tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 02

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 02


So after all the dirty talk involving my wife K and the electrician, Adam, I was impatient to get her to actually see him and see if I could move things farther. On Monday morning, I texted her to let her know that he would be stopping by to wire a couple outlets outside at the new house, and to estimate some further work that needed to be done. She would have to meet him there, let him in, and hang out for a while. She at first seemed a little put out that I hadn't told her before, but when I reminded her that she had wanted to check him out, she softened and almost seemed interested.

So one thing I hadn't told her, but should probably have, was that I had wired up new cameras around the new house, and I had internet setup as well. While I hadn't done this as a way to spy on this scenario, it did play into my thinking when I set up for him to come when I wasn't there.

So as the appointment approached, I was in a small meeting room at work, eagerly watching on my phone. I saw his truck approach. I saw him stride up to the house and ring the bell. Again, to me, he looked like someone she would be attracted to. I couldn't see her, but I could hear he open the door, introduce herself, and he disappeared inside. I expected quickly I'd see him in the backyard, but as an anxiously watched the camera, nothing happened.

After probably only a couple minutes, but what seemed like hours to me, I got a text from K. It had only one word, "Yes."

My mind raced. What did she mean? As I was reading this, I saw Adam on the camera in the backyard. He was back checking out the landscape lighting that wasn't working, on the other side of the pool. He was working for a few minutes as I watched and wondered where she was.

Then, I saw him stand up, and turn towards the house, talking to someone, I assumed it was her, but I couldn't see her yet and the mic didn't seem to be picking up what he said. Soon, I was delighted to see her walking around the pool. I could hardly believe it, she was wearing that bikini. The one she had bought but only ever worn when it was just me and her. Though the picture from the camera wasn't huge, I could clearly see her lazily walking around the pool, and him looking her up and down.

Adam must have suddenly realized that he was there for a job, and went back to work. I saw her walk around some more, but he was doing a decent job of ignoring her. She then seemed to walk inside, but the camera couldn't quite confirm that.

At this moment I realized I hadn't responded to her cryptic text, so I finally sent back "He is your type, huh?"

Again she replied with "Yes."

I struggled with what to say next, but settled on saying "You have my blessing, you can do whatever you want."

Her reply disappointed me. She simply said "No, I'm good."

Ok, well at least she had admitted to finding him attractive. I should probably get back to work. But as I looked back at the camera app on my phone, I saw Adam standing up straight, staring back towards the house. He looked mesmerized.

All of the sudden I heard her voice. I couldn't see her, but she was close enough apparently to the camera that the mic now picked her voice up. She said "Please come here."

He slowly walked towards the house, and perhaps because he was somewhat reluctant, she now entered the camera frame, apparently walking towards him as well. What I wasn't expecting but was quite thrilled to see, was that she no longer had her top on. I could only see from the back, but I knew that he had a view of her spectacular breasts. I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

When they finally reached each other, she reached her arms up around his neck, and pulled him down towards her. She kissed his neck, and started to unbutton his shirt. When she had it off, she ran her hands over his chest and arms like she was admiring a beautiful sculpture. Again I was shocked at what I was seeing. My cock was rock hard, but I was not in a place where I could do a damn thing about it. As I contemplated my dilemma, she had moved her hands down, and she was working on his belt.

Next the moment I had wanted to see forever finally became reality, She had dropped his pants down around his ankles. He still looked somewhat stunned. And then I saw it. Her hand went down the front of his underwear. She was grabbing his cock. I couldn't see her expression, but I could hear her a little, and what I heard sounded like an excited little scream. I also couldn't see his cock, but I was hoping from what I could hear of her reaction was that she was happy with what she had just found.

She then pulled his underwear and pants off and down, and stepped backwards, out of frame, so I couldn't see her anymore. But I could see him. He was clearly quite aroused, and from what I could tell was not only built, but packing a pretty large cock like I had hoped.

Again the mic picked up her voice and I heard her say "Come here." Whatever hesitation he had seemed to be gone, as he quickly moved towards her. Now all I could see was this chest and face, the rest of him and all of her were not visible from the camera angle. But, based on his body language, and the noises I could now hear, she was clearly sucking his cock.

This is what I wanted, right? I was still very aroused but was also feeling tinges of jealousy. Also I was kicking myself for not putting the camera at a slightly lower angle so I could see more. But I saw his face clearly now, it was pretty obvious he was enjoying this. It looked like his hands were probably on the back of her head.

Now along with the licking and slurping sounds, I could also hear him starting to moan. His whole body was moving, clearly he was thrusting his hips. With one big scream, he apparently finished and slumped backwards. K was never one to really love sucking cock to completion, so I wasn't quite sure what the finish was like.

Now Adam backed up, I could see his full body again. She walked towards him and handed him a towel. Wait, K was actually nude. I thought she had just been topless. After handing him the towel, she jumped in the pool. He cleaned up and got dressed.

After that, I watched for a while, but nothing else interesting happened. She got out of the pool, and apparently went inside. He worked on the electrical outside for a while. While he was still outside working. I got another text from K. "Yes, honey, he's very cute, but I can't see myself doing anything with anyone other than you."

Did she know I was watching? Was she just fucking with me? She knows it would turn me on and that she had my blessing so why would she lie about it? And I was still sporting a huge erection. Thankfully we have some solo bathrooms at the office. I locked myself in one and stroked myself to a quick orgasm. I felt a little better.

After he left the backyard, it was a good half hour before I saw him exit out the front and drive away. It would make sense that it would take him that long in the house to figure out the rest, but I was impossible for me to know what had happened.

I wasn't quite sure what I had seen, or what I could admit to seeing. And it was only noon, I had a good few hours of work before I could come home and figure anything else out. Focusing on work was impossible.

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by oldbearswitch09/11/18

Pretty good heat so far. Could it be the angle of her not being forthcoming to hubby about the BJ is a bit too much distraction for this story

I am seeing at as primarily a sex story so far . Guess whether it's more analytical and relationship oriented depends on where you go with it next

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