tagIncest/TabooWatching Parents Have Sex Ch. 04

Watching Parents Have Sex Ch. 04


Rewind : In the last 3 episodes i have narrated how i witnessed my parents be sexually active and indulge in sex in the same room. I have witnessed how their sexual active bodies is desperate for pleasure, even at the cost of doing so in front of the eyes of their own son.

After a sexually explosive night, my parents and I had a wet visit to the waterfalls. This experience was a like a trailer of what was to come. Mom getting bolder in her display of her sexy self was not only a visual treat but also a sexy sexual reality for me.

Now, after the visit to the waterfalls, we are back in the hotel room, and preparing to 'Sleep'. Parents, have a preplanned agenda of indulging in a Hot Sexual encounter that afternoon. And they are desperate to do what they want to do. As for me, i know and have understood their plan. I have prepared myself for a good fucking self.

Now story continues..........


As I settled down under the blanket, I looked through the small peephole made in front of the eyes to watch through my blanket without my parents finding out.

As I started looking, I saw mom looking towards me.

She kept looking towards me for few minutes. I lay absolutely still.

After few minutes, she then shifted sideways and then turned towards dad.

Dad was sleeping on his backside. Further, like mom he too was sleeping nude under the blanket.

Mom turned towards dad completely, and then when she was completely facing him, she slowly started uncovering herself from her side of the blanket.

Her movement were very slow. She was removing her blanket as if not to make any sound. (Maybe she thought I had gone to sleep, and that any sound would wake me - thus disturbing their plan..)

Slowly the top of the blanket from over her chest and waist was uncovered and then her legs were removed silently..

Now mom lay 100% NUDE… The sparkle of her skin on any part of the body was clearly visible in the afternoon sun rays as they entered from the window and reflected off her body.

I would say that for me, and anyone who saw her at that moment, mom looked like a “BARBIE DOLL PRINCESS”. She indeed was looking so Sexy and Beautiful..

And although I could only see her naked backside (she was facing dad so I could not see her front side), but the view of her that I saw was a simple Big WOW for me….

I observed her body curves, which seemed so sleek and sexy. Further, I saw that like her entire body, Mom's ass too had such a nice curvy look to it..

Anyways, as I was observing her body, I heard another sound.

She was softly shaking dad. Trying to wake him quietly. And further, as she was doing so, she was whispering to dad near his right ear. She was actually whispering very softly.

It was actually a soft seductive tone. But I clearly heard her tell him "HEY !! WAKE UP..WAKE UP....HE IS NOW ASLEEP...SO LETS DO IT QUICKLY....I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER....”

And as she spoke this, I saw mom's hand now move under the blanket and remove dad's left hand from under it..

Then I saw her place his hand between her legs. As she did this, she was again calling out softly to him, saying “Hey -- Wake Up !!!”……

Then I saw her again move her hands below the blanket and I could see movement over dad's chest and then his penis area.

The movement over dad’s penis area was quick. (As if she was pumping his penis to full erection). And this became obvious after couple of minutes, when a gradual bulge started forming over the penis area. And soon I could see a big tent formation suggesting a FULL ERECTION.

Dad was now awake, but lay in the same sleeping position and also was absolutely still.

After few minutes, I saw that dad too slowly moved the blanket from over him.

And within a minute, the blanket was on the ground, and both dad and mom lay naked on the bed.

I could see dad had a very stiff dancing penis. And as mom squeezed and played with it, his penis kept jumping UP & DOWN in excitement. By now, I could see that his penis was dangerously erect and i could see drops of precum shining on the tip of it....

Mom continued to play with him penis. I saw that except this hand movement, mom did not move at all. Also I noticed that dad’s hand was still buried between mom’s legs. But dad did not move his hand. It lay still within her legs.

This seduction continued for couple of minutes.


After about 10 minutes, mom stopped pumping dad’s penis. And as she did that, dad caught hold of his penis and rushed into the bathroom.

I glanced towards his penis, and noticed that he still had caught his penis tightly, all the way he went into the bathroom.

I thought in my mind -- So dad had cum. Mom has massaged dad’s penis and masturbated for him till he released his hot semen into her hands…

WOW !!!

Anyways, I kept my eyes fixed on dad as he entered the bathroom to see what he was going to do next. I could partially see through the blanket peephole the entire scene that followed. But then I softly adjusted the peephole size and direction to help me see more. (I feared being noticed by either of them, so was very discrete in widening the hole.. I had to be careful..)

But then, now after new adjustments, I could see towards the end of the room and towards the bathroom also. Plus, I was lucky.. I now go to view the inside bathroom too. This was possible due to the view that was visible to me via the mirror which was placed opposite to the bathroom door.

Through it I saw that as dad entered the bathroom, he went towards the drainage and released his hand from over the tip of penis.

Obviously, this resulted in many drops of his semen falling directly into the drainage. I could faintly see couple of semen drops as they leaked downward into the drainage..

After about 30 seconds, the drops stopped, and then dad finally squeezed his penis to release last drop of semen out of it.

And then he turned and came back.

(I was surprised, he did not wash his penis with water or anything like that. But on second thoughts, I guess, why should he…. His sexual act was not yet over, and thus he required his penis to remain well lubricated for his sexual intercourse which was to follow..)


Anyways, I noticed that as soon as dad returned from the bathroom, mom make some gestures to him...

This made him quick return back to the bed and then sleep on his back, all the while his eyes were glued towards mom who was continuously looking at him.....

After he settled in his side of bed, slept on his backside. And both of them lay absolutely motionless for a minute or two. I too was motionless.

Then suddenly mom turned towards dad facing him completely...

I noticed that her face was closer to him than before...I could also see that now both of them had their hands over each other’s bodies and then began touching and tickling each other so very seductively......

Looking at both of their hand movements, I concluded that mom’s touch was more seductive and was now only touching dad near his penis, that too so sexily so so softly..

And as she did, within a minute, She again put her hand over his Penis, and started massaging it back to full erection....

Immediately thereafter, Dad's penis was again very alive and very stiff and erect..It was dancing To & Fro with complete erection and also had couple of drops of precum on it's tip...

By the way, In the process of watching all these sex acts by my DEAR PARENTS, I wondered whether my parents were actual porn stars..This was because they were Just not getting tired of sexual acts and again and again indulging in sexual pleasure...

Further, The sex pills both of them had consumed were making them into wild HORNY LUSTY ANIMALS...

Anyways, all this made my blood hot and make me excited….

Some more hot sexual acts were being done by them…

Further, I felt a real sense of excitement that I was actually recording all of this with my video camera, which was placed at such an angle that i could record any slightest movement......I was sure right now it was capturing any single move made by either mom or dad… I would love to watch everything on my laptop once we returned home..

I reaaly could not believe how my parents could have so much sex right in front of their son. And, as of right this moment they were indulging in Sex act in broad day light with everything completely visible.

(According to me, only very horny lusty people can indulge in sex right in front of their son.. Or that, they did not mind being caught or watched byhim while they were making LOVE… Or did they want me to watch them in their act ??)


Anyways, as i was thinking all this, i suddenly heard a loud smooch and then another loud smooch..

And then immediately, i saw mom without warning raise herself and climb herself on top of dad....

(So, i wondered, It was now her turn to dominate him and hump him wildly for another round of sexual intercourse....)

Mom quickly adjusted herself, and was now rubbing herself over dad in such a way that it reminded me of watching her masturbate as she rubbed herself over her pillow last night.....

I noticed that Mom’s movement were full of total aggression, lust, passion and mainly desperation to have sex.....

Mom sat herself on top of dad, and was busy adjusting herself and also dad’s penis into her sex hole. Also I saw her Breasts hanging loosely right in front of dad’s face..

I noticed that Both of her breasts were looking like over ripe fruits -- full of juice, leaking and were ultra soft to feel....

I saw mom pushìng her breasts towards dad's lips and thus making him just suck on the nipples..

And as dad began sucking mom’s nipples, I noticed that without warning, mom starting wriggling her ass wildly and was aggressively adjusting her hips so as to dig herself deep into dad's penis.....

And then within seconds, After all the adjustments over dad's penis were done, she started humping dad....

Her humping was Initially slow and softly, but then within couple of minutes, her humping picked up wild pace, and soon she was like a well oiled spring going up and down over dad's erect penis....

Mom was humping dad so fast and aggresively that both of them started grunting and panting loudly.....The sounds of their deep breathe could be heard clearly all over the room..

Further, I then saw that as mom continued humping dad, she took her lèft breast and fed it directly into dad's lips..She help on to the breast and ensured that dad sucked on her nipples and thus drank her tasty milk.

Later, Mom was helping him to continue sucking by putting her hand behind his neck, and catching his face as dad buried himself into mom’s breast and his lips over her nipples.

And as expected, he was making the most of this nipple sucking opportunity.. And as he sucked her hard wet nipples, I could see white drops of milk dripping from dad's lips as he drank her milk along with his sucking.

Further, I also saw that a small stream of milk was leaking downward, from mom’s breasts to dad’s stomach, and then trickling down onto the bedsheet.

As mom continued humping dad, I saw that By now, dad too was very horny and was desperate to get high sexual pleasure..So, in response to mom’s humping movements, He now was raising his hips upward (and was meeting's mom's each hump downward) with a equal powerful push of his penis upward into mom's sex hole..

And very soon, dad was like a horny animal and was now busy exerting himself extra deep into mom..

Further he too became very aggressive and was violently sucking her alternate nipples ....

He even was pulling on each of mom's nipple with his teeth..I saw him pull her nipples outward, then release them, then again take them by his teeth and pull them outward and release them..

And while He was pulling mom's nipple outward with his teeth, and then biting on it..I saw that couple of times, some of his bites was so strong that it caused mom discomfort and pain..

And couple of times, She even screamed in ecstasy and pain as his biting took stronger dimension..


By now, i was also very horny and i could not control myself any longer..

I slowly adjusted my penis over mom’s dress, and now had started humping over it. Initially slowly, but then I too was copying mom’s rough humping pattern, and simultaneously was thrusting myself over her dress with as much intensity as she was doing it.

After all, I too was very Horny and just somehow wanted to get an another orgasm..

But now, due to my wild aggressive penis humping, my bed started creaking loudly and i myself was now making deep breathing noises and that was followed by soft grunting sounds.....

And these noises, made mom look in my direction.

I was scared for a second. I stopped my humping for couple of seconds. But then, I saw mom yet looking towards me and in meanwhile continuing to hump dads penis with full agression.

But, on the other hand, Dad was too busy sucking on moms nipples and did not react (or even hear) my bed squeek or my moans of sexual pleasure....

But instead of concentrating towards dad, now mom was continuously looking with full attention in my direction as she humped dad's penis..

I decided, to slowly restart my humping, but do it softly so that she did not find out I was doing so.

And so I began the humping process. This time it was slow humps. I concentrated on intensity of each hump rather than the friction it caused on the bed. This method allowed me to feel the actual pleasure due to each nerve on my penis being rubbed against the soft cloth of mom’s dress that lay below my penis.

I was not sure whether mom knew I was masturbating. I was not sure whether she was aware I was watching them have sex through the peephole in my blanket.

But then the very thought that mom was watching me while fucking dad made me very horny.

I became ever more physical in my movements..And was wildly moving “UP & DOWN” on the bed.

Further, with every hump, I was now very roughly pushing my penis deeper and deeper onto the soft fabric of her dress which lay spread below me.. I could feel my penis OPEN completely, with it’s skin stretched to the maximum, and then made to CLOSE with the skin totally relaxed.

Also, Now with every HUMP on mom’s dress, I was moving my legs and my Ass “INWARD” and then “OUTWARD” and ensuring maximum pleasure.

I was doing all this under the blanket, so my overall movement was very less visible from outside. But for a person who was attentive, my action would be understood.

But given that, I did not know whether mom knew I was masturbating by humping myself on bed (Or she thought I was sleeping under blanket and just moved a little in my sleep.. This was a unlikely situation, but I did not know which fact was true).

But one fact was true -- that was that mom did not stop in her sex act with dad. She continued fucking him with the same aggression and intensity as before,

And Infact she became even more aggressive and was now fucking dad harder and more roughly..

By now, Both of them were breathing very heavily, and they were covered in sweat all over..

Dad was yet busy with his face buried into mom’s breasts and was still biting away into her nipples as he drank her breast milk continuously..

On the other hand, Mom was busy fucking dad.. But her eyes continuously were at looking at me.

(I again did not know whether she was watching me masturbate, or just looking at me as she fucked dad. But one thing was sure, the moment she started looking in my direction, her fucking aggression and intensity increased multifold… )

I wondered, Did looking at me make her sexually excited, or watching me masturbate made her more sexual…


Anyways, her humping over dad went on and on for sometime, and after about 10-15 minutes, and while staring towards me, mom suddenly crossed her sexual limits..

Mom now started getting a REAL POWERFUL ORGASM...

She lost herself completely and even screamed loudly and further even managed to scratch dad wildly on his chest.....

And as she “CLIMAXED”, Mom had closed her eyes, and was shuddering wildly.

And I noticed that all through her orgasm, she was catching dad’s arm strongly for support...

In meantime -- I was thinking what was happening within her sex hole (which made her climax so strongly).

I could imagine that this ORGASM would have led to her showering dads penis (which was buried deep within her sex hole) within her own sex juices.....

Anyways, Her entire orgasm lasted for couple of minutes..

Oh !!! What a feeling it would have been for her and him as well…..

This thought, made me cross the line as well and I leaked intensely and sprayed my semen into mom’s dress.

I finished my orgasm, but did not relax. I know there is more to come. So I softly humped my Sticky Penis on the Sticky soiled dress.


Now, I noticed mom as she regained her breathe back. Her eyes were fixed towards me, and her humping rhythm was now slowed down and now she was humping dad was very slowly..

But on the other side, as her humping rhythm slowed, dad now caught hold of moms waist with both his hands and was starting to push mom UP & DOWN with hard thrusts and humps over his penis..

(I thought, ‘So, He was now making her ride him roughly....’)

I noticed that now Dad kept using his energy to keep their sex act alive at the same aggressive pace as before.

(I started getting an erection again at this new development)

I noticed that due to dad’s active participation and forcing mom to continue to hump and fuck dad over his penis, within couple of minutes, mom too regained her energy and got her breath back.

She was now again actively participating in their sexual intercouse..

I noticed that within another minute, she again had her 100% energy back and was again busy with her wild crazy humping.....

They continued their sex act for some time, and then suddenly dad retook moms breast in his mouth and bit the nipple so hard as if it was a piece of meat .....

This was it for him, and I could see that he too got a massive orgasm.. And with that I saw him shake and he slow down too..

Now, He caught hold of mom from behind her back and had embrassed her on his chest..

He caught hold of her tightly and kept hugging her till the end of his orgasm….

I saw that his legs twitched and the thigh muscles get tight..I could imagine him shoot a heavy load of hot semen into mom..

(At that moment, i hoped i was he, his penis mine, And I was he who was injected my hot semen into mom’s sex hole)

Anyways, during their embarrassing, they did not stop humping each other, but just their fucking got a little slow.....


Dad’s orgasm had slowed their sex act a lot, and after couple of minutes, mom uttered something in his ear in irritation.

It was obvious. His slow down had prevented her from getting a second orgasm for herself along with dad..

And this it seems irritated her.

She too was so close to another orgasm but was just stopped short of getting it by dad’s ‘PAUSE’.


In reply to her irritation, dad did the unbelievable. He caught hold of mom and wildly in 1 go, flipped himself over mom...

Now mom was on her back and dad was on top of mom….

So now he would take over their sex act..

I saw him adjust his penis in mom’s sex hole and after which he quickly restart fucking her again -

First very slowly, but then he humped her very wildly....

As he thrust his pelvis into mom, he moved his hangs towards mom’s breasts.

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