tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 04

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 04


As I slowly awoke, my mind was trying to sort out what was a dream and what had actually happened. I saw my sexy naked wife K laying next to me, she was sleeping well. She was on her back, with the sheet only covering part of her legs and feet. After making a quick run to the bathroom. I laid back down next to her. I started lightly stroking her stomach, her sides, trying to both arouse and awaken her. I would really like to just go down on her right there, but more than that I wanted to hear what had really happened the day before.

I wondered again what she had really done. I wondered if she knew about the cameras, and that I had seen some things. She must have known, right? That's why she said what she did?

When she finally woke up, I asked her to tell me the whole story about Adam, not leaving out the tiniest detail. At first she objected, saying I was being silly. But when I persisted, she said "He's quite cute, and I did like looking at him. Maybe I was even a little flirty, but that's it."

"But yesterday. You told you had done more. You said you had his cock inside you."

I couldn't have felt more disappointed or confused when she said "Honey that was just talk to get you off. I would never do that."

"But you smelled like sweat, and sex?"

"Well I did use my big dildo you got me, and maybe seeing Adam did get me going a little, but I was all alone."

"So Adam just fixed the outlets and left?"

"Yes, I barely spoke with him. He was probably there for no more than 15 minutes. He said he'd give you an estimate for the rest of the work."

I kissed her on the forehead, and headed for the shower. So of course I know she was lying to me, and I'm not sure really what happened, but I'm also pretty sure she didn't know about the camera at all.

Fortunately, I had ordered a couple more cameras, and had them ready to install. It was still early enough that morning that I had time to stop by the new house and install them, so that's exactly what I decided to do.

Before I left, as far as she knew just for work, I asked what she was up to today. "Some errands, grocery shopping, and I'm meeting the flooring contractor at the new house later this morning."

So on my drive over, I decided to put the two new cameras in the kitchen and the master bedroom. There was no furniture, but I figured it was still a logical place if she was going to do something. The cameras were tiny, and I tried hard to put them in places where I was pretty sure she wouldn't notice. I hoped if she did notice she would think they weren't yet functional or that they were just left from the previous owners. Besides installing the cameras, I also setup alerts this time to tell me if their was motion. Not just for the cameras inside, but for the ones outside as well. I figured if something was happening there, I'd get to see it no matter when it as.

Around 11 am, I got an alert. K had pulled up to the garage and headed inside. Then a couple minutes later, the camera out front showed a work truck, and a different man walking up. He didn't look like Adam at all, nor did he seem like her type. What was still interesting however, is what K was wearing. It was a very sexy thin summer dress, barely covering her thighs, and showing her great cleavage off. She usually only wore this for me. So when she opened the door. I was anxious to see what was next.

The two of them were talking in the kitchen, and clearly discussing flooring and the work to be done. I couldn't hear all the words, but it all seemed pretty innocent. But when she bent over to move some flooring samples, I got a decent view almost up here skirt from the camera, and I'm thinking he could see everything. I was hoping there was more, but soon she shook his hand and he departed.

I watched her in the kitchen after he left, she was pacing a bit. She seemed anxious. I didn't want K to know I was watching her, obviously, but I wanted to know more so I sent her a text asking what she was up to. She said she had just met the flooring contractor, and was about to head to meet a girlfriend for lunch. Seemed like that was probably true. But just five minutes later, I got another alert. I thought it would be her leaving, but instead I saw a new truck pulling up. Oh wow, that's Adam. He was not supposed to be there.

I saw him come to the door, and I switched to watching the camera inside. A few seconds later I saw her leading him, by the hand, into the kitchen. He put his hands on her waste, kissed her deeply, and picked her up and set her down on the kitchen counter. He continued to kiss her. I could barely believe what I was seeing. As she started to pull his shirt off, I remembered to hit the record button on the app. I wanted to keep this video. I wasn't entirely sure what I might do with it, but I knew I needed to keep it.

If I was in his position at that point, the first thing I would have done is go down on my wife. I would have kissed and licked and pleasured her. But that is not what Adam did. He dropped his pants and underwear, he pulled aside her panties, and roughly shoved his cock inside. He wasn't gentle or loving at all.

At first I expected her to not enjoy the rough pounding at all, she always had wanted tender, slow sex. Or at least that is what I had thought. I wouldn't have even been surprised at that point if she had pushed him away. The wife I knew wouldn't enjoy this kind of treatment. That's not at all what K did. Instead, she seemed to be enjoying it. I couldn't hear a lot of audio, but I could hear her moaning as he pounded into her. She would have had to be quite loud for me to hear it so cleary, and she seemed be grinding on him just as hard as he was thrusting inside of her.

If I had seen all of this out of context, and didn't know it was my wife, you would have never convinced me that it was. Everything about this wasn't her, at least as far I knew.

I felt the urge to go to the house. Without really thinking much about it, I left work. I was walking through the hall, and getting on the elevator, all without stopping looking at my phone. Watching my wife act like I'd never seen before with this stud of a man. I was almost in a trance from it all, I'm not even sure why I was heading home.

While I was driving, I was still watching, and recording. I guess it's a good thing I didn't get in an accident. There probably should be laws about watching your wife fuck someone while you drive. I think she was screaming with an orgasm - just from Adam pounding inside her. That was another thing I'd never expect from her. He groaned loudly, and clearly had finished inside her.

It was only about a 15 minute drive, at least this time of day with no traffic. As I got close to the house, I sort of chickened out. Or at least I stopped and thought a bit. I parked a couple of houses down. They were no longer on camera. A couple seconds later, Adam came out the front door and left.

While I was deciding what to do, I watched the video again. And again. Really just the finishing part, where she seemed to be having an orgasm from him just fucking her hard. I couldn't believe it. But again I was hard. I did feel some jealousy, but more than anything, I was aroused, and even a little proud of my sexy wife.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC01/20/19


I think this whole story raised a stink. That smell is more than just waste.

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by oldbearswitch09/15/18

Sorry Dawg, this just jumped the shark.. You got two decent spouses, some decent dialog, but where you going? I mean granted your chapters are short and relatively sweet,....

Way too drawn out, and the device of her not telling you (or you not being sure) has aged out. Little less talk and a lot more action, if you please.

Oh yeah, the story device of " I am always so gentle,more...

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Not trying to be petty, but when he put his hand on her waste, (probably you meant waist) it must have raised a stink!

Looking forward to next chapter. cd

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by Sbrooks103y09/14/18

That is hot

There is something about watching a wife lose her inhibitions when she doesn’t think anyone is watching. Please continue this, it’s very exciting.

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