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Watching My Wife!


My wife's decision to allow me to watch her began on Sunday at our family BBQ over memorial day weekend. We went to a near by state park camp ground where family members were camping for the weekend. We were having a good time conversing with family and friends, and eating the deliciously grilled chicken. That is when my wife asked me to walk with her to the park bathroom. As we were walking across the park,my wife asked me if walking with her hand in hand knowing she was wearing a Sundress with absolutely nothing underneath was making my pathetic cock hard. I of course replied yes, hoping that it would lead to an adventurous public display of affection, she so rarely does with me anymore.

As we reached the parks bathroom,I released my wife's hand and let her go into the restroom. However before she entered she turned to me and said seductively. "Are you not going to join me!" My head quickly snapped in her direction at the sound of this amazing invitation,and I hurried myself over to her as we entered the restroom together.

Inside my wife turned around and began kissing me passionately. Then she said. "I have a wonderful surprise for you my love." I asked her what it was and she said I must first remove my pants and underwear and give them to her. I did what she asked without much hesitation as this was quickly becoming the most exciting thing we have done in a long time. Now she asked me to get down on my knees and look up at her. As I did this she stepped close to me, lifted her dress up and straddled my face, and commanded me to lick her pussy until it was good and wet. Of course, I did it for her lovingly as I enjoy it almost as much as she does. Her breathing began to accelerate and her legs began quivering as she struggled to remain standing with the pleasures of an orgasm beginning to rise. Finally her thighs tightened like a vise around my head and her hand grabbed the back of my neck as she held me in her now climaxing cunt. As her orgasm began to calm she released me and told me to stand by the door, as she was ready to give me her surprise.

As I stepped back to the door I realized we were not in the women's restroom we were in the men's room. And just then a young,handsome man walked out of the shower room,wearing nothing but a towel. He was about 6' 3" tall which is about 4" taller than me,and he was 100% ripped in the muscle department. My wife looked at me and said. "Honey this is Derek, he is one of my new lovers. He came here today to fuck me, and I thought it would be a nice treat for you to be able to watch it happen. My jaw dropped and my body began shivering at the sight of this man now wrapping his arms around my wife. Then my wife said. "Now you just stand there in front of that door and don't let anybody else inside, as you watch and play with your little cock while Derek here fucks the horny out of me,ok!"

Derek than began kissing my wife's neck just below her earlobe, as she tilted her head and closed her eyes. He reached over and pulled her chin around and began passionately kissing her on the mouth with what had to be the largest tongue I had ever seen. As their excitement escalated my wife turned towards Derek, her hands reached down and pulled off his towel; and there it was, the first 10" cock I have ever saw. It was huge, my wife told me she had found a man with a 10" cock, and last week was the first time she was going to fuck it. When she returned from that date, however, she neglected to tell me anything about it. Now I realize it was because she thought it would be more of a "shock and awe" to see it myself.

Now my wife had moved to kneeling in front of this amazing specimen of a man, and looked over at me and said. "Can you see me honey, I'm about to put this huge cock in my mouth and suck it so hard, that it will stretch my pussy out so wide and deep that it would take three of yours just for me to be able to feel something." With that my wife began devouring the largest thing either of us have ever seen. At first my wife could get a good portion of him in her mouth, but as he hardened she would get less and less, until she could only get a little more than his head in. That is when Derek spoke for the first time, his extremely deep voice startled me from my fixation on watching his cock being sucked by my wife. "Put your hands down and open your mouth as big as you can, and stick out your tongue." He said to her as he reached out with both hands and grabbed my wife's head. He began thrusting his massive tool in and out of my wife mouth causing her mouth to water with saliva,and begin drooling all over his cock and her chin. He must have started stretching her mouth out, as he was now hitting her gag reflex, and causing her to make gulping sounds as he mouth fucked my wife. Then in one smooth motion he lifted her from her knees and removed her Sundress over her head and tossed it in my face. "You better hold that door closed tight bruh, I'm about to make your bitch scream, and people are going to be trying to figure out what is happening." He said to me as turned my wife around and bent her over the sink counter of the men's room.

He guided his huge cock right to the entrance of my wife's still wet cunt from my oral earlier. As he entered my wife she said. "You see this honey, my pussy is never going to feel your pathetic limp dick inside me ever again. He is going to ruin my pussy with his massive cock, and I just won't be able to feel you anymore. Real men have real cocks, and pathetic bitch husbands like you, have to watch how they use them." She said as Derek began fucking her harder and stretching her previously tight hole with his huge dick. She let out a few "oh yeah's" and "oh fucks" before she said."Yes that's it honey grab your little dick and stroke it as this man destroys your wife's pussy in front of you, let it sink in deep how my pussy is never going to feel your tiny piece of limp skin again. Oh you love watching your wife get fucked by a real man, look in the mirror at your pathetic face, it says it all. Look at it, what does it say, tell me what you see when you look at your face in the mirror."

I stepped one step in and looked at myself in the mirror, and she said again. "Tell me what you see bitch." Then I said stutteringly,"I see a pathetic limp dick sissy husband that loves watching bigger and better men fuck his wife's pussy right in front of him." "That is right bitch, now fucking stroke your little cock and make it cum for me, I wanna watch you jack off to another man fucking your wife, I want to see your face as you orgasm, and I want you to catch your pathetic load in your hand then show Derek how pathetic sissies eat their own cum. Now cum for me bitch."

It only took a few more strokes before I came all over in my hand,while watching this muscular gorgeous man fuck my wife in front of me. She was beginning to have her first orgasm, so I waited and watched her climax like I have never seen before. Then she looked up at me and said. "What are you waiting for eat, your fucking cum right now." I didn't want to do it in front of him, but I did it anyway because I knew she would just make it worse if I didn't. "Hahahaha! You are right girl, he is a pathetic sissy bitch, isn't he." Derek said as I swallowed my own load of cum.

Now Derek grabbed my wife and picked her up like she was a small child, and sat her on the counter, then quickly plunged his massive cock back in her stretched pussy. He continued his complete pummeling of my wife's pussy as his huge dick was now hitting her just they way she liked it. My wife was now full on screaming as Derek was ramming her as hard as he could, her head was hitting the wall she was being fucked so hard. My wife climaxed at least twice in this position before, she looked at me and said. "See how patheitic he is Derek, he is still stroking his cock while you fuck me, even though he has already came, and his pathetic dick will not get hard for him again. He just cant get it up a second time, his dick will only cum once then its limp for hours before it can do anything again. Isn't that right honey?" I looked down and away as I replied," yes,dear."

Both Derek and my wife shared a good laugh at my expense as they continued to fuck each others brains out. Now my wife was moved back to doggystyle, except this time she was facing right at me as he held her arms behind her back. He was truly remarkable holding my wife up as he pounded her swollen and beatin pussy again and again. My wife climaxed for the fifth time since we entered this restroom, and then she looked at me again and asked. "Honey, do you ever want to fuck my now ruined pussy again?" I quickly replied with a yes. Then she said,"well if you do, then you have to do something for me right now, or else my pussy will never touch your dick again, ok." Without hesitation I said I would do anything to keep being able to have her pussy. Then she said. "Ok, I want you to come over here and kneel next to me, then when Derek is ready to cum, he is going to pull out of me and cum all over your face and mouth, and your going to swallow his cum for him ok."

My mind didnt know what to do, I was confused, and replied "no I don't want to be forced bisexual babe." She said. "Don't worry honey, you don't have to touch his cock. Besides he would never let a sissy bitch do that, he is a real man, however he is going to shoot it on your face, and it will be just like if you were licking it out of me. And if you dont do it, you will lose my pussy forever!" I reluctantly walked over and knelt next to me wife's still being fucked cunt.

Derek began moaning, then he suddenly without warning, pulled his huge cock out of my wife, turned towards me and started stroking his cock. A second or two later his dick erupted and cum started splattering over my face and into my mouth and eyes and ears. His load was massive, and felt like it kept cumming for a full minute. Just then somebody walked into the restroom, he must have been in shock by what he saw, as he quickly turned and left, but as he was leaving I could hear him laughing uncontrollably. Then I heard my wife taking pictures with her iphone and she said. "Now I have visual proof of how much of a pathetic sissy bitch you are, and you will do exactly as I say forever, or else your whole family will see these. Now start swallowing that cum all over your face, we have to go back to the party."

As I finished cleaning myself up, my wife was kissing Derek and telling him how great he was. And how she can't wait until Friday when they meet again, this time at my house and in my bed. And finally how she might show him how a pathetic limp dick husband takes a big strapon cock in the ass...

"Oh shit!" I thought to myself.

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