tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 07

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 07


The plan had been for Adam to come visit my wife and our house on Saturday, with me in attendance as well. Unfortunately, Adam had gotten called to an emergency job and was tied up not only Saturday but for the rest of the week as well. K finally was able to set up time for him to come over the following Saturday.

Having that extra time had me thinking about things a lot. First, I was surprised that Adam didn't object at all when K said she'd like me to be there. I thought maybe he thought of this as a purely secret thing, but he didn't seem surprised at this turn. Second, I was really struggling to understand what I wanted from this all now. I had originally thought of myself as really just a voyeur who liked sharing his wife. But clearly, my act of cleaning up K had shown it goes farther than that. I didn't regret doing that at all, I didn't think.

During the week, K and I didn't really discuss Adam, but we did have more sex than usual. And I was trying to be more direct and aggressive like he had been. She seemed to respond to that well, and it was fun, but it wasn't like what I had seen when she was with him. I again wondered if it was technique, or that he had some true gift or just a huge cock. I also didn't know what I wanted to really do. I knew I wanted to see his cock, all of him I guess, but past that I felt confused.

On Friday night, I was trying to get my wife going again, but she declined and said she wanted to save her energy for Adam's visit tomorrow. I asked her what I should do tomorrow when he arrived. She asked me what I wanted from the day, I told her "I want to watch you be sexy, be pleasured, and have whatever you desire."

She smiled at this, and said: "Then will you just do whatever Adam and I ask you to do?"

When I asked what that meant, she just smiled and asked the same question again. I nodded in agreement, but somewhat nervously, I did trust my wife, and I didn't really have any fears of what could really happen, but ceding control made me a bit uncomfortable.

I didn't sleep very well that night, but K seemed to sleep just fine. I got up before her and spent some time straightening the house. After showering, I spent more time than usual picking out what I would wear, especially for a Saturday.

K finally got up and showered. She went into the closet for a while and finally came out wearing a flowery short dress. When I told her how good she looked, she quickly lifted her skirt up to show that she had no panties on. The dress also showed her beautiful breasts off quite well. She clearly had no bra either, as I could see the side of both of her breasts. She looked over at me intently. Clearly, she was thinking about something. When I asked what was on her mind, she said: "I'm trying to decide what you will do today."

I asked, "Do you have some ideas?"

"Yes, I know what I want, I'm trying to decide how far I want to take it." She replied.

I pondered that, and replied, somewhat sheepishly "As far as you want."

As I said that, it suddenly was clear in my head. This wasn't just about watching my wife get fucked. It wasn't just about her pleasure and my voyeurism. Yes, I was willing to cede control, and that was exciting and scary. But I wanted something else. Should I tell her? Should I admit I didn't just want to serve and pleasure her, but that I wanted to do the same for him? I really was hoping she would figure that out on her own, I was scared to say it out loud. But I wanted to say something. Because I worried if I said nothing that I would regret it if I didn't get what I wanted. But maybe she would hate it, and just call the whole thing off. Or worse yet, fuck Adam and leave me out of it completely. Well, maybe that wasn't worse. It was hard for me to sort it out.

Apparently, while I was thinking about this, she was watching me, processing some of the same things. She said, "You did agree to do whatever I ask, and whatever he asks, to either one of us, right?"

I realized she understood. I nodded my head, and quietly whispered: "Yes, I will."

With perfect timing, the doorbell rang just as I finished uttering my pledge. K asked me to follow her. She hurried to the front door and threw it open. There he was, standing in the doorway, again it was easy for me to see why she was so attracted to him. He stepped inside without saying a word. He looked my sexy wife up and down, slowly, and with a huge smile now on his face, he looked my way. He didn't make eye contact, but he was clearly aware of my presence.

Adam turned back to K. He whispered something, I think. She stood straight in front of him and removed her dress, it fell to the floor. Again he admired her body, and this time she even spun around for him to see everything. Again he whispered something, and she began removing his shirt. He grabbed her hand somewhat roughly and stopped her. He walked over to me and gave a quick nod. I wasn't quite sure what he wanted. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his shirt button. Now it was clear. He wanted me to undress him.

I had never been even close to another man in a situation like this, but I seemed to know what to do. I carefully unbuttoned his shirt, slid it over his shoulders, and off. Then I hesitated. He gave another quick nod. I realized he wanted me to finish undressing him. I carefully undid his jeans. As I pulled his zipper down, his cock sprang free, he was somewhat aroused and not wearing any underwear. I slid his jeans down and held them for him to step out of them. He did.

Now naked, he simply turned around and walked toward our bedroom. I probably should have wondered how he knew where to go. K followed him, and I followed her, they were both naked, I was still fully dressed. I was also very aroused, my pants were feeling quite tight. Adam sat on the edge of the bed, and without a word, my wife dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth. It was a wonderful thing to watch. She was stroking with her hands, and alternating sucking the head into her mouth with running her tongue up and down the length. Once he was fully erect, she looked at me and motioned for me to come over.

I got down in my knees, next to her and looked up right at his cock, it was impressive, I'm sure I had seen bigger in porn, but his cock was thicker, longer and straighter than my own, and it seemed quite beautiful even. As I was admiring it, K stood up. She proceeded to wrap her legs around him and lowered down so her pussy was against his magnificent cock. She moved up a little and then stopped, and I instinctively grabbed his cock and guided it inside my wife's vagina. I held on tightly as she slowly lowered herself onto him. She was already so wet that the juices were running down his cock and onto my hand. I love the taste of my wife, and I wanted to taste her now, so I removed my hand and licked her juices off of it.

K was still moving slowly, carefully working him inside. She had looked over her shoulder, and seen me lapping up her juices. She pointed out that there was a lot more for me, gesturing down towards Adam's cock. Maybe I should have hesitated, but I didn't. I placed my tongue on his balls and started lapping up everything I could. It tasted like my wife, but I could also taste more. As I continued to work. He was clearly enjoying the combined pleasures of my tongue and my wife's tight pussy slowly pumping up and down. He grabbed her waist, and started thrusting harder, but still slower. I continued to lick wherever I could. It wasn't very comfortable for me, it was difficult for me to get in there. It I knew he was enjoying it, and I was enjoying licking his balls and near his asshole, though I couldn't quite reach.

My wife was now starting to moan, and he was pounding harder. I had to back off a bit but continued to touch her back and his legs as they pumped harder. I could tell her orgasm was coming. She started a low scream and soon was moaning like a crazed beast. I had never made her come like that. He didn't slow down his thrusts, but as she was coming down she accidentally slipped off of him. Again I grabbed his cock, intending to guide it back inside of her, but she had other ideas. K climbed down and kneeled next to me, and pushed my head towards his cock. Her other hand was rubbing her clit, she was clearly still very aroused.

I paused and looked up at Adam. I wasn't sure what he was okay with. He grabbed the back of my head forcefully and shoved his cock into my mouth. So I guess it made it clear what he wanted. I did my best to suck on the tip and swirl my tongue around, but I couldn't get that much inside my mouth. My wife starting licking and kissing his balls, and touching him everywhere. I guess things were moving to slow for him because he backed away and stood up. I was about worried that he was upset at this point.

He grabbed my wife and whispered something to her. She guided me to lay down on the bed, my head near the edge. Then she got over me in a 69 position. I wished I was naked as well, as I would have really liked to come myself, but no one seemed to care. Soon Adam came up behind her and shoved his cock inside. Then he pulled it back out and placed it on my lips. I did my best to suck it in. He put it back inside her and started to pound. From where I was, I could now lick his balls and up into his asshole. I have to admit I liked the taste. Apparently, my wife was feeling quite turned on by it as well, cause she started to casually rub my cock through my pants.

I gathered that this felt good for Adam because his thrusting got harder and he started to make a lot of noise. Soon, he grabbed her hips hard and pulled her tightly to him. He was filling her with his cum, and my face was less than an inch away. As he pulled out, I grabbed his cocked starting licking it clean. When he pulled away, I turned my attention to my wife's well-used pussy. I licked and kissed every inch, and his sperm started to roll out of her and into my mouth. It was salty, of course. The quantity seemed to be a lot more than last time. After I finished it all, my wife slumped over. I laid my head down, and swallowed the last few drops, then closed my eyes.

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by Anonymous

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by shang4004/11/19

Fantasy fulfilled

Tasting wife after her sex with another man is the beginning.
But undressing him, licking his cock in between sex and later licking her drenched cunt is the ultimate fantasy which is fulfilled.
I nevermore...

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by oldbearswitch09/23/18

Gibby, with the selfish scheming wife

And abused fluffer husband demeaned, your story just went into the cuck porta potty.
Sorry dude

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by bigbob240609/22/18

How very very sad.

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