tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife

Watching My Wife

byWoody Woodwood©

I watched my cute little wife get gangbanged and enjoyed it.

Where on earth do you start a tale like mine?

I guess I should set the scene first. My wife, Anna, is a cute little thing, 5ft tall, 34B-24-34 figure, shapely legs, sexy arse, and pert little tits. But what I have always found so sexy about her is that with this dynamite body, and gorgeous looks, she still comes across as one of those women that all men would love to have, but know she just wouldn't give them the time of day.

Now don't get me wrong, she is a lovely person, it's just that she can be so prim and proper.

I guess the real story started on holiday. We love going to the balearic islands on holiday, all that sun, and quite amazingly, Anna has always been happy to sunbathe topless there, and the thought of all those other men bing able to feast their eyes on her breasts, while watching her cute bikini clad arse often meant I had to sunbathe face down to hide my erection.

Then one time we were exploring a part of Menorca we hadn't been to before, and decided to walk across the hills to what looked on the map like a lovely little cove to have lunch and sunbathe that afternoon. It was more of a walk than we thought though, up and down hills, probably two miles in total, but eventually we reached the beach. We started to walk down the waters edge, looking for a spot, and then we noticed that the people in the cove we all sunbathing and swimming naked. Well I expected Anna to want to go back, and we talked for a few minutes, and I was amazed when she said that she was tired from the walking, wanted to stay in the cove and have linch, and if that meant sunbathing nude, then so be it.

So we carried on walking, and found a spot as far away from the others as we could and settled down before discreetly slipping our clothes off and eating lunch.

While we were eating three or four boats came into the cove, all carrying ten or twelve people, and you guessed it, they came into the beach not far from us and suddenly we were surrounded by about thirty naked people, swimming, playing ball games, eating and drinking around us.

Anna didn't seem at all fazed by this, and was remarkably relaxed laying sunbathing nude – I was staggered. There was my prim and proper wife, who wouldn't wear a mini skirt back in England calmly massaging suntan oil into her naked breasts and buttocks not ten feet from a group of naked teenage boys.

She seemed to change a little after that experience, in fact we often seek out naturist beaches now, as she enjoys the freedom.

Anyway, when we returned to England, during the long hot summer we often went out for days in the country, and more and more we would look fir quiet spots where we could strip off and sunbathe nude, and needless to say my thoughts turned more often to indulging in some outdoor activities.

I even got Anna to pose for my new digital camera naked, promising her that no-one else would ever see the pictures.

As summer faded into autumn, and winter was fast approaching, Anna asked what I would like for Christmas – we always try to buy what each other wants, and I asked if she really wanted to know what I would like more than anything else. She said yes, and after asking again if she was sure she wanted to know, I told her I wanted a painting of her laying naked on a beach to hang on my office wall.

I expected her to refuse point blank, but she didn't, she just quietly said she would think about it.

A couple of weeks later she raised the subject of Christmas again, and then brought up my request, asking how we would go about it. So I told her I had been looking on the internet for artists, and had found a couple that took commissions for nude portrait sittings, and suggested we contact them. Anyway, after exchanging emails with them for a couple of weeks, Anna finally decided that she couldn't face going to an artist's studio and posing naked for hours. So the dream seemed to have died. I contacted the artists, telling them of her decision, and one of them, Mark, replied saying that if we had a decent photograph of her in the pose, he could work from that.

After reading that email, Anna agreed that would work, and she would be happier with that. So we confirmed to the artist, and told him we would get the photographs shot once we found a photographer. He came straight back to us with the name and address of a photographer, Steve, he had worked with before who lived about thirty miles from us.

Anna liked the idea of using a photographer who wasn't local, so we rang him, and made an appointment to go and see him. We arrived at Steve's studio one evening, to find him and his assistant, a young lady, waiting for us. Mark had already been in touch with him explaining what we were looking for, and Steve had set up a beach scene backdrop in his studio. We chatted for a while, over a coffee, and then he suggested that Anna go and slip into her bikini for some test shots. His assistant, Emma, went with her, to help fix hr hair and makeup, and about thirty minutes later they reappeared, and Anna looked even more stunning than usual.

Steve and Emma were fantastic, and worked together so well, with Emma demonstrating poses to Anna, and helping to position her etc. while Steve fired away with his camera, which was connected to his PC. The shoot was quickly over, and the four of us sat down to review the shots on the large monitor in his viewing room. The results were stunning, and we took our time to choose half a dozen shots we really liked that Steve then printed off on his laser printer for us to take home.

Steve then asked if we really wanted to go ahead and have the nude shots taken. Anna immediately replied yes, but said she wanted to get her hair done for the real shots, so we agreed that we would return that weekend for a second session.

Saturday was soon with us, and we were back at the studio. Steve welcomed us in, and to our surprise, there were two other men present. Steve introduced then as John and Carl and explained that Carl was a trainee beautician from the local college, while John was his weekend assistant. Anna was a little shaken to find out that she was to be photographed with three strange men watching, but we couldn't really back out now.

Again we sat and chatted for a while over coffee, looking at the test shoot shots again, to decide which poses he would shoot today, and then he asked Anna to go and change out of her clothes, and into a robe ready for the shoot. I was a little surprised, as was Anna, when Carl and John got up to go with her, but Steve explained that John would be looking after her hair, while Carl was the make-up expert.

Anna accepted this, and went off to the changing room, and Steve, seeing the look of concern on my face told me not to worry, they were both professional, and anyway, the changing room had cctv running, to ensure that models felt safe, and with a couple of clicks on the remote, we could see the changing room on screen. There was my wife sitting in her bra and knickers, while John put the finishing touches to her hair, and Carl applied some make-up to her face. Then they told her to slip of underwear, and put on the robe, and left her. Steve turned the monitor off as John and Carl rejoined us.

Anna emerged a couple of minutes later in a robe that was just long enough to cover her dignity, and almost see-through. Steve asked her to take a seat, as he wanted to give her body a few minutes for the lines from her bra and knickers to fade from her skin before the shoot.

As we sat and drank our coffee, I could see John and Carl both eyeing Anna up and down as she sat there in that skimpy little robe. The studio was quite cool, and we could see her nipples visibly hardening through the robe, and because it was so short you could just see the hint of her pussy hair under the edge where it rested on her thighs.

After our coffee, Steve asked Anna to go through to the set and lay down on the sand. We all followed her through, and this was the moment of truth, as she now had to slip the robe off and pose naked in front of three men she hardly knew. I was getting a serious boner just thinking about it, and thought I was going to come in my pants as she sliped the robe open and off, exposing herself completely.

She lay on her side on the sand, adopting one of the six positions Steve was going to shoot. Steve went over to his equipment, and with a flick of a switch had the sample shot with her in a bikini, projected on the wall, with the now naked Anna projected over the top of it. She wasn't quite in the same position, and Steve asked her to move a couple of times, to try and get the two images to match. Once he was happy he fired off the camera half a dozen times.

He shot the next couple of images with no problems, Anna was quite good at adopting the poses and matching her body to the image on the wall.

The fourth pose had Anna lying on her back, and this time she wasn't in the right position, and although she moved two or three times under Steve's direction, as she couldn't see the images on the wall, she couldn't get it right. Without any hesitation, Steve asked Carl and John to go and go and move her legs and arms into the right position.

Anna never flinched as the two men gently moved her arms and legs, although I did think that John's hand got a little close to her pussy while moving her leg. When they stepped back, Steve pointed to the way Anna's arm crossed her breasts, and it wasn't quite the same as the original, so Carl went back, and to my, and Anna's surprise, he lifted her arm slightly with one hand, and then gently pulled her breast up a little with the other before letting her arm back down, and then gently pulling his hand away from her breast. I nearly popped my cork there and then – not only was Anna laying there naked in front of three men, one of them had just had a quick feel of her breast, heaven.

Steve fired off some more shots, and then had Anna roll away from he camera for a rear view. There was no way she was going to get this position right, and so John and Carl went straight over and started gently moving her arms and legs into position. Steve was watching all this with a quizzical look on his face, and when they had got her into position, he quietly asked John to apply some foundation to her botom, as he was getting a little flare from the studio lights. John didn't need asking twice. He knelt down at her side and gently massaged the foundation cream into her gorgeous bottom, and Anna just lay there and let him do it. I was amazed, but enjoying every second of watching another man fondle her cute little arse.

So five down and one to go. Anna rolled over again, to face the camera, slipping quickly into the pose that Steve was going to shoot. I felt disappointed – this was the last shot of the day, and I was hoping to see some more action between the other men and Anna. As if he was reading my mind though Steve simply said that Anna had been under the lights too long, and was glowing with a light covering of sweat, and because of this the tones would be all wrong, and he wanted some foundation on her thighs and breasts, to stop them burning out in the picture. Carl and John didn't take asking twice. Like a shot they were kneeling alongside my prone wife, with the foundation cream in their hands. John began rubbing it into her thighs, starting on the outer thigh, but Carl was much less bashful. He had some cream in both hands, and simply rubbed it all over Anna's breasts, and then slowly massaged it in. Meanwhile John had finished the outer thigh, and was gently applying more foundation to her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her lovely little pussy until his hands were rubbing against it as he massaged the cream in.

It was all over too quickly though, Steve was happy with the effect – apparently the additional foundation would stop the skin tone burning out, and from the state of her nipples, it was evident that Anna had enjoyed the attention. If she could have seen my rock hard dick she would have known I was enjoying it to.

Anyway, Steve took the shots, and called it a wrap. Anna got up, and without bothering about the robe, walked back to the dressing room naked to dress.

We all went back through to the viewing room to wait for her, and had another coffee. Steve explained that unlike last time where he had been shooting digital, this week he'd used film, so the pictures wouldn't be ready for a few days. We arranged to go back and collect them in a weeks time, and headed on home.

Anna was very quiet on the journey, so I asked her what was wrong. She said that she felt a little strange about the shoot. She explained that she hadn't expected there to be other men there, and certainly hadn't expected them to touch her and fondle her the way they had.

"But you didn't complain" I said. "In fact, once or twice it looked to me as if you might have been enjoying it."

"That's part of the problem" she replied " I was shocked when they touched me, but also intrigued to find out how you would react, and just how far they would go"

"Well to be honest" I lied "from where I was sat, I couldn't really see what they were doing, so what happened". She then told me how one of them had lifted her breasts gently, and the other had massaged cream into her bottom, which she admitted had given her a little tingle of pleasure. The just before the last shot she had had her breasts massaged by one of the assistants, while the other worked his hand up her leg until he was able to stroke her pussy on the pretext of massaging in the foundation cream. She admitted that it had turned her on being touched that way by two men at once.

When we arrived home, I found out exactly how turned on, because she couldn't wait to get me to bed and give me the ride of my life.

The next week we returned to the studio to collect the pictures, and they were fantastic – Steve had done a really good job, and Anna and I were both a little surprised at how good she looked. We thanked him profusely, for his time, patience, and skill.

To our surprise, he asked if Anna had ever thought of modeling at all, because she had taken to being in front of the camera so easily, and had coped so well with taking direction and being positioned by his assistants without any fuss. He thought she would be a good subject, and was sure he could find some work for her if she was interested.

Anna asked what sort of modeling he was talking about, and Steve replied with whatever you are comfortable with. Adding that you've already posed nude for me, and have a lovely body that would make it easy to find outlets for erotic work.

She wasn't sure about this, but after a long conversation agreed that she would come back to the studio later in the week for a test shoot, to provide x cards for Steve to submit to some editors.

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by Buckeyebob09/20/17

Editor, editor, editor!!!

Know the difference between to and too!
Spelling botom? bottom! There are a bunch of them....your editor will find them

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Loved this one x x x

Excellent story and so very well told...very erotic!

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