name showed up on my friends list. I felt a twinge of nerves and considered leaving, but finally decided to stay.

"Ricky," said one of the guys, "we were wondering if you'd show up."

"Sorry," Ricky typed, "I just finished dinner with my Mom a little while ago and then had to give her an excuse to be in my room."

"Did you check the laundry?," one of the guys asked.

"Yes, it was easy," Ricky typed, "my Mom actually asked me to bring the laundry downstairs, so I didn't even have to sneak into her room."

"Great," one of the guys typed, "what did you find?"

"It was great!," Ricky typed, "I found her red panties and her pantyhose right on top."

"Nice," said the other, "are you sure it's what she was wearing today?"

"Definitely!," Ricky typed, "they were still wet from her!"

"Oh man!," typed another, "did you smell them? I would!"

"They smelled great!," Ricky typed, "and tasted even better!!"

"You tasted them?," his friend asked.

"Yes.....fantastic!," Ricky typed.

At that, I got a private message -- it was from Ricky.

"Hi," it read, "do I know you?"

"I met a few of your friends online a while ago and they invited me in," I said.

"Oh," Ricky said, "You're the MILF they were talking about. Nice to meet you."

"Same here," I typed, "Is that what they say about me?"

"Yes," Ricky typed, "they said you're almost as hot as my Mom."

"Well," I typed, " I don't know about that."

"I hope I get to find out," Ricky typed, "but they want to see my Mom's things tonight. Watch if you like."

"Okay," I replied, "maybe I will."

Of course, I knew that I was definitely going to watch. Then, several video windows opened. One by one, I saw my son's friends appear before me. I noted some were clothed, others were not. A few were already stroking themselves.

Then, another window opened. I felt another twinge of guilt as I recognized my son's room, just down the hall from where I sat. Then, my son walked into view.

He was wearing the shorts and t-shirt he'd been wearing earlier. He carried my panties and pantyhose.

"Here they are," he typed, and held my panties before the camera and then my pantyhose. Then. Smiling at the camera, he held the panties in front of his face and took a deep breath.

"Oh man!," one of the others typed, " what do they smell like?"

"Wonderful!," was my son's response.

"What are you going to do?" asked another.

"I told you," Ricky typed.

I had been paying attention to my son's actions and his friends' comments, so I was not thinking back to what he had said to his friends earlier that afternoon. All of a sudden, he removed his t-shirt and then his shorts and, for the first time since he was a child, my son stood naked before me. I tried not to think of who I was looking at, but I had to admit he had a very nice body. I noticed that he was getting excited as well. Although he was not very big, his manhood was growing to a very nice size.

Then, my son stepped back and stepped into my red bikini panties. As he pulled them up his legs, he became more and more excited. I tried not to look too closely, but I could not ignore him completely.

As the panties reached their goal, I noted that Ricky was fully erect. When he had them pulled all the way up, I saw that they were too small to contain him completely. His erection stood proudly above the panties.

Then he bent over, and started to pull my pantyhose on. As he did so, I realized that this was not the first time he had done this, because he was very careful and actually put the pantyhose on just as I had done that morning. First one foot to the calf, then the other, Then, he slid each leg up a bit, pulling them tight as he went, over is thighs and then to his waist. Reaching down, he pulled them tight around his legs, just as I would. I immediately had the thought that he must have watched me get dressed to see how I did this.

As he finished putting on my panties and pantyhose, the messages began again. They were asking how it felt, expressing envy, and making several other comments. My son just stood in front of his camera smiling.

"What are you going to do now?," one friend asked.

My son did not answer, but began to stroke himself through my pantyhose and panties. I knew I should not watch, but I could not pull my eyes away from the screen of my laptop. As guilty as I felt, I even moved closer to my desk to get a better view. He continued for several minutes, and then I could see his body stiffen and I knew his climax was near.

After just a few more strokes, I saw his body stiffen even more and then I saw him start to erupt. I was amazed as I watched my son cum, his hot semen shooting through my pantyhose and covering his stomach. I think a few streams even went almost to his shoulders.

I was beyond feeling guilty at this point. Watching my son masturbate in my panties and pantyhose was making me very excited. Almost unconsciously, my hand once again slid inside my panties and, for the third time that afternoon, I brought myself to orgasm.

I could not believe how excited I was and how strong my orgasm was. I could not believe how wet I was. I slid my fingertips inside and got them wet and them brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. As I did so, I saw my son running his fingers over his stomach and chest, collecting his semen. At almost the same time I slid my fingers into my mouth, I saw my son licking his own fingers clean. He had a very satisfied smile on his face.

As he finished, his friends comments began again. They all expressed how excited they were and expressed even more envy that they could not use my things that way. They all were stroking themselves, I noticed for the first time. As I watched, several of them came.

I was enjoying myself watching all of these hard young cocks when I got another instant message from my son.

"Hi," he said, "did you see me?"

"Yes," I replied, "it looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"I was," he said, "I always cum so much in my mother's things. Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much," I said, and I realized I did, very much. "I hope you don't mind my saying so, but you looked very good in those things." And I gave him a smiley face.

"It was nice knowing someone was watching besides the guys," he said, "especially today."

"What was special about today?," I asked.

"My Mom is so hot, and today she was even hotter than usual," he replied.

"What was so hot," I asked.

"I really got to see a lot when she was getting out of her car, and then I tasted her panties," he told me, "I never got to do that before, and the panties I was wearing when you saw me were still wet from her. I loved that."

I loved it too, but I didn't tell him -- not wanting to let him know who I was.

"So, you get off on your mom?," I asked. I was very curious about his answer.

"God, yes," he replied, "she is the sexiest woman I know. I think I spend half my life watching her and hoping to see things a sons is not supposed to see."

At this point, I forgot all about the other guys and was concentrating on my son's comments.

"What have you seen?," I asked.

"Well, I have been able to look up her skirts a lot," he said, " I love her legs, especially when she is wearing nylons."

"Do you do that often?," I asked, curious about exactly what my son had been doing.

"Whenever I can," he replied, "I love watching her get in and out of the car because she seems to always show a lot of leg, and once in a while I can see her panties."

"Do you enjoy seeing her panties?," I asked.

"Very much," he said, " I love seeing as much of her as I can."

"What else do you enjoy about her?," I asked.

"I really love the way she smells," he replied, "her perfume really gets me hard!"

"I saw you with her wet panties," I said, "does that get you hard?"

"Oh yes," he replied, "but I don't get many chances to smell them. I love when I can and a few times I was able to get to her laundry basket shortly after she took a bath and I could taste her. That got me harder than ever and I felt like I came a gallon at a time."

"Do you get as hard as you did today?," I asked, "do you cum as much?"

"I have gotten very hard and a few times I thought I was going to rip her panties when I came in them," he said.

All of this talk was getting me even more excited than I had been. I wanted to know more.

"What do you think about when you're cumming in your mother's panties?," I asked.

"I think about cumming on her," he said.

I felt myself getting wet. I also felt I was going farther than I should with this conversation, but I enjoyed the way it was making me feel.

"What sort of things do you think about?," I asked. I really wanted to know.

"Well," he said, " I think a lot about rubbing my cock on her legs when she's wearing nylons. I think about cumming on her legs and seeing my cum on her, then watching her rub it into her nylons."

Now I was very interested. In spite of myself, I was getting very turned on by this conversation.

"What else do you think about?," I asked.

"I love when she wears tight skirts because her ass is so sweet," he said, "I have this dream of bending her over a chair and lifting her skirt so I could rub my cock on her ass until I came on her. Then I would massage my hot cum into her panties and pantyhose for her."

This was getting better and better -- and much more exciting. Although I thought my son had been having some of the usual fantasies about his mother, I did not expect them to be so detailed as these.

"Do your friends have these same kinds of thoughts about their mothers?," I asked.

"Not really," he replied, "the other guys' mothers are not much compared to my mom. I think the guys are perfectly happy to be here having these thoughts about her."

"Do you mind your friends having these thoughts about your mother?," I asked. I was genuinely curious about this.

"I really did at first," he admitted, " I think I was shocked by the way they talked about her and the things they said about her. But after a while, I had to admit that I was having a lot of the same thoughts and I was lucky enough to be around her all the time and didn't need an excuse to be here. Plus, I was so lucky to have access to her things."

"They said you gave them pictures you took of your mother, is that true?' I asked.

"Only one -- it was of her getting out of her car. It was nice, but not as hot as what we saw today," he replied. "Of course, I am always on the lookout for chances to see sexy things."

"Like what?," I asked.

"Oh," he replied, "seeing her in her skimpy bikinis in the pool or when she is sunbathing. She wears much sexier things when my friends aren't around. Sometimes I try to catch her getting out of the shower by going into her room to ask her something just after I hear the shower stop running. Other times I just watch her to see if I can see under her skirt when she is just getting home from work or getting ready to leave."

"Wow," I typed, "it sounds like you are kept pretty busy. How often do you masturbate over her?"

"Probably at least two or three times a day, actually." he said.

"Wow," I said. This time I was really shocked. "Where do you find the time?"

"I usually do it before I go to school, because I am always hard in the morning, especially seeing how my Mom dresses for work each day. When I get home from school, I start getting excited waiting for her to come home and try to be there to watch her get out of the car. That usually gives me enough reason to do it then. And then I am usually with my friends either really or online at night, and we talk about things -- her a lot -- and I do it again. Sometimes, if my Mom is wearing something hot at night or when she gets ready for bed, I get excited and do it again."

"I am impressed," I said. I really was. I never thought I had that kind of effect on him.

"Just talking about it with you is getting me excited again right now," he said.

"What are you going to do about it?" I asked.

"I think I am going to beat off again right now," he said, "would you like to watch?"

"I'd love to, if you don't mind," I said. I could feel myself beginning to get wet again.

"Okay," he replied, "maybe sometime I can watch you while I do it. The guys said you were hotter than hot and had an amazing body."

"I'd love to do that," I said, "maybe we can just go on camera one-on-one sometime." I realized I was becoming much more interested in this than I had planned.

"Wow!," he typed, "that'd be great! Just a minute," he typed, "I'm starting to get hard again."

"Show me, please," I typed, "I love watching a pretty cock get hard and grow. I really love to take a soft cock in my mouth and feel it grow as I suck on it."

I actually told my son one of my favorite things about sucking cock! It was a good thing that he didn't know who he was chatting with. All of a sudden, his picture was back. He was standing in a room near mine with nothing on but a smile. I watched his cock as he moved close to the camera. He was getting harder as he approached, and then, it began to climb like an express elevator. It was so beautiful. I began to touch myself again.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Yumm," I typed, "It's gorgeous."

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