Watching My Wife Get Fucked


When he was finished, he relaxed and sat back down on the seat, lowering my wife so that her knees were once again on the seat on each side of him. Then he grabbed her face with his hands and pulled her to him for a long, deep, passionate kiss. When they came up for air from that, I heard him tell her, "Oh my GOD! Thanks. That was great! You are one sexy woman and you sure know how to do a man right! I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you are a fantastic piece of ass and your mouth is so fucking good that it feels as good as your pussy!" Standing right behind him and right over top of his head, I could hear every word he was quietly telling her and it always fills me with great pride to hear a man complimenting my wife's sexual talents!

Brandie told him, "Thanks.", and she stood up on the floor in front of him. As she came up off his cock, I had a great view of it sliding out of her pussy. I saw globs of their combined juices drip out of my wife's freshly fucked cunt and some of them fell onto his lap, some on the floor between her feet. I could see that my wife's cleanly shaved pussy was soaking wet, as was all the area around her crotch and between her thighs, and as she stood there pulling the top of her nightie back up over her tits, some of the juices from her orgasms, and his load of cum, ran down the insides of her thighs and onto her shear stockings.

My wife walked away from the guy, towards the opening at the end of the wall. She came around to where I was, and we embraced in a passionate kiss, with me driving my tongue into her mouth, where just a few minutes before, she had that other guy's cock. As we kissed, I reached down and rubbed my hand all over her sopping wet pussy and crotch, and I slid a couple of fingers up her freshly fucked cunt. When we broke off the kiss, I told her how much I had enjoyed the show and how before this night was over, I was going to fuck her too, but not right now. I wanted my "slut" to walk around the club dripping cum from another man for a little while, before I added mine to it. So, we picked up my wife's drink that had been sitting on the short wall in front of me during this whole show, and we walked down the stairs, back to our table near the dance floor with my "slut's" pussy seeping another man's cum down her inner thighs and onto her stockings!

Back at our table, I made out with my wife some more while I played my fingers in and out of her soaked cunt and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her freshly fucked, slippery wet, warm pussy, knowing that was another man's cum that made it feel that way! When we took a break from making out to freshen up our drinks, (this is a BYOB club), I had my wife pull her hemline up and sit with her legs spread, so that I, and the other couple we were with at the club that night, could see that she was wet and freshly fucked like the good "slut" that she is. I showed our friends her sopping wet, cleanly shaved pussy, and sarcastically asked them, "What do you think happened to her?"

Their enthusiastic answer was, "She got fucked!"

I said, "Yeah! But not by me, YET!"

For the next couple of hours, we danced, (and while we danced, I showed off her ass and played with her pussy), and we drank and socialized with our friends. About an hour later, my wife and I were making out at the table and I had my fingers in her pussy, again, and she said to me, "That's enough fooling around now, you gonna fuck me, or what?"

I said, "Sure!"

Then my wife stood up, surprising myself and our friends, she bent over the table, pulled her nightie up over her ass and said, "Then get with it!"

My cock was instantly hard as a rock! Hell, it had been hard most of the time since she had gotten fucked upstairs, so I popped my pants open and slid my cock into her, right there at the table! Then holding onto the table, (our friends had picked up their drinks, and ours, so they wouldn't get spilled and they slid around to get a better view of my cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy), my wife stood there while I pounded her to a major orgasm, which didn't take but just a few minutes, because she was so ready for it! Our friends, and some folks at tables near us, enjoyed watching me bring my wife to orgasm and when she stiffened up, moaned and groaned through it, I could see that they were all transfixed by the beautiful sight of my wife in the throes of an orgasm. I too enjoy it when I can stand back and watch her go through that, as I don't think there's any more beautiful sight in the world than my wife, as she cums through an orgasm, big or small!

I couldn't take anymore. I had been ready to cum all night. As I was sliding my cock in and out of my wife's soaking wet pussy, I had the fresh visions of watching her fucking another man just a couple of hours earlier in my head. Her cunt wasn't as full of his cum as it is when I get immediate "sloppy seconds" sometimes, but I enjoyed knowing that some of his load was probably still in her and that I was about to add mine to what was left of his. I took a couple more deep, slow strokes, then I shoved in as far as I could get and shot my load deep up her cunt as she was squeezing my cock and enjoying her own orgasm.

When we were both done, I pulled back, slowly pulling my cock out for the viewing pleasure of those watching, and we all saw some globs of our mixed cum, drop onto the floor between my wife's feet. She stood up and turned around, and we embraced in a long, passionate, loving kiss, that was now, "us making love to each other", and not just primal, kinky, exhibitionist sex.

The rest of the night was short and anti-climatic from there, as not more than maybe a half hour, we, and our friends, left to go to our motel room, where the four of us all had same room sex for another hour, or more, before we all fell asleep.

Now, some of you reading this story, may have noticed that I referred to my wife as a "slut" a few times. Since I get so many queries about that, I thought I would end this story by telling you why I do that.

My wife and I have talked about this several times, and for us, a "slut", is a hot, horny woman, who "CHOOSES" to fuck, who and when she wants to, because she is horny and "wants" to fuck! Whereas a "whore", we think of more like a prostitute, who fucks whomever will give her what she wants, (drugs, booze, money, food, a place to stay), and she's more bent on getting something for her pussy, than really enjoying the sexual act. Now that may not be the actual dictionary definition of the words, but for us, that's the way we look at it. So, neither of us thinks of the word "slut" as really demeaning and or insulting. In fact, in our group of friends, many of the women refer to themselves, jokingly, as "sluts".

In my stories, whenever I refer to my wife as a "slut", I always use the quotation marks to kind of show that this isn't something I would call her on a daily basis. It's what she "IS", only at certain times, and only when she wants to be a "slut". And we both enjoy it when she is being my "slut"! She enjoys the feeling of being loose, sexy, attractive, horny, and desired by the men around her, and I enjoy watching her acting "sluttish" knowing that she is hot and wanting, in fact, NEEDING COCK at that particular moment!

So, take that for what it's worth. If the use of the word offends you, then I'm sorry if it spoiled the story for you. But, it certainly doesn't offend either of us and so it's there because it's part of what really happened.

By the way, the swingers club isn't in that same building anymore and they don't have the same kind of set up in the current building, as they did back then. They still have some great play areas and they have some "couples only" areas where people can still watch, but none of it has the same feel and intimacy of that "half moon shaped" room did, and I sure miss it!

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