tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 01

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 01


Most of my fantasies revolve around my wife K doing things, sexual things, with other people. It has taken us a while to get to where we are both comfortable with it as a fantasy. I don't feel bad about it turning me on, and she is happy to indulge me some in our dirty talk. There have been a few adventures together, but nothing crazy. Really the thing I've wanted most is to see her with another man. Especially if she is the aggressor, seducing another man.

Both of us are in our mid 40's, and she looks great. She has some curves, but she is fit, generally she wears a medium size. Her assets that have always been noticed are her big beautiful blue eyes, and her long toned legs. She has medium length dark brown hair, and is about 5'5" tall. She's always had large breasts, but you know time can be cruel. A couple of years ago, she had them lifted and enhanced a little. Now they are spectacular. Seriously. When she's in the house without her top I cannot take my eyes off them. Her breasts are now a nice full D cup, not sagging at all. A lot of times she goes without a bra. It's pretty clear that this has given K a new dose of confidence too, which has been fun for both of us.

K is also a bit of a closet exhibitionist. Of course, that fits in pretty well with my fantasies. She hasn't been super willing to really act on it a lot though. I've tried to guide her gently to do more, but she hasn't always been receptive. Clearly this whole idea of her doing anything with another person is way more of a turn on for me than it is for her. But there was always this hint that maybe, if the right situation arose, she would take some risks.

We recently bought a new house, and have had some work being done on it before we move in. Not a major reconstruction, but it was going to take a couple weeks at least. K did all the coordination with the contractors, partially because she was doing all the design and partially because I was particularly slammed at work. It did occur to me that maybe, just maybe, she'd find one of these men very attractive. She rarely admits things like that, but I've noticed before that when she is around men that I know she finds attractive, I benefit from it later. Her "type" is pretty narrow though. I'm glad I happen to fall in the range.

So I was dropping hints and making jokes about her finding time with the men who would be working on our house, even before we started. I know at times she was annoyed with me, but I found it hard to stop. When I met the electrician who was going to do some work for us, I knew right away she was his type. Adam was younger than me, no more than 30, and clearly strong. Probably an inch or two shorter than me, around 5'10", and had thick, but short dark blonde hair. He looked like he took decent care of himself, but not the gym rat type. Adam was also handsome in the rugged sort of way. I was starting to come up with scenarios before I even shook his hand.

That night, I talked to K about Adam while we were in bed, trying to make some hints and see if I could get her going. She knew what I was trying to do, and after a minute apparently made the choice to play along. She asked if she could pretend like I was Adam right now. I eagerly said yes. I was laying on my back, in just some sleep shorts. She had on a short, tight nightie, with nothing underneath. This is her usual bedtime outfit.

K straddled my legs, I could feel her naked flesh on my legs. She asked me what Adam would like. Trying to be clever I said "You."

She smiled, and asked what would Adam think if she did this. As she said that, she pulled her nightie over her head. Her beautiful breasts bounced free. She was completely naked, but I couldn't really see it all at this point. I said "Yes, he would love that."

Next K pulled my shorts down, and grasped my cock. I was already quite hard. She said "Yes, Adam does like seeing my tits."

She wouldn't generally use the word tits, but she was saying this for me. "Would you like me to stroke Adam's cock?" she asked.

When I hesitated, she stopped. As soon as I figured that out, I said "Yes, please stroke his cock."

She grabbed some oil and dripped it all over me. She kept talking to me as she grasped my cock hard and slowly went up and down. "Adam, I like your cock. Can I put it in my mouth?"

I just nodded. At this point, with the situation and the dirty talk, I was thinking about baseball. Or my grandma. Anything to try to make it last a little longer. She engulfed my cock in her mouth. She seemed to have a vigor that was much more than the usual.

She was furiously licking and sucking on the tip, and stroking and twisting with her hand. I was as hard as I've ever been. She pulled her mouth off me. Still stroking me slowly, she asked "So, husband, do you really want to watch me suck Adams's cock?"

That was all it took, without saying a word, I exploded and moaned, almost screamed as I came. She stroked me slowly as I calmed. She grabbed a towel and handed it to me to clean off. She looked at me with a slight, devilish grin and said "Can I see this Adam guy for myself, and see what I think?"

I just nodded yes. I had a big lump in my throat, but my cock was growing hard again at the thought.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/12/18


willing cuckoldry is not erotic. 1*

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by Anonymous09/10/18

“So Husband, do you really want to watch me suck Adam’s cock?”

Damn straight. Then I want to watch you ride like a bull rider.

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by Anonymous09/09/18

This could get very good

I can't wait to see where you take this. It's great that she likes to help out with her husband's fantasies. But we need to know what she's thinking. I'm sure she has her own fantasies and since she lovesmore...

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by Vamp8209/08/18

OK For A Start

Not bad. A little short though. Take more time and expand your chapters. Keep up with character devlopment and your readers will find you story more enjoyable.

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