tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 06

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 06


I woke up as the sun was setting. I had passed out in the carpet in the bedroom of our new house. My wife, K was there when I fell asleep, but she was gone now. Like I had done before, I began to hash out the details of what had happened, and confirming in my memory that it wasn't a dream, that it all was real. The last few days had seen quite a shift in my reality. Before I was almost begging my wife to do anything with another man, now she had fucked someone, at least once, and allowed me to clean up after.

Once I had gathered myself, I drove over to our old house we were still living in. Thankfully, K was there too. I walked in to the smell of dinner, she was cooking a chicken dish of hers that I always love. She greeted me enthusiastically, with a big kiss and a hug. She clearly had showered and cleaned up, and asked me to do the same before dinner.

When I got in the shower, I began thinking more about what had happened again, and I started to stroke my cock remembering it all. The part that kept playing through my mind was Adam pounding into my wife, and her having an orgasm from it. That was amazing to me. I couldn't see her face at the time, but all of her body language suggested she was filled with lust. I had never really seen her like that before. I needed to find out more of why she was like that. Was it the situation? That it was naughty? Did she actually know I was watching? Or was his cock so good that nothing else mattered? I'm not sure what answer I preferred. I could have finished right there in the shower again, but thought better of it and got dressed for dinner instead.

When I sat down to eat with her, I had wanted to pester her with all those questions, but realized she probably wouldn't enjoy that. So instead we ate. About half way through the meal, she asked "So, tell me what you want to know about Adam?"

"I'd like to know everything you want to tell me. About both times you were with him."

"Ok, after dinner, let's get some drinks, and I'll tell you everything. Hopefully you'll still be ok with it all."

So the following is what she described to me about the events.

On the first day, she had greeted him at the new house, her plan had been to flirt and tease him a little, and she brought the bikini with her for that reason. She had spent the whole morning thinking about it, and by the time she actually met him, she was quite worked up. And when he came through the door, she was taken aback at his appearance. I was right, not only was he K's type, in her eyes he was physically perfect.

Even though she tried to flirt right away, he seemed unaffected by it. That's when she went and put the bikini on, and walked around him. I thought from what I could see that he wasn't paying attention, but she told me not only did he stare, he also made a couple of comments about how good she looked, and that her husband was a lucky man. She told me this made her wet, and she acted impulsively from that point on. If she had thought about it, she probably would have lost her nerve.

So I was right, she was sucking his cock on the patio. When she told me about this part, she started to describe his body in detail. She talked about his broad, strong chest and shoulders, his arms and his almost flat stomach. She talked about how ruggedly handsome he was, and how his eyes pierced through her. But, when she started to talk about taking his pants down, and discovering his cock, I could tell she was getting excited again. It was almost like she had found something unlike anything she had seen before. It was big, she wasn't sure how big, but by the size she showed with her hands, maybe around 8 inches. And it was thick, she demonstrated how her hands were gripping it. And it was perfectly straight, and she thought it was beautiful.

As she described this, I was wiggling in my seat. My own cock was stirring now. She noticed this. She suggested we move to the bedroom. I laid back on the bed, got some oil, and started to touch myself as she kept talking. Really I could have come right then, but I took things very slowly so I could enjoy the rest of the details.

She described how she tried to get it on her mouth, how she wanted it so badly. She had licked and sucked the tip, gripping her hands around it, and getting it in her mouth as far as she could. She also described how she took her bottoms off, and was furiously rubbing herself and she did this. As she was telling me this, she started touching herself now as well, laying next to me as I did the same.

So now in the story she was sucking Adam, and rubbing her own very wet pussy. She then told him that she wanted him to fuck her. When she said that, she had meant, as most people would, that she wanted him inside her, in her vagina. Instead he decided to grab her head and fuck her mouth. This was something she had never experienced before. She was at first unsure, but liked his confidence and aggressiveness. Soon he was grabbing her even harder, and he came in her mouth. Really she had no choice in that moment. I've been with K for a long time, and I'd never gotten a blow job anything like that, and I've certainly never gotten to come in her mouth. Maybe I felt a little jealous about that, but mostly I just admired both of them.

So after that, she had jumped in the pool, like I had seen in camera. Then they were both inside for some time, and I had no idea what was going on. This was the first day, and I hadn't put the camera inside yet.

So she filled in what had happened next. He had gotten dressed again, and they both went inside. She was still naked, but he was trying to look at the other work I had asked him to estimate. K confessed that she, at that point, really still wanted to have him inside her. She had seen and felt that big cock of his, and wanted to experience it fucking her. She wasn't usually bold, but everything she had done so far was already out of character.

So apparently what she did is proceed to hang around him, still naked. She dried herself with a towel, and made sure he could see everything. He was trying to work on something in the master bathroom. So she went just outside of it, she laid down on the carpet, legs spread, and started to rub her clit and moan loudly. She told him she wanted his cock. What man could resist that?

He certainly couldn't. He had stripped of his clothes, went to his knees, and shoved his cock in her with one hard thrust. Even though she was very wet and wanted it, the size and power caught her off guard, and she let out a scream. This did nothing to slow him down. He laid on top of her, and pounded into her hard. There was no breaks, no slowing, he just pounded away. She described it as if he was a wild animal, and she was the target of his instincts. She said she had never felt sexier before that moment.

I had seen her fucking him the next day, and thought that was her first orgasm from straight sex, but I was wrong. She described to me how she had an intense orgasm this first time as well, and how it caught her off guard. She had no idea she could even come like that. As her climax was at its peak, Adam let out a deep guttural moan, and came inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in, making sure she got it all.

As she finished her story, I came hard. Way harder than I usually do, I had held off so long. I let out a deep scream as I did so. She looked at me, smiling, and told me that I sounded like an animal in that moment, just like Adam had before. I realized that I'd been too tender with her, and that maybe she needed more of an animal in bed, at least sometimes.

Now she snuggled up next to me, I was happy to be there with my very sexy wife. She said "What should we do next? Do you want to be there next time he fucks me?"

I silently nodded yes, with a smile on my face.

She continued "Tomorrow is Saturday, I invited him to meet me st the new house, but instead I'll have him come here where we have a bed. You can watch him, and maybe more."

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC03/22/19


Maybe she'll get a baby bump,.huh Dunkie.

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by patillie09/18/18

Oh darn another cucky man

wanting to jack off to the tales of his wife with another superior man. When she is right next to him, equally worked up, yet he chooses to stroke off. What a douche

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by oldbearswitch09/17/18

Sorry Gibby. The three score you're getting is too generous

Since the characters just went stereotypical bitch and wimp by not addressing her asshole behavior in the previous scene, it's in the one zone as a tale of thoughts/feelings/relationships.

Now it'smore...

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by Impo_6509/16/18

Incredibly hot

This couple is in for some wild times ahead. They’ve discovered the joys of wife sharing and it’s taken then both to new heights. No where to go but up.

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by Dunkirk09/16/18


Adam needs to breed K

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