tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife Ch. 04

Watching My Wife Ch. 04

byWoody Woodwood©

The story so far:-

Chapter 1 – in pursuit of having a nude oil painting of my wife we end up at a photo studio where she gets a little man handled during the shoot. The sight of other men touching my naked wife turns me on and I decide I want to see more. My wife enjoys the modeling experience and agrees to a second shoot.

Chapter 2 – Shooting a soft boy girl set my wife's co-star gets her over excited and she ends up giving him a blowjob on camera. I love watching this, and enjoy the after shoot sex.

Chapter 3 – Anna accepts a shoot for an erotic massage service and ends up shagging both the masseurs and being covered in their cream, while I watch it all in glorious technicolour. The photographer tells me about a "gangbang" shoot he is looking for a model for.

Chapter 4

Anna and I left the studio as soon as she was changed, and she was very quiet as we drove home. Not the excited, turned on rampant woman she had been after the last shoot.

So I asked if she was alright and she told me that she was worried about the outcome of the shoot, and what I thought of her after she had let two men have sex with her on camera.

I reassured her about my feelings, and reminded her that I had been sat watching every second of the shoot, and that if I had been unhappy I could have stopped it. I also admitted to her that I had got so hard watching the two masseurs working away on her body. I told her I had enjoyed the experience almost as much as she had.

This seemed to put her mind at rest, and she then relaxed and opened up telling me about how turned on she had become during the shoot and how much she had both wanted and enjoyed the sex. When we arrived back home, we went straight to the bedroom, and made mad passionate love. I wanted her to really know that she would always be the woman for me.

In the aftermath of our lovemaking we returned to the subject of the shoot and she confessed that having two men at once had been a big turn on for her, as she had never been in a situation like that before. She had especially enjoyed having a cock in both her mouth and pussy at the same time.

So I asked her if she would consider another shoot, as Steve had mentioned the possibility to me before we had left the studio. She asked what it would involve, and so I told her, quite honestly, that I only knew that it would involve full sex scenes like today's shoot, but I didn't know what the full details were.

She then asked me if I really wanted to see her being shagged by some more men. I again told her that I loved her, I enjoyed watching, but that the decision would have to be hers. So she asked me to find out the details.

I rang Steve the next day and told him that Anna would be happy to do another shoot, and that she understood that it would involve more sex scenes, but that before she would finally agree we needed more details about the shoot.

Steve said that he couldn't really tell me too much, as the company that produced the video's just booked his studio and brought their own props on the day, and he was just one of the camera men. All he could confirm is that it was for a gang bang based website, where a woman is coerced into a group sex situation. He said they never tell the models much in advance, to keep the video's very realistic. He added that the pay for the shoot would be £1,000.

That evening I explained the brief outline to Anna, telling her the shoot was for a website and would be a video shoot where she would end up having sex with more than one man, but that we would only find the full story line on the day of the shoot.

She was a little apprehensive about the lack of detail, but when I mentioned the size of the fee she decided she'd go ahead.

So I rang Steve and confirmed. He said he'd get back to me with the date of the shoot.

Anyway three days later a parcel arrived, addressed to Anna. It contained some clothes, and a note from Steve. The note said that the clothes were for the shoot, and she should be wearing them when she arrived at the location. The shoot was scheduled in two day's time and would be shot on location at a pool hall, which was obviously closed to the public.

The clothes were smart and tasteful, but damned sexy. A pair of sheer black stockings, with fully fashioned heels and toes, and a seam up the back. A lovely matching bra, knickers and suspender belt set, pale blue, but very light and whispy and most certainly see through. A short kilt style skirt, black and white check, topped off with a blue and white blouse that fastened with three bows up the front, and was cut deep to expose Anna's breasts, while remaining completely decent. Over and above this the package also contained a set of handcuffs, a 10 inch dildo, and a can of spray cream all in a little carry bag that matched the skirt.

Steve rang me the next day, and told me that when we arrived at the pool hall, I was to go straight to the managers office, where I could watch the whole proceedings on the CCTV and the edit feed from the video camera's being used. Whereas Anna was to wait in the lobby area where she would be met and given a brief explanation before entering the pool hall.

On the morning of the shoot, Anna put the clothes on, and looked absolutely stunning. I would have happily shagged her on the spot, but we had to get going. She repacked the handcuffs, dildo and whipped cream into the bag, and off we went.

We arrived at the pool hall, and once inside I followed Steve's instructions, and left Anna in the entrance and went up to the managers office. To my surprise Steve was waiting for me. "I thought you'd be down stairs filming" I said. "No need" he replied "this crew bring their own cameramen, so I'm here to keep you company, and ensure you get a good view" as he closed the door behind me.

There were two sets of four screens, one set for the CCTV, and the other for the feed from the video camera's. Steve brought up the CCTV covering the reception area, where Anna was patiently waiting. A couple of minutes passed before the door opened and a man walked in. He went straight to Anna and explained that the film they were going to shoot was of a stag night that gets out of hand. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to go ahead, and she nodded her head. He then gave her a document to sign, and told her that once she walked into the pool room itself the door the shoot would start immediately, so she needed to be ready to perform.

She touched up her make up and said she was ready. He pulled the door open for her and as she walked through it he locked it shut behind her.

I was watching the eight screens in front of me, and watched my beautiful wife walk into the pool room, dressed to kill. It was only at this point that I noticed that there were five pool tables in the room with four players at each table and a couple more men at the bar.

"Hey the entertainment's arrived" one of them shouted, and the whole room stopped playing pool and looked over to the door. Anna walked straight to the center of the room, and asked who the groom was. They pointed out a smartly dressed man – he was about twenty five, and I guess average height.

"Well, lets get this show on the road" she said, putting her bag down on the central pool table. "Lets have a chair in the middle here for the groom, and the rest of you best get sat comfortably too." A chair was put into the centre of a room, and the others formed a circle around Anna and the groom.

The bar tender changed the CD playing, and that cheesy old stripper music struck up.

Anna started to dance. She was swaying gently to the music, and flicking her skirt about, to give them a glimpse of her stocking tops. She went over to the groom, and straddled him, grinding herself into his lap. As she straddled him, her skirt lifted up her thighs, so her stocking tops were on show to everyone. The groom brought his hands up onto her bottom and puled her tighter into his crotch.

She stood up again and turning away from him bent over to reach down an unfasten the straps of her shoes. This caused the short skirt to rise up exposing her knicker clad bottom to him. He of course took the opportunity to slip his hands up under her skirt and squeeze her cheeks. Kicking her shoes off, she danced around the room, flicking her skirt up to flash her knickers and stocking tops to each and every man in the room.

After completing the circle of the room she returned to the groom, and invited him to unfasten the first of the bows one her blouse. He chose the top on, and the blouse fell open to expose the top of her breasts. She placed her hands on his knees and bent forward towards him. Her blouse fell further open and he was now looking directly at her beautiful breasts. Of course, the other effect of bending forwards like this was that her panty clad bottom was exposed to the men standing behind her.

The groom gripped the second and third bows while she was bent over, and as she stood up they both came undone. The blouse fell open exposing her bra clad breasts to the groom and the room.

Once again she set off around the room, slowly flashing her breasts to all the men, and slowly slipping her blouse off her shoulders and throwing it onto the nearby pool table.

As she approached the groom again she unfastened the little belt holding her skirt together and opened it out before letting it fall to the floor. She stepped straight forward and straddled him again, this time wearing just her bra, knickers, stockings and suspender belt.

The cameramen where each zooming in on different shots. One screen was filled with her bra lad breasts as she pushed them into the grooms face. Another was focusing on her knicker clad bottom and the grooms hands kneading her firm cheeks. While another showed the audience shouting and urging her on.

She was again grinding herself against him as he sat there pulling her tighter towards him. He buried his face between her breasts, and continued to squeeze her arse cheeks.

She pulled away from him, reached down and pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, before leaning forward and crushing her bra clad breasts into his now naked chest. Anna stood up, pulling the groom up with her, before kneeling down in front of him and unfastening his trousers. She pulled them down around his ankles, before pushing him back into his seat wearing just his boxer shorts.

One of the camera's zoomed in on his boxers, and you could see the outline of his hard dick.

Anna then turned around, and sat back on his lap, grinding her knicker clad bottom into his boxer clad erection. He reached round her and grasped her breasts in both hands, giving them a good squeeze for the camera.

Anna jumped up again, and slowly made her way around the room, straddling each of the men there in turn, letting them all have a feel of either her bottom, or her breasts, as she ground her pussy against their crotches.

As she worked her way round she slipped the straps of her bra down and off her arms, and she had the last of the men unclip it, so as she walked back towards the groom she could let it fall away.

Anna straddled him again, and crushed her naked breasts into his naked chest, and he slipped his hands down the back of her knickers to squeeze those cheeks. She leant down, and pulled out the can on spray cream, gave it a quick shake a sprayed a little onto each nipple, before presenting them one after the other for him to suck.

Then she was up again, spraying her nipples with cream as she went right around the room again, letting each man lick the cream from one of her nipples. This time she approached the groom from behind, and reached around him to pull his arms back behind the chair. As he fumbled between her legs, she picked up the handcuffs and clicked them in place. He was now helpless in the chair.

Anna went round to the front of the chair, and facing him, slid the knickers down to expose her pussy hair. Then she turned around, so the other side of the room could see her pussy hair before bending forward and pushing her knickers down and off. As she did this the groom had a perfect view of her pussy lips between her legs.

So now my wife was naked, except for her stockings and suspender belt in a roomful of men. She sat back on the grooms knee, grinding her naked pussy into his lap. The other men in the room were getting very noisy now.

She stood up again, turned to face him, and pulled him to his feet. You could se his rock hard dick straining against the material of his boxer shorts. Anna knelt down in front of him, and slowly peeled his boxers. As she released his dick, it stood to attention inches from he face. She pushed him back into the chair, and spayed cream over his balls and dick before licking it all of. Then she put a little directly onto the head of his cock and slipped her mouth over it, taking his dick deep in her throat before pulling off it again, having sucked all the cream away.

Then she again sat astride him, crushing her breasts against his chest and grinding her pussy against his cock, before lifting herself slightly, grasping his cock and slipping it between her pussy lips. Now she started to fuck him, moving up and down and back and forth, working his cock in an out of her pussy. One of the camera's zoomed in on her pussy lips, and you could see her juices running down his dick and over his balls. She was so excited.

Some of the other men started to strip off their clothes, but remained seated, watching and wanking as Anna fucked the groom. She kept writhing up and down and round and round, lifting till there was just the tiniest part of his dick resting between her wet pussy lips, before plunging down and forcing his cock deep inside herself.

She fucked him for about ten minutes before lifting herself off him.

"You want to see him come?" she asked. The question wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but the whole room answered, as they moved closer to Anna.

Again she pulled him to his feet, and kneeling down in front of him she grasped his dick and fed it into her hungry mouth. Working up and down his shaft with her tongue and lips, teasing his dick until his butt cheeks tensed. He was ready to come, and she knew it. So she pulled her head away, and licked at the head of his cock as he erupted, shooting his come into her mouth and over her face.

The final part will follow shortly...

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