tagIncest/TabooWatching Parents Fuck Ch. 01

Watching Parents Fuck Ch. 01


It was the most wonderful sight of my life. I had woken suddenly up one night and looked around me, and what I saw changed my life forever. There was my father just a few feet away completely naked fucking my mother in a lovely rhythmic manner. My mom had her saree up to her waist and I could see her fantastic ass moving in the same rhythm. Her blouse was open revealing her big juicy breasts. My dad would periodically stop fucking and suck on her tits and move his hands under her to feel her round buttocks. This heavenly sight was too much for me. I was 36 years old married for 10 years with a beautiful wife and two kids. But a sight like this was awesomely sexy.

I had gone to Jalgaon for a business trip and decided to visit my parents in our small village house 100 kilometers away. We had a one-storied house with four rooms on the ground floor and two rooms upstairs. As my 60 year-old father and 56 year-old mother were staying alone, they had rented out the ground floor to a decent family comprising of a young couple and their four-year old kid. The upper floor had one kitchen and another room, which served as their living room, and bedroom. We slept on mattresses set on the floor. The room was big enough to sleep my parents, me, my wife and kid comfortably. There was also a balcony which led to the bathroom. I have spent several nights in the room and have fucked my wife in the same room despite the presence of my parents. Once, I even fucked my wife in the balcony.

My father had retired after working for almost 40 years. He is a simple, common man who was easily satisfied with little. My mother was a typical Indian housewife whose life revolved around her husband, home & children. As a kid I often wondered why I always found my mother sleeping next to my dad in the mornings, when she slept with me at night. Sometimes I had seen my mom coming out of the bathroom smiling while my dad had his morning bath. When I asked her she would always reply that she rubs soap on my dad's back. As I grew older I understood many things and my parents, too, began to be careful. They gave me no chance to witness their lovemaking or even suspect that they ever fucked. And suddenly here they were fucking like teenagers and answered all my childhood questions.

My dad was fucking my mom faster and faster and suddenly he stopped with his dick inside my mom's hairy cunt. I could see that his dick was throbbing wildly as he ejaculated his cum inside her. He lay on her for some time and got up and went to the bathroom. Not a word was exchanged during the whole act. My mom meanwhile, lay on her back, still naked below her waist exposing her thick cum covered fur and her open breasts. She wiggled a little, looked in my direction, suddenly got up and went to the bathroom. I looked at the clock. It was 2.30 AM, God .. it was going to be a long night. I was very horny, my dick was hard as steel and was missing my wife. I wanted to jack-off that very moment, but decided to wait till my parents slept. I could hear some sounds and my dad returned and lay down followed by my mom who also lied down to sleep. I waited for some time thinking about the whole incident and drifted off to sleep.

I suddenly awoke in the darkness and looked around and noticed some movement from my parents' mattresses. There was my mom again her blouse open revealing her large glorious breasts and my dad had his head between her legs inside her saree. I could clearly see my dad's head inside her saree probably licking her cunt. He came out, slid her saree up and began licking and sucking her cunt. She was clearly enjoying the whole thing. The sight was highly erotic. Here was an old couple, engaged in wild fucking, in the same room as their 36 year old son. I was mad with lust and my balls were hurting. My hard on was paining me and I had to get release. I slowly undid my pajama strings, removed my hard cock out and began beating my meat. I had to be careful not to make too much movement and that was very difficult. I tried to do it very slowly, but, overcome by lust I jerked off madly and within seconds spewed my jism on to my face, chest and abdomen.

I got release but was not satisfied. I craved for the real thing. I slowly turned my face towards my parents and looked at my dad with jealousy. He was slurping away unmindful of anything. His hand were cupping the mounds of my mom's ass from underneath and licking her cunt like a dog. He would alternately squeeze her breasts while continuing to lick her cunt. He then got up on his knees and without a word made my mom turn on her stomach, buried his nose between her ass cheeks and renewed his licking and sucking. She was squirming with pleasure. I felt my prick become hard again as I watched this session. Dad again rose on his knees and there I could see his erect dick wagging like a dog's tail. It wasn't big. It was normal like mine. He held my mom's waist with both hands and made her rise. She immediately responded and stuck her ass out. He wet his fingers with his saliva, applied it on my mom's ass and slowly thrust his hard dick inside her.

Here was my 56 year old mom on her knees, her blouse open, boobs hanging towards the ground, her saree above her waist revealing her large thighs and a wonderful ass and my 60 year old dad was shoving his erect dick inside her ass. Slowly she started moving her ass back and forth while he held her waist. Sometimes he would pump her but mostly allowed her to do the fucking. She then increased the pace of her thrusts and could feel her breaking into an orgasm. She thrust faster and faster and then stopped and rested her forehead on the pillow. Then he took over. He resumed his fucking, short pumping increasing his pace faster and faster for quite some time. I was getting hornier despite my jerking off. His pumping continued varying his pace and then he removed his cock and started masturbating with his fist. He was having trouble cumming. Mom turned around and sat up. She took his dick in her hand and began pumping it. He moved his hands on her buttocks, breasts and cunt. He was desperate to cum she was pumping wildly. He had his hands and mouth all over her as she was wildly shaking his dick. The he again made he go on all fours, applied saliva to her ass and inserted his cock and began pumping while he groped for her tits. After some frantic pumping he ejaculated in her ass.

Now I was madly horny. Here I was, a young man in his prime wanting to fuck badly but had no partner and here was this old man fucking his old woman twice in a night. I looked at the clock; it showed 4.30 AM. Good recovery for a guy of his age and what a partner my mom was, matching his appetite and stamina. My mind threw up many questions. Did they do it every night? Was he on Viagra? Did they do it during the day? Did she suck cock? And the most important question of all; will she give me?

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