tagInterracial LoveWatching My Wife Ch. 02

Watching My Wife Ch. 02


Janice was waiting at the outside café when Earl arrived. They kissed and Earl hugged and kissed her several times before settling down at the table. They ordered lunch at talked about the old days and the many changes that occurred in their lives the past eighteen months.

They talked about moving back together and started to plan how Earl would make the transition with his business. Clyde wasn't immediately brought up in any subject. Earl was avoiding what took place the night before and Janice didn't know that Clyde was his business partner.

They were holding hands and Earl went as far as stretching her arm out to be able to kiss her hand while they ate. They looked like they were dating again rather then two married people that had been separated for eighteen months.

Earl told Janice that he had considered opening an office in the Tampa Bay area for the past few months but wanted his partner in a position to be able to handle the Miami office.

"Who is your partner and when do I get to meet him or her?"

Earl hesitantly told her. "You already have met him. It's Clyde."

Earl kept talking about moving back home but he could clearly see that something was bothering Janice.

"What's wrong, Janice? Are you worried about Clyde? Don't worry about him I understand that I wasn't there for you in the past but things are going to be different now."

Janice was still kind of quite as she wiped her mouth and took a sip of her drink. She took Earl's hand and rubbed his fingers as she looked into his eyes.

"Doesn't it bother you with what you saw happen last night?"

"I understand what you were going through and don't blame you for this at all. You were lonely and Clyde somehow came along and it happened."

Janice held his hand tight and still had a lot of concerns. "I was supposed to go out with Clyde tonight at the club again. I'll have to give him a call and tell him I can't make it."

Earl rubbed her hand and played with her empty ring finger. He didn't want anything to jeopardize his relationship with Clyde. How was he going to explain to him that Janice was his wife? He might be so embarrassed that he'd want to give up the partnership. "Why don't you wait and let me figure out the best way to handle this situation. I wouldn't want Clyde to get pissed off with me and somehow back out of our partnership."

"Wouldn't it be better if e found out t truth now?"

Earl stroked her hand feeling the smooth texture of her skin as he thought about what to say. "Think how embarrassing he would be to find out he was screwing my wife in the next room."

Janice's cell phone rang as Earl let go of her hand. He watched her pickup the phone and flipped it open.

"Hi. How are you feeling this morning?"

Janice motioned to Earl that it was Clyde on the phone.

"Yes, I know we have a date tonight."

Earl was waiving his hand and trying to get her not to break the date.

"Listen. Can I call you back in a few minutes? I have a real estate client holding on the line. I'll talk to you in a few."

Janice closed the phone. "What did you want me to say to him? I didn't think you would want me to see him again."

Earl nervously replied. "I didn't want him to get suspicious and find out what was going on himself."

"What are you suggesting that I do?"

Earl's mind was working hard to come up with a solution until he blurted out. "Why don't you call him back and tell him you'll meet him tonight at the club."

"Don't you realize what's on Clyde's mind, Earl? He's going to want to take me up to his room again and I'm sure not going to allow myself to get that drunk again to allow me to get fucked while my husband is in the next room."

"That's my point, Janice. You meet Clyde at the club and limit your drinks and just have a little fun and kind of mention that you decided that you and your husband were getting back together."

Janice was skeptical about Earl's idea to meet Clyde tonight but sighed and picked up her cell phone and dialed Clyde's number.

"Sorry I had to hang up so abruptly, I had a client on the phone. Why don't we make it around seven and I'll met you on the far end of the dance floor where we sat last night."

Earl waited and listened as Janice told Clyde she'd see him at the club. They finished lunch and walked out near the water next to the marina holding hands. Earl walked into the marina area and onto a long dock where there was luxury yachts' tied in a row.

"Why don't we go back to your room and kill a little time this afternoon, Janice?"

"I'd love to but I have two girl friends sharing our room and I'm afraid they'll just be hanging around."

"I have an idea."

Earl pulled Janice along the long dock by the hand as she tried to keep up with him in her heels. Earl smiled as Janice giggled like a couple high school kids getting ready to do something crazy.

Earl stepped on a yacht and turned back around and held out both hands to Janice to get her on the boat.

"What are you doing, Earl? We're going to get caught if somebody finds us here."

Earl helped her aboard and quickly turned around and dug into a holding area along the edge of the large craft and pulled out a key.

"I have a friend that owns this boat and told me that I could come aboard anytime I needed a little place to get away."

Earl quickly unlocked the cabin door and pulled his wife into the boat. The electricity was plugged into the dock so the air conditioner was on and the cabin was cool.

Earl pulled Janice into his arms as her purse fell to the floor while she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck. Earl began pulling her dainty dress over her head leaving her wearing only her thong and high heels.

Earl got down on his knees and began kissing her tummy then hooking his fingers into the tiny material of her thong and lowered it down past her full hips.

"That's it, honey. I've missed you so much!"

Earl kept kissing her soft skin as he moved his head from each of her thighs then centered his head back over her tummy and slowly worked his tongue down until it torched her bald pussy mound.

Janice put her hands on the back of Earl's head and leaned back as she pushed her pussy mound into his face. She moaned as Earl licked between her slit and pushed his tongue as deep as he could until he wanted more and gently pushed her back until she landed on the sofa behind them and fell back onto the cushion.

Earl quickly took his shirt off and let his pants fall to the floor while Janice played with her pussy. Earl kicked off his shoes and kneeled back down on the floor hoisting Janice's legs high into the air as he dug his face between her thighs.

Earl began licking and eating her pussy like a wild man who hadn't screwed in months. It was a true fact except for the short time they spent last night while Clyde slept in the next room.

Janice moved her hips around on the cushion as she tightly held onto Earl's head. Her fingers played with his hair as she felt his tongue probing her pussy. She gently pulled on his hair as his tongue flickered across her clit making her moan out loud.

Earl's eyes were starring up at his wife's face as he licked her pussy. He reached up and grabbed her huge breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze.

His mind was thinking back to when he saw her with Clyde's thick black cock stuffed inside it. He had a vision in his head of how her pussy lips had been stretched out like a rubber band as it held onto Clyde's cock last night.

It excited him more then ever thinking about his wife fucking a black man. It didn't matter that he knew the man that screwed her. It just aroused him with the thought that another man felt the pleasure of her pussy last night.

Earl's mind began to wonder about how many times Clyde's cock had been inside Janice these past few months. He thought about what Clyde had told him about Janice shaving her pussy especially for their meeting tonight.

He had that vision of her tits swaying while Clyde screwed her doggie fashion last night. Earl never imagined how much he would be excited watching his wife with another man. Maybe it was the fact that Clyde was black.

Janice squirmed around on the sofa as rested her legs on Earl's shoulders Earl worked his tongue as deep as he could as she bucked her hips up against his face. Earl spent better then ten minutes eating her wet pussy until he couldn't wait any longer and eased himself up off the floor as he kissed her thighs and positioned his cock between the folds of her pussy slit. Earl had a clear memory of how his wife use to tighten when his cock head entered the tight ring of her pussy but it felt loose this time and it barely seemed to faze her as he slipped inside with ease.

Janice reached out and grabbed Earl's waist and pulled him down on top of her body as his lips met hers. She was extremely wet and Earl starred into her beautiful dark eyes and saw the way she was starring back at him.

She seemed to be checking to see if he was getting any sensation out of fucking her pussy. She flexed her hips making her pussy tighten which finally made Earl moan as she smiled.

Janice had learned a few new tricks using the muscles in her pussy. Earl took note of her new found talent but was afraid to ask how she learned to do them. Janice bucked her hips up and wiggled her ass in the cushion as Earl made up for eighteen months without screwing his wife.

Janice kept watching Earl's face intensely as he labored to cum. She waited until he was close and stopped him short of shooting his load into her pussy and pushed Earl back and stood up.

She pointed at the sofa and waited until Earl sat down and got down on her knees and began to suck his cock. She started using the new talent she acquired that Earl had seen last night. Janice took his cock completely down her throat.

Earl listened to the sound of her throat as she took him down until her nose touched his hair. Earl couldn't lat any longer as he tape her on the shoulder giving her fair warning that he was about to cum.

Janice backed her f off just enough so that she wouldn't choke. Earl groaned as he emptied his load into her mouth and flexed his hips while Janice took it into her mouth and swallowed.

Janice finished him off by licking his cock clean and smacking her lips. Earl was exhausted and sat down on the sofa next to his wife as she leaned her head on his chest and rubbed his thigh.

Earl moved his arm and gave her a hug. He wanted to ask her so badly about learning how to suck cock like she did but he refrained from doing so.

They dressed and got off the boat and walked back to the hotel. Clyde was coming off the elevator and Earl and Janice had to quickly duck out of site until he passed them in the lobby.

Earl turned to Janice and said. "That was a close call! Let me use the bathroom for a moment and I'll take you back up to your room."

Janice smiled and leaned up to give him a kiss. "I'll wait by the desk. I want to check out a couple brochures while I'm here."

Earl walked into the men's room and peed and washed his hands. By the time he got out and looked around for Janice, she was standing near the desk where she said she would be and Earl started to walk toward her just as Clyde saw her.

Earl stopped dead in his tracks as he watched Clyde walk over to Janice and kiss her on the lips. He saw his partner's hand rubbing her ass. Earl turned and started to walk toward the elevator when he heard Clyde call out.

"Earl! I want you to meet somebody."

Earl nervously smiled as he walked back to where Clyde and Janice were standing. Clyde held his arm around Janice's waist as he introduced them.

Earl shook her hand and pretended they were meeting for the first time. Earl had to watch Clyde kiss his wife one more time as Clyde turned and said.

"Why don't you meet us at the club tonight and have a few drinks with us? Janice brought a few of her friends along and I'm sure one of them might be interested. Isn't that right, Janice?"

Janice smiled as she starred at Earl. Clyde leaned over and kissed Janice one more time before saying. "I have to run. I have an appointment with a client across the street in about ten minutes. I'll see you tonight around seven."

Clyde walked away after patting Janice's ass again. Earl slowly walked toward the elevator and pressed the button. Janice was starring down at the floor as they walked onto the elevator.

Earl held Janice's hand on the way up. He walked her to her suite as they stopped and starred at each other a moment before Earl said. "I guess we'll just have to play this along tonight."

Janice fixed his collar before giving him a kiss. "I'll fix you up with one of my friends tonight named Traci. She is the only one I can trust."

Earl smiled as he said goodbye to Janice. Earl walked back to his suite just as the cleaning lady was locking the door. The bed was all made and everything smelled fresh. Earl hopped onto the bed and crossed his hands behind his head before falling off to sleep for a short nap.

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