tagInterracial LoveWatching Sooby Orgasm

Watching Sooby Orgasm


It was Sunday morning and as I came around the corner of the house, I saw my daughter's friend Sooby sitting in the chase lounge by the pool. There had been a big party at my place last night celebrating graduation. Most everyone was still drunk, passed out or sleeping in. It was around 10AM and not a sole was around except her. I stood there watching her lay there, getting a full view of this 20 year old beautiful dark woman with the fantastic body.

She looked as if she was sleeping. Her bikini was so small, green and white with those bra cups that hold a woman's breasts up high. You know the type that if you have large full breasts the bra pushes them up and out to the sides of the material. Sooby's breasts were so nice, at least 36 C's or maybe D's! Full solid breasts with almost no sagging like many women of dark decent.

The small cups showed quiet a lot of her fullness and I could imaging having my hands around them hold them like the bikini cups were doing as my lips moved over them licking and sucking the long hard nipples.

I knew Sooby had them because I had seen her completely nude having sex with my son one evening in the basement. I watched them fuck as I jerked off. Later when I told him I saw them fucking like dogs, he laughed and told me: "Hell dad you should have joined in! Sooby would have loved you big long cock! I had a good size cock, about 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. I had my share of pussy in my earlier days before I married my wife. In fact I have had a couple of the girls my daughter hung around with. I was teaching them and they were pleasing me in return.

So far 4 of them had wanted to be fucked by my big fat cock. I thanked my daughter and Louise her best friend for the hook ups! The girls were thankful for the class on sex and how to please a partner and I was truly grateful for the sweet pieces of ass I had almost whenever I wanted it.

Stories of my cock and how long I could last as well as how I loved to eat pussy were going around school and every now and then I would get a new recruit!

Sooby was a beautiful young woman from the Caribbean who was attending the same college as my daughter. I watched as she moved around in the lounge chair. The bottom of her bikini covered only a small patch over the front of her pussy. There was a small mount rising up between her legs and the bikini bottom covered it ending at the crease of her legs. I knew she was shaved very close, if not completely bald since the back was a thong with only an inch of material up between her ass cheeks!

Her long brown legs laid stretched out on the chair and I watched as she crossed them down by her feet. Right to left and then left to right, she moved around trying to get the right position I was guessing! She was reclining about half way just resting in the sun. As I moved closer, I could see her nipples pushing out hard against the bathing suit's material. As I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took, I realized that I was getting a super hardon.

Her hands moved very slowly over each breast as she began to feel herself up. God she was hot! Her finger ran down the edge of the material and then under it going over the nipple. I could see it snap back in place after the finger went passed it! Again and again she ran her hands over her breasts and fingering the nipple on each one.

Sometimes she would pull them and the material and more of her dark breast would come out of the bra. Then she would ran a finger under the material and snap the nipple back and forth. As she played with her breasts she moved around more on the chair now. After a few minutes her hand went under the material and cupped her breast. I could see her fingers playing with the nipple under the bra. She squeezed and pulled those tits rubbing them and rolling the nipples around between her fingers.

As she was working on her breasts, the strap on one side fell off her should. She pulled her left breast out and raised it to her mouth and began to suck on the nipple. For a long time her tongue ran over and over it as her hands worked the flesh of the tit. I found myself rubbing my cock on the outside of my bathing suit. God I was hard! I just stood there watching her play with herself and w/o even thinking about it, my hand began to play with my cock. I licked my lips and watched as I stroked my long hard shaft!

In a few more minutes, she ran her left hand slowly down her body over her stomach and over the material of the bikini bottom. She continued sliding the hand down until it was going slowly between her legs. Slowly she moved her hand up and down on the outside of the suit with her fingers pushing into the center of her pussy slit!

Now I know why her nipples were so hard! It was very apparent she was super horny! She was really playing with her pussy now. God this was great!! I was watching this very beautiful young, sexy, black woman working on her body! I don't know how or why, but I knew she was going to orgasm! If no one came by she would cum while I watched her get off! My cock was hard and long as it gets and now it was hurting. I pulled down my suit and my cock popped out standing straight up at attention.

Her left hand continued to rub her pussy slowly as I watched from the side of the house. I was no more than 10 feet from her. I was pretty sure she had her eyes closed because she would have seen me if they weren't close. I slowly stroked my cock to the speed she was rubbing her pussy! My cock was throbbing! She still had her right hand on her left breast and continued to squeeze it and rub it. Using her fingers she pulled on the nipple keeping them hard and long. But it was her left hand that I was really watching as it stroked her cunt, a little harder and faster now. I had to get closer! I had too!

So I pulled up my suit and I took a chance. I moved away from the house and stood behind the chair she was sitting in maybe 3 feet from the top of her head. From this position I was looking down over her head getting a good shot of her hand between her legs. She had opened them wide now and there was a wet stain on the material between her thighs! She was wet and very excited! She opened her legs wider now as all of her fingers were rubbing her pussy! I could also see her right hand stroking her breast.

I actually think I heard a moan from her lips as her left hand slowly came up to the top of her bikini bottom and then slowly went under it! I licked my lips as I saw her hand disappear under the bikini bottom. I watched as her fingers went over her pussy rubbing it directly now. As she moved her hand around under the tiny suit, from time to time, it would come up enough to give me a good shot of her fingers between her legs playing with that wet pussy. She moaned again! I heard it this time for sure. God she was going to cum soon I knew it!

I couldn't wait to see her ass come up off the lounge as she arched her back while her dark hips began pumping up and down as her fingers fucked her pussy. I was hard as a rock! I pulled my suit down again so I could give my cock some room. I moaned as I began to stroke it! As she continued to stroke her pussy her other hand slide the material on the bra completely off both of her breasts now! Moving it under her tits with those huge nipple she had both breasts completely out in the open and her hands went from one to the other! She rolled the nipple between her fingers and pulled on it as she pleased herself. I could see that her fingers, at least two of them , were now inside her pussy and she was pumping them in and out in and out! The material was going up and down up and down as she began rocking to the feeling they were providing her. She was pumping her cunt to the movement of her fingers and I was stroking my cock at the same speed!

Her other hand raised a breast to her mouth and she sucked on the nipple again as she continued fingering herself. She continued to masturbate I watched and jerked off faster now! I had a need that I knew I had to satisfy/ When she put her feet on the very edge of the lounge and opened her knees as wide as she could get them, her cunt came out from under the material. Now I had a direct view of her three fingers fucking her beautiful brown pussy.

I could see the pink insides and my mouth began to water. The material of the suit bottom was pulled to the side and Sooby's 3 fingers were fucking that pussy with short fast strokes in and out! I could see they were all wet and in fact there was so much juice it ran down her legs and on to the lounge chair. She was fucking that pussy as fast as she could move her fingers in and out! Both her tits were out of her top and she sucked each one, rotating from the left to toe right.

She moaned louder now and then I saw her ass arch up off the lounge and begin to fuck the air! As she held 3 fingers deep in her cunt, her head came back and I could see the passion on her pretty face as she started her orgasm! Faster and faster her fingers flew in and out of her pussy as my hand flew up and down stroking my cock. I was ready, almost there!

She moved her right hand away from her tit now and moved it down to where her left hand was fingering her pussy. As she reached the peek of her climax, she held both hands tightly between her legs and fucked them. Her ass was at least 2 feet up in the air as she fucked herself with those three fingers holding them in her cunt tightly! Her right hand had 3 fingers all the way inside her pussy and her left hand held them there as tight as she could get them. God I was so hard and wanted to cum so fucking bad!

She pumped and pumped her beautiful body against those fingers and cried out as she finished her orgasm! She opened her eyes and saw me behind her stroking my long very hard cock! She jumped with surprise and then smiled as she saw my big hard purple headed cock about 2 feet from her. I took a chance that this beautiful woman wasn't completely satisfied yet and I moved to the top of her chair.

My cock hit the back of it as I bent over it and kissed her on the lips. My hands moved off my cock and over the chair so I could cup her breasts! My tongue went into her open mouth and she sucked it hard as she moaned again! As we continued to kiss I moved around and sat on the edge of the loung. As I pulled on those beautiful nipples she wrapped her arms around me as I sucked on her tongue and just kept rubbing and pulled on her nipples. I kissed her neck and up by her ear saying: "I have been watching you for a long time Sooby and I want to eat your pussy! I have to have your pussy baby! Let me get you off with my tongue baby! You won't regret it!"

She moaned as she heard me say, "Eat your pussy!" She pulled us apart and said: "Oh god baby!! I would love that!! I need that!! So much! You don't know how bad I need to cum again! And, it's always better if someone else get you off! Right?"

I smiled and moved down the lounge. When I reached her hips, I untied the strings on both sides of her bikini. Her suit opened out to me exposing all of her lovely pussy. It was so soft and the mound of skin that held it rose up swollen from her last orgasm and her excitement. I inhaled and began licking her into a group of orgasms neither of us will every forget!

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correct english makes for better reading

lots of incorrect word usage in this story ... it has good potential but all the mistakes are too distracting

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