tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 03

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 03


It had been a few hours now since I had seen what I was pretty sure was my wife sucking another mans cock on cameras I had setup in our new house that we've not moved into yet. I couldn't see everything, but I could tell she was doing something to him, and pretty obviously he came. But there was also a block of time after that, where they were in the house, that I couldn't see anything, and I didn't know anything about.

After that had happened, I exchanged a few texts with my wife K, trying to see if she would say anything, but her responses were just like everyday, really. No hint in anything that she said that it was different than any other day. I had started to wonder if I had imagined what I had seen on the cameras, and wishing that I had recorded it so I could have watched it again. But, when I was finally driving home, she sent me a text saying "I'm horny, please hurry home."

I was already in a hurry to get home, so really her saying that had no impact, except maybe I was even more excited, if that was possible. I wasn't sure how to ask about what I had seen or what she thought I knew. I was aroused, jealous, curious, and a bit confused. Probably more than anything I was aroused though. Thinking about what did or didn't happen, on the way home, I was lazily touching myself. When I finally pulled into our driveway, I was pretty hard.

I had thought of a hundred different things to ask K, and had run them all through in my head. The truth was that I had no idea what to say when I walked through the door. I was as nervous as I've been in my adult life.

When I did open the door, I saw my wife standing in front of me, naked. She looked spectacular. I tried to take my time and take her all in, and she was great to look at. Her beautiful breasts, a full D-cup, standing straight out and her erect nipples pointing at me. Her beautiful long legs, all of it. I loved looking at my wife. Especially naked.

Something was slightly different, though, this time. She was sweaty. As I got close to her, she had a musky, sex smell too. As I embraced her, she whispered to me, "Maybe, I should have showered, but I thought you'd like me better like this."

Once again my head was swirling, wondering exactly what that meant. I had told her before that I liked her sweaty, that I liked some natural scent, she didn't need to be cleanly showered to turn me on. But she had never acted on that before. Whatever was going through my head no longer mattered though, because she was ripping my pants off and asking me to fuck her.

She fell back on the couch, most of my clothes were still on, but my cock was free. I shoved my hard cock right inside her. She was wet. Sloppy wet. Then is when she said what I had hoped to hear all along "Honey, Adam fucked me today. He came inside me."

When those words hit, I immediately pulled out of her and went down on my knees in front of her. I should have probably realized that it was hours before, and his seed was no longer inside her, but at the moment I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking about how sexy my wife was, how much she turned me on, and how much I wanted to lick and suck her pussy and hopefully get a taste of the big cock that had been inside her.

Usually when I lick my her pussy, I have to sit and tell myself to slow down. However this time was different. It was like I was giving her an exam with my tongue. All of the tastes, textures, I was memorizing it all. I was imagining Adam's hard cock inside her. I wasn't focused on her having an orgasm, at all. Thankfully however whatever I was doing she still enjoyed it. It wasn't long before she was grabbing my hair, pulling my whole face into her, and coming hard. Way harder than usual. I don't think it was technique, I think it was the days events that made it so good.

She pulled me back up to her, and grabbed my cock and guided it back inside her very sloppy, very warm pussy. She also grabbed my face and kissed me. This is something she would never do normally after I licked her, another sign that this was an usual day. As I slowly stroked my cock into her, I asked her to tell me more about what she had done that day.

She said "His cock is big."

"He fucked me hard."

"I liked it."

"But he didn't last long."

"I wasn't planning on doing it, I just couldn't resist, once I saw him."

"I hope you aren't mad."

"I loved it when he came inside me."

"Will you come inside me too, please?"

Wait, so she did actually fuck him? When did that happen? So many questions were popping into my head but it definitely wasn't the time to ask them.

Her telling me what she did of course, I exploded, adding my sperm to her apparently well fucked pussy. I fell off her to the side, and snuggled right back up to her again. I was still so very aroused, but also relieved. I knew she had fucked another man today, and I knew it was ok, that she loved me. I thought so at least.

I followed her into the shower, and soaping her up and cleaning her off left me quite aroused again. She however seemed exhausted, and after she wrapped a big towel around herself, she laid down on the bed and promptly fell asleep.

I laid down next to her, still not entirely sure what she had done, or what she had planned to do with Adam. I was still quite aroused though. I pulled the towel partially off her, so I could see her naked ass. I thought about what she might have done that day, and stroked myself while laying there. Again, it didn't take long, I came hard. This sort of woke her up, and she said "I'll tell you all about it in the morning."

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by Anonymous

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by patillie09/13/18

Has some heat

but clearly morphing into cuckiness. He's already slurping what he thinks are the mans cum, so...I guess we are there.

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by Impo_6509/13/18

@Last anon Re:re: awe come on

You commented that Loving wives is a cheating category, not about guys who like to watch their wives get fucked. Apparently you have not bothered to read the actual description that is on Literotica'smore...

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by Anonymous09/12/18

Aw, come on!

Well the nay-sayers sure came out in force and I am certain they ruined your stars rating. But as cuckoldry stories go, thought it was well written and pretty sexy. After all, that IS the central topicmore...

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by Anonymous09/12/18

Beyond stupid

Do the words Aids, Herpes, and gonorrhea have no meaning to you? His wife has just announced to him she's a cheating slut. Their marriage is over. And you want us to believe that his response is to gomore...

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by Anonymous09/12/18

@ A Real Man #2

A real woman does not cheat on her man. A real woman stands up for her man. A real woman respects and builds her man.
But this story is about a closet gay guy. He is more in love with eating the othermore...

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