tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife On The Boat

Watching My Wife On The Boat


My wife and I have been married 27 years and have a great sex life. We are both 44 but Del looks 30. I have watched her have sex with men for about 10 years now. Mostly friends of ours and a few strangers. What I love about my wife is she loves the underdog. She gets turned on by the average guy. She is latina, 5ft tall, 105 pounds, full 36C breasts, sexy size 5 feet, and great olive skin. This story is true and happen last summer.

We were driving to the river for Labor Day talking about relaxing and enjoying the sun. Del reaches down and rubs her pussy and tells me she is horny and do I want to watch her have sex this weekend? I tell her hell yes. When Del wants sex she will use me up and go find some more. She says the feeling of making another mans dick cum gets her off.

We get to the river about noon and meet up with the boat owner Bruce who we have been boating with for a few years. Bruce is about 50 and right what Del loves an average kind of guy. Its just the 3 of us today and the rst of the group with come out Saturday thru Monday. We get out on the water and find a spot to anchor and open some beers. Del takes off her sun dress and has on a tiny orange bikini that barley covers her big tits and her shaved pussy. She normaly wears these kind of suits and Bruce always tell her how great she looks. He is a touchy guy and loves to find ways to have to touch Del or any women that come on the boat. Del doesnt mind and just goes along with it.

The boat is 28ft and has plenty of room to move around. Del goes up front and lays out to get some sun while Bruce and I talk. I look over at her and she rubs her pussy again and gives me that I want dick now look. She askes Bruce to put lotion on her. He nearly runs to the front of the boat and starts rubbing her body with lotion. Del tells him to slow down so she can enjoy feeling his hands all over her. He does he back, tight butt cheeks and legs. She turns over and he starts on her legs and works his way up to her tits. She doesnt stop him and he takes his time covering he tits with lotion. I get my camera out and start taking video.

She pushes him back and pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and tells him she wants him to fuck her. he askes if he could eat her pussy first and she pushes his head down to her pussy and he goes at it like a hungry dog. Seeing her grabbing her tits, her legs in the air and Bruce licking her pussy right there were anyone could see was great.

Bruce pulled down his trucks and got between dels legs and slid his dick into her wet pussy. watching him pump her with her legs wrapped around him made my dick hard as a rock. Del was telling me come on give it to me, give me that load right in my pussy. Bruce started pumping faster and grunted as he unloaded in her pussy. I could here saying oh yeah give it all to me. He stood up and Del took his dick in her mouth and licked it clean. She looked over at me and said well that was a good start but i need more.

Saturday we had Bruce, Norm, Wendy norms girlfriend and Pat brought his own boat. We drove out to the party cove today. All the boats tie up and party.After a few hours Bruce asked Del if he could tell Norm want happen yesterday and she said go ahead. Norm came over and asked if Bruce was lying and Del rubbed Norms crouch and said if your girlfriend wasnt here I would have your cum in me. Norm is about 6'4" and 250. In my mind I would love to see dels lil body take on Norm. Norm tells Bruce to go take his girlfriend out on the raft and float around with her. She was already drunk so I didnt take much to get her out of the boat. Del went down to the lil cabin that separted the front of the boat with the back and stripped naked. Norm turned around and asked me where she went. Del heard him and said down here. He moved down to the cabin and pulled his dick out. Del asked if he was worried his girl would catch him and Norm said he didnt care right now, he has wanted to fuck Del for years. His dick was a good size and del wrapped her mouth around it and suck him fast and deep in her lil mouth. She told Norm to sit down and she got on top oh him and lowered her pussy on his big dick. She took it all the way in and bounced up and down while he licked and sucked her tits. I could tell she was going to cum and she let out a moan and ground down hard on his dick when she came. She asked Norm how he want to fill her pussy with his cum and he told her from behind. She got on all fours on the couch and norm had to duck to get behind her. He rammed his dick in her hard and she let out and groan of pleasure. Just like with Bruce she was talking dirty to Norm. Come on give it to me, give me that load. Norm slowed down and and gave her pussy long slow strokes with his dick then erupted in her pussy. She bucking back and moving her ass trying to get every drop. Norm pulled up his shorts and went back outside. Del looked and me and said send Pat in here.

Pat was tied up next to us and was sitting in his boat talking with some girls that came over. I told him Del wanted to see him over on Bruces boat. He said hey I am talking with these girls trying to make a move on one. Norm looked at him and said it will only take a minute. Pat went over to the boat and Del called him into the cabin.

She was still naked and had cum coming out of her pussy. She asked Pat if the girls he was talking to would do this. She pulled his shorts down and started sucking his dick. Pat is 5'8" 250 pounds and I am thinking this is going to fun for Del. After only 2 minutes of sucking his dick Pat backs off and tells Del to stop before he comes. She leans back opens her legs and tells Pat she wants his cum right here. He lowers his big body ontop of Dels lil body and starts fucking her. he lasts about 1 minute before he pumps her full of cum.

Now its my turn. I ask Del if her pussy is sore and she says oh yeah and I love it. I slid my dick in her and can feel the sloppyness of 2 loads of cum in her. As I fuck her her I tell her how sexy she looked getting fuck and I exploded in her pussy long and hard. She had 3 loads in her now and was dripping down her legs. She dressed and jumped in the water. Everyone was happy for some reason now.

On Sunday only the 3 guys came out and no girlfriend. Del spent Sunday and Monday getting fucked when ever one of us got hard. For the first time she swallowed a load of cum that wasnt mine. It was so hot to watch her make the 3 guys cum. On the way home we tried to add up how many times she had sex and got to 14 times. Thats not counting blowjobs, handjobs, and even gave Bruce a tit fuck.

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by JohnnieBoxx11/05/17

Still at it?

This was a few years ago..... what has she been Doing lately (or Who? :)
are you both still at it? I'd like to know

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