tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching My Sweet April

Watching My Sweet April


Getting a beautiful girlfriend can sometimes be an overwhelming thing for a young average guy. Well, that's how it happened for me anyway.

I spent the better part of my life getting ready for college. Working, saving, preparing. I was pretty much your average white kid from your average mid size town. Not fast enough or strong enough for athletics, and not quite smart enough for the big scholarships.

So, I worked my ass off my last year of high school. All so I could get into the big state college a couple of hours away.

College was an exciting time for me. New people, new places and all that college could offer. I can vividly remember my first semester. I think I partied more than I could handle. Well, I know I did. Lots of nights spent drinking and sleeping it off didn't help my GPA. And, hooking up with a willing girl here and there was something I experienced from time to time. None of them made a big impact on me so I decided it was best to hit the books and focus.

Anyway, so my next semester and the subsequent following summer semester were spent working on my grades and being a stand up guy. I barely had time to do anything more than go in for my shifts and attend class.

So, the fall semester rolled around. One year smarter, one more year of experience. I was confident and looking forward to accomplishing something great.

And, it was something great I found indeed. Her name was April.

April was a incoming freshman. Young, blonde and incredibly beautiful.

Luck was on my side when she seated herself by me in a freshman level class I happened to be taking. I had to admit, I was smitten from the start.

The first day I don't think I said anything more than "Hello". However, after two days in the class we ended up getting paired up in a group.

The first out of class project meeting was when I knew I was going to be in head over heels. She was great. Smart, witty and very fun to be around.

We pretty much hit it off about 3 weeks into the semester. I asked her out and our relationship began.

It probably took about 4 dates before we found ourselves involved in heavy make out session. Clothes started coming off . As we both got naked I found myself with the biggest hard on and truly couldn't believe how good looking she was.

April had long striking blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders. She was about 5'2" and her petite body was lean and trim. As I took her bra off for the first time I saw two of the nicest perky breasts I've ever seen. She had a light tan line from her bikini that only helped to accent her dark pink nipples.

The bottom half of her body was as good as the top. She had a tiny waist, nice hips and a firm small ass. And oh god her pussy! It was amazing. She had it trimmed into a thin line. Her hair matched the blonde on her head. I thought I died and went to heaven.

That first night we made love 3 times. I just couldn't get enough of her.

As our relationship grew, we talked more about the past and what our history was. She told me I was only the second guy she'd been with. Her serious high school boyfriend was the first. They'd broken up shortly before she came to school.

Either way, I was incredibly happy to have her. And our semester continued to be great.

I guess I was lucky to have her in my same class. She and I got to see each other 3 times a week no matter what. It was our time to catch up and reconnect.

Outside of class, I did my best to spend a lot of time with her. It soon became harder to do it though.

The next semester she and I didn't share any time on campus together. If I was in class, she wasn't. If she was in her dorm, I was working.

We did our best to make it work. I requested time off when I could and made it a priority to spend time with her. However, with the way things were that semester, we barely had time to spend one night a week together. I did my best to make the most of it though, fucking her every chance I could get. We had a special relationship so I did my best.

Towards the end of that semester we both had a lot of things to do. I had just started sharing a little dump of an apartment with my friend Danny. It really was a crappy place but it was damn cheap. However, convincing April to sleep there with me was pretty hard to do.

Now April was also forced to make a move. She had to leave her dorm and she needed to search for some suitable living options. She was weighing the options when she ended up finding an option with Stacy.

Now, I had met Stacy once or twice before. She was a junior at college and friends with some people we knew. She was renting a big lake house thanks to her rich parents and offered to rent out one of the rooms to April.

Now Stacy was an interesting girl. She was known as a party girl on campus and probably a pretty easy lay. I knew that she liked to drink and smoke and get around. But, after thinking over her offer of cheap rent in a big house, April decided to go for it. After all, it was just a summer.

After a week or two, I went over to hang out for a while. It was then I met Jimmy, who was Stacy's 28 year old boyfriend. He was working at some big telemarketing company and thought he knew it all. The first time I met him I could tell he was cocky bastard. I think he picked Stacy up at a bar and she liked that he spent money on her. I did my best to get along with him the few times I saw him.

Anyway, as the summer went on, April and I started having some knock down drag out fights. She clearly wanted me to be around more often and I just couldn't. I mean, I had to pay for school.

Then on one Wednesday, she and I were going at it again. Finally she says " If you don't have the time, maybe we should just stop seeing each other!"

Hell, I was so infuriated at that time. I screamed out "Fine, if that's how you want it, let's break for a while!!"

I clearly remember the words as they were some of the last I'd say to her for a while.

The next day I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to call and apologize. Part of me thought I should give her space. And, being young, my stubborn pride won out and I did nothing.

Another day passed and Saturday I was back at work again. I couldn't get her off my mind, I just didn't know what to do then. I got off early and headed home. That evening I got in my car, thinking I'd go over and apologize, or at least try to see where she was on this whole thing. I had felt pretty serious about her so I thought I should give it some effort.

As I drove over, my cell phone rang. It was my roommate, Danny.

"Hey man, I knew you guys broke up, but I didn't think April moved so fast" he said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well, I'm bartending tonight, you know over here at the restaurant, just doing my thing. And well, I had to go through the dining area. I saw April and Stacy in there. They are with 2 other guys. I think one is probably Stacy's boyfriend, but I don't know the other guy," he said.

"Are they still there?"

"Yeah, but they are probably taking off in a few, looks like they are done with dinner. I'm sorry man, I just thought you might like to know," he explained.

Damn, what the fuck? I knew that this was some shit Stacy set up. I mean, maybe she was just trying to cheer her up. But, honestly, I don't know what the hell was up.

So, I did the only thing a stubborn young man might do. I drove over to the house.

Luckily, I still had a key to the place. I parked way the hell down the street and went into the house. I didn't know what I was going to do. I mean, I couldn't get caught there, that'd be weird. But something told me to stay.

I walked around the house. Both of the girl's rooms smelt of lingering perfume. There was makeup on the counters and you could tell they had taken their time looking for outfits. Just what the hell did Stacy tell her to get her to go out?

I heard a car door slam outside and scrambled. I ducked into the hall broom closet. It was just by the hallway that separated the main living room and the bedrooms down the hall. It had 2 slotted sliding doors that came together. I could see and hear incredibly well out of them. I just hoped no one needed a broom that night.

The door opened and I could hear some giggling. There were only 2 female voices. I saw April and Stacy come in and drop put their purses and keys on the hall table.

They were both dressed up nicely, but I couldn't believe what April was wearing. She was wearing the tightest teal dress I've ever seen. It hugged her curves. It was very short, just barely covering her ass and seeing her nipples press out the top told me she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hair was up and she had on some clear high heels that I knew she borrowed from Stacy. Well, she had to have borrowed everything from her. She had never dressed like that.

I listened to them talking in the kitchen. I could hear drinks being poured.

April said "Why did you invite them over here?"

"Oh god, come on, it's just a little harmless fun," grinned Stacy.

"Come on Stacy, you know I just got out of a relationship. It was hard enough for me to agree to go to dinner. I'm not ready for anything at this point"

"Geez, loosen up. We'll just have some drinks. God girl, I just want you to have fun April! Besides, your old boyfriend never took you to dinners like that"

Had Stacy been able to see me, she would have seen the cold hard stare I gave her for that remark.

About 2 minutes later the door opens. And I hear 2 men's voices.

"Hey ladies... we got more liquor"

After I hear some more drinks getting poured, they started coming into the living room where I could see them all.

Stacy was there with Jimmy of course. I could tell he'd been drinking up a storm already and was having a fun time. They sat on the loveseat.

April came in slowly, followed closely by a massive dark man. I say massive because this guy was built like a brick wall.

He was about 6 ' 2" and solid muscle. This guy must have worked out all the time to get this way. He was wearing a white shirt that was stretched by his big pecs and solid arms. He had dark brown skin and a shaved bald head. Just looking at him, I judged him to be about 35 years old.

In my head I was thinking "Who the hell is this and why is he here with these college girls?"

Looking back now I guess if I was in his shoes I would know that answer, but it did seem a little odd to me.

Jimmy said "Why don't you sit next to April on the couch Thomas?"

Hmm, Thomas. He must be someone Jimmy knew from somewhere.

Thomas moved over to sit next to April. I saw him sit down and adjust to get close to her. As he moved over, he put one arm around her on the back of the couch.

Stacy started off the discussion with some idle chit chat about dinner. I ignored most of what she and Jimmy said. My eyes were on April the whole time.

She didn't say a lot. I could see her being uncomfortable with this situation. She sat up near the edge of the couch. Thomas tried to get a small touch on her back here and there but for the most part she was staying put.

After refilling their drinks, Stacy got up. She said, let's see what's on TV. She went over and hit a button on the DVD player.

Of course, it was porn. There, right on the screen was a woman blowing a guy. She was down on her knees giving it all she could.

Stacy said "Oh my, she knows what she's doing" Jimmy smiled and they kissed.

As the scene passed, the guy started fucking her. I saw April move some in her seat. I also saw Thomas put his hand on her back. I could imagine her feeling his massive heavy hand on her.

The scene soon finished with the guy giving a massive cumshot all over the face of the willing woman. After some crude remarks from Jimmy, the movie continued on with a blonde in a field getting fucked by a guy. About halfway through this scene, Stacy stood up. She stated for everyone "I've had about all I can stand. Jimmy, take me to the bedroom!"

Jimmy got up. I saw April look up at Stacy, as if her protector was leaving.

Stacy grinned and said "You too have fun!"

I saw April give an awkward smile. The porno rolled on.

Thomas leaned up and put one hand on April's thigh. He said "Sorry, I've been waiting to tell you all night. You look so fucking hot"

April smiled and let out a deep breath. She was still silent.

Thomas smiled at her again. He moved his hand over to hers and grabbed her drink. He took it in his hand and set it on the table.

Thomas was bolder than he had been all night. He put his hand on Aprils and then leaned in.

His mouth touched hers and he gave her a gentle kiss. He pulled back, gauging her reaction.

April showed almost no emotion. She didn't say no, she didn't say yes. She didn't move.

Thomas moved in again. His kiss was much more aggressive this time. He put his hand on her arm and slid it up her shoulder.

April didn't back off or push him off. I saw Thomas break the kiss for just a second and go back in for more. This time it looked like April was letting him.

Thomas took his time, kissing, moving closer to her. I was wondering what would happen. "Why wasn't she throwing him off?"

Thomas moved next to her and grabbed her arm. He pulled her to face towards him and basically picked her up in one move, pulling her on top of him.

Her legs straddled his lap now, causing her skirt to ride up. My eyes darted to her ass. I could see the sheer pink thong she was wearing underneath. I knew that thong. It was totally see-through. She wore it on special occasions for me.

Right now Thomas was sliding his hands on her ass on top of that thong.

April was leaning over, kissing Thomas. She had clearly crossed some sort of line now.

They kissed for quite a while. I saw Thomas' hands move up and down her back. He broke their kiss and smiled at her. He moved his hand up and slid down the straps of her dress, then did the other side.

April's perky breasts were now exposed to Thomas. He opened his mouth and begin licking her breasts, moving his tongue over her hard nipples.

April moaned out loud and put her hand on his head. Thomas clearly knew what he was doing. April was enjoying this attention.

Meanwhile, back in my closet, I was freaking out. Here I was, watching the love of my life get her tits licked by a stranger! A 35 year old black stranger!

It was only 2 days ago that we decided to take a break. A break! That's what I wanted. How the hell could she be here after just 2 days?

Part of me wanted to run out there. But, the other part told me to stay and see what happened. Meanwhile, the part between my legs was rock hard and about to split my jeans.

April leaned back on Thomas' lap as he took his time with her nipples. The guy clearly knew how to pleasure her nipples.

Soon Thomas grabbed her by the hips and made her stand. He grabbed the dress at her waist and slid it down. Now she was standing before him in her pink thong and those glass high heels.

He told her "Fuck, you're so hot."

I saw Thomas move his hands up her hips. He hooked a finger in each side and gently started sliding down her thong.

I wanted to say "STOP! Don't do it!"

Of course in my head I did nothing. I guess my mind was telling me if the panties stayed on this whole thing would stop.

After her panties hit the floor, Thomas got up and put April on the couch. He stood before her and took his shirt off. His massive back faced me. His broad shoulders and arms flexed before her.

Then he unbuckled his jeans. I saw him slide his jeans to the floor. His thighs and calves were also very muscular. His white boxer briefs clung to his body. I knew if I could see the front I'd see it bulging out too.

Thomas knelt down in front of April. He pulled her to him. Her legs locked around him as they kissed more. I saw her tiny hands touch his back and arms. The contrast of white on black stood out as her hands ran across him.

Thomas broke the embrace and positioned himself down between her legs.

He said "You have such a pretty pussy baby"

With that, he began to go down on her. I saw April tense and lean back on the couch.

She began moaning. As Thomas buried his head between her legs, she pulled them around, now hanging over his massive shoulders.

April began squirming, moaning. I knew what it meant, she was close.

She moaned louder and louder and put her hand on his bald head. In her sweet voice I heard her say " Fuck, fuck... I'm gonna cum!"

April tensed and her legs began to shake. She was cumming, she was cumming for this man. "Ohh!! God!"

After she slowed her breathing, Thomas moved up to kiss her. They shared a long passionate kiss. He had her, he totally had her now. Thomas moved to the couch next to April. He grabbed April's hand and put it on his crotch.

April shrieked out "Fuck!....oh god you're big"

Thomas chuckled at her. He said "Why don't you take these off for me?"

April's small hands moved up to the waistband of his white boxers. She gently began to tug them down. Thomas put his legs together to help her out.

When she got them off she was faced with a bulging thick tool. His dick must have been 9 inches long, but extremely thick. It matched his thick big body. He was almost fully hard, but he was clearly ready for April.

Her little hand glided over it. She gripped it to hold it up, and her fingers couldn't come close to wrapping around it. She pulled her hand up his shaft, the skin sliding up with her fingers on his uncut cock.

Her tiny hand gripped him tightly before she put both hands on him. She seemed to be mesmerized by his cock.

Thomas laid back, watching her enjoy it. He knew the power he had with this thing and he didn't have any problems taking over this young college girl with it.

April had her knees underneath her on the couch. She leaned down.

April opened her mouth wide and began to take him in. Her small mouth took in his head and slid down on his thick rod. She had one hand at the base of his cock.

April began to slide her mouth up and down on his cockhead. She could barely get in 2-3 inches of his throbbing hard tool.

Thomas put one of his big hands on the back of April's head. He was clearly loving this position.

April never had a problem sucking my cock and she was great at it. However, now she was dealing with something that was more than 3 inches bigger than what I had, and twice as dark and thick.

As April bent over, her ass was high in the air. I could see her glistening pussy through her legs and knew it was only moments before Thomas would be in her. If I wanted to stop this, I could do it now.

The faint sounds of Jimmy and Stacy fucking down the hall got louder. I stayed in my closet, thinking to myself that I couldn't stop this no matter what. April had already started to experience Thomas' big cock. If she didn't have him now, she'd get him later.

Thomas pulled April's head off his hard dick. She had saliva running down her chin.

He said "You want this baby? You want this in you?"

April looked up at him. Her face showed the nervousness she was feeling, but it also showed anticipation.

She said "Fuck...do you have a condom?"

Thomas smiled up at her. "No I don't baby, if you want one, we'll have to stop. Don't worry, I'm clean. You tell me girl, do you want this in you?"

It was an interesting question. I didn't know how she'd respond. She and I never fucked without one.

She surprised me when she said, "I do....you'll need to go slow, I've never had anything like yours before."

He said, "Climb on up baby, you go as slow as you want."

April moved up over his rod as Thomas laid back and made room for her.

I saw her hand grip the top of his rod. She gently began to slide down on him. I heard her moan loudly as the head of his cock slipped in. Her hands went to his massive chest as his moved to her hips. He started to help her slide down.

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