tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife Ch. 02

Watching My Wife Ch. 02


I was shaken awake by Mary Lenson. I felt awful, my mouth tasted like a pub carpet and it took me a good while to unglue my stinging eyes. But when I did, I was horrified to see that my cock was hanging out of my spunk stained pants and I was still holding my wife's crusty knickers. I scrabbled for my zip as she laughed 'Bit late for that dear, come with me.'

I managed to get my cock back in my pants and stuffed the knickers into my pocket before stumbling after Mrs Lenson. She walked in front of me in her bathrobe and slippers, leading me upstairs and down a long corridor before stopping before one of several closed doors. She put her finger to her lips, whispering 'Quiet as a mouse now cucky', before opening the door slowly and indicating I should enter the room. The sound of squeaking bedsprings, the grunts of an old man exerting himself and my wife gasping and moaning told me all I needed to know.

I made it as far as being able to see around the door before I felt Mrs Lenson's hand on my shoulder, 'That's far enough cucky,' she whispered in my ear. The smell of sweat and sex was overpowering, I could hear her breath quicken as we both looked towards the bed to see her husband's huge hairy arse rising and falling between my wife's thighs.

'Morning shag,' Mary Lenson whispered as she pushed a tissue into my hand and then she was gone.

I couldn't take my eyes off the two people on the bed. My cock was already like a steel bar and had popped back out of my hastily rearranged pants. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wife's filthy knickers, holding them to my nose I breathed in the smells of sex, stale dry spunk and well used cunt as I began to wank.

My wife was moaning loudly now and I watched her body tense up and shudder beneath her fat old boss as she came. I unconsciously speeded up my wanking action, my eyes now focussed on the old man's fat cock pistoning in and out of Mel's wet cunt, his enormous hairy balls slapping on her arse at each thrust. Lenson sped up now, his thrusts becoming more urgent, my wife's legs wrapped tightly around his back and crossed at the ankles. She was clinging into him for dear life as he groaned and shuddered, driving his cock deep into her and holding it there, his buttocks flexing as once again he pumped my wife full of his spunk. 'Oh fuck yes,' she moaned in abandon as she writhed beneath him while I stifled a grunt as I exploded into the tissue Mary Lenson had given me.

I took one last look at the two lovers before I left. They old man had collapsed on top of my wife, she was running her hands up and down his hairy back and stroking his thinning hair, they hadn't noticed me. I closed the door silently and began my search for a bathroom.

Ten minutes later I'd straightened myself up as best I could. There was a wet patch on the crotch of my pants where I'd tried to sponge away the spunk stains and I looked like death. I needed sleep badly, but my cock was hard again, images of my wife being taken again and again by Mr Lenson and his cronies filled my mind and I smiled as I studied my shattered face in the bathroom mirror. I'd got what I wanted and it was better than I could have ever imagined – but now what? There was only one way to find out. I left the bathroom and went in search of the others.

Making my way downstairs I heard my wife's laugh and headed towards it. She was sitting at a table drinking coffee with Mr Lenson and several of his friends when I entered the room. Lenson looked at me briefly and indicated a long table against the wall, 'There's coffee there, help yourself'. Just what I needed, I grabbed a cup and took a sip...it was wonderful. When I turned back to the table I saw that there wasn't a seat for me, so I stayed standing. They carried on with their conversation, some business anecdote by the sound of it, and left me to my own devices. I finished my coffee, poured myself another and decided to leave the room looking for somewhere to sit and feel hung-over in peace.

A little while later my reverie was disturbed by my wife. 'You ok?' she asked.

'Bit worse for wear.'

'You look it,' she laughed. She was wearing her little maids outfit again and somehow it made her look even more of a slut in the daytime than it had last night. I noticed it was ripped in several places and her fishnets were a mess. 'Shall we go home?' She asked, I nodded and stood slightly unsteadily.

'Hugh has arranged for his driver to take us home to pick up a few things, then we're to come back here tonight.'

'Ok...' I sounded slightly uncertain.

'He wants me...us...to move in here with him. With my new job come new responsibilities and he needs me to be available to him at all times. He was kind enough to think of you too and is allowing us to live here rent free.'

I sat back down involuntarily and must have looked as astonished as I felt.

'I think you'll find it suits you both,' Mr Lenson rumbled as he came to my wife's side, sliding his arm around her. I heard her quick intake of breath and as I couldn't see his hand, guessed that he was feeling her up. We were all silent for a few moments, the old man staring me down and my wife looking pointedly at my crotch. I looked down too as much to avoid Mr Lenson's steely gaze as to see what my wife was looking at and saw that my painfully erect cock had once more escaped the confines of my pants.

Mr Lenson broke the silence, 'Don't be too long' he said and patting Mel on the bottom he left the room.

'Put it away and let's go,' my wife smiled at me as she turned towards the door. I fumbled around with my pants again, pushing my stiff cock back inside before discovering that my zip had broken. I would have to hold my pants closed until I got home.

'Oh, apparently you've got my knickers – can I have them?' she laughed and held out her hand. Embarrassed I reached into my pocket and pulled out her crusty spunk stained knickers and handed them over. I watched her pull them over her heels and stocking clad legs and realised that she looked more of a slut with them on. She ran her fingers across the tight area of fabric stretched over her cunt, through the dried cum trails that covered their surface and then lifted her fingers to her mouth sucking them thoroughly clean one by one whilst looking me directly in the eye. 'Yummy' she murmured.

The sound of a car horn signalled it was time to leave.

Our drive back was a quiet one, I didn't really know what to say and Mel seemed preoccupied, probably thinking about Lenson's cock. I'd noticed our driver adjusting his rear view mirror at the start of the journey and he regularly checked my wife out in it all the way there. He knew I'd spotted him, but that didn't seem to bother him. After a while Mel noticed that he was eying her too and out of the corner of my eye I saw her smile and let her legs fall open giving him an unrestricted view of her spunk stained knickers.

Soon after we arrived at our house and parked up outside, 'Go in and put the kettle on, then sort out some clothes and everything we'll need for a week or two,' without thinking I jumped to obey my wife and was out of the car and putting the key in the door before I knew it. As I entered the house I looked back and saw the driver and my wife in close conversation, my wife was smiling and had that look she always had when she was about to kiss someone. 'It used to be me', I thought as I went in and pushed the door to behind me.

I went straight through to the kitchen and clicked the kettle on, grabbed the milk from the fridge and took two cups out of the cupboard, after pausing for a second I reached down and took another cup out and set it on the side. I could suddenly see into the future and it contained a third person.

As I was making coffee for three I heard the door close, then a giggle and two pairs of footsteps clambering quickly up the stairs. There was a moments silence then my wife squealed and our bedroom door slammed shut. I leant back on the kitchen counter and sipped my coffee as I heard a couple of thumps and then the unmistakable sound of our bedsprings creaking. My cock was hard again and promptly fell out of my trousers as the first rhythmic squeaks of our marriage bed began. I set my coffee down began to wank myself off to my wife's moans of 'Oh, oh yeah, oh, oh...' as the driver gave her a good seeing to.

He didn't last long, obviously the thought of fucking my wife in our bed while I was downstairs making him coffee sent him over the edge. The squeaking and rattling of the bed quickened, my wife moaning even louder now in response his rapid thrusting, then 'Oh fuck yeah!' as the bed stopped moving and he emptied his load of hot spunk into Mel's well used cunt. It certainly did the trick for me - I came on the kitchen floor.

As I was cleaning up the mess I heard footsteps thumping back down the stairs. It was the driver, 'Made us some coffee?' He asked cheerily, he was stark naked. I hadn't paid much attention to him earlier but now I saw that he was very well built in every department, my wife's moans must have been genuine. His huge cock hung down low between his legs, still semi hard and glistening wet with his spunk and my wife's juices. He saw me looking at his cock and laughed before grabbing the two coffees off the counter and returning upstairs, 'Seconds out, round two!' I heard him call. The bedroom door thumped shut behind him and the bed squeaked again, I heard the pair of them laughing then silence.

I stripped out of my dirty party clothes and threw on some jeans and a t-shirt as I set about getting everything we'd need for a week or so away. Obviously I couldn't get to most of our clothes as they were in our bedroom and it didn't look as though I was allowed in there at the moment. Still, I managed to get most of our things sorted and switched everything off around the house that needed it.

I'd just started making another coffee when I heard the bed squeaking again, this time more slowly but still in a hard pounding rhythm. Then I heard what sounded like my wife's voice calling me. Puzzled I made my way to the bottom of the stairs it was unmistakable now and she sounded cross. 'Get up here will you!'

I ran up the stairs wondering what the hell was going on and stopped short, in two minds, at our bedroom door. 'For fuck's sake Tony, get in here!' I opened the door and stepped inside. I noticed the smell of sex first as I couldn't really see too well. The curtains were partially drawn and the room was only half lit. When my eyes grew accustomed to the gloom I saw my wife on her back on our bed looking up at me and smirking as the driver's hairy arse rose and fell between her wide open thighs. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he kissed and licked her neck, breathing heavily, his hands gripping Mel's arse as he pulled her cunt onto his thrusting cock. I stood transfixed and felt my sore cock spring to attention again. 'Oh yeah...oh...Grab a load of clothes out of my...uh...wardrobe, a few pairs of...mmmm...shoes and whatever you need...oh fuck...oh...God that's good...oh and grab some underwear for me as well.' The last few words of my wife's orders were slightly stifled by the driver's mouth as they began to kiss passionately.

I tore my eyes away from the lewd scene on our bed as the thrusting grew in intensity and the squeaks of the springs rose to new heights. Quickly I began to grab up the things she'd asked for along with a few things for myself. Throwing them into a couple of suitcases I then turned back to watch my wife with her lover.

My eyes immediately met hers, she was red in the face now and panting as the driver fucked her furiously, her body rising to meet his every thrust, her back arching and her crotch grinding into his. Suddenly the driver reared up supporting himself on his outstretched arms and my wife cried out as he began to pump her hard and fast, his teeth gritted and his eyes wild with lust. 'Oh God, oh Tony he's so fucking good,' my wife screamed as he fucked her harder and faster. By this time I'd unzipped my jeans and was wanking in time to their fucking, my wife panting, turned to watch me wank, her body jerking around as she was mercilessly pounded into the mattress.

Then all too soon it was over, the driver grunted loudly, his hips grinding into my wife, his sweating buttocks flexing as he dumped another load of his spunk up her welcoming cunt. After a few more twitches he'd shot his entire load and collapsed on top of her, they both just lay there panting as I experienced another incredible orgasm, my knees buckling and what cum I had left dripping rather pathetically onto the bedroom carpet.

'We'll be down in a minute,' my wife still panting motioned with her hand that I should leave the room. I did as I was told and shut the door quietly behind me, made my way to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Grabbing my toothbrush I made my way back downstairs and clicked the kettle on. Images of my wife being repeatedly used in front of me by other men filled my head 'til it span. Right now I didn't feel particularly happy or sad in my new situation, but at the same time I was feeling an almost permanent sense of excitement and arousal.

I could get used to this.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/15/18


cuckoldtony explores certain aspects of the darker side of human psyche, & he's good @ it.

In this chapter he depicts an event from a cuckold husband's PoV. The wife goes to extremes (goes wild). Whatmore...

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by Anonymous04/23/18

Like many of your other readers, I'd love to watch my wife fuck another man. Great story, and I love wives who turn into sluts.

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by Anonymous03/26/18


if you belive this story but I suppose there are men who and no good at love

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by Anonymous02/28/18


Re ramonbrook 01/18/17 (can't understand why anyone would wanna be a cuckold): it is not one's choice, the guy in question just finds out he has a voyeur/cuck-wabbabe side.
I remember when i first sawmore...

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